Thursday, January 04, 2007

Toll protest

The Anti-Toll Coalition will hold a gathering this Sunda, January 7, at 4 pm, in front of the Sunway Pyramid shopping complex, near the Litrak office, to launch a rakyat's protest against the January 1, "not-so-high" 60 per cent toll increase.
Read the Screenshots report here on why the toll rate hike was uncalled for, or so said members of the coalition at a press conference today.


  1. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Dengan situasi begini, cukuplah, sedarlah, insaflah..kuasa di tangan rakyat.. kita berhak! pilihan raya bakal tiba. Usahlah mengulangi kesilapan. Inilah masanya untuk berubah. Jadilah pengundi yang bijak. Buatlah keputusan yang tepat. Perbetulkan apa yg patut dibetulkan. Teruskan selagi bernyawa.. Melayu mudah lupa!

  2. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Have you ever noticed;
    1. When prices of oil were raised, the govt compared it with neighbouring countries.

    2. When there was a hike in the toll fares, the govt once again compared it with neighbouring countries.

    Maybe the govt should compare where our Ringgit stand compared to the Singapore Dollar, or perhaps the govt should also compare the educational background of its fellow ministers with those from the surrounding countries.

    Is it healthy for you to compare your kid with other children? It's the same here..the govt ought to keep its comparision attitude to itself. The public aint bothered!

  3. Anonymous12:11 am

    Niapah said

    Its gonna be never ending.north south highway next. government no money to subsidie. oops 600 million of pork barrels..unknown compensation for scenic bridge and remedy works for MRR ( who's footing by the way).

    by the way richard teoh raised an excellent issue on the privatisation of security printing for cigs. ended up with the keris waving family members for a reported RM1.00. you know why NEP must continue now. So much for a clean government and looking after rights of bumis. sure these guys have a nice time on the crony express to richness.

    anyway conclude government not enough money but cronies have too more than enough. wage earners like me can only suffer in silence until the day when enough people including the average bumis wake up and realise that this government is as straight as the proposed scenic bridge.

    god bless all Malaysians except for those corrupted cronies.

  4. Anonymous1:02 am

    Bro Rocky..

    Allow me to suggets, please.
    1. Visit Malaysia Year 2007
    to be change to
    " Visit Malaysia Toll 2007 "

    2. Rancangan Malaysia Ke Sembilan (RMK9) change to
    Rancangan Menolong Kroni ke9.

    Good idea. Lets go to Raub. Help our other friends. 2007 will be our year. Lets do it. Rock Rock..em.

    John Labu.

  5. Anonymous1:05 am

    Dear Rocky

    I do not trust the DAP because Lim KIt Siang and Lim Guan Eng only dare to protest on matter taht will not casue big problems for PM, Khairy and Kalimullah.

    While I know that Abdullah government is a half past six government, I will not be made used by the DAP, which was not concerned about ECM Libra's scandal, the RM30 million yatch scandal and so many issues.

    My friends, you know NST is owned by UMNO true and true. You also know that NST under Dato' Kadir Jasin and Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad the Opposition MP or leaders never got a full page interview in the NST with big colour photo.

    But Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng got themselves rewarded with two full page interviews in the NST under Kalimullah!! Who is Kalimullah? PM's machai, confidente and advisor!!

    So my friends under the above circumstnaces, can you turst the DAP??? Not for me. I will not attend the protest unless it is not organised by DAP. I do not wnat to be made used of by Lim Kit SIang and his son! Thank you.

  6. alamak, why suddenly the sandiware that if it is DAP organized, u will not attend ...

    there is the concession agreement as evidence;

    any evidence ppl can bring back to show how screwed up is the ECM Libra deal as well as the RM30 million yacht ?

  7. We have a citizens who behave like sheep. The government leaders are ravaging wolves with an insatiable apetite for the Ringgit.
    The toll is easy money and no wolf will give it away.
    Only fools will believe if this government care for the rakyat.
    My only suggestion is for all car owners to drive through without paying the toll. A time will come when this has to happen.

  8. Anonymous9:17 am


    i am an ordinary citizen. my needs are simple. one of them, of course, is traffic-free roads. not easy. so i take the tolled roads and highways. i don't mind paying toll. to a point. that said, i must tell you that i never quite understood how these concessionaire-govt agreements work. so i never really understood why concessionnaires are allowed to increase toll rates evry couple/few years.which means, how in hell can the govt allow these concessionaires to do so. or how in hell can the govt make itself bound to such lop-sided agreements. whoops...did someone mention cronies? and did someone just say taxpayers' money?
    as you know, my needs are simple. Now, i will tell you what I DO NOT need -- increased prices/rates/fares.
    well, brother, looks like since abdullah badawi took over, we've been given an overdose of price increases, havent we?
    we do need a lot of best wishes for the new year.

    CHEERS, brother.

  9. Anonymous9:37 am


    Dear anonymous (1.05AM),

    You said

    "While I know that Abdullah government is a half past six government, I will not be made used by the DAP, which was not concerned about ECM Libra's scandal, the RM30 million yatch scandal and so many issues."

    THe problem is not if DAP is concern or not, the problem is the goverment who is the root of it all. You are fighting against DAP which is your right and I respect so but you fighting for the wrong and stupid reason. I am not a DAP supporter myself but if DAP is doing a charity program I will support it. If they rightfully protest an abuse by the government i will support it, I support the act not the Party. You can hate DAP for being ignorant but you still wont solve the toll, yacht and ECM problem. Remember politics rule is the lesser of 2 evils. Don't tell me you choose a half past 6 corrupted government over DAP? DAP has it flaws but I will support any opposition as long as I can make the current government sweat. We have a tyrant and dictator ruling us and I wish to change that to allow more balance.

  10. Rocky!

    I noticed a couple of postings from me did not see "print" so to speak! or is it a computer glitch! Either way I will try to post something now to see if this time it will work? Or may be you do not want me to use the word moron to describe the Malays?


  11. pasquale,
    several posters have complained, too. the earthquake? maxis told me the earthquake is the reason i can't use the Blackberry to moderate the comments on my blog now. a regular blogger mailed me to say that some of the comments he sent in displayed "Anonymous" instead of his blogger display name after i've published them.

  12. Anon (1.05am),

    I guess some of us have the same predicament about taking part in the gathering.

    My understanding is that the ATC is organised by a coalition of concerned parties, including DAP.

    Hence, all you need to do is carry a placard stating you are an "Anti Toll supporter. Not BA/DAP/PAS, etc supporter".

    This way, you can thumb your nose at the government AND the opposition as well.

    Besides, you'll never know it may come in handy when the cops start to round up the 'gatherers'.

    dr butiq,

    Will you be standing as an independent candidate as you have mentioned at AKJ previously? I have a friend who will do likewise in Seremban.

  13. Anonymous12:44 pm

    John Labu...

    RMK9 stands for;

    1) Rancangan Memperkayakan Khairy
    2) Rancangan Memperkayakan Kamal
    3) Rancangan Memperkayakan Kali
    4) Rancangan Memperkayakan Keluarga
    5) Rancangan Memperkayakan Kawan/Kroni
    6) Rancangan Menguasai Kerajaan
    7) Rancangan Memperdayuskan Kabinet
    8) Rancangan Mengaut Kekayaan

    and lastly...
    9) Rancangan Menempah Kekalahan '09

  14. Anonymous2:23 pm

    anonymous 9:37 am

    I will protest against this half past six government but I will not allow myself to be used by Lim Kit Siang and son. Both of htem lack credibility and now they are trying to gain what little credibility they could get.

    I will take part in other protest against this half past six government. We have to be careful with wolf in sheep skin.

    While I do appreciate your concern that we should go out and protest regardless of who organised it. But whenone know that athey are not sincere in what they do then one should not lend credibility to them.

    We must not encoruage insincere poloiticians to go around fooling hte people and at the same time dsrawing big fat salary as MP and Opposition Leader.

    I sincerely hope that you do udnerstand my predicament. I have no love for this half past six government and I want to see them disappear as soon as possible and at the same time we also want credible Opposition!!

  15. Anonymous4:53 pm

    rocky, beware of people who are using your blog to spread lies about the DAP. i know who they are. these motherduckers have no conscience.

  16. Anonymous5:00 pm

    First let me present the benefits of a higher road toll. firstly, it will boost the stock market. it will benefit companies like gamuda (i don't deny i have a lot of stake in this transparent company). secondly, the multiplier from a stronger market will filter into various sectors. the people will ultimately benefit. the people must bite the bullet. the people must look at the bigger picture. after all what's a few sen to travel from one place to another in the quickest possible tme. look we can spend a lot on designer clothes, buy new cars, drinking at pubs, so what's the big deal when it comes to just a few sen more. think again.

  17. Anonymous12:21 am


    you get very sensitive when it comes to Lim Kit Siang, who is a very closed friend of your boss, Kalimullah. So it is expected of you to defend Lim Kit Siang like hell so that you will be promoted like Brendan, the plagiarist.

    You better send all your good scripts to your boss, Kalimullah, for reference and your promotion will be guaranteed.

    Well, nstman, I know you don't want the people to expose Lim Kit Siang's connections with Kalimullah, Khairy and Bodowi. I also know that Lim Kit Siang was feeling the heat of late and trying to gain whatever credibility he could get - so the toll issue is a good one to hide behind.

    nstman, if your boss's friend, lim Kit Siang, is a genuine Opposition Leader he would have utilised what Tun Dr M had said and bombarded Bodowi. Instead he attacked Tun Dr M, who has retired from politics. Well, if the nstman is genuinely concerned about the welfare of this country he will not in in nst under Kalimulah.

    Nstman, please tell us when you or your boss will be publishing another full page interview of Lim Kit Siang and his private company, the DAP!!

  18. Anonymous9:21 am

    Terima kasih yang tidak terhingga kpd Tun DR Mahathir yang sangat bijaksana dan tersangat perihatin kepada rakyat Malaysia sehingga terbinanya lebuhraya yang hebat-hebat di Malaysia. Selamat memandu dengan selesa dan selamat dan ingat-ingatlah kepada Tun dan doakan kesejahteraannya semasa membayar Tol.