Friday, January 05, 2007

38 months later

Fresh wind to Malaysia. "Mike Tyson", the disgraced ex-MB of Selangor , said Abdullah Badawi had bought much openness and transparency to his administration, while on the international stage the PM had established greater rapport with world leaders, especially the superpowers. “This new climate has spurred the economy, more so with new growth corridors and sectors created,” he said at a forum held at the end of a national seminar entitled Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s Three Years in Putrajaya: Trailblazing a Brighter Future for Malaysia yesterday. That's The Star's take ["Abdullah brings a fresh wind to Malaysia", here].

The NST ["Praise, criticism for Pak Lah"], reporting on the same seminar, said the speakers/panelists agreed that Abdullah's 38 months' tenure had widened the gap between rich and poor, one state and another, between one race and another, and between classes within the same race. Also, Abdullah's leadership was also seen as too soft and accommodative, and often sent out conflicting messages to the people.

The main challenges that Abdullah must overcome, in effect, suggest that corruption has not been nipped in the bud and the economy is not in good (or safe) hands. [click here for the NST's piece]


  1. Anonymous12:01 pm

    i am a vivid reader of your blog. kudos to your content which is broaden the knowledge of blog reader. but what i can see is that most of your issues are relating to critisizing AAB, can we also focus on the issue of community as well. how well is the readers braced ourselves for the coming floods, what can we do in order to help the upcoming victims. i am not against your blog content, but i think, a mediastream should be in no favour of any political figure or organisation as you have agreed in the issues of several entry. peace bro..

  2. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Brother Rocky

    I think every rakyat now can see how Mike Tyson made fool of himself by eating and licking shit of his boss, the half-past-sick fella.

    How could that sick man made Malaysia better country than his predecessor, Tun Dr Mahathir. Even blind monkeys knows Putrajaya in Mahathir days are in better state than currently... what is Mike Tyson trying to prove???

    Prove that he is no DUMBER than donkey (like his Boss) or what...

    Man... dont this Malay knows how to be Malay ma... Licking and Apple-Ass-Shit polishing is never Islamic teaching ma...

    Recession is coming 2008, Altantuya case next hearing pushed March 10 - 2008... all enough to put the country in deep shit; worst foreign tourist will be dropping in VMY2007 due to monkey tourism minister comment on bad treatment over US Navy at Petaling Street... bodoh lah!

    I give up...

  3. Anonymous12:39 pm


    Where where where? is pm? will the wind blow him back soon?????????

    how will this affect my astrological forecast for 2007...will he enter from the north or southwest?????

    where is PM???????????

  4. Anonymous1:12 pm


    Mike Tyson's comments made my toes laugh. Mike Tyson had to polish the boots of Badawi in order to survive. So lets forgive him otherwise his case of having a few million cash (shopping) monies in Australia may resurface.

    It is a fact that when Badawi took office of PM, he declared corruption as his number one enemy and all Malaysians thought that he was the saviour for our nation. Badowi also told the nation that he was going after the big sharks and not ikan billis.

    Kasitah Adam was charged for corruption involving RM3 million - too small for corruption buy Malaysian standard. The governmetn also said that one down and 18 more big sharks to be prosecuted.

    What happened to the 18 sharks???? Nothing happened and it is a known fact that one minister, who was believed to be one of the 18 sharks is still swimming around in Parliament, whom Lim Kit Siang has been seen to have been playing balls with on many issue in Parliament.

    Many people knew about that minister. Tun M has already made hints about that particular minister.

    So what happened to the fight against corruptions by Bodowi. NOthing happened at all and corruption have been going from bad to worse under the Bodowi administration.

    For a start a small coming like ECM Libra can take over a government controlled company like Avenue Assets. Khairy, who has been knowned to be "unemployed" can afford to lose RM200,000 in his purchased of ECM Libra shares. PM's son within the span of 3 years of Bododwi as PM has been able to accumulate fantastic wealth and owned 180 ships!!!

    The whole nation know abotu these non-sense but Lim Kit Siang and hte other DAP MPs were doozing away in Parliament. Of course, for good reasons they are doozing: It is a known fact that Lim Kit Siang is extremely closed to Kalimullah that's why he and his son, Lim Guan Eng, have been given two full page interview with big photographs. In fact, I am waiting for more full page interview about Lim Kit Siang in the NST.

    The Bodowi's administration is faighting corruption, please do not insult my intelligence. The whole country knew all the corrupt practices of the SIL. So the action to wipe out corruption had to start in nst, where unprecedented publication of full page interview of Opposition Leader and his son, to charge the 18 sharks for corruption in court as the papers have been prepared and ready in hte AG officew awaiting for PM's instructions.

    Perhaps I would like to advise the PM that investigation should start with the SIL and Kalimullah first.

  5. Ahh! The newly elected senator has spoken on behalf of his boss.

    Sounds a lot like trying to 'sanitise' AAB's image.

    Just hope MMT donot pad it up too much and turn it into a *nap*kin of sorts.

    Anyway, both have common interests.


  6. Sdr Rocky,

    It would be tremendously useful if you could refresh our memory on who our good Tan Sri is and was.

    Many may have forgotten what had happened to him during the Mahathir era.

    And they may also benefit from your examination of his speedy resurrection during the present administration.

    Pendek kata, dalam politik tiada apa yang mustahil.

    Terima kasih.

  7. wah, so many lalangs in malaysia one. haha

  8. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Yeks, I never realise some people can be so shameless !!!

    I bet these buggers will exclaim ' what a fragrance fart !' if AAB ever does it in public!

  9. Anonymous3:07 pm

    I know I am sick when good food taste horrible and music is just noise. Am I sick today? I can't see any future bright light nor smell fresh breeze. I can't differentiate praises and flatteries. Dear Star, please do not waste my RM1.20. If you do not have good writers please buy some stories from Rocky or Jeff.

  10. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Mike Tyson is trying to resurrect his political career and it is very evident each time he opens his mouth.We don't need such comments.And no one will believe in him.First he ran away with the Selangor princess,then he faked his marriage to her and finally he had excess baggage of $$$$$$$ at some airport in Australia.
    Isn't there anyone better than him amongst the Malays to apple polish the devil may care PM ?

    Mike and his team should have the scrotal gumption to tell all fellow Malaysians (especially the Muslims) why our Islam Hadahari PM was missing during the Hari Raya Haji celebrations.Shouldn't the so called well learned and religously upright PM lead the Haji prayers at our National Mosque instead of mancing ikan kat Perth ?
    Shame on you Pah Lah !!!!!


  11. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Give Tan Sri a break. What he said is right!

    Badawi is a breath of fresh air... to him. He is resurrected. New lease of life. Breath of fresh air... to khairi, kalimullah, patrick, kamaluddin, lee kuan yew...

    Rakyat who? Oh, the ordinary malaysians. Tell them to shut up and pay their taxes.

  12. Anonymous4:09 pm

    KJ needs Mike Tyson in Selangor to check Khir Toyo. Selangor carrieslots of power and thus Pak Lah and Mike mutually need each other.Mike will go to hell and back now for Pak Lah/KJ cos he is back in action and will be able to carry briefcases again. Will he become a minister?? My bet yes.

    So Pak Lah what crap are you taking about corruption free and telus etc. All Temberanglah...Piiiilah!!!

  13. Anonymous4:49 pm

    rocky and fellow commentors,

    first thing's first: i am quite surprised that the NST story was almost devoid of spinning. Kali on leave and Brendan P already out? Kamrul and Waran still partying?
    Or, deliberately allowing Syed Nadzri to run the show and be as professional as he can, get him into trouble with the 4th floor boys, and have him removed!!??

    If the story is an indication of how the NST will be operating and presenting news, then, GOOD FOR THE NST.

    But if it is a LAPSE.... we hope for more lapses... but that will mean SYed Nadzri's ass will burn. WATCH OUT SYED.

    As for Mike Tyson. I think a lot of us know his worth. So, we know not to take what he says seriously.
    There are just too many worthless psychophants in Abdullah's government. Muhamad Muhd Taib is just one of them.
    Crappy...but well, they make good copy for blogs like this.

  14. Anonymous4:54 pm

    tyson is a sick joke. he makes me puke. only in malaysia can a sick joke like tyson survive.

  15. Anonymous4:59 pm


    Look at the bright side.

    One good learning point that we can catch in Pak Lah and Mike Tyson case is that "Bahalol & Benggap" will always match each other well and fit rightly everywhere they go.

    One is a smuggler, while the other supplies transportation...

    When tsunami reach Kuala Lumpur, both of them will hug each other in Cobra Sultan and stucked up on top of New World Hotel at Genting Highland, surrounded with 2-legged beruk beruk of all sorts and varieties.

    This sort things can happen one, you will never know!

    The rakyat, of course lah - sei-zhorred already by then.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  16. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Now Puchong people must pay RM1.60 to go to PJ and then another RM1.60 to return home. Does this divide the people? YES.

    The Cabinet say with the toll increase, prices won't go up. Have they seen the prices of food sold everywhere? Most dishes increase by 20 sen to 50 sen. The rich will just charge every customer in their business. But what about orang gaji? Does this widen the gap between the rich and the poor? YES.

  17. Mike Tyson the most corrupted ex MB,dont talk nonsense !

  18. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Syed Nazri, you are good, man. Do it whatever you think good for the image of the newspaper. Don't bother about Hishamuddin Aun. He is crab, man. We hope NST under you will be better than when it was under Brendan P. You can do it without the advice of Kali and Hishamuddin. Go brother, go, go, go.

  19. Anonymous9:18 pm

    :) Hahahahaha....I am laughing out loud reading your entry and reading these comments here. But, then I feel tears in my eyes...I am sad at the same time.

    What hope have we got??

    Vote Pak Lah out....!

    Mr Arif.

  20. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Just one question. Is our beloved Mr. 'Work With Me' back from his moneymoon ? Dun remember any news about him in the electronic or print media.

  21. Hahahahah....
    Mike Tyson buat lawak bodoh....

  22. Anonymous12:36 am


    Mike Tyson is an embarassment to Malaysia. He is shameless. But he is a disgrace to our country. Remember, he was caught with a bag full of CASH MONIES IN MALAYSIAN RINGGIT AND AUTRALIAN DOLLARS AT THE AUSTRALIAN AIRPORT boarding a plane back to KL.

    Did I hear someone say that after the Australian disgraced episode, he came back craling to Tun Dr M for help??? And Tun did help.

    Mike Tyson touched heart and ask yourself whether you are telling the truth or you are jsut licking the ba.. of Bodowi??

    Mike Tyson, whatever you do, please do not insult the rakyat intelligence. We know you are another "Mr Clean" so don't let us expose you.

    Before we go further, please explain to hte naiton how on earth you have so much monies in your hand carry suitcase in the Australian airport and you had to resign as MB after that....

  23. Dato dan Tuan2/Puan2

    Semua kritikan dan kemarahan terhadap Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib sebenarnya tidak guna.

    Anda semua lupa ya. Mahkamah Australia dah mengesahkan bahawa dia tidak tahu dan faham bahasa Inggeris.


  24. Anonymous12:52 am

    Bro Rocky,

    It must have been due to the 38 months of transparency and democracy under Bodowi's adminsitration that the Star decided to publish false statements on their front page a few days ago concerning Air Asia teaming up with Easyjet and Virgin Airline. By the way Easyjet and Virgin Airline have both denied teaming up with Tony Fernandez's AirAsia.

    The public denials by Easyjet and Virgin Airline have been reported widely in Reuters andother news report and yet The Star chose to keep quiet in the hope that it can mislead the Rakyat.

    I thought that only the nst has the monopoly publishing lies (June 11 article of Kalimullah), plagiarised articles and distortions. Well done, The Star has decided to join the nst in the pursuit of publishing false statements and refused to correct it after so many days.

    Dato' Wong Chun Wai, please tell us how many free trips did you get from Tony Fernandez, who was able to get Bodowi's administration to use public fund to build the LCCT for the exclusive use by AirAsia. ANd the constructions of LCCT took a very short time to complete. Thanks to the kindness of Bodowi.

    Dato' Wong Chun Wai pleae get The Star to be honset and correct the false statement published on the front page of The Star. Don't learn from Kalimullah OK!

  25. Anonymous1:08 am


    Jangan percaya itu Mike Tyson. He's no different from the boxer - mana ada credibility. Lepas jadi senator, sekarang dia ingat dia akan jadi menteri. Ada orang cakap dia akan ganti Zam Mydin sebagai Menteri Penerangan! Mike Tyson kena tangkap di Asutralia dan hari ini dia sudah naik pangkat. Melayu mudah lupa lo!!

  26. Anonymous11:17 am

    ahh, this guy again. he's one of the best in the business isnt he? like the real mike tyson, he's the best during his era. but unlike the boxing legend, he's still around keeping himself busy apple-polishing.

    a real disgrace to selangoreans...

  27. *sigh*

    MMT = Mike Tyson (as in nickname).

    And yet, we have a blithering ignoramus who still doesn't know it.

    *Double sigh*

  28. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Did you mean the monstrously moronic Monsterball? Free entertainment, zats why The Bru let's him in, I think.

  29. Anonymous7:39 pm

    yo...monsterball...what on earth are you on about?

    are we on the same frequency here?


    somehow I keep getting an echo!


  30. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Monsterball is a good pretender when it comes Bodowi or Bodowi's boys or Bodowi's supporter have been atttacked.

    Soit was quite understandable when monsterball came out with that idiotic statements. Well, at least he has seen the light/fraud and stopped carrying Kit Siang's balls.

    Now he is shifting his allegiance to Mike Tyson in the hope to please Bodowi. Sudahlah! monsterball, this is not the blog for you. You should join Kalimullah or Khariy sponsored blog - machai.

  31. Anonymous7:15 pm


    yup, u really r a LAUGH!!!

    and to quote Anonymous@7.39pm "yo...monsterball...what on earth are you on about?

    are we on the same frequency here?


    somehow I keep getting an echo!"