Monday, January 01, 2007

Dr M slams the lynching of Saddam

Barbaric. The former PM started the year with a bang, aimed right at Bush and Blair for what he described as the "barbaric lynching" of Saddam Hussein. That the hanging was carried out on Hari Raya Haji was an insult to Muslims around the world.
"It is all too clear that the war criminal Bush has no sensitivities whatsoever for Muslims on their pilgrimage to Mecca. This barbaric act is a sacrilege! The entire trial process was a mockery of justice, no less a Kangaroo Court."
Blogger Kickdefella does a comparison here of the different reactions of various leaders, including PM Abdullah Badawi, to the lynching. Warning! There is also a video of the lynching in the posting.
Read IHT's report here on how Dr M condemns the killing. He signed off as a member of the International Committee For the Defence of President Saddam Hussein.


  1. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Remember Anwar Ibrahim's trial. Dont listen to this man rant. He used to introduce kangaroo court in Malaysia.

  2. Anonymous9:59 pm

    i am never been a fan of saddam, but his execution leaves more questions than answers. it's very sad that his execution appears to satisfy the lust of vengeance of the americans and his opponents, mainly the shiites, rather than to serve justice. his execution reminds us of the barbaric execution of benito mussolini more than 50 years ago at the hands of his own people. it's an affront to the civilised world. i watched in horror the last moments of the execution. it was on television, it was horrible. I was appalled. if anything, the person who should be executed is osama. sadly, saddam had to be made the scapegoat. in this civilised world, nobody should be proud of what happened to saddam. in fact, the civilised world should ponder the real objective of the lynching of saddam. shame on the civilised world.

  3. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Emotions and personal sentiments aside, the man is condemned for mass killing during his tenure as the president.

    However, life imprisonment would have been a better solution, or perhaps setting a different hanging date. It goes to show those responsible for his death are placed on the same low moral meter as the late president.

    Hoping for a better Iraq in years to come.

    p/s: Let's hope for a better year in 2007. Cheers!

  4. Anonymous11:29 pm

    the major question is..."What's the rush?"

    the only answer is because..."Dead men tell no stories!"

  5. Anonymous11:33 pm

    This has been bugging my mind. Will Bush be responsible for the deaths of almost 650,000 Iraqis due to the US led invasion in Iraq?

    If yes, are we looking at another former president (as in Bush upon retirement) being hanged and later the video of the hanging process being distributed via the net?

    Talk about justice and human rights...hmph!

  6. Anonymous11:53 pm

    What is kangaroo court? Was any defence lawyer being shot? Was the judge changed?

  7. Anonymous12:05 am

    anon 929pm,
    who could forget anwar ibrahim? he tried to sell this country to the americans. he wanted to topple the man who took him in and made him dpm. he wanted to stab someone who treated him like his own son in the back. he wanted the imf to come and rescue us. he made all of us put on scarves so that we will be subservient to the whims of people like him. kangaroo court? go check your facts. and then your head. if anwar had ruled, pak lah would still looked like an angel today.

  8. Anonymous12:16 am


    Hanging Presidnet Sadam during Hari Raya Haji was most insentive to the Muslim. WHy the rush? It would appear that hanging Sadam would solve all the Iragis problems. I do nto think so.

    I really am surprised that Mr I do Not KNow PM did not condemn the hnaging of Sadam during Hari Raya Haji. He lacks sentivity or had to kowtow tothe Americans that's why the American warships were allowed to dock at Port Klang. During Tun's administratin nothing of this sort was allowed.

    The Americans canot tolerate Sadam becasue Sadam did not play ball to them. The AMerican cannot tolerate Tun becasue Tun refuse to play ball to them. Quite rightly so. That's why Al GOre, tehthen Vice President came to Malaysia and attended a function organised by Anwar's supporter and he called Anwar a hero.

    Quite frankly, the American should not take part in our internal politics just as they do not want us to take part in their internal politics. As usual AMericans play double standard to everything.

    The Americans went into Iraq because of weapons of mass destructions (WMD) and the British joined in because it will take Sadam 45 minutes to send a nuclear bomb to Britain. All these turned out to be total lies.

    Finally, they chose to execute Sadam Hussein, who had no WMD or any weapon that could be sent to British within 45 minutes. It was all a conspiracy. I am disgusted by the huypocrisy of this Mr Clean Government.

    I am no Muslim and I am disgusted by this whole episode. Bodowi's statement was a big joke and unbecoming of a Muslim. It was a disgrace!!!

    Tun, we are proud of you. You have spoken for Malaysia and the Muslim world. Whoever can condone the execujtion of Sadam Hussein on Hari Raya Haji, a holy day, then that person cannot call himself a Muslim - perhaps a pseudo-Muslim.

    For heaven sake, as a non-Muslim I am sick about AMerican hypocrisy. Please do nto tell me that Bodowi did not know anyhting about it or has been ill advised by Khairy and Kalimulah!! Enough is enough!

  9. Anonymous12:20 am


    Anwar is a fraud. Just look at Sukmar carefully and Meor the designer. Don't you agree with me that they all look like "puvs" as the Brtish would call such category of peopel.

    Mind you, Sukmar is the adopted brother of Anwar!!!!! Please think carefully. Sukmar look good and beau.... did I hear Anwar say..

  10. Anonymous1:10 am


    Please compare the statements by Tun and the Sleeping Beauty. NO comparison at all.

    I wonder who are the Sleeping Beuaty's advisors beside Kalimullah and Khairy, who only advised the half past six government!

    How can a muslim leader liek the Sleeping Beauty made a statement sounded as though he fears to upset Bush and Blair.

    UndurLah if you scared of Bush - may be he had to because of his son's scandal involving some prohibitive substnace - also invloving a Japanese company - I cannot remember the name. Some one may remember, please help ot clarify.

    I sm sicked to read the Sleeping Beauty's statemetn on the execfution of Sadam. Mind you, I am not a Muslim. If you are a musloim and you can accept teh Sleeping Beauty's statement on Sadam then God bless you all Muslims!!!

  11. Anonymous1:10 am

    the major question is..."What's the rush?"

    the only answer is because..."Dead men tell no stories!"

    nope...the answer is in iraq,the law state that...those who are 70 and above of age cannot be hanged...only life imprisonment..therefore saddam was 69 yrs old..that is why have to hang faster before 70 ...

  12. ^ Funny you should mention Anwar "trying to sell the country to the Americans". Just a week or two back Dr.M kissed & made up with Soros, the same man he accused of destroying our economy. And 9 years ago, most of the country were told by M. himself about how this Soros was responsible for our economic downturn (Belita Hairan also added a 'nice' Jewish slant to it).

    Regarding the death penalty, how many people were executed in Malaysia in the 80s & 90s for drug offenses alone? We're not just talking about narcotics kingpins & mafia dons, most of them who faced the noose were small time dealers.

  13. It was indeed a sad day for mankind.Humiliating, for those who strive to preach, practice and uphold the precepts of peace, forgiveness and understanding.This is an account of my journey with the late Mr.Hussein's administration. On the 26th of January 2001, I had the opportunity of interviewing Mr.Tariq Aziz, the then Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq, with my brother Sdr.Azman Ujang, courtesy of the former Iraqi Ambassador to Malaysia,Mr.Adnan Malik Al- Ghazali, who made it possible.Mr Tariq Aziz, also Tareq Aziz, born Mikhail Yuhanna (Arabic: طارق عزيز, Syriac: ܜܪܩ ܥܙܝܙ)was born in 1936 in Tel Keppe, Iraq.He was the Foreign Minister (1983–1991) and Deputy Prime Minister (1979–2003) of Iraq, and a close advisor of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein for decades. Their association began in the 1950s, when both were Ba'ath party activists, while the party was still officially banned.

    Taking his invitation I went with a couple of my friends, within a fortnight of the interview to Baghdad.It was a long drive in the American made GMC's from Amman right to the Karameh border, where we crossed into Baghdad, with two armed guards brandishing AK-47's.

    I found that Muslims, Christians and Druze could co-exist side by side. Mr Aziz's Chaldean Catholic Christian faith made him rather unique, as a high-ranking government official in an overwhelmingly Muslim country.I met up with the leader of the Chaldean Catholic community; Bidawid Raphael the First and Archbishop Emmanuel, the audience was magnanimous.I noticed there was a huge photograph of Raphael and President Saddam Hussein in his chambers.The nuns there served us refreshments and bade us farewell, before I knelt down with my accompanying friends of other faiths at the Chapel to say a prayer for the people of Iraq.On the morning of July 7, 2003, Mar Raphael Bidawid, Patriarch of the Chaldean Church passed away in Beirut, Lebanon. The 81-year old Patriarch had been suffering for a few months from an acute health problem.For me,it was good to see pilgrims, converge at places of worship on a Friday.Christians went to churches and the Muslim brethrens congregated at the mosques on a Friday.I understood too that,Mrs Violet Aziz,the wife of Mr.Aziz, was an active church worker.My experience and the hospitality showed by the Iraqi people was indeed a testimony that peace can indeed prevail.

    We went to a restaurant Al-Khuttaims, and the owner Al -Khuttaim, said 'brothers from Malaysia, you are brothers of the Iraqi people.We love your Prime Minister Mahathir, he is our champion'.We felt really proud to be Malaysians.The meal was on the house.

    I had the chance of smuggling,two beta tapes into Baghdad, and we engaged the services of an unscrupulous Syrian who charged us USD 500, for a couple of hours filming at the Saddam Central Teaching Hospital.I came in contact with living angels in the guise of some of the mortal doctors and nurses there.Back then medication was scarce and it was truly a horrifying experience to see the UN sanctioned embargo,at work,serving its purpose of bringing distinctions of disgrace upon the suffering multitudes.

    As a result from the barbaric invasion, where there are horrific casualties from the invaders and the Iraqi population and relief workers at a disasterous levels.The Ministries of Health, Defence and Interior, showed that 14,298 civilians, 1,348 police and 627 soldiers were killed in the violence that engulfed the country last year.With this unimaginable turn of events following the execution of Mr.Hussein, will the world be still a better place....Mr Hussein has left a legacy and he will remain a martyr, in the hearts of many around the world.May His Soul and all the Souls of The faithful departed,Rest In Eternal In Peace.

  14. Anonymous11:38 am

    Apologies, would it be alright if I get your help to post this just in case there is a good samaritan out there who can help the remaining flood victims.

    2nd Jan 2007,

    Dear friends, there are still 6332 flood victims at the flood relief centres in Pagoh. The victims' houses are still covered in thick mud. There is great stench with all the flood deposits and debris and flood victims need help to clean the debris so they can move back into their houses and settle in.

    The centres are pleading for water jets to clean the houses. The mud is so thick traditional method of cleaning did not work.

    Anyone reading this note and you are in a position to help organise water jets please contact:

    Encik Solehan at 019-2217843
    Dr Shah at 017-7575029
    Dato Bakar at 012-2835553
    YB Tahir at 013-7284887

    Or you may deliver to Kontena Nasional at address:

    Kontena Nasional's office in PJ
    Kontena Nasional Berhad
    9th Mile, Old Klang Road
    P.O.Box 6503, Seri Setia
    47307 Petaling Jaya
    Selangor Darul Ehsan
    Telephone No : + 603 - 7876 1933

    If you can send direct, please send to PEKEMBAR RELIEF CENTRE or call any above numbers for verification......Tq.

  15. Anonymous11:45 am

    dear steady eddie,

    thanks for relating to me your experience. it should be published in one of the newspapers. it is a lovely piece. it has made me look at iraqis and their late president in a different and better light.

    we should have more articles like mr steady eddie's in the papers that can educate our people, let them know beyond what the foreign wires and american propaganda want us to see.

    syabas to you TDM. you don't seem to know when to stop teaching us what to do in times like this one.

    mary am, kuantan

  16. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Here is an eye-opening Eulogy of sort of the late President Saddam Hussein Al-Tikriti of Iraq submitted to the blog 'Wake Up From Your Slumber':

    Saddam - the Sacrificial Lion
    Submitted by akber on Sunday, 2006-12-31 06:30

    One of the executioners asked "Are you afraid?"

    He answered "I am not afraid of anyone. I have been a mujahid and a political activist all my life, and I expected death at any moment. "

    He added, "Down with the Americans and the Persians. Long live the Arab nation and Palestine"

    -- Saddam Hussein Al-Tikriti, 30 December 2006 (morning of the Muslim Festival of Sacrifice), just before his death.

    * * *

    "He was an Arab and died like a true Arab"

    -- K., an anonymous Arab woman, 30 December 2006, with tears in her eyes.

    * * *

    The king is dead, but long live the king! Kings never die, and to try to kill them is futile. Exile and imprisonment, rather than regicide, carry far more humiliation for them, but personal humiliation was not the intention here. The intention here was the attempted castration of the Arab world, and another feeble attempt at the emasculation of the Muslim Ummah. Once again, a horrible failure from the other King, the King of Failures, George Bush II.

    Personally, I never did like Saddam Hussein and I was always told he was a liar and a tyrant, and I believed it. I was told that he was a bad man. I studied the WMD evidence, the Dujail trial, and the evidence at Halabja and was expecting a lot more to come of something that could justify my hatred of this person. Sadly, with all the facts at our disposal now, I have no rational option but to pen this eulogy to one of the greatest Arabs, Saddam Hussein Al-Majid Al-Tikriti Al-Iraqi - the Lion of Baghdad and the Pride of Mesopotamia and Arabia.

    Every person I spoke to today, Muslim or Christian, devout or atheist, was seething with hidden rage at the timing, the pending trials, the tawdry execution.

    Iraq Under Saddam, and the subsequent Rape of Iraq

    Iraq bloomed under him – his Ba'ath party was more Shia than Sunni. Under him, Iraq was secular, with universal free education, resulting in the highest literacy rate with women at par with men. He commissioned sciences, museums and construction of buildings and monuments that reflected the new glory of Mesopotamia. Universal healthcare, pensions, and jobs for everyone. Did he hoard money for himself? I have yet to see the proof. The proof on the other side: had he been a spoilt coward, he would have gone into exile with his supposed billions when he was repeatedly offered it, and so would his sons. Do spoilt playboys fight to the last breath, even his teenage grandson?

    Iraq should have been encouraged to move to democracy, instead of the unprecedented bloodshed, torture and suffering that has been inflicted on the people of the Iraq by the U.S. The wiping out of intellectuals, academics, libraries, museums and culture is unprecedented in modern history and evoked memories of Hulagu Khan. So much for civilization. So much for democracy. So much for human rights. So much for professional soldiers who rape, torture and kill civilians, in the hundreds of thousands, orders of magnitude more than what Saddam did while keeping his country together, literate and well-fed.

    Even Hulagu had some scruples: the Mongols rolled the caliph up in a rug, and rode their horses over him, as they believed that the earth was offended if touched by royal blood. All of his sons but one were killed. (Wikipedia).

    Saddam Killed Many

    Saddam Hussein sent many people to their deaths, so says Bush, and Bush is an honourable man. So has George Bush, and so has every leader since time immemorial. Would the families of the executed hate him? Of course. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. So what? How many Confederate families hated Abraham Lincoln when he put down a foreign-financed rebellion in the southern part of his country with brute force, killing their loved ones. But Saddam was a bad man. So sayeth Bush, and Bush is an honourable man.

    There is more torture and mayhem in Iraq now, and Saddam's heavy-handedness has been justified, not on the absolute scale, but the relative scale (compare Putin's actions in Chechnya).

    Saddam and the Shia Clergy

    The United States egged him on against Iran, almost forcing his hand. When he did, Iran tried to destabilize him using its Shia clergy connections. He had the conspirators executed. So did Musharraf. Such is statecraft and we all live with it. The subtle duplicity of the media in this is appalling.

    The Dujail Trial

    Saddam's convoy was attacked in Dujail. He ordered an investigation and duly constituted judges pronounced death on the attackers and their supporters. During his trial, he was personally exonerated. His actions were in his official capacity as head of state – he did not shoot someone with a revolver in his office. His trial was conducted under new laws invented by the Americans, the same set of laws that give immunity to U.S. soldiers from prosecution in Iraq.


    In my opinion, he was executed quickly so as to stop the collection of evidence in the Halabja trials, which were next. The evidence in the Harvard archives is very flimsy, if at all credible. It was the middle of a war, with border parties switching allegiances and both parties using chemical weapons.

    Saddam's Legacy

    Saddam was a brutal dictator, but no better or no worse than the many others supported by the United States. Open the files on Anwar Sadat, Hosni Mubarak, the Jordanian Kings, Musharraf, Zia-ul-Haq, Niyazov, Putin, Karimov, and many many others.

    As a secular Arab, he despised the religious fundamentalists, and provided his people with a higher standard of living and access to progress than any one of the Arab states around him. As a street-fighter, he had the smarts and the bravery of someone who has faced death many times.

    Once he found out the game of the U.S. in the Middle East, he refused to play along, sacrificing himself instead of his country and his nation. For this, he was executed, and for precisely this, he will be remembered for time immemorial. Long after Bush and Blair are shameful footnotes of history, Saddam Hussein will be remembered as the lion that rose from Tikrit, the land of Salahuddin. Yes, the same Saladin, the Crusaders' nightmare. And that land will produce more like them.

    Like him or hate him, he continued the independence of Iraqis, and the legacy that it will not be colonized, or neo-colonized like other Arab states. Even those who hated him want the Americans to leave, and the Palestinians to prosper. That is his legacy.

    May Allah forgive his sins and excesses, and may his soul rest in peace.

    She (Queen of Sheba) said, 'When kings enter a city, they lay waste to it and make its mightiest inhabitants the most abased. That is what they too will do.' (Al-Quran 27:34)

  17. Anonymous1:10 pm

    brighteyes said...^ Funny you should mention Anwar "trying to sell the country to the Americans". Just a week or two back Dr.M kissed & made up with Soros, the same man he accused of destroying our economy. And 9 years ago, most of the country were told by M. himself about how this Soros was responsible for our economic downturn (Belita Hairan also added a 'nice' Jewish slant to it).

    please reread the report on the TDM and Soros meeting and carefully note the words used.

    brighteyes said...Regarding the death penalty, how many people were executed in Malaysia in the 80s & 90s for drug offenses alone? We're not just talking about narcotics kingpins & mafia dons, most of them who faced the noose were small time dealers.

    OK wise-guy...and how many of them were hanged on Hari Raya?

    some people just don't know what issue is.

    they are just blinded by idol-worship.

  18. Anonymous1:19 pm

    to Anon 12:20 AM...

    I seldom agree with anyone but I'm with you 100% on this one.

    Furthermore, what qualifies Sukma for a Malaysian Permanent Resident when even foreign spouses who are legally married to Malaysian citizens can't?

  19. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Dear Tun,

    The world does not recall Bush or Blair interfearing with their judiciary.To refresh your memories it was you who set up a Kangaroo tribunalto sack Tun Salleh.It was you who recommended the suspension of the 5 judges of the supreme court.
    In a proper parliamentary democracy, judges should be removed on strong grounds – misbehaviour, inability, great illness etc. Not for annoying the Prime Minister or inconveniencing the Government.Shackling the judiciary is a very heinous crime.Please refer to your diary before accusing others.

    You seem to have a soft spot for men like Robert Mugabeh and Saddam Husein.Why this affinity for Human Rights violators?

  20. Anonymous5:04 pm



  21. Anonymous7:43 pm

    how did anwar get into this?

    anyway, having not studied the Saddam case and evidence in depth, and relying strictly on public reports, i observed the following:-

    1. Iraq has descended a state of chaos since it was liberated. if u study history, factious tribes are usually peacefully united under a strong dictatorial leader, eg. Shi Huang Ti (great wall emperor) united the warring kingdoms, Alexander the great, Dr M - the UMNO warloads, etc

    2. it appears unnecessary to execute him on hari raya korban and on the eve of the new year. human blood shed to usher in a year new is widely believed to be 'pantang'. not to mention this completely disregarded muslims' sentiments.

    3. there is blatant hypocrisy here, where the maxim "those in power are above the law" seems to hold true. Bush and Blair should be prosecuted for their war crimes.

    4. a muslim backlash is likely due to the execution's timing, the conduct of the judiciary proceedings and the disregard of the muslim ummah.

    america is basically saying, "Mess with us, and we will hang u. Holy Day or not. To hell with your God."

  22. Dear bro,
    What is wrong with our Malaysians here ?? Why are we making an issue of the date or day he was hanged? does it matter when...? he was a damn cruel dictator along with his arrogant sons, to his own people... Has anyone stopped to reflect on the families in a village who would have begged and pleaded with Sadam to spare the lives of their loved ones just because someone attempted to assisinate this cruel man who hated his fellow muslim brethren! Do you think he asked them if they wanted to die on that day?And all the other atrocities by him ,his sons and the people in their control? Why are we glorifiying him ? he's no martyr, he was a dictator,a terrorist and a bully and if he is sorry for his crimes it is for God alone ...and only God alone to forgive him !! I dont encourage violence and hatred among anyone and if you think his hanging is barbaric,so is any imprisonment or hanging passed by our own kangaroo courts in this country ,please stop, think and look at the state of our own enforcment in the way they treat illegals and the conditions of our prisons !
    Suddenly everyone is feeling so sorry for this man who,created fear to his own kind ,why ?
    It is akin to glorifying Maharaja Leela for assinating Birch , right? Lets not idol-worship someone just for hating the plundering yanks or brits...cos at the end of the day these very same people who hurl condamnation at each other will secretly meet-up for tea and dinner and make us look like the morons we really are. "Let us not spit at the sky...surely the spit will fall on our own faces"!!

    I'm surprised and shocked of our own TDM's outburst in this whole issue.

  23. If you find the videos of murdered innocents by 'muslim' fanatics repugnant, then you should feel the same way about SH's execution.

    The capture, incarceration, trial(sic) and execution of SH was a fait accompli. GWB wanted to squeeze every single 'leverage' out of this situation to salvage his battered reputation. The av evidence making public an execution is a deliberate attempt to incite and instigate a reaction from the muslim world thereby justifying further military ventures by the U.S. and her allies.

    I congratulate the 'government' of Iraq. You have served your political masters well.

  24. Anonymous10:09 am

    I have lived an equal number of years in the US as I had in Malaysia. I remember the Mahathir regime. He was not a friend of freedom of the press nor of political dissent.

    He was quite ruthless in the suppression of both as history and memory have shown or are we into revisionism here? I remember the climate of fear and unease.

    Mahathir is an incredibly intelligent man and the consummate politician and that is all his sound and fury is about. It is rather ironic to me that he enjoys the freedom of speech and expression that he denied the citizens of Malaysia under his administration.

    Does anyone seriously believe that the Bush administration cares two hoots what Mahathir or Badawi has to say about its policies?

    I did not vote for Bush in either of the two presidential elections. I firmly believe that he would have been a one-term president had Sept. 11 not happened.

    I, like the vast majority of Americans, supported the war on Iraq when I believed my president who said that this country had weapons of mass destruction and it was going to use them against us. You have to look at this against the backdrop of Sept. 11, and what that day meant to millions of ordinary Americans.

    We have since learned that our president lied to us. The tide has turned in America and the view of the war has changed but there is no such thing as a "do over" -- we cannot change what has happened. Since many of us were raised with "if you break it, you fix it" -- there is reluctance in America to abandon present day Iraq until there is some semblance of order.

    Do I think that Bush should be held accountable for his lies and the actions that ensued from those lies? Absolutely.

    Who is going to do it? The spineless United Nations led by the fox himself? Wait a minute the fox has left ... maybe there is some chance of action from the UN but I am not holding my breath.

    Would the Americans hold Bush accountable? Absolutely not. Saddam Hussein is far more grotesque to us. Bush has not used chemical weapons to kill hundreds of thousands of his people; he hasn't ethnic cleansed thousands upon thousands of any groups from the US; he hasn't indulged in Anjal campaigns against any American racial group; he hasn't invaded Canada to steal its natural resources and land; since John Kerry, Edward Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi are still alive and kicking, I can only assume that he hasn't started to imprison, torture and kill his political opponents; there are no records of him building palatial residences at the expense of the people; I do not believe that Jenna and Barbara Bush are going around torturing and killing and raping young men and I could go on and on, but I assume we get the picture here.

    Just as there are (and this is as it should be) many views on any topic, the topic of Saddam Hussein will alwyas be a controversial one. People should support what their conscience will bear. I, for one, felt that the world was a better place when Saddam Hussein left it.

  25. Anonymous10:39 am

    To Shanghaistephen,
    Please do not trivialise nor generalise Maharajalela's case if you donot know the facts nor the history of the Pasir Salak revolt.
    As for Saddam, he's just another pawn in the US chess game of the middle east. That's the bigger picture. He may or may not be a sinner, but middle east is embroiled in tribal and religious mayhem and the Zionists and the Americans use this as their key weapon for distablising the region.
    Iraq was never a country with people like Moqtadar and other so-called al Qaedo insurgents. There was never a question of a power struggle between the Sunnis and the Shiites. As for the Kurds? Wasn't what Saddam was doing to the Kurds exactly the same with what the Isrealis are doing with the Palestinians in Gaza? Isn't that how the wahabbis ruled Saudi Arabia for the past 80 years?
    I've dealth with Arabs before and sad to say, and I know I am generalising, they are one race that is complex and unpredictable. And please remember that not all Arabs are Muslims! And if the Arabs do not come to their senses, I believe the downfall of the Muslim world will be the Arabs tehmselves.


  26. Anonymous1:18 pm

    It was unjustifiable. It was impossible trying Saddam in a court he never recognised. However, hanging him promptly, that too on a religious holiday, was heinous.

    It shows how insensitive the Washington-London axis is to the realities of Iraq. They don't care at all. Iraqis; Sunnis and Shiites alike, have shown how bloodthirsty they were and are. And how shortsighted.

    I'll never condone Saddam's wrongdoings, but to unceremoniously hang him was utterly unjustified.Now Iraq is on the brink of a civil war, a war that America will not care about.

    U wanna try a person for his atrocities, do it Nuremberg style. Not this way. Saddam's death will only accomplish anarchy.

    What sad times we live in. I called a colleague to wish him Happy New Year n he remarked cynically, "Orang Malaysia Raya Haji korban unta, Orang Iraq korbankan Saddam."

    I agree with "the man who sold the world", he should have been sentenced to life in prison. Now they've made a martyr of him, as daughter Raghad declared couple of days ago

  27. Anonymous2:08 pm

    dear "the bunhead"

    The admission...We have since learned that our president lied to quite interesting because it reminds me about something that someone once said about idiots.

    Humans make mistakes but only idiots make the same mistakes over and over again.

    the bunhead said..."Bush has not used chemical weapons to kill hundreds of thousands of his people,"...and he was right because Bush only kill thousands of other people.

    the bunhead said..."he hasn't invaded Canada to steal its natural resources and land,"...and he was right because Bush invaded Iraq instead.

    I could go on and on...but I take pity on people who keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

    Let's face it...they elected Bush not once but twice!.

  28. the bunhead,

    Care to comment on Guantanamo?

    What about CIA 'rendition' sites?

    Perhaps, words are not enough to describe it.

    Perhaps the U.S. should make videos of these 'establishments' and release it to the press, youtube, etc. Now, that will really rattle the cages of the 'ragheads' to continue the killings. GWB can then send in the additional 20/30 thousand troops to quell the subsequent increase in violence. Duh! Shades of WMD, don't you think.

    There was malicious intent in making public SH's execution and even more so when it was done on one of Islam's holiest days.

  29. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Father of all Evil - BUSH.

    A President who smoke screen behind super-heros character.
    SuperEvil Bush. Great liar.
    Manipulator. Full of Vengence.

    His dreams will never be the same again. Nightmare of Saddam will haunt him to death.

  30. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Ah, anonymous, anonymous, if idiocy was really the issue that would simplify things, wouldn't it? But we all know it isn't and insulting someone provides a temporary relief and in the end accomplishes nothing. While I do not agree with the majority who put Bush back in power, I do not for a minute make the mistake of thinking that they are idiots.

    I would still pick Bush over Saddam Hussein anyday of the week. At least I can call my president an ass, I can picket him in public places, I can rail against him in editorials, I can caricature him and I do not have to fear that I will be dragged off to some horrible place and charged under the ISA or OSA or that Uday or Qusay are going to come break my legs or that someday I would be discovered in some shallow grave somewhere with a mass of other unfortunates.

    My constitution gives me that freedom of speech. And our laws make the president answerable to the American public ... he serves them. It is particularly galling isn't it, that they will not make him answerable for Iraq (yet)? And no amount of name calling will change that.

    I've off now to spread some terrible American justice in the world. I wish you well -- good health and good cheer.

  31. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Dear Rocky

    I am not a Muslim but I feel strongly about the brutal execution of the late Presidnet Sadam Hussein of Iraq on the Hari Raya Haji, oneof the holy days in the Islamic calendar.

    I am most surprised to read the very mild statement from the PM,m who is supposed to be a Muslim and President of the Malay party, UMNO. But I am glad that Malaysians still have Run Dr Mahthir to speak on our behalf when our PM failed us and the Muslim communities.

    Let pray hard for Tun to be in good health so that he could defend and fight for us, the Rakyat.

    Quite frankly, I have lsot hope that our PM can seriously defend our nation interests bearing in mind so many bluinders that he had made with his eyes wide open or being led by the "small boys, Khairy and Kalimullah, to make.

    God bless Sadam's soul and Malaysia. Let hope that it will not be too long that the nation can get rid of such cancerous personality.

  32. Anonymous3:29 am

    Mr Shanghai,

    Let us not foget that the Americans invaded Iraq and killed scores of thousands of innocents. Tortured many of them. Raped their wives and daughers, put guns on their sons' head and pulled the trigger. Some of these cases are in America's military courts and they take longer to try and Saddam's trial.

    Saddam may have been evil by the accounts we read about him, undoubtedly from America's many sources of news.

    But what about Bush who sent those rapists and murderers to "save" the people who were supposedly dictated by Saddam and his sons? Who is seeking justice for those who have died and died miserably as a result of the actions of this war criminal? You, Mr Stephen?

    Let us spare a heart for our Muslim brothers in Iraq and (soon) in Iran. Saddam's execution barbarian-style has not achieved anything, has it? It has only made people angry.

  33. Anonymous11:53 pm

    I find it nauseating to hear that all our PM can say on the lynching of SH is that "it will create more violence" by the muslim community. More violence? So the innocent Iraqis, Afghans, Palestinians who were raped, butchered and stolen from, are violent and will get "more violent"?

    Abdullah gave the same comment when the Israeli raided Lebanon last year.

    Abdullah should have condemning the killings but not condemning the victims.