Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Big Bah: It ain't over

Pagoh Calling: We need water jets! Over 6,000 flood victims in Pagoh, Johor need water jets urgently to help them restart their lives disrupted by the country's worst floods in the last weeks of 2006.
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  1. Anonymous11:58 am

    Apologies, would it be alright if I get your help to post this just in case there is a good samaritan out there who can help the remaining flood victims. 2nd Jan 2007, Dear friends, there are still 6332 flood victims at the flood relief centres in Pagoh. The victims' houses are still covered in thick mud. There is great stench with all the flood deposits and debris and flood victims need help to clean the debris so they can move back into their houses and settle in. The centres are pleading for water jets to clean the houses. The mud is so thick traditional method of cleaning did not work. Anyone reading this note and you are in a position to help organise water jets please contact: Encik Solehan at 019-2217843 Dr Shah at 017-7575029 Dato Bakar at 012-2835553 YB Tahir at 013-7284887 Or you may deliver to Kontena Nasional at address: Kontena Nasional's office in PJ Kontena Nasional Berhad 9th Mile, Old Klang Road P.O.Box 6503, Seri Setia 47307 Petaling Jaya Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia Telephone No : + 603 - 7876 1933 If you can send direct, please send to PEKEMBAR RELIEF CENTRE or call any above numbers for verification......Tq.

  2. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Digress a little...we pay tol but why do we need to pay 5% govt tax (food) at Plus R&R?

  3. Hi Rocky,

    Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity to spare some prime space for this plea.

    The water jets are also needed to clean schools and mosques affected by the floods (sms from Dato Zuraidah Atan).

    Again, thank you very much for this kind help.

  4. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Anon 3.37PM,

    I agree with you. Yes, we need to be charitable but how can we be charitable when our top leaders did not even bother to break their foreign holidays to visit those poor souls.

    The welfare of this people would be sufficiently taken care of if this irresponsible leaders do not lavish the tax money that we, the working class, pay them for every penny that we earn.

    I am charitable. Charity has always been part of my life. But I must confess that this current flood I do not see why I should donate. The government should pay for the upkeep of this people.

    If we cant depend on our government during emergency and disaster, when can we depend on it?

    I instead donated my money to poor children who are going to school tomorrow.

    I think even rocky's bru has been taken in by this plea for help which should rightly be directed at the government.

    If our holiday bound PM is so proud about his BIG mandate, he should be making BIG visit and BIG allocation to help the victims of this BIG flood.

    BTW who is this Zuraidah Atan fella?

    I thought our Welfare Minister is Shaharazat Jalil. So who is this Zuraidah Atan? How can we be sure that she is genuine? Is she part of the fourth floor? Or is she a member of the PM's kitchen Cabinet?

  5. thank you, the malayan tiger,

    i am with you on this. the pm should have cut short his holidays and spend more time with the flood victims, especially the children, and made sure that they get all the assistance they needed. this would have forced the others to cancel their year-end trips abroad, too. but that wasn't the case.
    ghani, the johor mb, and the deputy prime minister, najib razak, were exemplary, though.
    as for zuraidah atan, she was a former chief executive of a local bank and very active with a body concerned with breast cancer. she is genuine, yes. no, she's not part of the 4th floor.
    you would notice that she did not ask for money for the victims, just stuff like mineral water, blankets, water jets, etc. those things were sent immediately and directly to the victims.
    what we won't know is if money donated by people (who appeared on front pages of some newspapers with their donations) will actually reach the victims.
    p.s. and yes, bro, shahrizat is the welfare minister.

  6. Anonymous11:03 am

    Dear Bru,

    I am not about to start a rumour, but someone said about the mistaken opening a dam's floodgates, which caused the flood...

    I dunno if this is true, but you have contacts to verify this right?

    If I heard wrongly, my apology to all...

  7. Anonymous11:09 am

    holidays, fishing...that's what those motherduckers are good for..no compassion for those suffering back home.
    toll up-roadtax down...just like the cat moaning the death of the mouse..big joke


  8. anon 11:03,

    you mean the floods in melaka. yes, i heard the same about the dam causing the floods in melaka.
    damn! syed nadzri ought to get nst to work on this story, a blockbuster.

  9. I have heard countless stories of the evil face of Malaysians during such a disaster. Looting is one thing but what surprised me most was Johor MB saying that the victims had voluntarily given money to the soldiers who helped them!
    Has there been any case in this entire world where earthquake, tsumani, flood or whatever victims giving money to the rescuers?
    DAMN the soldiers, THEY ASKED FOR MONEY!!! That's the truth.
    Even if the victims had given money(which I don't believe) how on earth could they have the heart to accept it?

  10. I think we shouldn't start unnecessary rumours. Let focus our efforts in helping the flood victims. Thanks.

  11. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Ok, thank you Rocky's Bru. Melayu kata, bapak borek anak rintik. Pak lah cabut pi Australia, kaki bodek dia cabut pir rata dunia. They used our tax money that should be directed to the people.

    Melayu kata, bapak kencing berdiri, anak kencing berlari.

    Talk about Islam, about intergrity, about rural development under 9th Plan. Kampung karam dan hanyut PM cabut. Apa cakap ni.

    Ok, this Zuraidah is genuine. But she seems to be more busy than Shaharazat. Maybe she should take over from Shaharazat.

    BTW, is your Hadhari PM in the country? I don't waste money on newspapers. Need money to pay toll.

    Keep up Rocky's Bru.

  12. Anonymous4:03 pm


    A relative's neighbour works at the dam and said so... so, that must carry some weight, right?

    So, if that is true, the authorities must pay for it! The damage, the loss of human lives, the business interuption... But then again, in Malaysia, authorities are above the law... So, the victims will NOT get any compensation, right? Heran la, hujan tak de lah lebat mana... Naper Singapore pun yg begitu dekat, tak kene tempias hujannya???

  13. Anonymous4:26 pm

    I just came back from my hometown Segamat, which everyone knew was heavily affected by the flood. My husband went to visit his friend whose house was completely submerged during the flood. According to his friend, when they were first taken to the releief centre, for the first two days, they had to survive with very minimal water and food. People were selling a bottle of mineral water for RM10. What choice does he have when his baby was crying for milk then to spend rm10 for a bottle of water.

    The saddest part was that when people were waiting for help on their houses rooftops, the military and policemen, in their boat, were charging rm50 per head to transport these victims. Got money, you pay, you survive. And they wud target the Chinese while leaving the Malays and others looking in vain. The policemen wud transfer those who pay, even if the boats were not full, it will be filled with food whilst those really in need of help were left stranded.

    So the media reported the flood claimed 13 lives. In Kg Jawa alone, about 30 people died, and more than 30 were missing, un accounted for.

    Our DPM said that help in terms of cash will be paid to the schoolchildren before the start of school but to this day, nothing. Our friend was then told to lodge a report at the Police Station in order to get the assistance that was guaranteed by the Govt. I wonder if these victims will ever get any amount of money that has been collected (donated by individuals and organisations)? Why the bureaucracy in getting the aid when they really need them??

    Honestly, I have no faith in the government at all. All talk but no action, what good will it do to us all? It is a sad, sad country we live in. My heart goes out to the victims, especially the young kids.


  14. Anonymous11:09 pm

    As I said b4...the mother of all looters are now dropping out of thier mother's worm one by one to
    suck up the poor folks.
    These are bloody heartless cretures who makes a fortune out of other people's misfortune.


  15. Anonymous11:47 pm


    You and other Mlaysians are concerned about the flood victims in Johor. But our Mr In OCntrol PM, who pride himself with the slogan "Don't work for me but work with me."

    How top work with the "I am in control PM" when he was not around in the country when he knew very that Johor has suffered the worst flood in history and many people lost their properties and loves and etc.

    WHy was Mr In Control is so insensitive to the rakyat plight? Was his holidays in Perth more important the flood victims? From what we have seen he has no interest in the welfare of the nation.

    He was more concerned about "the old man" has broken his son-in-law (Khairy) rice bowl (periok nasi). He is not bothered when the periok nasi of the rakyat have been broken by the flood in Johor!!!

    I am surprised why Kalimullah, Khariy, TIngkat 4 boys and Lim Kit Siang did not advise him properly.

    Never mind Johorians, you now know the true colour of the Mr I Am In Control PM. So exercise your vote properly and tell Mr I Am In Control that he was never in control by voting against BN. We must all vote against BN in order to get this irresponsible PM out of office.

  16. Anonymous12:23 am


    Let's stay focus. Let's not argue who's doing what and who's doing more or who's doing little. Some people help because they've been doing it for years; some do it to get whatever publicity; some do it for their vested interest.

    Let's give credit to the hundreds who actually roll up their sleeves and get their feet wet in the mud. They are the genuine ones. They help without shouting about it..

  17. Anonymous3:01 am

    Mr Rocky Bru.

    Now it is time to get thye National Service (NS) kids to come help the banjir victim with the cleaning up.

    Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye should suggest this to DPM Najib and get the youngster to join assist the disaster victim.

    The Umnoputra too - should look into gathering Mat Rempits now to clean up mess left by the big flood. They can get good PR yeah!

    Enough getting those D**B Mat Rempits pushing their bikes to police stations after their donkey acts scaring foreign visitors away.

    Well, pouring monies to help funds for sure attract many cockroaches if no check balance and audits perform...

    That's reality in Malaysia, which somewhat scary.

    Thumbs up Rocky!

  18. Anonymous11:10 am

    Hi, Rocky. Gua junior lu di mass comm. Kite dulu kamcing jugak. Ah kisah dulu-dulu!
    Gua org. Segamat. Baru-baru ni gua balik beraya. Member kat Segamat kata banyak mangsa banjir tabik respect kat org. DAP, PAS, MCA. Mereka ni benar-benar bangsa Malaysia, bukan kaum Cina atau Melayu atau India. Mereka datang bantu semua mangsa tanpa mengira bangsa dengan nasi bungkus, air mineral, dan sumbangan pakaian satu beg plastik. Mereka cerdik tak hantar beras dan sardin dalam tin sebab bekalan elektrik dan air bersih terputus. Org. UMNO, Putra UMNO, Puteri UMNO lembab sungguh bagi bantuan sampai kena maki. (Agaknya mereka nak tunggu pembesar sampai, baru nak tunjuk muka.)Dia org. nak bagi beras dan sardin tapi mangsa banjir tolak sebab macam mana nak masak, api, air, dapur dsb. tak ada.
    Sedih mendengar kisah mangsa banjir di sana. Yang meninggal dunia, katanya lebih ramai daripada yang dilaporkan. Harta benda penduduk banyak yang musnah. Kini sampah sarap bertimbun-timbun. Rumah kotor oleh lumpur. Bau busuk di mana-mana. Adik ipar gua yang bekerja dengan JKR sampai demam-demam, bertugas siang malam, bekerja separuh mati, sebab tak cukup kakitangan. Sebenarnya ada banyak tugas selepas banjir yang perlu dirancang dan dikerjakan bersama-sama oleh pelbagai agensi, NGO, dsb. Bukannya dengan lepas tangan sebab banjir dah nak surut.

  19. Suhaimi,
    Ah, kawan lama! Bah di Johor memang menyedihkan. Gua turun JB kelmarin pun nampak betapa kelam suasana. Kalau lu senang, pergi ke http://www.tvsmith.net.my/duasen/ ada 24-page special on the great johor floods (the scenes that the umnoputras and putris, together with their boss pak lah, did not want to see). Mungkin kampung lu ada.
    Btw, bro, send your contact number and e-mail to my e-mail, pls: rockybru@gmail.com.
    Kita kena teh.

  20. Anonymous10:03 pm

    My heart goes out to the people of Johore and other flood victims in the other states. I know how they feel cos I've been down that road before.
    In 1995 I was staying in the Jalan Gurney area. That year I had a heart attack and was hospitalised at the KL Gen Hospital. One evening , my wife and two daughters (aged 6 and 10) were visiing me. When they got back at about 7.30 pm. they found our house totally flooded with more than a metre of water. We lost everything - electrical appliances , clothings,photographs, my daughters' school books, furniture, books, my precious university books, notes and files which I kept all those years --totally destroyed. To add insult to injuries, my eldest daughter had to miss school. The following day when she told her teacher how her father was in hospital and she had to help her mother to wash the house, she was scolded by the teacher with personal insulting words leaving the poor girl in tears. 12 years hence , my daughter is a final year medical student in one of the best universities in the country (and I really hope that one day she will be treating that teacher for some illnesses). It took us more than a year to recover from that - if we ever did . .

    The reason I'm writing this is to remind myself the kind of miseries that these flood victims must be going through. My heart and prayers go out to them.

  21. Anonymous12:57 am

    Naipah said..

    very2 sad. we seem to have lost the sense of morality and to distinguish what is right and wrong. looting and profiteering in such moments. god forbids.

    cant help but to take a jibe at the authorities. where is the coordination? cant we reallocate some of the 600 million pork barrel funds to help the flood victims? may i asked the honourable PM ( who is in his usual year end MIA) when he is going to do something right for once instead of spending on the pork barrel projects to protect his position. May i plead to you that for once take the rakyat's interest into consideration first and nothing else.

    god bless the country