Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Soros wants to meet Dr M

Moron & Menace. Dr M has agreed to meet the man he called "moron" at the height of the Asian financial crisis. The moron, who called Dr M a "menace to his own country", will be in KL this Friday to deliver a talk.
Read it here.


  1. Here's a meeting of two great minds. One is a master strategist, the other a predator turned humanist. If the meeting were to include an audience, only two voices will be heard.

    A meeting between GS and AAB will probably be confined to a polite "hello" and....

    AAB - Jerk! Doesn't he know who I am?

    GS - Who's that jerk?

  2. Anonymous1:06 am

    i would agree, in fact many would agrees with shar101.

    George would probably say "who is that sleepy jerk?"

    running a country in his sleeps???

  3. Anonymous6:21 am

    Smart and tough adversaries always have a healthy respect for each other.

    Alas, Malaysia will not see another leader of Dr. M's stature anytime soon.

  4. Anonymous8:20 am

    Our ex-PM is a true great man. And he will always be..

  5. Anonymous8:45 am

    When the 'moron' wants to meet, you bet there is a agenda. The 'moron' has not much time left and has no time for simple 'how are you' sessions.
    Whatever the specific agenda, it will have a Zionist flavour..

  6. Anonymous9:06 am

    Tun Mahathir's silence is deafening.

    He's back at work.

    He has met many "influenctial" Umno figures.

    Not surprising if he's meeting Soros. He humbled Soros.

    Not surprising if we're to hear from him soon.

    Two months passed and PM is yet to answer points Tun M raised in their bulan Puasa meeting.

    Pak Lah may have forgotten, but Tun M won't.

  7. Anonymous9:10 am


    GS is my idol in high finance, DrM is my idol in leadership! When the two meet, something positive can happen to the world, no matter how small it may be.

    GS is a Jew, yes! But he's not a zionist!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  8. Dr. M is still the best and will be the best forever.

  9. Anonymous11:06 am

    Cohong Gym: No contest there and no doubts. Mahathir is the best. They should allow Pak Lah to attend the meeting, learn something!! Or maybe the 2nd Finance Minister Mohd Nor Yakob? I heard Soros was the reason why he lost the 30 billion ringgit in forex trading in the Nineties. He should be there and behold his Maker the Jew.

  10. Anonymous11:43 am

    If my memory serves me well Khairy the SIL said some time back that he will draw up a blacklist of firms with Jewish interests and local firms dealing with Jewish interests and will take approriate
    action. So far no list has appeared. But now comes Soros the Jew who allegedly showed Top Cat 2nd Finance Minister Nor Yaacob that he is the Mangy Dog in the big leagues of international foreign exchange market players. Soros might want to take the opportunity to thank Top Cat for helping to finance his philantropic ventures. A Jew, of course, is not necessarily a Zionist but some people might not be able to tell the difference. I wonder if the SIL is going to organise a UMNO Youth demontration and demand that Soros come out to meet him, like he did with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. I doubt it very much since he has remained uncharacteristically silent so far. But with him calling the shots at UMNO Youth, the lunatic fringe of UMNO, one never knows.
    We might just be treated to some fireworks!

  11. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Why Soros is meeting an ex-PM?. Isn't meeting a "merchant banker" (refer to SIL) would be an appropriate thing to do?.

    lol. "merchant banker"...if only my father in-law could give me that honor. too bad, he is long gone.

  12. Guyz, GS is a jew with very critical views on Israel as well as GWB aka Dubya.

    GS presence here is to promote his latest book but the meeting with TDM is rather perplexing, to say the least. There might be something interesting out of this but it will not be zionistic(sic) unless KJ wants it to be one.

    Poser to KJ - Here's the guy who can probably spend rm200k for lunch and still have a job.

  13. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Soros donated USD50 million to the Bosnians in 92 when the world was watching them die. Dr M, as we all know, gave the Bosnians real hope, a second chance. The government of Malaysia helped reconstruct that country. Itd be great if they can do something for Palestine, since the OIC isn't doing much. Malaysia, OIC chairman, gave Palestine RM16 million last year, that was it.

  14. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Show down at the Ok Coral?

    Methinks probably they'll just sit down and have a quiet laugh.

    Soros and M

    cool combo like something you'll get from an Ian Fleming novel


  15. Anonymous6:55 pm

    please don't call khairy a merchant/investment banker and tarnish the profession.

    yes, khairy is from oxford. but that doesn't mean he can count, eg. look at his ECM-Libra deal cock-up. it only involved 2 hard could that be??

    also, every investment banker knows that YOU CAN'T USE INCOME TO MEASURE WEALTH, another moronic proposal by our oxbridge breed.

    Although his degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, his economics don't gel as he targeted penang about marginalising bumis, when it is among the states with the LOWEST levels of poverty. Just next door, Kedah or even Perlis is worst.

    which major INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT BANK has he worked for???

    oh yea, i am sure, AAB mentioned he wanted to go to HK to work, but it was too FAR...hahhahahahahhhahahahahahaha

  16. Anonymous7:56 pm

    yeap i happened to met many bosnian back in asutralia.

    for some reason known to them, they have a very very high respect to TUN, the same as they hve utmost respect to the late Bosnian PM Elija ..

  17. Anonymous12:27 am

    am keeping finger crossed that after Tun Dr Mahathir meet billionaire George Soros, there will be change in government...

    anything boleh in boleh land!

    Mr PM will then be in charge of making Public Toilets clean for VMY2007... boleh ma...

    Mukriz will be the PM - the best fit candidate for the job, while Budak Itam will join Mat Rempit lah... lari sana lari sini cabut tak bole bayar hutang ECM ma...

    let us wait and see the outcome after the meeting.

  18. Anonymous1:04 pm


    do you remeber Khairy, the poor SIL of PM and whose periok nasi sudah pecah, has promiseed to come out wiht a lsit of companies with Jewish connection - called Schindler List? What happened to that List? Up to now there, we have yet to see the List.

    Since George Sorro is a Jew, Khairy and his UMNO Youth gang should do a big demonstration to be consitent with the UMNO Youth stand. And who knows the demonstration will gain him some sympathy.

    Rocky, have you started the "Save Khairy Fund" to help the poor SIL of the PM? Please treat this matter with urgency before Malaysia lose a great future PM or the de facto PM.

  19. Anonymous4:20 pm

    The meeting of two buayas...gonna be interesting. Don't bat an eyelid as both Ms (Moron and Menance)cannot be trusted.

  20. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Why is so much energy being wasted discussing KJ? Why are you guys overating him? Stop giving him the respect, he is just another ordinary joe, Oxford or no Oxford. If he is really great, ask him to stand against Tok Guru in Kelantan next election. Barulah kita tahu terror tak terror. KJ is a real liability to the PM. AAB should just dump him.

  21. Anonymous10:17 am

    Press Conference with Tun Mahathir & George Soros
    Friday, 15-Dec-2006 12:00

  22. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Looks like Dr M is eating humble pie by admitting that he called people names without checking facts first (he assumed what the papers suggested was true).

    While George Soros never did anything wrong during the Asian financial crisis, he makes it clear that countries with bad financial management deserve to suffer at the hands of currency traders.

    Now George Soros is vindicated in Malaysia, but his name was dragged in mud and sullied by so many locals all the while. Yet he comes in peace.

    Nevertheless, I congratulate Dr M for being surprisingly a big enough man to admit his mistakes when he should.