Wednesday, December 13, 2006

MPs, Senators "No" To NSTP-Utusan Melayu merger

They are angry. It's not what the PM and the 4th floor boys wanted to hear but when people are angry enough about something, they'll speak their mind in the end.
"Why should it merge with NST, in the last few years NST itself has lost its direction, if we merge, it could throw both off track." - Mohd Said Yusof
"The merger... what for, let Utusan Malaysia have its own way and NST also have its own way, what's wrong if we let them compete with each other." - Mohamad Abdul Ghani
"Quite a lot of people are angry about it." - Mohamed Aziz
[read what they said yesterday here]

More will oppose the mysterious merger at the Dewan Rakyat and the Dewan Negara. Privately, some of the people's representatives are asking why a certain investment bank previously linked to an Umno Youth leader was actively trading the stocks of the two companies before the merger announcement was made. [read my previous postings here and here]


  1. Interesting debate this is.

    Wonder why MPs and Senators need to debate on what is essentially a private sector move involving shareholders and nominee companies?

    If it is a party issue, UMNO owns 50 percent of Utusan Malaysia, why don't they bring it up by forcing an extraordinary general meeting or assembly?

    Without waving a keris of course!

    After all, they are the shareholders of Utusan Malaysia and by a convoluted way, do own The New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd.

    So bring it up at the proper forum and leave the Parliament to debate and discuss other issues close to the hearts of the people of Malaysia.

    Most of us don't care about Utusan or Berita Harian or NST or The Malay Mail, do we, as we don't read the newspapers anymore!

    After all, blogs are better or aren't they, in providing information!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Anonymous12:29 pm

    don't be fooled by these MPs and Senators...

    be wise that Monkeys on trees will jump to the ground when aplenty of bananas served in zoos.

    this so-called hu ha hu ha over nst-um is actually a 'play or movie' in the making...

    they actually being guaranteed some fortune for making themselves in circus ma...

    be wise, only fools be fooled!

    they don't care less whether nst or um goes down the drain, what concern most is their own personal wealth... APs, Free Bungalows, Overseas family education, annual holiday trips... these are common sweeters they continue swallowing from tax-payers.

    only if God the Al-mighty take the lives of the double-faces MPs Senators, we will see the truth in our government and leadership.

    but for now, it is all B.S.

  3. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Looks like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai!!!

    MPS have the time to debate on this issue, stupid nincompoops!.

    Please debate on issues affecting the Rakyat, not the stupid merger.

    The merger is only to get certain Umnoputeras - aka Khairy, Kali etc etc - rich.

  4. AAB Strengths:
    1. KJ (Oxbridge scholar)
    2. Media Prima (soon NST/UM
    will join the club)
    3. GLCs, ECM Libra and
    sewaktu dengannya

    Najib Strengths:
    1. Nazir (Oxbridge scholar)
    2. Astro (+ a new Measat3
    3. CIMB and sewaktu dengannya
    (+ Snergy Drive)

    Seems like a fair battle, best man win... we are all die

    Salam Idul Adha

  5. Anonymous6:47 pm


    After harping on their identity being attacked, it's good that the Malay MPs and senators are VOICING OUT THEIR CONCERN when this merger obviously DESTROYS part of the malay identity (= Utusan Melayu).

    why do NSTP + Utusan need to merge?

    Utusan's problems can be solved by

    1. Buying a new printing plant if that's what is needed, and stop fighting with KOSMO, essentially a student paper

    2. Doing something about the DAMN LAYOUT!!! - print and online - go and steal some of Berita Harian's subs, since they spent so much on revamp, it is a very nice look now, Utusan can just curi staff la

    3. Going out to get ADVERTISERS and do away with the MALAY MYTH that MALAYS are POOR. This is not 1969, look around you. There is a huge chunk of middle class Malays that are lucrative for advertisers, and just force to a certain extent companies to advertise in UTUSAN as part of their national service... :D cos they need the support...

    4. Utusan should be more inclusive then more people will advertise


    NST..erm..already to debated to death how to solve the problem.

  6. Let's see whether these same MPs and senators will be just as vociferous with the plantation merger.

    This NST-UM thingy is an issue clouding the real game going on elsewhere.

  7. Anonymous8:56 am

    You think Pak Lah bothers? Go get a live Bru! Pak Lah's too buzy defending his son and son-in-law.

    Not just in Malaysia but around the globe. This is not cronism. That I can accept. I have friends and sometimes we help each others. We are cronies.

    With Pak Lah it's nepotism. It's about helping son, daughter, son-in-law, brothers and brothers-in-law, sisters and sisters-in-law.

    You think he cares about Utusan? NST yes because his friend Kalllimmmulah is there.

    Utusan no! He agreed to the merger because he was told by his 4th Floor rougues that they cannot control or afraid to control Khalid Mohamad. They hope with the merger Khalid will throw in the towel. Khalid may be stupid enough to do that.

    My view is this.....use objection to Utusan-nst merger to change Pak Lah or change the leadership of the party.