Saturday, December 16, 2006

Soros on Abdullah's Malaysia

How can? He compares Malaysia to Sudan and Angola, and told Malaysians to demand for greater transparency and accountability from the Government. No wonder Abdullah Badawi refused to see George Soros. [click here for Soro's views on Malaysia's transparency]


  1. Anonymous11:37 pm

    i was wondering what the fanfare was about till i stumbled on the bernama story.
    nst made it sound like a 'kiss-and-make-up' story, like Dr M REALLY has nothing else better to do.
    hope your friend will be ok.

  2. Anonymous1:23 am

    Dear Rocky

    AT the rate things are going on in Malaysia, we are worst than Angola.

    The whole country knew about Kahiry's activites except The "I Am In Control" PM who seeked to be asleep when he said that Khariy's "periok nasi telah dipecah" by the"Old Man".

    Quite rightly so, Tun spoke fo rhte nation and when he saw teh coutnry has been robbed tehn he must speak and he did.

    I hope Tun has recovered fully and defend this nation against these traitors.

  3. Anonymous4:10 am

    Looks like the 'moron' has become the 'menace' spokesman.
    Mamak teh-tarik satuuuuuu!!!

  4. Anonymous8:42 am

    A brilliant move by Kalli and 4th Floor Oxbridge Rouge Team to stop PM from receiving Soros.

    Image what Soros would think and say had he met our Sleeping Beauty?

    Thank you Kalli, Kamal Khalid, Mat Zaki and the gang for saving our honor this time!

    Now you know why Robert Kuok is selling Perlis Plantation for RM15.5 billion to his nephew in Singapore.

    He is joining Goh Tong in building Singapore as the new base for regional expansion. Malaysia's name does not sell anymore.

    Bru, please comment on this. I think we are losing competitiveness and confidence.

  5. Anonymous7:41 pm

    no need rocky bru to confirm, i can confirm we are! And what's wrong with Soros comments? i think it's very true, we need the govt to show us every single cent and movement! So that we know where are we heading, now we being lead into a roundabout where we been turning for 50 yrs... you all wanna turn another 50 yrs? then we might end up like iraq not Angola. Pray hard...

  6. Anonymous8:34 pm

    One thing similar about Soros and TDM beside the Global Peace resoluton, their nose looks the same... Hope with AAB will wake up from his sleep. Ha Ha.

  7. Anonymous2:50 am

    For those interested, perhaps a closer to the horse's mouth writeup about the meeting can be found on Marina Mahathir's Rantings. Go here:

  8. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Soros is right in comparing malaysia to sudan and angola...both are definitely better than somalia, a land without any government or afghanistan, a land where the govt only controls the area inside its capital.

  9. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Be grateful for small mercies,

    Though we have inequalities aplenty, but no jemjawid roam the streets, (perhaps if we start arming mat rempit with kalashnikovs, who knows?)

    Angola? perhaps similarities existed during the emergency.

    mostly happy to be here