Monday, December 18, 2006

The PM's RM30 million yacht

Malaysian PM here to see his (US$8 million) yacht.
That's the headline from the Hurriyet, a Turkish paper [click here]. I've got it translated [see below].
The report clearly said the luxury yacht belongs to the Malaysian Prime Minister. Not Ananda Krishnan's. The report did not say that it was given to Abdullah Badawi by the tycoon, either. It was very clear on the fact that this yacht, costing some RM30 million, is Abdullah's yacht.
Lost in translation? Or lost for word?

Hurriyet Newspaper
Malaysian Prime Minister here to see his boat
Malaysian Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmed Badawi arrived in Bodrum yesterday to see his boat which he ordered four months ago. Badawi arrived in Bodrum at 1.30 am with a private jet that belongs to Malaysia Airlines.
The head official of Milas, Bahattin Atci, and Malaysian businessman Ananda Krishnan, who is the sixth richest man in Asia, welcomed Badawi. Kamil Sezgun, who is the director of Kobra Yachting and Tourism Ltd Co, was also present.
Badawi and his friend Krishan went to Gokova for fishing with a luxury motor yacht belonging to Kremala Holding, which was brought over here from Malta. The luxury yacht "Obsessions" is 40-meter long, made in the Netherlands and the captain of the yacht is Cavit Kabak. The yacht was anchored in Milta Marina.
Badawi said he loves Bodrum and south Aegean and the Mediterranean so much. It's a great pleasure for him to be here fishing and resting on the line (horizon) that connects blue and green (ocean and land).

The boat will cost 8 million dollars
The boat is made of Akaju, Maun, Sipo and Brimanya's tree which is imported from South Africa. It is expected to be completed in 16 months. Some 60 people are involved in the construction of the boat. The boat will be delivered after 12 months (since he ordered it four months ago). The capacity of the boat is for 14 people and the length is 44 meters. The boat will cost 8 million US dollars.


  1. Monsun Cup runneth over?

  2. Anonymous3:02 am

    Kantoi la plak.2!!!!! ahahaha... GENG SAYA SOKONG NAK JWB ape lak lepas nie?????

  3. Anonymous7:07 am

    The most Abdullah's legitimate income amounts to
    RM 30,000 per month , hmm........ RM 30 million ..........

  4. Anonymous7:27 am

    14 passengers?

    can it be used to go to australia in times of emergency? or for any medical operations for that matter?

    let's start guessing....

    1. pak lah
    2. khairy
    3. kamaluddin
    4. patrick badawi

  5. Anonymous7:56 am

    saper lak yang translate tu....betulker transalation tu...

  6. Anonymous7:56 am

    Apa perlu diherankan Tuan Rocky. Bapak Abdullah, Almarhum isterinya, anak-anak dan menantu-menantunya semua mempunyai citarasa yang cukup tinggi, cukup mahal.

    Lihat saja berapa banyak wang nagara sudah dibalanja mengubahsuai Seri Perdana. Kata Parlimen Malaysia RM15 juta. Kata yang intim dengan proyek ini, boleh jadi sudah lebih RM30 juta.

    Belakanya buat kesenangan dan keselesaan seorang duda dan menantu kesayangannya, Master Kairi. Master Kairi tinggal di sana dengan isteri dan pembantu Indon mereka.

    Kalau Taikon Ananda Krishnan sogokkan PM dengan kapal layar kerna PM sudah jatuh cinta dengan kapal layar kerna mahu sokong Monsoon Cup Tuan Patrik Lim, siapa bisa komplain?

    Pak Ananda itu memang pandai BELI hati orang-orang besar negara. Sabab itu semua proyeknya peroleh seed money dari pemerintah. Tapi banyak aset Pak Ananda macam Astro diparkir di luar nagara dalam PLC.

    Dewasa ini Pak Robert Kuok dan Pak Lim Goh Tong juga sudah ikut modus opendi Bapak Ananda. Mereka juga mula bawa aset dan kontrol keluar dari Malaysia. Terbaru mereka bawa ke Singapur.

    Nak beli favor ngak mahal. Upahnya murah. Kapal layar sudah cucup. Kan ini negara kapal layar? Kan Bumiputera mindanya masih minda nelayan?

  7. Anonymous8:13 am

    Paklah ni Perdana Menteri Malaysia ka, atau ketua kartel pencen? Tempah yatch, pi mancing keliling dunia.. Apa nak jadi ni?

  8. Anonymous10:03 am

    At a time when the people are bring saddled with 60% hikes in road tolls, Pak Lah is spending taxpayers' money jetting halfway around the globe to supervise the making of his luxury yacht. Clap, clap! Pak Lah may be able to afford it as he has a rich son, but that's not the point. Perhaps the boat will be named al-Ghazali and will end Pak Lah's search for spiritual attainment? Or will it be named after his late Endon? Please bring us updates, Rocky!

  9. Anonymous10:05 am

    Ha ha ha. This is Pak Lah's slogan of: "Work with me."

    Podah lah Pak Lah. How could you be sooo insensitive.

    We are suffering, tightening our belt, trying to make ends meet & make do with our monthly salaries and there you are, buying a RM30 million yatch. For what?

    maybe u rite rebbit: can be used to go to australia in times of emergency.

    No more BN for me. Dont give a sh%#@T. I'll vote for any party except for the BN, come next GE.

  10. Anonymous10:31 am

    Makes you wonder how, based on Bodowi's official salary, many fxxxking years he will need to pay off the RM30 million yacht? This brings up the next question, where is the money coming from, if he is able to pay for it....? Think about it... It may well be the rakyat's money!

  11. i've been told that the yacht already has a name. it is "COBRA SULTAN".

    Cobra is the name of the company that is building the boat for our PM. Sultan is probably how he feels inside.


  12. Anonymous12:20 pm

    RM30,000,000 divide by RM30,000 per month = 1,000 months
    = 83.3 years! and he is less than 70 years old! mebbe he started working before he was born.
    or he moonlighted as a sate seller while he was pm.

  13. since befriend with azhar mansur, AAB has been influenced much with his teachings. No wander AAB has been defending azhar during his closing speech during umno assembly.
    Let's see now the birth of the OCEAN KINGDOM

  14. Bro,
    heh..heh...maybe he named it after the late Cobra King of Malaysia, Ali Khan who hails from Pokok Assam ,Taiping... heh...heh...Long live our PM...long live mat khairy rempit...thank you Ananda...terima kasih Malaysia !
    What will we do without you !

  15. Anonymous1:48 pm


    What's impressive about the report is actually the quality of reporting. Facts jam packed with every sentence. Information. Information. Information.

    When was the last time you saw a Malaysian newspaper with such a story?

    On Pak Lah and his boat - maybe its the floating sensation that he craves for?

  16. Anonymous1:50 pm

    wahi said...

    LOL at "Monsun Cup runneth over?" :-D

  17. Anonymous1:51 pm


    What's impressive is the quality reporting of the Turkish newspaper. You realize that every sentence is jam packed with information (which is hopefully correct).

    The attirbution is a bit loose but even so when was the last time you saw a newspaper article in Malaysia so saturated with information?

    On Pak Lah and the boat. Nautral lah, it reinforces the sense of being adrift, which he has been since he took office.

  18. Anonymous2:07 pm

    there already is cobra king & cobra queen. Maybe similar boat design..


  19. Anonymous2:16 pm

    AhBeng thinks this is not a yacht, but somebody's political coffin.
    Too many seis (4) in the yacht. 40m long, capacity 14 people, length 44m.
    You know this sei in chinese is vely bad ma! (death, dead, dying).
    So even before it can sail, it has turn into coffin. Ah! the only good lumber is eight in the US8million. But that is good for seller, not buyer.
    Also notice how our prime ministed seems to like the letter K?
    In the story also got ....
    'Kamil Sezgun, who is the director of Kobra Yachting...'
    'Badawi and his friend Krishan went to Gokova for fishing'
    'with a luxury motor yacht belonging to Kremala Holding,'
    'the captain is Cavit Kabak'
    The luxury fishing yacht should be re-named "Obsessions with K"

    AhBeng veli mystifies Cobra also spell with a K ma!, only the SIL K was missing.

  20. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    This is a very postiive news that I have read about "I am In COntrol" PM.

    If Khariy, Kalimullah and Kamaludin can afford so many millions of assets, especially Kamaludin owing 180 ships, I donn't see any wrong for PM to own a RM30 million yatch in order to keep up with the status of PM. Futhermore, he may need the yatch to sail off when there are problems for him and SIL.

    Considering Kalimullah's ECM Libra, Khairy's non-sense and Kamaludin 180 ships and etc, RM30 million yatch is OK. "Mr I Am In Control" PM should have a private jet just in case of possible trouble!!!

    So Rocky, for heaven don't lah publish such negative news, which turned to be positive after all.

    By the way, Rocky, you have not started the Save "Khairy Fund". This show that you are not concerned about the welfare of the de facto and future PM at all. Once Khairy becomes PM, you have to close down your blog as you have abused the freedom according to Khairy last week.

  21. Rocky!
    I see the quality of your posters for your blogsite has gone down, they appear to have come from the half-speakth and half-thinketh Malaysians who cannot really articulate themselves in any language be it English or Malay! So how can they fight tyranny!
    Let me help: Listen up Morons! If you have the means to leave the country do so now and don't even think twice! If you think you can fight the present regime under Sultan Abdulah by blogging only, well you guys have seriously got something coming to you all and you guys do not know whats going on! This country will, from now on, be in the grip of a very powerful people who will stop at nothing to control the power! I am serious about my advise to you all, leave while you can, because the people you are dealing with, well it will take more blogsite to topple them, if it is of any discomfort to you all, I have totally given up my fight against these greedy people, for me I will leave for Malta very soon and you Morons can pretend to solve the problem! And Rocky you may be feeling good about your site but just be aware of the power of the people you are dealing with! BTW I will still come to your Birthday party tomorrow!


  22. Anonymous3:14 pm

    bru.. the boat link doesnt come out correctly..
    u can try this link scroll down to boat list.

    cobra king
    cobra queen


  23. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Brother Rocky

    Thank you for publishing such good news.

    Me-self very proud that there is actually another bangsa Melayu had made himself successfully in his life.

    Given the benefit of doubt, he must have earned in the proper, non-sinful, legitimate manner.

    Long live Mr. Prime Minister - for the role you are undertaking is no other man on earth would like to accept. Thumbs up!!!!

    May you continue running Malaysia at the best interest of the nation, and we the people will close our eyes and support you 101% for there is no other man could do any better than you.

    Again Thumbs Up!!!

  24. You can call us morons, and you can say that our Eng. & Malay are bad but we are not coward

    This is our country and we will live and die here. If you want to leave, do it by all means... with or without you we will survive together

    Sayonara Pasquale

  25. Anonymous4:09 pm

    the US have air force one
    malaysia now can be proud of NELAYAN 1

    whether it's his yacht or otherwise is besides the point - what was his justification for being there on a cruise when he's not officially on leave?

    seriously, if some idiot is stupid and rich enough to want to present him with a yacht ambik je. why say no. i got no problem with this especially since everyone down the line is doing it. if u cant fight them, join them.

  26. Anonymous5:01 pm



    The only grammar you need to make a different is putting the X in the correct place. Just because you have the education does not give you the right to belittle other poster. Everyone deserve the right to express their views regardless of their language capacity. If you think you are better than the other poster you are no different from SIL who thinks he is better off than other citizen because of his Oxford degree. I do realise we are going againts a tyrant, but I wont advice the rest of the poster to run away like cowards. Most will stand their ground, if you wish to run away go ahead. Not everyone has given up like you.

  27. Anonymous5:04 pm

    pak lah should buy a sampan from pulau duyung - monsoon cup

    can we check the unde whose name is the boat registered?

    the trip to Turkey should be investigated

  28. Anonymous5:07 pm

    MashaAllah...apa dah jadi dengan orang ni. Betul-betul "power gone to the head". Bersultan di mata beraja di hati.

    Sungguh tak sangka, seorang yang 'alim, yang simple, boleh berbuat demikian.

    Asal dari kampung, promote islam hadari konon...mana ada islam yang menghalalalkan pembaziran dan penyalahgunaan kuasa - rakyat tak akan percaya lagi orang yg seperti ini (kecuali yang mendapat habuan dari aktivitinya lah).

    Saya cadangkan:

    1. Hebahkan berita tentang perangai terkutuk ini kepada semua rakyat jelata dan semua sultan dan raja-raja (send report to mainstream papers, and e-mail all malaysians)

    2. Kutip derma untuk membantu rakyat miskin yang tak cukup makan dan pakai

    3. Tumbang kan orang ini dan kuncu-kuncu nya dalam pilihan raya akan datang (tentu terlambat untuk membendung gejala tamak dan memakan harta rakyat dan negara, tetapi ada cara lain kah?)

  29. Shar101 and Outsider, thank you. It's "Quietly she blogs".

    Just goes to show how sharp the posters on this blog are.

  30. For RM30 million, thats quiet a sum to give to a Turkish contractor.

    Is the PM aware that we have many shipyards and also pleasure boat builders in Malaysia that is taking up contracts abroad to even Iraq?

    Unless there is more than just a mere boating equipment, our local boat and ship builders hd be able to meet his needs ...

  31. Anonymous5:59 pm



    what an apt name!!!

    well done!

  32. Hi Rocky,

    I must say I really enjoy reading your blog. Back in 1994, I remember you sat in for a few minutes when I was being interviewed for a reporter's position at Business Times. I didn't get the job, but no matter. That's part of life.

    Touching on this shameful episode, I just feel disgust for this man who is supposed to be Mr Clean. I never thought that this man who was a likeable UMNO leader when he was an insignificant Foreign Minister, could end up living it up like a Pharaoh of old.

    Malaysians are burdened by toll, fuel prices and higher standard of living. Inflation is rising, our economic growth is floundering and race relations as Badawi so eloquently put, "brittle". What will happen to Malaysia?

    I shudder when I recall that Myanmmar and the Philippines were once two of the richest nations in Asia in the 1960s. Malaysians are going to be even more disillusioned by this Prime Minister come 2007. We do indeed live in interesting times. Cheers SPillai

  33. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Dear rocky and other readers,

    To pasquale,

    I have to say thanx for asking us all to give up and run away.

    Its an unbelivebly educated, intelligent and not to mention couragous quality, quality advice that i wonder why all us havent considered it before..thanx datuk pasqual ur the man!..oh no i got that wrong... ur not the man..u must be the oracle of delphi or maybe ur the 'Green Knight' in the Arthurian tale 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight' or the patron saint of lost souls.

    Moral of the story: only pick fights u know u can win, heroism doesnt exist, chivilry is dead, and when the going gets tough, the tough gets going... run away.Or with apologies to johnny mathis 'fly away to the moon'

    And to any of us who are inspired by God's prophets to struggle against overwhelming odds...just console urself when running away by saying 'we're only mere mortals, we dont talk to god, what can we do?'

    Dont be inspired by religion, be inspired by pragmatism.

    After all, not only is it easier , it also pays better-n remember the weather in malta is also better

    Thanx pasquale, for making me see the light.

    What would i ever do without you, O my inspired guide?

    ps-btw rocky, never knew there were so many 'grammer and spelling' police on ur blog


  34. Anonymous6:13 pm

    This is atrocious. The DPM asked us to "change our lifestyle" when the fuel price was increased.

    In next few days our toll rates is going to increase up to 60%.

    Yet people have the heart to tayang with 30 million yatch. Ada hati kah?

    I remember the slogan "Yang Dicara Bukan Wang Berjuta-juta".

    Inilah semangat Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin.

  35. Anonymous7:01 pm

    That’s why everything hike since he become PM.
    Everything are hike hike hike………………………..
    Everything increased terribly if compare with Dr.M time (lebih teruk lagi)
    Inflation increased far more than salaries.

  36. Anonymous7:05 pm

    RM30m plus cost of private jet?? Sinful! Vote them OUT !

  37. Anonymous8:27 pm

    for more photos on Cobra King

    fit for a Prime Minister

    who paid for it

    will it be in the newspapers tomorrow

  38. Anonymous9:00 pm

    I was telling my wife how much more we have to pay to go to HUKM hospital from Shah Alam - $2.80 cts every visit, two toll booths and a return trip. My petrol, electricity, water and food bills have gone up and we have that feeling things are not good in this country. Now, this - how much can Badawi cheat the people? We are retired people.

  39. AAB is pompous, ungrateful and a hypocrite too.

    It is my fervent wish that his luxury yacht do a 'titanic' and join the 'Davy Jones Locker' club on its maiden voyage. Or, may it sail into the blue yonder without a compass nor set sight of land ever again.

    After all, AAB is doing a fine job in scuttling the good ship SS Malaysia.

    P.S. Birthday? Rocky?
    P.P.S. Bon voyage, pasquale.

  40. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Let me guess..... it is named 'ENDON' right ?

    BTW.... where in the news article did it say it is called Cobra ?????

    So.... in about one year's time, he will make a trip to Turkey for the launching ceremony.... and let me guess.... he brings the whole family !!!

  41. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Badawi and 13 others should sail away on their yatch and disappear like the Titanic

  42. Anonymous11:34 pm


    Are you sure this is Pak Lah's yatch? He thinks he is Aristotle Onassis or what?

    Let's see if Khalid Mohamad, Hisham Aun and Syed Nazri will tell us the truth.

    Could this be the entrapment of Pak Lah by AK?

    Or Pak Lah seriously thinks he is an Arab (Bedoin) playboy like Adnan Kashogi.

    I can't believe it. The Turkish paper must be wrong in its report.

    To use taxpayers' money. It's HARAM.
    RM30 million can build 10 rural mosques and many school buildings.

    It cannot be; not when Government just burden us with massive toll rates increase.

    Bru, you have to be wrong. Pak Lah is not just the PM he is also an imam.

  43. Anonymous3:14 am

    People, don't be too hard on Pak Lah. He is, after all, only following the advice of his assistant....that is to "change our lifestyles".

    Kalau dulu nak memancing ikan pakai sampan, sekarang mesti lah kena pakai yacth....baru la nama nya "change in lifestyle".

    As a good Islam hadhari leader, Pak Lah is merely showing us the way to go and we all should follow his example. Way to go, Pak Lah. Hip hip horray!!!

    Tak macam the other old man tu, nak terbang pun kena pinjam pesawat orang lain..... pastu membasir kan karen pulak, dok asyik membaca. Cuba la ikut cara Pak Lah. Padam lampu, tidur.

  44. Anonymous3:33 am


    two words... "TENGOK CERMIN!"

    being full of bluster is not being articulate. and your english isn't so hot either. i wanted to say get over yourself, but since we are seeing the last of you [crossing fingers], perhaps selamat jalan is more in order. hope they have remedial english in malta. do take lessons in budi bahasa too if they have them.

  45. Anonymous4:09 am

    Translated from Turkish 'Hurriyet' Newspaper

    Haiyaaaa!!! Bodohlah Badawi!!! tolonglah, awat hang nie baghal, bahlul, bodoh sgt.... cukuplah tu.. saya nie rakyat biasa je..kehidupan saya semakin hari semakin susah.. saya ngn isteri ngn 7 org anak branak dok tinggal sebumbung, tiap2 bulan bil air saya sampai rm350 sebulan, saya tak mampu nak bayar, x bayaq kena potong...kuwa2 rumah je kena bayaq toll, tiap2 tahun bayaq cukai pintu, bayaq cukai jalan, bayaq cukai pendapatan..tahun depan toll naik, minyak naik, lagi 2 tahun anak saya abiz sekolah, kalau tak dpt masuk ITPA, saya tak mampu nak masukkan dia kolej swasta... saya dah naik stress & naik menyampah tgk muka bodoh paklah yg satu benda pun tak tau...& semua keldai2 bodoh yg dok asap bontut dia dok mengampu buta je... taktau lah!!! selama nie saya memang dok pangkah umno sbb dok pikiaq masa depan org melayu, tapi kali ni, tak taulah sbb kita dok pilih org dok beri amanah pada dia utk jaga masa depan & kepentingan anak & cucu-cucu saya, tapi diaorg dok jaga perut sendiri-so kali nie peduli apa saya ngn diaorg...

  46. Anonymous4:45 am

    I am not a fan of the PM. However, for the sake of fairness to him, could someone pls verify the information before everybody start to jump into conclusion about this. I dont think we should rely only on two paragraphs Turkey newspaper report. Any other reliable reports?

  47. Anonymous6:51 am

    Apa nak jadi dgn pemimpin negara kita nih... cadangan saya, lepas ni Pak Lah tak payah jadi PM. Pegi angkat pukat kat tgh laut la pulak...

    Ramai2 kita sembahyang hajat biar tuhan tentukan nasib sekor biawak besar ni...Mana tau jadi batu...boleh jugak buat jalan. Lps tu buat tol..

  48. Anonymous7:56 am

    Dear Moron, Why should I run away? This is my country, I have the right to live here! Do you really believe these people are so powerful? I do not fear anyone except GOD! They can have all the $$ and power in this world, boleh bawa dalam kubur ka?

  49. Anonymous8:48 am

    Marcos --- made in Malaysia !!!
    Marcos --- Malaysian style !!!!

    Come on people . Give the guy a break. Its only RM30 million. Whats in a yatch ! What must he do when he visits Monte Carlo !

    By the way , Can anyone verify if the Sultan of Brunei has a yatch ?

    HA 1 MALAYSIA BOLEH 11111111

  50. Anonymous8:54 am

    In the 1960s, Myanmmar and the Philippines were once two of the richest nations in Asia, much more prosperous than the then Malaya. However, under the corrupt rule of Ne Win and Ferninand Marcos respectively, tons of gold were siphoned off into Swiss banks and foreign investment ran away to their neighbours such as Singapore and Malaya. As they say, history always repeat itself, so don't be surprised if Laos and Cambodia be richer than Malaysia come 2020.

  51. Anonymous9:30 am

    My dear countrymen,

    If you want to eyeball our Pak Lah looking all sporty and nautical, do click on Bru's link to that article in Hurriyet. Mak datuk, siap dengan windcheater dengan cap segala!

    Tengok gambar kan tak perlu nak tahu bahasa turki. Pergilah! :-D

  52. Anonymous10:04 am

    A Voice said...
    For RM30 million, thats quiet a sum to give to a Turkish contractor.

    Is the PM aware that we have many shipyards and also pleasure boat builders in Malaysia that is taking up contracts abroad to even Iraq?

    Mana boleh buat kat sini, tak leh surpriselah nanti

  53. Anonymous10:45 am

    hai everybody...

    pity and so much pity for malaysians...

    goverment wanted to rise the tol, fuel and everything next year.The reason for that is that the goverment cannot take or sponsor to much subsidies for the malaysians but what is happening here?? PM and his RM30m yatch??
    imagine what can malaysians do with that kind of money even it was sponsored by the tycoon??
    Me myself working hard to find some money every month to pay all the expensive such as tol, fuel, food, families, raya, entertainment, maintainence, and much more 20hour a day, 7days a week and 365day a year but still all the expensive keep rising up every each of month starting when Pak Lah is taking over as a PM...
    This is what i call sh*t...
    The Malaysians pay taxes but the PM enjoyed it every peny of it...
    Is is far far far more better when TUN running the country...

    Keburukan manusia boleh disembunyikan tetapi bukan selamanya dirinya boleh bersembunyi...Buat baik perpada2.., buat jahat jgn sekali…hidup walaupun hanya sekali tetapi ingatlah bahawa ada yang sedang memerhati!!

  54. Anonymous11:54 am

    AAB sure knows the art of one upmanship. His RM30 million floating palace should stun into silence all critics of Raja of Pandamaran Zakaria Mat Deros' RM8 million landed palace. I suggest AAB have his yacht registered in Panama under "LANUN" so that it will remain out of the clutches and jurisdiction of the other rapacious Malaysian politicians. When he takes delivery he can hoist the skull and bones flag, break a champagne bottle on its side and christen it, what else, "LANUN" with some Islam Hadkhairy mullahs in attendance.
    Wonder if its fitted with solid gold taps, gold toilet basins, gold doorknobs, etc., just like in Aristotle Onasis' yachts.

  55. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Brother Bru, permit me to plagiarise this snippet of information from wikipedia. Those interested in reeading more about it can go to http:/

    The reason I am quoting this is that when you read the opening information which I have paraphrased here, it doe remind you of something.

    The King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) is the longest of the venomous land snakes...Because they are slender, however, these snakes usually do not exceed 20 kg. The snake's venom is a powerful neurotoxin known to be frequently fatal to humans (perhaps bloggers too). The mortality rate in untreated King Cobra bites is 75% (especially if no apology have been forthcoming). Although called a Cobra it does not belong to the same genus (Naja) as "true" cobras (mixed breed cobras mayhaps). The King Cobra is peculiar in that it feeds almost exclusively on other snakes (mmm...interesting), which is reflected in its genus name of Ophiophagus (Snake eater). The King Cobra is known to attack larger snakes, including pythons (and former PMs?). In spite of the King Cobra's fearsome reputation, it is generally a shy and reclusive animal, avoiding confrontation with people as much as possible (again there is a similarity here somewhere, eh?). There are many smaller venomous snakes within this species' range that are responsible for a far greater number of fatal snake bites (these smaller venomous ones are acting as closed circle advisers to the King Cobra, one would assume).

    Like cobras, the king cobra lifts around a third of its body off the ground, makes a hood, and hisses loudly when it feels threatened. A fully-grown King Cobra would therefore be able to stare at a standing human (especially if they run critical blogs) directly in the eye, making it a terrifying sight and giving it a near-mythical reputation as a deadly snake.

    Memang King Cobra ni banyak kelebihannya Bru. Tapi lebih apa lagi, ya? Heheh.

  56. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Wow... Ladies and gentlemen, we now have our very own Prince Jefri!

    Why not just name the yacht "Ningku" or "Tetek" (like the Prince's yacht "Tits") to signify his insatiable thirst to milk the country dry?

  57. petrol naik, paklah kata tukarLAH lifesyle. dia janji tol takkan naik sampai tahun depan, memang dia jenis tepati janji, 1hb sungguh naik haraga tol.
    yatch? tu dia tukar lifestyle la tu. Takmo naik kereta + dapat elak tol. jom rakyat2 suma kita tukar lifestyle ikut mcm PM kita!!!!

  58. Anonymous1:28 pm

    Why must you all sakit hati dengan Pak Lah. Bukan dia yang beli, anak dia Kamaludin yang bagi duit.

    So what? Kamaludin has the money, and as a son, I would do the same thing to my father. That's the least he could do.

    Aku meluat dengan hangpa yang sakit hati dengan orang yang ada duit. Aku pun ada duit juga. Baru ni beli Jeep Cherokee tahun 1994. Harga: RM11,500. Banyak tu, bagi aku la.

    Nak beli Sorento macam Rocky punya, tak cukup duit. Tapi aku tak mintak duit dari sapa. Tapi kalu aku ada anak yang kaya macam Kamaludin, aku mesti minta punya.

    But in this case, it's surely Kamaludin who offered to buy the luxury yacht for his father. Anyway, I am surprised many of you (including you Rocky) came to a very quick conclusion that the yacht belonged to Pak Lah.

    Give yourselves more integrity lah, brother. Get confirmation from at least two or three sources before pointing out that it's Pak Lah's yacht. If not, you are the same as the others. Preach, but don't practice the cardinal rules of journalism. Check, double check, triple check and check again.

    Aku Meluat

  59. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Banyak Bagus Ini Macam!

    Yes, it is nice to watch her as the pressgang have a go at each other breaking each others front teeth and some eye gouging. Hmmm, that's great for me.

    My Dream Sail Boat!!!!
    PM knows my taste. TQ Mr PM!
    (Pssst, PM! Remember it is for the use of a PM or it will be construe as - well you know the C-word or the R-word)

    Najib, sorry la, no boats for you except the ferry to Tanjung Periok Terlingkup, Balik Pekan.

    PM, Endon tak marah ke you pakai nama itu. I would have named her SERI ENDON. Well, out of sight means out of mind la.

  60. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Why has Pak Lah elevated himself to Sultan-hood? Who gave him the sultanship?

    Chief Pirate (or Ketua Lanun Negara) for the name of the ship will be more appropriate!

  61. Anonymous2:23 pm


    kepala otak dia!

  62. Anonymous2:40 pm

    if this yacht story is true, even so, rather unbecoming for a guy still in govt service to flaunt his wealth, especially when he has not been known to be independently wealthy before.
    ( oops , but he did say in bangkok post interview that his son is rich . must be a gift from the son then. and then there is that iraq oil-for-food thingy ).

    maybe i am old-fashioned, but stil unbecoming lah...

  63. aku meluat,
    i had to sell off the sorento after the second petrol price increase. too much of a burden even for someone who had a monthly transport allowance meant for senior executives at nstp! i stuck to the bike for a while and sold it recently for a 2003 diesel-powered rexton. but they also increased the price of diesel, as you know.
    the jeep is a nice drive but if it's petrol, a massive guzzler!

  64. Anonymous4:03 pm


    Our beloved Tun M is passionate about boat too, but the difference between him and the present PM is that, Tun M built it himself.

    Extract from Nuraina A.Samad's tribute to Tun Mahathir:
    "SOME time in the early 70's, a Malay doctor from Alor Star took his young family on a boat ride. It was no ordinary ride and indeed, it was no ordinary boat.

    It was a boat he had built and the journey was from Kuala Kedah to Pulau Payar."

    Shame on you Pak Lah.

  65. Anonymous4:45 pm

    Wowee, Kapten Akmet Badawi. Patrick, quick, sign him up as a contender for the next Monsoon Cup.

  66. Anonymous5:00 pm

    hmmm.... where in the world a Minister... no not a Minister... a Deputy Prime Minister officiate a 'shit hole' ONLY IN MALAYSIA

  67. Anonymous7:43 pm


    macamni lah kwn2....
    'aku meluat' jgnlah mare ye....

    mari kita berfikir...

    1. Jika anda seorang yang berharta..,tentu dapat membeli apa yang dihajati....tetapi mesti ada satu yang seboleh2nya tak mau didekati ataupun melihat sampul suratnya sekalipun....( apa dia tu?? )

    2. Jika anda seorang yang mempunyai kuasa, mustahil atau tidak segala harta benda, barang pembelian dan yang dimiliki akan diperhatikan setiap masa oleh sebuah lembaga atau dengan lebih tepat lagi sebuah badan kerajaan??

    3. Katakan anda ingin memiliki 5 jenis kereta mewah berharga RM4m sebuah, bagaimanakah caranya agar orang lain, lembaga dan badan2 tersebut tidak akan tahu siapa milik sebenarnya???

    Mungkin ramai yang boleh menjawabnya dengan tepat...ketiga2 jawaoan kepada soalan tu berkait rapat dengan yang terjadi dimana2 sekalipun pada mereka yang berharta....

    heheheh...!!selamat mencuba..!!

  68. Anonymous7:44 pm


    macamni lah kwn2....
    'aku meluat' jgnlah mare ye....

    mari kita berfikir...

    1. Jika anda seorang yang berharta..,tentu dapat membeli apa yang dihajati....tetapi mesti ada satu yang seboleh2nya tak mau didekati ataupun melihat sampul suratnya sekalipun....( apa dia tu?? )

    2. Jika anda seorang yang mempunyai kuasa, mustahil atau tidak segala harta benda, barang pembelian dan yang dimiliki akan diperhatikan setiap masa oleh sebuah lembaga atau dengan lebih tepat lagi sebuah badan kerajaan??

    3. Katakan anda ingin memiliki 5 jenis kereta mewah berharga RM4m sebuah, bagaimanakah caranya agar orang lain, lembaga dan badan2 tersebut tidak akan tahu siapa milik sebenarnya???

    Mungkin ramai yang boleh menjawabnya dengan tepat...ketiga2 jawaoan kepada soalan tu berkait rapat dengan yang terjadi dimana2 sekalipun pada mereka yang berharta....

    heheheh...!!selamat mencuba..!!

  69. Anonymous10:29 pm

    I am not sure how true the news about PM owning the RM30 million yacht. One must be sure of his facts before he makes such a defamatory statement. If it is not true, he must be prepared for a defamatory action.

    If it is true, the endearing
    "Mister Clean" label given to the PM, will have to be withdrawn.

    The PM may then be deemed to be just like many other such politicians or non-politicians we have today, who believe in "what can I get" (for my service) than "what can I give."

    I would like to suggest that future PMs, Ministers, DPMs, Parliamentary Secretaries, Government executives, etc. holding office be given appropriate amount of "bonus" befitting their positions for each year of their completed service.

    At the end of their terms, they be given a lum sum "bonus" say, RM5 million for PM, RM350 million for DPMs, RM1.50 million for Parliamentary Secretaries, etc. or whatever amount deemed to be appropriate by the people.

    But, every year they must declare their assets to the King, Parliament or a selected members of the Judiciary.

    This way, it is hoped, they will be no cause for corruptions, wrong-doing, abuse of powers or of their positions.

    This idea could be extended to civil servants, too, in the future. The quntom of bunos may be decided accordingly later.

    mansal damha

  70. Anonymous4:24 am

    Tukar Gaya hidup...Dollah mula jadi Nakhoda Kapal Layar...dia akan pergi memancing di laut...4 hari satu minggu...semua kerja kerja pejabat akan di swastakan pada anak menantu...termasuklah Patrik Badawi....

  71. Anonymous4:34 am

    Kini Dollah Bodohwi sudah bergelar Nakhoda Dollah...dia akan belayar dengan kapal layar nya..tiap tiap hari dilautan..memancing ikan..pehak marine Polis dan TLDM pula sebuk menyusuri kapal layar Dollah...manalah tahu nanti ada pula puak AlQaeda pasang C4 ...BOOM..BOOM lah kapal layar dollah....

  72. Anonymous6:30 am

    kesian kat budak reformasi sorang ni

  73. Anonymous6:31 am

    kesian kat budak reformasi ni

  74. Anonymous8:52 am

    aku meluat,
    siapa yg sakit hati?
    kita happy sangat bila pak lah dapat beli leisure yatch masa kita tengah susah2 ni. best la dapat PM macam ni. tak kira la walau anak dia beli ke apa ke. tapi kita memang happy.

  75. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Clark Gable Of Pulau Duyong Signing In:


    Kapal Lanun belayar malam,
    Sarat muatan hasil melanun,
    Kalau jiwa segelap malam,
    Kain cabis secantik tenunan

    Kemudi kapal terusuk tembaga
    Layar dipasang menempuh gelora
    Selagi sihat jiwa dan raga
    Hentam lincin segala terdaya

    Kapal lanun mundik kehulu
    Tempat selamat sembunyi rampasan
    Lupe segala janji dahulu
    Konon hidup semulia insan

    Usup layar kemenyan batu
    Sauh diikat tali tuasan
    Kerje melanun memang begitu
    Makan melahap tidak kepuasan

    Layar kebat bertngkat satu
    Angin meniup menuntun laju
    Emperor baru tiade sepatu
    Hidup berbogel disangka berbaju

    Angin monsun bertiup kencang
    Kapal terumbing dibawa ombak
    Rakyat susah tiade dibincang
    Derita perit memang melambak.

  76. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Abdullah Denies Buying RM30 Million Boat

    From Jamaluddin Muhammad

    CARACAS, Dec 20 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has denied buying a RM30 million boat as reported by a newspaper in Turkey recently.

    "The report is inaccurate. It is a lie. I don't know where it got such facts," he told reporters here when asked to comment on a newspaper report that he went to Bodrum in Turkey recently to see the boat which he ordered four months ago.

    Abdullah said he would ask the newspaper to make a correction.

    According to the report, the boat is made of Akuju, Maun, Sipo and Brimanya tree which is imported from South Africa and expected to be completed in 16 months.

    "I was in Turkey but did not see the boat," he said in reference to his transit in Turkey from Kuala Lumpur before coming here for a three-day official which ended Tuesday.

    -- BERNAMA

    QUESTION - why go to Turkey for transit when the destination is Venezuela

    terbang saja saja - siapa bayar

    kita naik tol pun kena bayar - bukan free

  77. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Dari Malaysiakini

    RM30 mil boat: Pak Lah calls it a 'lie'
    Dec 20, 06 2:50pm
    The premier denies a Turkish newspaper report which claims he placed an order for the luxury boat. More Ask for a correction
    No to capital controls

  78. Anonymous4:47 pm

    "I was in Turkey but did not see the boat,"

    The report states that boat will be ready only in 16 months. Of course he din't see the boat. What the @%$#%$#%$ he talking about!

    Every time our PM open his mouth, full of shit Lah.

    His spinners are not doing him good to advice him respond in such manner.

    Be bold and brave Lah, say something like this " I am in control, I am the PM, I can own the boat"! Barulah ada oomph.

  79. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Cobra Sultan laments 'no turkey for me'

    Press conference on COBRA SULTAN

    Reporter 1: Is is true that you bought a RM30m yacht in Turkey four months ago as reported by Turkish daily Hurriyet?

    Rip van Winkle: Turkey? I know Christmas is coming up but I am Muslim. So, no turkey for me la although I have been called a turkey many times. But I always say I am a Muslim practising Islam Hal Diri Sahaja.

    Reporter 2: So you weren't in Turkey?

    Rip van Winkle: I've already answered that question. Which paper are u from?

    Reporter 3: A website

    Rip van Winkle: Huh, I thought I told Khairy to tell u guys to shut up already...u must listen to him!!! He is from OXFORD!!! Security!!

    Security comes and removes all internet media personnel.

    Rip van Winkle: Any more questions??? I have to plan for the 9MP.

    Reporter 3: Is the yacht called COBRA SULTAN?

    Rip van Winkle: BODOH PUNYA REPORTER. DARI MANA NI??? Bukan ada yacht la..NAMA SAYA LA COBRA SULTAN...that's what my new gf calls me la...I AM THE COBRA SULTAN LA

    disclaimer: all characters and events are completely fictional.

    Labels: 2006, badawi, corruption, islam hal diri sahaja, malaysia, pm, politics, rip van winkle, RM30million, turkey, yacht

  80. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Betulah dia tak beli bot, tapi ada order yatch.

  81. it's pathetic that the government claimed to share the burden of citizens after raised the road toll by 60% but on the other hand, the prime minister has the means to buy such a luxury yacht ... if the yacht is indeed his ....

  82. Anonymous6:09 pm

    ask the rakyat to change lifestyle but imam besar ada had ada hari left Venezuela for a holiday in Down Under till first week of January. bugger...

  83. Anonymous12:20 pm

    What I don't understand is which part of the report wasn't right? That he was in Turkey? That he ordered the Yacht? That he went fishing with Ananda? That he flew in a private jet?

    What would the correction he is demanding be?

    Sounds to me like a slippery customer....

  84. Rocky!

    Sorry to have angered many of your posters, but I was being facetious when I said things most of the times this is designed to make them think, however morons will always be morons, they cannot understand direct or indirect statement to convey messages! Sorry guys! But seriously the part about leaving the country if you can! Well do it!

  85. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Guys, tomorrow news.

    actually my son bought me the boat. he give a surprise when i holiday in turkey.

    Malaysian can free speech but u can't hurt others if u dont have proof.

    Ohh.... ya.... he will say this also.... "DULU ITU ORANG PUN ADA BELI may be Kapal terbang also mahhhhhh"

    pls remember what he said last time. " my son told me that he is rich enough and he no not need any government project"

    next day newspapaer " why ur son get so many government project "


  86. Anonymous9:41 am

    rm30m yacth paid by ananda?

  87. Anonymous12:29 pm

    no. paid by TDM to ask PM not to investigate corruption cases against his sons.

  88. Anonymous7:49 pm

    I don't know why you all rambling about a small boat. If Paklah wants a boat let him have it. If paklah want's a jet I say let let him have it. After all he is our premier we elected him so be proud Malaysians, our elected premier is showing the world that we have crass oops! class. The next roud we must elect a premier who wants to buy a spaceship. Hmmm.

  89. Anonymous5:16 pm

    cobra tu ular, ni datang ' helang menyusur angin '.
    lepas ni baik pangkah lain, kapal tu kasi je veteran perang dan mereka mereka yang berjasa pada tanah air tercinta ni rehat. orang tua tu kena panas kat tanjung lansat dah nak pengsan, kalau ku tahu lama dah ku tiup dia masuk kadalam laut.

  90. Anonymous3:49 am

    Why are you all confliting with this news? Malays.. stupid!!

  91. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Why is anyone surprised? Hell check out the fancy cars and yachts that our beloved Sultan's have. All purchased using the tax payers money. If the Queen of England needs to pay taxes, why does the Malaysian Sultan does not? And why are they so many freaking Sultans anyway? Who needs them anyway? Time for real democracy. Get rid of the redundant Monarchy system. Mahatir was right about limiting their powers!! Long Live Mahatir!!!

  92. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Maybe he was thinking about tourism?
    Ha ha.

  93. Anonymous11:21 pm

    biar la dia nak beli pon,lagi pun kapal tg dia beli tu pun brand cap ayam..saiz 40 meter harga rm 30juta tu kira murah tau...

    korang blm tengok lg kapal buatan itali,german atau belanda brand perini navi,blohm voss,lurseen,royal huisman,oceanco...dia punya harga, top 10 orang terkaya di msia pun x mampu nak beli la gua ckp sama lu.

    cth cam kapal layar perini navi maltese falcon,88 meter dia punya harga rm 500 juta.

    kapal milik bos chelsea,roman abramovich..megayatch eclipse,harga rm 3 bilion

    kira ok la pak lah pkir jga ingat rakyat jgk nk beli,dia beli yg cap ayam....ok pe

  94. Anonymous5:10 am

    Nothing is impossible!


  95. I was still getting over Tiger Woods boat and then I see this!!


  96. You are so right. This is something amaaaaazing!

    I thought I have seen the best but yeah, I haven't.

    I have an old one but I it is enough to make me happy. i love every parts of it, very classic.

    luxury yachts