Sunday, November 19, 2006

Thank God for Saudi Arabia

2nd last. If not for the Saudis, we would have been the worst CO2 emitter in the world, according to the latest Climate Change Performance Index! [See index here]. And thank God we have Azmi Khalid who, at least, did not blame our poor ratings on perception! Based on the Star's report here, Azmi blamed it on state legislation and members of the public. As to why we fared worse than Indonesia, it's because "we are more industrialized". Should we be concerned? Well, the minister is not:

“We are doing our best. We have also signed 20 international treaties and are committed to reducing carbon dioxide.”


  1. Anonymous2:01 pm

    I have it all figured out. The secret to getting out of this mess is to sign another 20 treaties to show even greater commitment on our part. *LOL*

  2. Wasn't there a story about an enterprising businessman who 'canned' World Cup air and tried to sell it as a legitimate product?

    Well, I hope an UMNO entreprunier did the same thing during the recent GA.

    Imagine the promotional hype:-

    Good for enhancing the fiery UMNO look(for impressing the boss when you're not in the mood).

    Will expand vocal range for speech presentation(high pitch) or lobbying for contracts(barely audible but clear whispers).

    Can create an aura of invincibility and rightousness(for those with thin-skinned demeanor).

    Attracts all-known airborne UMNO bacteria plus it's hosts, thereby, leaving no room for conflicting viruses. Good for networking.

    Tongkat Ali extracts can be added for other purposes(please refer to enclosed leaflet for details)- men only, all ages.

    Gamat extracts can be added for special applications(p.r.t.e.l.f.d.)- ladies above 18 only.

    Note: Unopened can will last forever, therefore, buy some for your great, great grandchildren for that bygone nostalgic feeling.

    Dosage: One 500gm can per day before breakfast or lunch or tea or dinner or whichever time you get up from sleep.

    Usage: Pull tab, inhale content and dispose of can at your convenience. (Sorry. 9/11 stores donot recycle)

    Content: Genuine UMNO GA CO2, CO, DS, TS, KJ/KA/KH extracts, HH/ZH/DMZ allowed flavourings and KT/RA/RI allowed colourings.(Please check outer packaging for year of manufacture to choose type of effect required.)

    IMPORTANT: This product has gone into extensive R&D testing according to BU/MS guidelines.

    WARNING: Inhaling more than 3 times the recommended daily dosage may create delusional and hallucengenic side effects like declaring oneself as "I, PM". Seek help immediately from a bonafide physician from KP.

    *Man, I got waaaay too much time on my hands today!*

  3. Anonymous10:50 am


    I believe the government is just following Bapa Hypocrite policy.

  4. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Thanks for the wit, shar101.

    Plant more foliaged trees, azmi. Kick ass the city-halls and town-councils whose idiots think that landscaping must mean palm trees and short shrubs laid haphazardly. Besides, overpriced.

    Plant more trees for foliage, to cool roads, to reduce motor-rage, to absorb carbon dioxide.

    Redesign link houses to cool down faster without the need for more airconds using up more generator fuel. Also reduce house-rage.

  5. Anonymous2:00 pm

    The best way to cut down noxious gasses in our country is to tell all the UMNO politicians to shut their mouth.When this happens, our country will become one of the cleanest countries in the world!