Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Not Khairy's Maya?

Maya Maju Sdn Bhd. With such a name for a company, a RM400 million pay day, and a project awarded without anyone remembering that about a tender being called, one must make allowances for the mind to go berserk on overdrive with all sorts of speculation. The market had been abuzz with talk that Maya Karin, the actress who recently denied any romantic links to the PM's son-in-law, was behind the project to build a new national palace. Some said that a top official from Khazanah Nasional, the government's investment arm, is advising this little-known company.

Lim Kit Siang was furious and today demanded that the Government comes clean about the palace project. Expect a written answer at the Dewan Rakyat soon. Promahathir blogger has got that story here, Maverick SM had questions earlier here.


  1. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Bro, Getting the contract without having to tender for it is one thing. Actually naming the company Maya Maju, knowing full well the implications and connections clearly shows the arrogance of these people. It seems they don't give a shit whether or not people are able to make the connection. This arrogance is what is truly scary. Also, how is it that PM, the founder of Islam Hadhari can condone his son's extra-marital dealings? Or is he just not making the decisions? That's another scary thought for you. Or could it be that SIL has something so shameful over PM that the latter is obliged to do the former's bidding? It gets scarier by the minute.

  2. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Conscientious persons who are responsible and main beneficiaries of this Maya Maju Sdn Bhd should have no hesitant to own up.

    Anyone who believe in transparency should also have no hesitant to make proper disclosure.

    It is either " Berani Kerana Benar" or "Takut Kerana Salah".

  3. So who are the owners of Maya Maju?

    From there, we can link the dots.

  4. Anonymous7:08 am

    How to check who owns this company?

    Can check with the Registrar of Company, aah?

  5. Anonymous7:16 am

    I still can't understand,Who want to stay at Istana Putrajaya?
    Why we want to build new Istana since Putrajaya Istana is more than enough?
    Why not we allocate the RM400 million money to upgrade all the primary school(luar bandar) in Selangor to smart school?
    Nak jadi negeri Maju,tapi pendidikan sekolah rendah dan menengah di Selangor kebanyakkannya tak maju..
    Tiada duit?
    Sekarang Malaysia tiba2 banyak duit..

  6. Anonymous9:15 am

    If I remember correctly, I read some time ago that the company behind that reality football competition thingy (what was it, My Team?)was called Maya Maju. But I cld be wrong lah.

  7. Anon 9:15AM;

    My Team is by a company called Maya Team Sdn. Bhd.

  8. Anonymous10:53 am

    The company behind MyTeam is called Maya Team Sdn Bhd


  9. Anonymous10:54 am

    hmmmm ...

    maya maju sdn bhd got contract for the new palace.

    maya team sdn bhd, who's executive producer and chairman is the one and only KJ, produced the MyTeam reality football thingy show.

    hmmmm ...

    kenapa laaa nak bina istana untuk sultan2 yang tak buat apa tu? penting sangat ke depa? errrr kena daulat ke ni nanti? hehehehe

    400m tu boleh buat ribu2 rumah untuk orang kat baling ke kat kawasan pendalaman nun. bagi scholarship kat budak2 yang tak mampu tak kira ler melayu ke idak. tanggung anak2 orang asli yang tak mampu nak gi sekolah. buat lrt sambung satu malaya nih ke!

    penat aku!!

  10. Anonymous10:55 am

    Shades of Michael Backman!! Here we go again wasting public funds.

    We either have short memories or as some bloggers here have said, those in power are so arrogant of their power that they couldn't give a damn what the public thinks about how they go about awarding lucrative contracts. Remember the Matrade fiasco? Samy!! Samy!!There you talk a lot about the whole mess not being your fault. Here we see this probably repeated. Be transparent about Maya Maju. Open the whole damn project for open tender bidding. If I remember correctly, the PM had promised a short while back that all public funded projects will be openly tendered and here you are violating it the first chance you get.

    Sheesh!! What a screw up country!! Michael Backman, do you have the stick to back up your comments? I would love to borrow it.

  11. Anonymous11:12 am

    Maya Team Sdn Bhd is the company behind MyTeam..

  12. Anonymous11:43 am

    Isn't it interesting a company that manages a part time football team can now construct a RM400 million istana. Reason? The old istana cannot hold the various events it hosts anymore...wow!! Imagine the Buckingham Palace being destroyed because its bacome to small for its annual galas and events. But I was surprised by the rhetoric in Parliament when one UMNO guys used the Daulat thingy - saying that if we don't build the istana it tantamounts to derhaka. Sheesh...doesn't that mean the Pak Lah is derhaka to the Johore Sultan who publicly 'titah' that the Johore Causeway be destroyed and a new one built? Isn't that langgar daulat? Isn't that derhaka? And this is when we heard the sultan ber titah..did anyone hear the Agung titah that he needed a new Palace? For example, is the new Palace in Putrajaya a tourist attration? So what is the old Istana going to be turned to? A karaoke lounge? Sell it off to Singaporeans? Khairy's new humble abode? Or is it going to be renamed Istana Seri Endon and sued as a hotel for state guests?
    As for Maya Maju getting the contract without a tender or so the debates in parliament say...I've been hearing very disturbing stories about the whole Istana project proposal and designs being ransacked and hijacked wholesale by someone (ahem you can assume who lah) and then went back to the original guy who submitted it and lost it, and then told the guy to build the istana for RM300 million - take it or live it (while he bills our government a nice RM400 million)...just rumours mind you..unsubstantiated and totally unbelievable...please don't believe this statement at all...just hearsay..really.

  13. Anonymous11:50 am

    You guys assume to much. Just because the company's name is Maya Maju it doesn't mean it has anything to do with Maya Karin or Khairy. If it did, does that mean Hotel Maya in KL is also Maya Karin's? Lets also assume lah that MK and KJ do hitch up, and KJ becomes PM, KJ renames our Putrajaya to PutraMaya.
    He changes Malaysian Airlines to Maya Airlines. Proton Saga becomes Proton Maya.
    University Malaya becomes Universiti Maya. MKVE become MKJE.
    Petaling Jaya becomes Petaling Maya. You think that's not possible? Hey someone just named a dewan in PWTC dewan Sri Endon ok. Bet AAB wishes he could rename Malaysia and call it Endonesia..heheh


  14. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Bunch of hypocrites. One minute its all about fairness and transparency and the very next minute their actions contradict their words. How do they expect people to take them seriously. This is just pure extravegance and unnecessary. Imagine how our poor cops feel after having their proposed pay hike rejected on claims of not having sufficient funds when they read about this wastage and the last minute RM600m payout announced just prior to the general meeting. Please get your priorities right!

  15. Anonymous12:17 pm


    perabieh duit rakta jee pandai.

  16. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    RM400 million to the Umnoputra is just peanuts or petty cash to buy a few more ferraris or bentleys. To the rakyat, it translates to either:

    1. 40 km of interurban expressway (from KL to Seremban)
    2. 20 interchanges or 80 overbridges to resolve urban traffic conflict caused by inefficient traffic signalised junctions or roundabouts (Rothman's roundabout),
    3. 80 schools with proper science labs and libraries,
    4. 5 nos 100-bedded hospitals.

    Peanuts or Petty Cash?

  17. wahhhh... after paklah said malaysia got no money to continue putrajaya n bridge project, we still got plenty to spend on bridge at paklah's hometown, sports complex in uk (for paklah n azalina to play squasy in winter), and now another palace?

    also back when petrol price raised just to give contract to SCOMI.

    duhhhh... paklah jangan tipuLAH...
    this is really stupid.

  18. wahhhh... after paklah said malaysia got no money to continue putrajaya n bridge project, we still got plenty to spend on bridge at paklah's hometown, sports complex in uk (for paklah n azalina to play squasy in winter), and now another palace?

    also back when petrol price raised just to give contract to SCOMI.

    duhhhh... paklah jangan tipuLAH...
    this is really stupid.

  19. Check out the subtle pressure!


    Malaysia's pursuit of economic reform to be tested.

    By John Burton in Singapore

  20. Anonymous2:13 pm

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. Anonymous4:12 pm

    went to the ROC and digged up info on this maya company. hehehhehe

    INTERESTING! though there's no mention of MK or KJ in it but the details was soooooooo interesting.

    if only MM was like before .. i wouldn't be leaving it and most probably writing about this hanky-panky going on in The Paper That Cares. How i miss the paper.

  22. Anonymous4:46 pm

    What's with Khairy and Maya. The chap is entitled to 4 right? Leave him alone but get him for his chicanery.

  23. Anonymous4:55 pm

    What's with Khairy and Maya. The chap is entitled to 4 right? Leave him alone but get him for his chicanery.

  24. Anonymous5:38 pm


    "This was a very big number because they never had a chance to take up football and MyTeam's aim was to offer them that chance, said Khairy, who is executive producer and Chairman of Maya Team Sdn Bhd which is responsible for the selection aired over TV3."

    I wonder why he chose to name the company Maya Team....a tribute to a paramour perhaps? nudge*nudge*wink*wink

    Anyway, are Maya Team and Maya Maju 2 separate entities? Anyone has any results yet from all the sleuthing?

  25. Anonymous8:50 pm

    It is now known that the National Istana project is sconnected to the Son-In-Law. Trust me, Lim Kit SIang will go slow on the scandal because Son-In-Law and Father -In-Law are very closed friends. So haed to protect a bit otherwise no pictures, intereviews and statements will be carried in the NST.

  26. Anonymous7:57 am

    Under 9th Malaysia Plan we would see many more sdn.bhd. mushrooming.The great veil of MAYA
    has shrouded this land.

    Malaysians!the only way to redeem Tanah Air Kami...sorry Kita from this illusion is through "enlightenment" before the next GE.

    Anyway did Nori Setuju on " Maya Maju" or has she been promissed another sdn. bhd- MAYA NORI SYNERGY SDN.BHD.

    Bila ada synergy untung-lah SIL.

  27. Anonymous10:18 am

    By he way, since when a snd bhd is preferred over a bhd? Whatever built doesn't benefit the 'public' who own shares. Sdn Bhd is privately held.

    Is it possible that such a company has the necessary resources to complete the job? what is their track record?

    Is it good enough that such a company appoints a world class contractor? If so, why appoint this sdn bhd to be the toll gate anyway?

    Whichever angle you look at it, there is no winner except for those few behind the sdn bhd.

  28. Rocky, want to know who owns Maya Maju?

    Read this: Who's Who in Maya Maju

  29. Anonymous1:10 pm

    Saya konsultan untuk istana negara.... hahaha....

    siapa dalam maja maju....i paling tahu......

  30. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Maya Team or Maya Maju, I don't think the lovely Maya has anything to do with it laa, bro! Probably it's just a message KJ is sending out to tell her the extent that he'd be willing to go for her, or how much sacrifice he'd be willing to do; just to have her name on everyone's lips! It helps increases popularity whaa..t!

    Probably KJ will also heave a deep sigh of 'lone happiness' whenever he hears the name being mentioned by everyone now; increases his desire for her!

    ...which reminds me of Labu Labi's Haji Bakhil going nuts over Cikgu Murni...


  31. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Its really sick n disgusting how these air heads are wasting the citizens money. Hopefully someone with brains will do something about it.

  32. Or could it be that SIL has something so shameful over PM that the latter is obliged to do the former's bidding? It gets scarier by the minute.

    Malaysia is in deep shit. It can really become a dog eat dog Govt. if no one in govt. cares.

  33. Anonymous2:01 am

    maya oh maya, sayang sweetie ! how r u ? i wish to be a moslem too can have 4 & u r 2nd ! (heha)

  34. from kittypinky..
    maya karin????owhhhh..macam kelakar je...i dnt think die ade kn mengena wif this..


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