Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Only in The Star

Dr M is the first Malaysian to receive the Mother Teresa Memorial International Award for Social Justice. It was given in recognition of the former PM's efforts in pushing through national unity in a multiracial and multireligious country. Mukhriz was in Mumbai on Sunday to receive the award on behalf of Dr M, who is recuperating from a mild heart attack.

Sadly, you don't read about it in the papers or watch it on local TV. Thank you, The Star.


  1. Anonymous1:12 am

    LONG LIVE I.S.A!!!

  2. Anonymous1:26 am

    another one in the bag. and by no means just another bag, its a bag full of prestigious awards and recognition. Only God knows how proud i am of our dear TUN...and there are no other Tuns who are quite like this TUN..

  3. Anonymous1:29 am

    We've seen this before! The Tun is not news to many local editors. They may sound big and important, but they've lost their news instincts. They just don't have it.

    They have an agenda of their own, you and I know that. The Kalis, the Brendans, the Hishamuddins, the Manjas, the rest - they are an ambarassment to the profession.

  4. Anonymous1:57 am

    Mahatir receives Mother Teresa Memorial International Award for Social Justice?? Hey! Has someone been paying Jack Abramoff again?!

    I bet Mother Teresa is spinning like a washing machine in her grave!

  5. Anonymous2:06 am

    Bro Rocky

    of course, NST cannot publish such news. If they were to do it, Kalimulah will have them sacked immediately. NST fellows are not taught to public news - only propagandas for the Here To Stay PM, lies like the June 11 article by Kalimullah, plagiarised article by Brendan p.

    News about Tun being conferred the prestigious award did not come under any of the above category (defintely not lies), so it was not newsworthy by NST's latest standard of journalism under Kalimullah. But one cannot blame Kalimullah because he is just a half past six journalist all hte time!!!!!

    I still maintain that Star is only slightly better than NST. It has yet to publish lies like the famous June 11 article by Kalimullah. The Star knows how to play the game to please Kalimullah and Khariy. Wong Chun Wai knew it! Other journalsit in the Star also knew it.

    Rocky, was it true that Wong Chun Wai is a very close friend of Kalimullah? If so, you better advise Wong Chun Wai to start to disassociate before it is too late. Just a friendly advice.

  6. Anonymous7:11 am

    I would say that I am impressed. While frankly I don't think what Dr. M did was impressive, to be recognized means that at least he is right that the cries of the poor need a great deal more attention than it does now. Muhammad Yunus of Grameen Bank proof that you can help the poor and make a profit too.

    Even Singapore is now coming around to admit that while Darwinianism is inevitable, we don't have to advocate it nor hasten it along. Humanity is better than that..

  7. Rocky!

    When this country is in the midst or process of being taken over, or colonise, by Singapore such is not a story to be carried out by the newspapers. Singapore will take Malaysia via two entries, one from Penang, two from Johore. Like an unstoppable cancer, it will spread throughout Malaysia, Terengganu is already got the tumour which will be a full blown cancer in a short while. All morons can just pretend, you people can go dye your hair rad, brunette or even blonde and have your eyes tinted with blue green or what ever, but you people are still just morons waiting to be scrapped from this land that used to be called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu!

  8. TDM must have done something right in his time. . how is it that our people cannot see it?
    Yes, there were questions. . and certainly allegations. . but I don't see him spending his purported millions!
    TUN has made us Malaysians proud . .but right now, the current administration? Much to be desired . .

  9. Anonymous9:51 am

    So can we say that Mahathir is a part of Christian Missionary. I bet if the receiver is Pak Lah, he will be accused as singapore agent, etc.

  10. Anonymous10:00 am

    I don't know what criteria were used for the Mother Teresa Award but I'm sure the panel that decided on it must have felt that Tun fully deserved the recognition. I don't think they did it just to bodek TDM or to spike the AAB administration.

    Normally Malaysia, so wanting for heroes, would have been so proud of such honour and would have given such award giving ceremony a front page treatment. Instead the one who missed to be an astronaut got a better coverage than the one who received an international award. That speaks volumes of the professionalism of our mainstream media and the paranoic mentality of their masters.

  11. We are proud of TUN and will always be...

  12. People!

    TDM is one solid and biggest threat that Singapore is facing now, while in the process of taking over Malaysia. So all Singapore lackeys will have to concientiously execute and implement the orders given out by LKY and his PAP! What do Morons (now you have to read UMNO Malays)do in view of this danger, sc#ew around, spending money when there are still abject poverty in the country, and threatening people with ISA! Sad, so sad! Even under direct rule of S'pore, PM KJ will still be a mandor for this island republic. Actually I am tired of writing all these s#it!

  13. Whether Mahathir deserves the award is not for us to judge but the issue is why is Kali afraid to report it.
    This Kali Monkey (who hears, sees and speaks no evil) thinks if the news is not in the NST, then no one will know about it.

  14. Anonymous12:28 pm

    Anyone of the posters above know who some of the other winners of the particular award are?

  15. Anonymous12:28 pm

    Of course NST will not report it. But I thought Pak Lah said there was much more freedom in this country now??

    Where is it. In Kali's pants???

  16. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Wait till Pak Lah receives the Ungpa Ngangpa Dapa Rapa award from the Sacred Keeper of the Last Yungga of the Kingdom of the Merapumerapa.

    Then the mainstream Yes Sir Yes Sir media will send bullockcart-loads of chief editors, photographers and cameramen to the capital of Merapumerapa, Hangpa Pujalahdia.

    But Kawan, what has happened to PM's Bapa K-Ekonomi title bestowed upon him by the Holeliness the Lord Master of the Apple Polisher, His Akutaat Jayjay?

    Was he referred to by that august title at the recent Umno Ashamebly?

    Kawan, who is Kalli?
    Is he the vendor of roti bengali?
    Who is Brendan?
    Like Kalli pisang setandan.
    Who is Hishamuddin?
    So sly so vain.
    Who is Manja?
    The Professional of Balai Berita?

  17. Anonymous12:55 pm

    Yet another reason to do the Old Man in.

  18. Anonymous1:08 pm


    rs is one such kris wielding UMNO Malays!

    Syabas Tun! Hanya jauhari mengenal manikam!


  19. Anonymous1:14 pm


    rs is one such kris wielding UMNO Malays!

    Syabas Tun! Hanya jauhari mengenal manikam!


  20. "...I appreciate your desire to honor me with a Mother Teresa Award. I certainly respect her memory.

    Jimmy Carter "
    Nomination: For his humanitarian efforts and for inspiring the world through Social Action.

    Dave, unless there are two different Awards with the same name, this is what I got from Google. . .

    FYI Jimmy Carter was the former president of USA, which you may all know oredi . . .Also, Mel Gibson, and countless others, but most for missionary works...
    now they may accuse TDM, of being whats that k word?

  21. yea.. I've read it in the star too... but I've never heard of the award before.. Is it just another one of those or does it really mean something?

  22. Anonymous3:13 pm

    The Star is a local paper is it not? So how is it that the 'local papers' do not mention it?

  23. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Won Keliwon of Kali Ciliwong said...

    Wait till Pak Lah receives the Ungpa Ngangpa Dapa Rapa award from the Sacred Keeper of the Last Yungga of the Kingdom of the Merapumerapa.

    Then the mainstream Yes Sir Yes Sir media will send bullockcart-loads of chief editors, photographers and cameramen to the capital of Merapumerapa, Hangpa Pujalahdia.


    That's a good one.

    Lol!! Pecah perut aku dek gelak baca posting ni!!

    nak tambah sikit pada nama negara tersebut:

    Negara Merapumerapa-merepek-meraban

  24. Anonymous4:41 pm

    To anonymous 3:13pm:

    Aiyaa... Of course local papers won't publish it. It's about an award... for TDM... you know, the guy who's being a pain to AAB...

  25. Anonymous5:42 pm

    Thanks Rocky,
    Kami yg jauh diperantauan nih susah sikit nak dapat berita macam nih. Every dog has it's day .. Kali's day will come. I hope I live long enough to witness the fall.

  26. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Just speculating...why the 'Star' was the only local paper to put in the winner of the Mother Theresa award.

    Could it be that that the circulation numbers of the Star was beginning to drop?

    Could it be that there has been a growing perception that the editorial freedom of the newspaper is being regulated and this was a way to show that the perception is untrue?

    Or could it be that it was the weekend and the senior newsdesk editor was asleep and this article escaped their clutches?

    Just wondering.....

  27. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    thanks for the best wishes... yes, mum has been blessed with good health all along and at this age, she still manages everything for us all... including preparing our meals when we "balik kampung" which is in Pontian, Johor.

    i hope i would be like her when i reach her age, in about 40 years time.

    which photos are you interested in? i have been approached many times to sell the digital copy rights for the twin towers photos but had resisted as i want to make it exclusive for my corporate usage. this pic now adorns the walls of many politicians, DGs, MPs etc whom my company has dealing with.

    nice talking to you. hope one day we could meet up over cup of teh tarik and roti canai.


  28. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Did you read in the Star today that the Son-in-Law was at Zakaria Deros's satay bash? That was conveniently NOT mentioned in the NST! Gasp, shock, horror!! Should we expect to see an apology from the Star tomorrow?

    KJ's presence shows AAB's open support for zakaria, despite all the pious bleating by our illustrious PM (Pathetic Moronicus).


  29. Anonymous2:00 am

    Thanks RS. I pity mother theresa.