Thursday, November 30, 2006

Datuk Nicol David?

Blogger Shanghaistephen thinks the PM shouldn't just pat her on the back. I agree. And I think they should throw in a Ferrari and a plot of prime land for the lass. She deserves it.


  1. Anonymous3:03 am

    While I dun think ferrari is a good sign of appreciation... I do think she deserves datukship.... much more deserving than 80% of the current Datuks...~~

    Proud of you Nicol David... :)

  2. Anonymous3:25 am

    Nicol deserves a federal datukship and a million ringgit. . But they are not going to give it to her if her name is Sti Nikia Daud, maybe.Saya bangga, bangga, bangga Nicol! Malaysia Boleh!

  3. Anonymous8:30 am

    Yes. And I find the comment by the NSC Director General very discouraging when commenting on her successful defence of her title. He said that this World Championship, being an annual affair, is low on their priorities when offering incentives. Why do you offer incentives? To encourage Malaysians to be world class and not jaguh kampungs. And what better testimony that Nicol is world class when she won the championship twice in a row. It not only underscores her supremacy but also emphasizes her strong mental strength as it is harder the second time around.

  4. Anonymous9:39 am

    Fifty years after independence and the gomen is still hand-wringing over sports achievers who are not of the malay mould. Their sports ministry has had to even call a press conference to try to wriggle out an explanation as to why she wasn't accorded due national recognition the first time she won.

    That says a lot of the psychological wall in their heads.

    It should be a breeze to reward her for her inspiring achievements. Why prevaricate? Her being a non-bumi, non-muslim doesn't mean a thing. It's not about race nor religion, Khairie Jamalootin'.

    In this fully open, globalized world, race and religion don't carry weight. Achieving stellar performances by sheer human effort whether of brain or brawn is the only thing that matters.

    More than this matter of how to recognize and reward Ms Nicol is a bigger issue that sits as constant as the stars in the background of our national governance.

    ...the denial that there is a world-view where race, religion and rights have no place other than serve the personal interests of a few at the expense of all.

    They can't even do a simple thing like that and they want to play marbles in outer space?

    Rocky, your blog rocks. Ya de man.

  5. Anonymous10:34 am

    If I were Nicol David, I would be eyeing a country where merit counts for something regardless of race. I'm sure there are many countries which are ready to offer her citizenship and material rewards. As long as Malaysia refuses to acknowledge her feats, no one should blame her if she turns her back on us. A Bumi swimmer who "conquered" the English channel is a Datuk. I read somewhere that a paraplegic from Asia did it in a faster time.

  6. Anonymous10:35 am

    this is just my are most welcome to disagree...

    firstly, there is no denying that she has achieved something worthy of praise. period.

    however, if she deserves, or not, a Datukship is another issue altogether.

    and, knowing the Malaysian "coffee-shop" mentality, this will degenerate into that of the 49-year-old race/religion issue.

    if we are proud of what she has done, there is one thing we all can do i.e. show her how we feel because this is the best way to encourage her further.

    learn from our mistakes, i.e. we have "showered" some athletes with various "hare-brained" rewards/incentives but what have they achieved afterwards?

    nada...zilch...elek...tak dak apa!

    remember, only idiots commit the same mistakes over and over again.

    but we get offended when people call us idiots!

    so, as Malaysians, whenever you see her, go tell her how proud she has made you feel with her success. and whenever she is playing, give her your moral support...and if you can't attend her matches, tell those who can to cheer her on.

    I think, this is the best any successful Malaysian could ever wish for!

    another issue to look at is, what is a Datukship? (no disrespect to the royalty, but when you look at the present list of Datuk's-in-the-news it does make you wonder if it's indeed an honour to be one.)

    also, think of the added problem poor Ms.N.David might have with this title when she next plays...would the match organizers list her as a Datuk on the scoreboards? if not, then the royalty that presented her the award might feel slighted.

    ah...problems, problems, problems.

    as for the financial rewards...with every worthy success the financial rewards will come a-knocking on your door!

    don't worry lah!

  7. Anonymous11:30 am

    Nicol David is not too preturbed over obtaining a Datuk-ship or any form of incentives by the government. It's not like the government ever did anything for her in the first place.
    Fact 1: Nicol's future is already secured as upon her retirement she would be having coaching jobs thrown upon her by other major sporting countries.

    Fact 2: Nicol has made enough over the years that she doesn't need money to give her the push. She goes out to prove a point, that she is the best. Period.

    Fact 3: The people deserve crediting are Nicol herself and her lovely parents- not SRAM, not the state sports council and more importantly NOT the Youth and Sports Ministry.

    p/s: We know our strength in such sports- squash, equastrian, bowling. Instead we spend millions on football only to be kicked 3-1 by Oman in the opening match of the on-going Asian Games in Doha.


  8. Anonymous11:36 am

    Pity that Nicol did not take up badminton. And her surname is David and not Abdullah. Otherwise she would be showcased among the Bolehnauts doing what no other man (woman)has done before - hitting badminton shots to test the trajectory of shuttlecocks in zero gravity space!

  9. Sdr Rocky,

    Apa jua gelaran atau ganjaran yang kita berikan kepada seorang puteri bangsa (Malaysia) seperti Nicol, haruslah setimpal dan berlandaskan keikhlasan dan prinsip bahawa dia telah mengorbankan kepentingan peribadi demi kecintaan kepada sukan pilihannya. Kegigihannya mengharumkan nama negera.

    Dalam hal lain, Nicol bernasib baik dan kita menumpang tuahnya kerana sukan pilihannya bukan sukan popular.

    Inilah bala dan derita kita. Semua sukan popular telah dirogol dan dinodai oleh kalangan politik dan perniagaan untuk menonjolkan diri mereka.

    Cogan katanya bukan lagi "Sukan Untuk Negara" tetapi "Sukan Untuk Nama Saya". Justeru itulah sukan popular di Malaysia hambar, bermusim dan kucar-kacir.

    And with Datukship being so badly prostituted by some Menteris Besar and Chief Ministers (of Malacca in particular) for political gains, I don't think we should smear Nicol's reputation with it.

    If she deserves a Datukship, it should be the Federal Datukship awarded by the Agong.

    Thank You Nicol.

  10. Anonymous11:42 am

    My 2-sen worth: Open a squash centre, and name it after her. I am not into sports (let alone squash!), but I am so pround of her. If I am in the position to confer her something, I will make sure it wouldn't be the shameful Datukship. Datukship is the cheapest title to give away. A very tarnished title at best. If Siti Nurhaliza deserves a datukship just for putting Malaysia's name on the walls of Royal Albert Hall, what Nicole David did (and many times over!) surely deserves more.

    For you morons who link her non-Malay background to the lack of appreciation showered on her, please refrain from making this a racial issue. Morons like you are the contributors to racism in this country because you cannot see an issue without linking it to the person's race. HOW PATHETIC! BTW, Shalin Zulkifly is another darling. A Malay. Did she get a Datukship??? Think about that.

    (IMHO, the government finds it hard to confer something that REALLY befitting the sportsmen/women's achievement primarily because the deserving individuals are young... Not an excuse, but really, what is the best way to keep these young achievers anchored on firm ground and continue to strive harder? As for Nichole David, I am REALLY proud of you!!! I am not a sports fan, and I don't follow your progress, but hey, what really matters is this: Thanks for making Malaysia proud! Keep it up, girl!

  11. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Whether she ends up with a Datukship or a ferrari (which I hope she does) is not the point. She is a great example of what hard work, perserverence and dedication can lead to. Justice Bao is right, its even harder the second time around and as her coach has said, this is a young woman who has yet to reach her peak. Instead of playing down her accomplishments by categorising her WORLD accomplishment and recognition as a mere 'yearly' event, the government should be supporting her, promoting her as an example for our youths to aspire to, as somoeone the country is proud of and as a true example of a "Tall Malaysian".
    Well if the government isn't, I know the rakyat and myself are extremely proud of her and are behind her 100%. Keep it up Nicol!She deserves to be accorded the proper respect.
    I just hope this doen't turn into another lost opportunity like with Vijay Singh.

  12. Anonymous12:06 pm

    The reason is simple. Nicol, having achieved the world champion status, is not an artiste. And our government is fond of artistes especially those young, sweet and beautiful lass who, many of them, are sponsored by our pak menteri from head to toe. Does Siti Nurhaliza achieve even Asian status if not world? Yet she was conferred datukship at the age of 27 when most of us hardly even achieved senior executive level in our ordinary career. Did M. Daud Kilau obtain any international status no matter how small? Yet he was made a datuk. And mind you SM Salim was at par with Tan Sri Dr Zetty Akhtar when they both received their Tan Sri-ship (is there suhc word? ehehe)

    The next in line to receive datukship is none other than MAWI!!!

    Folks, if you feel like tasting what it is like to be a datuk, quickly enroll for the ubiquitous reality show at our tv station. Once you become a singer you are almost there and with just a little extra achievement here and there (locally only mah) it is a just a matter of time before everybody calls you datuk.

  13. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Hi Rocky,
    Syabas do us proud.You are an inspiration to all youngsters who want something out of life.... only through hardwork,lots of family love and sacrifice.... certainly no short cuts.. no politics!
    What a pity if we have to waste our time and resources on the vissionless mat/minah rempits.
    Congratulations Mr and Mrs Nicole. Both of you should be given special recognition from the ministry of Datuk Sharizat Jalil.....Please Ijat do it... this is a clear example of a family with good values and vission... for them and for the country.

  14. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Oh forgot to mention. I am very proud of Nicol's achievement. It has been a long time since Malaysia attained any international achievement in sports. Congratulations to you Nicol. Keep it up!

  15. Anonymous12:29 pm


    Nicol, she's great. If the government is so stingy when it comes to her, I suggest that she give a hint to them about migrating abroad... taking up citizenship in Australia for example. Then only we can see some action from the government.
    Play up your cards my girl, Nicol.

  16. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Bro Rocky

    Suggestion coming from your blog is not going to bear fruit. It must come from the famous SIL and Nicol will get more than a Datukship plus million shares of ECM Libra and the ECM Libra's management will give her an interest free loan to buy up the shares i.e. giving her a "leg up"!.

    Sorry, this is the state of the half past six administration. Nicol should forget about Datukship and the like unless she canvas the famnous Son-In-Law.

  17. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Does Siti Nurhaliza achieve even Asian status if not world?

    Yes she did. Or why do you think she can hold a concert in London, many thousands miles away from Malaysia...

    Kind of reminds me Datuk Michelle Yeoh... not a federal datukship though... and received the datukship by year 40+...

    Whether Siti Nurhaliza, Michelle Yeoh or (upcoming?) Nicol David... they deserve the title...

    but... I just cant stand those Datuks, Tan Sris and even Tun (I'm referring to the ex-MCA president... who i got totally no respect despite the fact that i'm chinese) out there in the political line... The stupid MPs, the ministers and MBs, the people who went amok-ing in UMNO GA, and the Mr. satay house owner...

    Datukship is so cheap to honor these people who certainly make us feel proud...

    and the oppositions never possess a single title even those APK or AMN or whatever... funny huh~~

  18. Someone noted that Shalin Zulkifli is not a Datuk but she has not won any World title in bowling as far as I can remember.

    However, Esther Cheah became the first Malaysian female bowler to clinch an individual gold medal in the singles event of the World Championships in Denmark in 2005. As far as I know, she is also not a Datuk even though she won a world title.

    So maybe sports is not recognised or held is high esteem anymore?

  19. For Nicol....we are proud of you..
    You deserve everything from Datukship to Ferrari to Land to anything....

  20. Nicol is one of the people who really deserve Datukship. Not like those "kaki bodek".
    She is the World Champion not once but twice. The youngest world champion.
    I think MSN should reduce the amount of money given to FAM and other Sport Bodies that doesnt show any improvement, instead put their money on squash, bodybuilding (we have Sazali Samad as 3 times Mr. Universe), bowling, Wushu, Karate.
    These sports bring glory to Malaysia.

  21. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Datuk Ahmad Jais
    Datuk DJ Dave
    Datuk Siti Nurhaliza
    Datuk Sharifah Aini
    Datuk Ahmad Nawab

    Ala ala Latuk :)

  22. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Congratulations to Nicol!

    A Datukship to her is one of the best ways this country can insult the 2-time World Champion.

    Considering the many rogue Dato's we have now, even the Mindanao datukship is a better option! Haha!

    My advice to Nicol: Closer to your retirement, base yourself in a country that appreciates your skills and achievements accordingly.

    And if you want to 'give back' something to Malaysia, you can still be a consultant or take on some sort of an advisory role for the national squash team.

  23. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Since we are on the subject of awarding Datukships, 2 recent comments in the news are worthy of note:

    1.One of the quotes attributed to the late Tan Sri Khir Johari-one should receive honorary titles AFTER they have already contributed significantly(as he did).

    2.The Sultan of Selangors's criteria for new Datuks, which include a minimum age of 45.

    Since the present government extols transparency, why not establish fixed criteria for awards? Better still, provide a short write-up for each new Dato to enable the public to know why they were awarded Datukships.

    Oh Nicol, as a squash player myself, you deserve better for the tremendous hours of dedication, discipline and sacrifice you have put in. The rewards will come, I'm sure...
    You are our Hero!

  24. Anonymous2:13 pm

    yes i am very sure nicol doesn't need a datukship. what is a datukship nowadays when it can be easily bought by those damn rich people?

    i know nicol's mum well since she is from the same church as i am. had spoken to her mum before about her daughter's achievement and her mum did mentioned they are not looking forward to a datukship for nicol. in fact last year when nicol was the world champion and i was talking to her mum about how bloggers and forummers had been talking about nicol and rewards, she said that they are not too concerned about rewards. what's important was to thank god foremost as god had given nicol the grace and blessing to come this far. yes, she is humble and god-fearing and this had passed on to nicol. have you notice that whenever nicol won a match, she will made the sign of cross (that was what she said in an interview in our catholic paper).

    hmm... maybe this little action bother the umnoputra!!... that's why as many of you pointed out, she does not get the deserving rewards she should. (sorry to bring up religion but i guess it is inevitable)

  25. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Datukship dont mean anything. If I were Nicol, I won't accept it. Actually it would bring more `burden' to her with that title.. ya know what i mean.
    But I do agree with Kadir Jasin, if its from federal/agong, then ok la can consider. if not, dont bother.
    and yes, the NSC Director is an ass. Don't they think before they speak nowadays?? Bodoh!

  26. Anonymous2:24 pm

    If Nicol were to be given Datukship,i suggest its better off she decline them. the title would bring her more "burden and obligation".. am sure many knows what i mean. She doesnt need them to interfere with her life. as of now, she is not obligated to anyone except some sponsors (those who help her to be where she is), her parents/family and herself. But i agree with Kadir Jasin, if federal/agong awards her, then do take it.
    the NSC Director is an ASS. Dont they think before they open their fat gap anymore? can't differentiate between WORLD and ASIAN.
    Andyes, Shahlin is another darling wo is unrecognized and unappreciated and I dont mean by conferring her datukship is the answer. I know her and nicol's hardship in getting sponsors and while i was able to contribute to them via where i work, i did that. But nada from NSC etc.
    Shame on you! the minute someone wins, they want to claim as their own.
    Look at Monica Pang, Ms Georgia. For the life of me, I don't understand why people/media are so quick to label them as Malaysia. Does she hold malaysian citizenship? She has was born n bred in the USA. With all due respect, i do not know Ms Pang and am not lambasting her.. it just shows how shallow our fellow govment and media can be.. these are the ppl that makes me malu to be malaysia...

  27. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Everyone who is suggesting that Nicol should threaten to migrate unless the authorities shower her with a Datukship or Ferrari is an idiot.

    The fact that the girl/woman can achieve what she has achieved without much encouragement or acknowledgement shows that she has a strong internal drive to be a world-class sportsperson. For the love and sake of the sport.

    If we keep saying that she is not being valued enough unless she gets all these material incentives, then the message we are sending out to Nicol and all other Malaysian sportspersons is that the goal in sports is not success in the sports arena itself, but the material rewards of cars, house, land, titles... And when a sportsperson starts aiming for that, then the focus will change. And as we have seen from all our 'jaguh kampung' players, the performance starts to drop, because it's very easy to get distracted with all the public trappings of success.

    I think we should keep absoulutely loving Nicol. But we should not molly-coddle her in the Malaysian way. Everyone who has been 'di-anak-tiri-kan' always grows up tougher and more resilient.

  28. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Saya tak rasa Nicole terfikir utk menang kerana duit/gelaran.

    Saya yakin Nicole bermain kerana MINAT.Dari minat dan dgn bakat yg ada,dia bermain dgn hati yg ikhlas.Maka dia menang.

    Jadi,ada gelaran Datuk atau tidak,Nicole tak kisah...

    Satu lagi,kalau dia dah bersara sekalipun,pendidikan Nicole akan menaikkan beliau.Dlm pendidikan pun Nicole cemerlang..ada taraf tersendiri.Kalaupun beliau tidak dijulang kerana sukan,tak mustahil beliau dijulang kerana kecemerlangan dlm pendidikan.

  29. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Hi Rocky
    I still think that her parents Mr and Mrs David(correction to my earlier posting) should also be given recognition for their relentless effort in supporting her and the sacrifices they made to see her through all those competitions.

  30. Anonymous3:52 pm

    Well done Nicol.
    Does Siti Nurhaliza achieve even Asian status if not world?

    Yes she did. Or why do you think she can hold a concert in London, many thousands miles away from Malaysia...

    Just because one had a concert at the Royal Albert Hall doesn't make one world class. Anybody can rent the hall for a performance.

  31. Anonymous4:27 pm

    okay, after all the praise and brouhaha, let's put things in perspective, or in the proper context. nicol may have been twice world champ but we must remember her sport has no worldwide appeal. tell me how many creatures in this dirty planet play squash. also we must remember that women's squash is dominated by only a few players, probably three or four. the usual staple is nicol beating rachael grinham, her sister isabel beating you know who and so forth. that itself devalues nicol's achievements. i am not denigrating nicol's achievements, i am just stating facts. my advice to my fellow malaysians is don't get too emotional. if i say anything wrong or hurt the emotions of anyone, pse correct me, but don't go on the moral high ground and start demonising me. always remember, patience has its limits.

  32. Anonymous4:30 pm

    What the australian writer said applys 100% it is not malaysia boleh . It is malaysia ,,,,,
    as non malay citizen i feel sad..malaysia like it is nep cnnot reach its heights in any is really sad.. why are so unfair to the others..

  33. I'd agree with Anon(2.32pm) and Dayang regarding how to appreciate Nicol David's tremendous achievements in squash.

    To be able to rise to stratospheric levels against world class competition and become champion twice speaks volumes for her hard work, dedication and strive for excellence. Having her family's support and love for the game are definitely driving her ambition even further. As Liz Irving stated "Nicol is still young as most top level players mature in their game when they are 27-28 years old". Arguably the fittest player in the circuit, Nicol has also upped the ante in being able to think on her feet and apply court-crafting skills against her opponents.

    We may have our very own sport legend in the making in Nicol David, hence, let's not diminish her stature in discussing the merit of conferring a datukship. Personally, I feel such a title would look rather insignificant compared to twice world champion.

    Last but not least, if we are to give recognition to Nicol's, let's do so in more pragmatic ways. Quite simply, let's ask her at the appropriate time. Even then, I doubt this young lady would ask for some of the material things being suggested. Nicol David is a role model for all Malaysians of all ages. Whether you're into sports or not. Giving her the means where she can excel in another form will do justice for her accomplishments thus far.

  34. Anonymous5:03 pm

    first, congratters nicol! thank you for making us proud. you don't need a datukship, cherie. you're already NUMBER ONE in your sports in the world, TWICE!

    re siti nurhaliza at albert hall... fyi, appearance at albert hall now can be bought! so every jack with a sponsor can perform there. as for that embarrassment of a concert... please lah... tickets sampai kena bagi free pasal takde orang beli... in fact ppl (read students and softie msian expats) were literally begged to go and penuhkan dewan. still the hall was quite empty as even us dutiful msians who were given ces billets gratis, as they say in frogspeak, couldn't quite fill up the seats. DAMN SAD, lemme tell y'all!

  35. Siti was given Datuk-ship, and that simply means any nut can get the title. To give one to Nicole would be an insult to her.
    And of course the government needs to ponder and debate over awarding Nicole for her achievement. No one needs to delve into this at all. She ain't Malay, period. If she was a Malay, she only need to have competed and come home empty-handed, and she'd be showered with cash in abundance.. no question about that.

    We have racist idiots running this land!

  36. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Only if she was a bumi... no offence folks. But that's the sad truth.

  37. Anonymous6:00 pm


    You're missing the point; whether or not the sport is of global appeal does not reduce the size of the success. A sport affords the sportsman an avenue to prove his or her worth. So if Nicol David has proven her strength - twice over - against the world's players, then she is a champion.

    You're saying that if Nicol was actually a badminton player, she'd be showered with accolades in words and in kind. But really, if we take your logic as correct, how many countries are badminton dominators? Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Korea. That's hardly global if you ask me.

    The fact that she has done it twice, without getting "due" accolades after the first, proves what her mom said. She's just doing it for her love of the sport. If indeed she wanted to achieve success for fame and fortune of the awarded kind, she would have retired after not receiving them last year.

    And yes, can we please stop planting into the minds of anyone that "if your country don't reward you for success, just emigrate"? What kind of advice is this?

    Nicol is doing well because she has the determination, the will, and the drive to do so. She never needed knowing that a title or riches were waiting for her, in fact she probably knew she was not going to get any.

    That is the true mark of a champion. I win because I will for myself to win.

  38. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Without getting overly-racial about it, I do not thing the datukship institution deserved a Nicol David. A Ferrari, most certainly. The Komtar Tower in Penang or even a prime bungalow lot along Bt Ferringi, most absolutely. But I don't think we want to soil the achievements of Nicol David in the world squash arena by subjecting her to such a farce. Pray tell, what are the achievements of those who had been awarded datukships in the past years. Throw a stone into a crowded street and chances are you'd hit a datuk. The datukship institution had lost its lustre and nowadays, getting one is not a big deal if you rub shoulders with the right people. So, let's not insult Nicol by conferring on her such a title and lumping her with those whose achievements are negligible and sometimes even questionable. And let's face it, most of our champions at some level or other seemed to regress in their achievements instead of being spurred on to greater heights. If you need to give her any form of title at all, why not wait until she has retired from the sports. Then it would be in appreciation of all her achievements in the sport (which are quite a handful) not just for becoming a world champion for the second year running. It is heartening to note that no less than the PM himself called to congratulate Nicol on her achievements. "Maybe you can do it for the third time," the PM was quoted in the NST as telling Nicol in a telephone interview. (Well, in Nicol we have very little doubt, sir. It's you Mr Prime Minister that we have more doubts about). The PM also said, "You are proof that Malaysians can achieve excellence, glory and distinction if they work hard enough." (Again we have no doubts about Nicol's talents and the glory that awaits her in the years to come. It's your own ability to achieve excellence, glory and distinction that we are more worried about. SIR!!)

  39. Anonymous6:38 pm


    You are no better than those you accuse of being racist because you look at them as individuals of a specific race.

    If racism is to cease existing, we must look at individuals as himself/herself, and not stereotyping the person because of his/her ethnicity.

    Racism will only be underlined, if we keep "you-you, me-me"...


  40. Anonymous6:47 pm

    My my..just as we are getting warmed up about awarding Nicol David datukshit..opps i mean datukship, the current Datuks in our Cabinet are gearing up for a football match with Bollywood stars.
    Funny how during the UMNO GE it is the same datuks, minahs and datins losing their voices over how government servants are so engrossed with foriegn dramas and films, may it be Indonesian, Filipinos or Bollywood productions.

    Guess Wanita UMNO can jump on the bandwagon and ajak the stars of Bawang Merah Bawang Putih to play a game of netball...

    I still believe Nicol doesn't need a datuk-ship to tell the world who she is..unlike some people.

  41. Anonymous7:10 pm

    the problem with malaysia is datukships are awarded far to easy.

    nicol deserves the acknowledgement and commendation, but certainly not a datukship.
    the problem of people asking why she is not given one for achievements is due to the simple reason that a precedence has alredy been set.
    till today i question datukships the like of azhar mansor, jean todt, malik mydin to name a few.
    betul ke dia orang ni semua deserve a datukship?
    mind you karamjit was a world rally champion, the first malaysian to have ever won it, and yet no datukship and worse, some quarters do not even recognise rallying as a sport. where is he today?
    in this case i must salute the sultan of selangor for recently tightening the pre-requisites of someone being awarded a datuk.
    i do agree however that the country or the rightful authorities should pay tribute to accomplishments, in this case we're talking monetary benefits. this nicol deserves.

    its the entire system that is screwed up and that is why we become so obsessed and at times frustrated with the subject.

  42. Anonymous7:13 pm

    yes, and what has siti accomplished to be given a datukship? yes she is a good singer and an incredible artiste but that is what she does - she is an entertainer and this is her cari makan.
    you want to give to veterans fine but to young artistes? again, another precedence has been set.
    heck, i was even shocked that shah reza has become a datuk - former singer and her wedding planner. bila masa jadi datuk babe?

  43. Anonymous7:17 pm

    i dont think datukships awarded are a question of race and religion but a stronger case of stupidity, poor judgement, someone being too overzealous and power hungry individuals.

    i think datukships are an easy way out - it comes free and it's cheaper than having to shower the individual monetary wise for his or her accomplishments.

  44. Anonymous7:20 pm

    forget the datukship or money. if the gov really serious about developing future squash champs they should help nicol to establish a nicol david squash training centre, foundation, camp etc...this is something long term she can indulge and contribute to even after she retires from competition. in return, malaysia also gets something.
    this is far more meaningful than any datukship, especially for a person of her age.
    later, on turning 40, grant her the datukship anyway cos its free.

  45. Anonymous7:26 pm

    a better idea would be to give nicol's dad the datukship. i seriously think he deserves it for his sacrifice and the way he has brought up nicol to becoming a world champion.

  46. Anonymous7:30 pm

    rather than focus on the issue of awarding datukships i believe this is where malaysian companies can play a role - sponsorships, endorsements, etc.
    malaysian companies are well known for being kedekut or chanelling funds in the most ineffective ways.
    now that u have a world champion squash player use her lah.
    dont let it go to waste like karamjit singh, a world rally champion but unfortunately for malaysia, motorsports is not considered a sport for most quarters and that's sad.

  47. Anonymous7:37 pm

    inilah malaysia.
    we pour millions into a sport like soccer to continue to produce lemons.
    set aside your personal feelings, sentiments and emotions and we would probably be producing more world champions in other disciplines.
    malaysia boleh lah ni.

  48. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Bro Rocky

    Please be assured that Nicol has captured the heart of Malaysians of all races except the sleeping PM. Nicol made us proud and brought Malaysia to world attention.

    Never mind Nicol, the government does not appreciate about your achievement for the nation. We are very proud of you. Never miond about the governmetn, let wait for the coming General Elections and throw them out.

  49. Her parents deserve credit too. The Datukship should be given to her father.

  50. Anonymous8:30 pm

    Campak batu at a crowd & most probably than not, it will hit a Datuk, so goes the saying.

    Just shows how cheap Datukship has become.

    It's ok Nicol, if you are not awarded one. No big deal really.

    You wont want to be in the same "league" as Datuk Nazri akan Johnny Aziz, Datuk Zahid Hamidi, Datuk Zakaria etc etc..

    It will soon be a rarity for one not to have a Datukship.

  51. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Datukshits and other honorific M'sian titles are so overrated. Look at the scums who hv devalued their titles and dragged the names of the really deserving into their cesspools. Nicol David doesn't need cheapened titles to declare her prowess and national contribution. We know she is so much better a human than those scums. Btw, titles are like haemorrhoids; in the end, every asshole gets one.

  52. What's important is that we all know that Ms Nicol David is a world beater/champion, doing what she loves and those who know and recognise her for her world beating effort are proud of her.
    As for those who don't why mention or bother about them.
    Ms Nicol please to continue what you are doing and don't mind all those small-minded people in BolehLand or rather BodohLand.
    Syabas and will you continue in your winning ways.

  53. I agree with all that the government should reward Nicol handsomely, be it Ferrari, Land or Datukship and also reward her father and mother too, for all of their sacrifices. The paper should put the news on the front page for at least 2 days. C'mon, she is the real champion of the WORLD!!! not a SEA GAME medal winner. PM should congratulate her earlier though...

  54. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Be proud of your given name Miss Nicol Ann David. You don't need something else in front of your name to show how mighty or good you are. The whole world already knows who you are and what you're capable of.

    I don't think she needs to recieve an award which really does not carry any weight nor is it an award which is something to be proud about anymore, as any tom, dick, harry, dj, city,ah long, chetty, penyagak,penipu semua pun ada need la..datuk datuk all..

    no significance...better not to have it then to have it and be at the same rankings as the above mentioned people.

  55. Thanks to ananymous (5.03pm) for the following

    "re siti nurhaliza at albert hall... fyi, appearance at albert hall now can be bought! so every jack with a sponsor can perform there. as for that embarrassment of a concert... please lah... tickets sampai kena bagi free pasal takde orang beli... in fact ppl (read students and softie msian expats) were literally begged to go and penuhkan dewan. still the hall was quite empty as even us dutiful msians who were given ces billets gratis, as they say in frogspeak, couldn't quite fill up the seats. DAMN SAD, lemme tell y'all! "

    I never saw that reported in the media !!!

  56. Anonymous11:46 pm

    I just want to say that I love you Nicol and I mean it in a good way. All the best and thank you.

  57. Anonymous1:01 am

    Please, please dont insult Nicole and her parents by confering datukship on them. No right-thinking malaysian would want to be labeled (going cheap I hear, and also can pay by installment)a datuk considering the biggest crooks in the country somehow or other go by this honorific. Just look at all the clowns in Parliament...mostly datuks...power freaks playing with our lives....and some datuks I have the misfortune of knowing are people of questionable orientation. So plese do not cheapen Nicol's and her parents achievements by suggesting that they receive that frivolous mundane title....give it to people who get away with breaking the law and are still considered worthy to hold office. There you go....these are the datuks .......surely you dont want Nicole and parents to be amongst this brood of vipers. Zorro.

  58. Anonymous1:42 am

    datukship for Nicol? God no, no way, for all her efforst, datukship is way too cheap..
    i think she deserves like a million bucks or something.

  59. I thought I read somewhere in the posts thatSquash was not popular . .
    Remember the Khan dynasty?
    Pakisan with their Cricket craze did award the sportsman of the millineum award (PIA)to their famous son, Jahangir except that he doinated Men's squash!
    The point is, they appreciated their (then) dominating Men's Squash player . . .

    et all we do, is award 'Datukship' to the guy who swam across the English channel in a protected cage!
    Whilst we (we as in the goverment...or sports ministry...can't even remember!) gave a way a meagre sum to the guy who swam in open waters and cutting the time by half! No points for guessing what Nicol will get (or better still, won't get)

    I am sure Nicol and her family do not expect much, after all rewarding a group effort seems to be the trend where our country is concerned/ Remember the Thomas Cup winning team? The patron being conferred Datukship?...oh and the rewards the got? hmmmm. . . Squash..Badminton....what if just what if we have a tennis champ? Maybe Tennis is not as popular as badminton....


  60. Anonymous6:28 am

    To Rocky and other respected readers,

    1) Nicole David deserves recognition.There is no doubt about that.

    2) But whether the recognition is fair is another matter altogether. In this county a lot of people who deserve to get recognition do not and alot that dont desrve to, get it in abundance.

    A lot of people from all racial background who save lives, help reduce poverty, dedicate thier lives to serious scholarship, who in other words, deserve more recognition than Nicole David dont get any collum space at all in the papers, what more datuks, land or money.

    There are even Malaysians who, because of thier expertise, have headed international organizations who dont get any recognition.

    It is a general fact of life here regardless of whether your malay or otherwise. It sucks, it should change , and we should demand that it changes but it has nothing to do with racism.

    So, my fellow respected commentators, in the event that our Nicole, doesnt get the recognition that she deserves, please dont insinuate that its because she's a non- malay or another victim of racial discrimination. If you do that then your commiting exactly the same offence that your condem others of doing.

    And, lastly, if she does get the recognition that she deserves than please ponder for a while of the unfairness of it all, because there are other more deserving Malaysians who didnt.

    Its only fair, dont u think?

  61. Anonymous9:07 am

    Congratulations Nicol!
    Why not ask her what she wants?

  62. Just for our knowledge....
    Nicol received additional RM200,000 for being the World Champion last year.
    RM200,000 + RM20,000 = RM220,000
    Hopefully she will get more for defending her title.

  63. Anonymous11:09 am

    Yup, I agree. Conferring her any title is just an insult. Today these titles have just lost all value and respect.
    I can't believe you guys can compare her achievement to Siti. What a joke. Like it was said, anyone can book the hall and it was probably attended by Malaysian in UK. And yes, it may be small circle of players who dominate the squash arena, but the point is you don't just walk in and automatically be amembers. You have to work damm hard for it.
    It is her qualities, sacrifices and aspirations which should be recognised and promoted.
    Unfortunately in this country the forms or rewards of recognising accomplishments (be it by conferring titles etc) have been so dminished in value or respect, that it would just belittle her. She is worth more than that. But at the same time, by not giving her just recognition in line with the norm, you are also sending out a negetive message.

  64. Anonymous11:35 am

    I suggest that the government keep her in the country, and give her income-tax exemption for 15 years. That is one thing money can't buy, yet not as insulting as a Datukship. Datukship is a joke!

    So, please give her tax exemption, and make her a good example to the nation.


  65. Anonymous11:57 am

    For heaven's sake, pls get the name right. It's NICOL David, and not NICOLE David. A name's NOT trivial.

  66. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Three key words..."Thank you Nicol!!"
    And to all racist bigots and degenerates on this blog.."Up Yours!!"

  67. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Are you kidding me?

    They gave that overweight Malik fella a Datukship and a house for swimming across the English Channel in 22 (?) hours.

    They gave Lennard Lee some token amount of cash for doing the same thing, in 9+ hours less than 1 year later.

    Why would they give Nicol, a non-Bumiputera, a Datukship now?

  68. Anonymous4:43 pm

    My point exactly, anonymous 12:57pm.
    But as pointed out by another post, we shouldn't be quick to judge, as in it was merely a coincidence that coincidentally repeats itself ever so often!
    And. . . yes, we 'the minorities' reduced to identifying ourselves, as Chinese (not from China, but born in MALAYSIA) Indians (born in MALAYSIA)and dll (oh for those who didn't know already, as my wife would say, dan lain lain. . .will just have to accept it!

    wonderful isn't it? All this 'happen to happened, happennings??'

  69. Anonymous5:23 pm

    To anonymous 1230pm,

    To tell what you percieved to be bigots 'up yours' when you yourself sound exactly like one, sounds pretty hypocritical doesnt it? Unless of course, you meant starting with you

  70. Anonymous7:18 pm

    anonymous, you racist pig. your statement is totally uncalled for. this is about whether or not nicol deserve the datukship title. its never about her being a non-bumi or chinese or indian for that matter. michelle yeoh is now a datuk for one and guess what? SHE'S A NON-BUMI. stop stirring up a non-issue and grow up will u?

  71. Anonymous11:50 pm

    Dear rocky and other readers,

    Salam and selamat sejahtrah,

    I just wish that in making our comments, we limit it to the topic at hand.The topic is about the accomplishment of Nicol David, and our hope that she gets the official recognition that she deserves.

    But, alas that is not to be.

    Some commentators have decide to drag in other unsavoury issues, which at a cursory glance condemns racial discrimination, but upon closer inspection participates in exactly the kind of racist mentality that they condemn others of. Under the guise of anti- racism, they are making racist comments.

    To them i ask only this:


    And since a lot of people have decided to get side track by other issues which strictly speaking are out of topic i would like to share a very brief list of people who deserve official recognition but are not acknowledge and those who get recognition totally out of proportion to their accomplishments.

    It includes, to name a few, the following:

    1) Wang Gangwu- Eminent academic, who was fomerly of UM. Later became Vice- Chancellor of the University of Hong Kong, and and was given the the post of Emiritus Professor by Australian National University. widely regarded as one of the worlds foremost expert in his field.

    Deserves at least a Tan Sri but to the best of my knowledge doesnt even have a Datuk

    2) Prof Syed Naguib al-Attas-emminent academic and activist. Brainchild the Islamic International University(UIA),UKM and one the most responsible individual in the creation of ABIM.Internationally sought after academic, who even in the 70s and 80s,at a point in time when hardly anyone has heard of Malaysia, was already giving TV interviews to the BBC. Deserves at least a Tan Sri, arguably even a Tun, but doesnt even have a Datuk. And to add insult to injury, was force to a leave UIA recently under dubious accusations. Oh, by the way, he was the fellow who design UMNO's flag. If only UMNO members knew, understood and abided by the values and philosophy behind the symbols of thier party flag they would have been ashamed of what transpired during the last and dozens of other Umno General Assembly

    3]Dr Bahar Munip-holder of multiple degrees, a number of masters and PHD's and former Secetary General of AARDO-an international organization set up in 1962,to help fight poverty, hunger, illiteracy, disease among rural people of the world

    And those who have been given titles and other form of official recorgnition for god knows what or out of proportion to thier services :

    1) Azhar Mansor
    2) Siti Nurhaliza
    3) Michelle Yeoh
    4) Malik Maideen
    5) n too numberous to name politicians and businessman from all racial backgrounds

    The list above in both categories are far from representative but it serves the simple point i'm trying to make that a lot of awards given doesnt correspond to the services or contribution of the individual. This injustice happens to a lot of people whether they are Malay, Chineses, etc-etc.

    Official recognition is also inconsistant not only to individuals, but also to professions- too much national attention is given to sports and entertainment for instance and to little to schorlarly ( which include hard cold research) or voluntarary activities.

    Now please tell me which is more important to the quality of our lives, people who contribute to our understanding of ourselves and our enviroment or people who kick a ball, or sing, or act in foreighn movies or for that matter swing a squash racket?

    So lets hope that Nicole gets what she deserve, but in the event she does not,please avoid making chargers of racial discrimination. She desrves it alot more than others, but at the same time thier exist others also who deserve recognition more than she does.

    In fact i dare say, that for those who see racist connotations in every knook and cranny are in fact closet racist themselves, for what they see externally are but mirrors of thier own soul.

    PS- I too am guilty of sidetracking from the main topic and for that my appologies, but i feel that it is my duty as a responsible citizen, to respond to certain racist insinuations built upon false assumptions or skewered perspective. Failure to do so would imply that those accusations, some implied and some explicit, will pass on as fact.

  72. Hi! Melayu jati bernama tertullion! Maana nya memang banyak lah Melayu jati yang lebih berbillion billion (to quote Ghafar Baba) kan. Sewaktu muda sadikit dahulu kala saya pernah menjelajah berjalan kaki hingga ke Eropah. Saya juga ada lah saorang Melayu (atau Minangkabau yang pertama) yang pernah sampai ke Artic Circle (bukan circle yang di tengah, tetapi circle yang kedua. Ingat tak yang konon nya ada dua orang budak Malaysia yang sampai ke Artic circle? Bohong! Jika ambil gambar di mana mana di Canada pada musim salji semua tanah di penuhi dengan salji, jadi moron di Malaysia yang gila kan nama dengan sekonyong konyong nya menerima hakikat bahawa yang orang Malaysia yang handal telah menjelajah Artic circle oleh kerna gambar mereka memakai winter suit di ambil dikeliling salji! Kerajaan Melayu ini memang bangang! Kerajaan menerima sahaja sebarang penipuaan tanpa memereksa! Soaalan: Mengapa Kalimulah di kurniakan pangkat datuk walhal beliau dishaki pertualang dan harus di siasati, dan mengurniakan pangkat datuk kepada beliau ada lah suatu langkah yang tidak bertangung jawab! Dan apa salah nya jika kita berjuang untuk bangsa dan negara tanpa mengharapkan apa apa ganjaran, Jadi kepada Nicol David what is a title, you only prove things to yourself! Kalau ada pengurniaan yang harus di buat saya sepatut nya di anugerahkan kurnia datuk kerna berjaya berjalan kaki seluruh dunia dan sampai ka artic circle! Tetapi disebaliknya walau banyak mana anugerah di beri jika pemikiran bangsat pun tiada guna nya, kesimpulan nya negeri ini ada lah sasuatu negara yang paling gilakan pangkat dan kurniaan, bahawa mereka mereka ini tidak sedar bahawa pangkat banyak mana pun mereka juga akan mampus saperti kesemua makhlok yang hidup, beranak membersar tua dan mampus! Jadi sabelum mampus mengapa kita semua tidak boleh berbaik baik kan dan sayang sesuatu sama lain dan peluk memeluk di antara satu dengan dua! Kelmarin saya membeli nasi lemak dan perempuan yang menjual itu bergincu dan bermascara yang mempunyai buah dada yang montok! Bila saya tanya, dia tidak mengerti saya terpaksa berulang kali meminta daging bukan ayam! Kemudian dia mengaki tidak dengar oleh kerna tudung nya menutup telinga dan terlalu ketat! Kemudian saya beritahu dia "awak paham maana moron tak!" dan dia menjawab "itu lauk apa bang?!". Kesimpulan nya bukan saja kita gila pangkat kita langsung tak paham mengapa perempuan Islam Melayu harus di suruh bertubu tubi menutup aurat, hingga kan konsep aurat itu pun kita sudah keliru apa maana nya! Pada saya menurunkan darjat perempuan Melayu kita dengan menyuruh mereka beraktif di dalam guni ada lah perbuatan yang salah dan ini bermula dari Anwar Ibrahim yang dengan senyap senyap nya melalui ABIM dan Yayasan Anda beliau telah mempengaruhi perempuan Melayu supaya berfesen guni! Sekarang ini pulak si Bangsat Anwar ini memberitahu dunia bahawa NEP harus di hapuskan, beliau berkata bahawa NEP ini ada lah saperti Affimative Action, ini ada lah satu andaiaan yang tidak benar. Kesudahan nya saya hanya suka memberi pandangan bahawa kadang kala kita ini bangdsa pengecut kita akan membuat alasan supaya tidak mengambil tindakan. Kesimpulan nya orang yang sepatut nya di anugerahi dengan kurnia harus di pertimbangkan dengan teliti, dan orang yang menjadi petualang harus di hukum dan kurniaan di ambil balik dan tidak harus di beri. Dan kerajaan harus memberi suatu Fatwa untuk mebernarkan perempuan Melayu untuk tidak memakai purdah dan tudung ketat di dalam keadaan tropika ini, dan Anwar Ibrahin harus di lucut kan gelaran nya dan lucutkan kewarganegaran nya dan biarkan beliau terus menjadi agen CIA, ya memang benar beliau ada lah agen CIA dan TDM sedar akan hakikat ini! Sudah lah saya sudah bosan menulis!

  73. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Pasquale or maybe u prefer to be called Datuk,

    although i wont couch it in the same way, i agree with your general drift..Bt i would prefer you to write in English simply because the possibility for me to misunderstand is less...especially when it is liberally spiced up by the word 'moron'. But why so angry...Da pegi ambik air yasin dan sapu kat muka sikit..kuat mengucap

  74. Anonymous7:26 am

    Dear Melayu jati bernama Tertullion,

    Enjoyed reading the even tenor of your posts regarding malaysians deserving honour and racist anti-racist comments. :D

    Have to say I'm a bit curious abt your nick... would that be Tertullion, Bishop of Carthage of Antiquity?


  75. Anonymous10:43 am

    Well nicol its not about u not being a malay,muslim or bumi.You did us well, we the ordinary Malaysians are very,very proud of you.Its just that datukship and are only meant for politicians, thats the 1st and main criteria!...and those close to them.Remember the late Tan Sri P.Ramlee? The award is a post homous award,given a few years after his death!!

  76. Anonymous9:56 am

    look, tertullion and the other high&m antiracists, it's not that simple.

    If B said that the officials treatment of A was on racial grounds, then you're saying B should not make racial statements that the officials treatment was on racial grounds.

    If you continue to say that, do you think the officials will one day stop treatment of all the A's in this country on racial grounds?

    If you can answer this question, the racists against anti-racists will keep quiet.

    But if you can't answer this question, maybe you should ask whether you really have the interest of sports, achievements, meritokrasa et cetera at heart when your kind ask others to up-theirs.

    Is it because those who ask others to up-yours are facing the personal problem of theirs-down?

    Me is B; B is Bond, and Bond likes married women. Kekekeke.

  77. Anonymous6:16 pm

    To anonymous(9:56am) or Bond who likes married women,

    I will respond to you if you write properly. If you cant write your arguments properly, there's a high probability you woudn't recognize what constitutes a sensible argument even if it was staring at you in the face and replying to you would be a waste of time.

    How exasperating...some people would resort to any means to justify being a racist

  78. Anonymous6:47 pm

    hey tortillion,

    if it wasn't clear enough for you, then would serving it on a silver platter to hide the yellow napkin you're wearing to evade the question, which, rephrased as a statement now is:

    if you can convince me/us that the powers-at-present will stop their racial prejudices in this country, including that in the distribution of rewards and recognition in the fields of sports and other human endeavours, then you and others can continue your pontification against 'racists'

    Go ahead, convince.

  79. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Dear rocky and other readers,

    Ah thank you annonymous(6.47)for indulging me with a reply because your first posting contained a distasteful error which was racially spiced up when you wrote' your kind asked others to up-thiers'.

    Not including this one, i've posted 5 comments, and never once did i asked anyone to 'up-thiers'.And then you insinuate that people like me are probally not interested in meritocracy...on what grounds are you making that charge?

    I've made it clear that the authorities doesnt do enough to reward the trully deserving Malaysian, of whatever ethnicity..and not just in sports.

    And pray tell, what exactly do you mean by 'your kind'?That in itself smacks of racial discrimination doesn't it?

    You are so blinded by your hate that you cant even appropriate blame properly- get the simple facts right man! or woman!

    Annonymous you are a very funny fellow...and i've met dozens like you. You sanctimoniously talk about meritocracy, but in trying to prove a point, demonstrate your willingness to do the opposite, ie cut corners. Yes, when one is sitting on a yellow napkin, its easy to talk the talk, but not walk the walk, huh?

    My advice is, please, even when paraphrasing other people's comments, try not to compromise on accuracy, or else your belief in meritocracy will start to ring hollow.

    Ah, yes... before i forget.

    All my comments on the the racist anti racist comments posted, were limited to the racial insinuations which were being thrown about in the event Nicole does not get what she deserves.My comments, if you bothered to read them properly, were limited to answering the comments within the framework of the title and the other uncouth comments which included among others, comment no2,3,4,9,38,39,40 and so on and so forth.

    If your beef is with what you percieve to be the general discrimination in this country, i wont comment on that-that to me is not related to the title, the other racist comments nor my replies to them .

    But don't you think its a bit pointless on my part, and a bit hypocritical on yours,for us to listen to people who whine and complain about discrimination, when even when posting on a blog they themselves racialy discriminate? Just imagine if this people were in power..wouldnt be much differant from the current blokes, would it? Maybe differant faces, and better skin colour, but in terms of mondus operandi it'll be the same old same, wouldn't it?So what gives them a right to complain?

    Now,as it has been demonstrated, your a trigger happy sort of fellow, so, don't jump the gun and start accusing me of being evasive-I'll comment on anything under the moon, as long as its at the proper place and medium- just ask with the requisite decorum and respect, mate.

    I can be contacted at my e-mail,

    Don't dissapoint me baby, i'll be looking foward to hearing from you.Just be reasonable, and i'll be doubly so.

    With warm regards, tertullion

  80. Anonymous10:38 am

    melayui jati etal,

    just give an intelligent reply to this which is repeated:

    "if you can convince me/us that the powers-at-present will stop their racial prejudices in this country, including that in the distribution of rewards and recognition in the fields of sports and other human endeavours, then you and others can continue your pontification against 'racists'".

    THAT is all i am asking.


  81. Anonymous10:48 am

    and to add:

    the REASON i/we are putting this through is BECAUSE we want to open our hearts to celebrate ALL achievements independent of race, without feeling bad inside.

    It's a cascade thing,'baby'.

    the saddest thing about this issue is not about decent people being labelled racists for bringing up matters caused by racists.

    It's about not being able to be natural and root for ALL malaysians without the racial lens because too many of the official practices have been set on the foundation of racism.

    And these officials think they are doing the right thing.

    We are only raising the ante so that the future Nicols, Sideks, Jagathesons, and MtEverest climbers (what're their names, these heroes of Malaysia? see what i mean) won't THEMSELVES feel that where some get more than others, it was because of special rights.

    What has sacrificing oneself to achieve international record got anything to do with special rights of one race in a small country in a world of 151 competing nations?

    No one can be blamed for not appreciating that our Malay brothers need new icons and models to inspire them to believe in themselves again. All the other races should and must help in that.

    But how can they if the officials are zealots in trying to achieve that and end up creating the a situation - they achieve it but only partially will it be celebrated?

    It's not that simple.

    But i sense you do have a good education. Hats off to you then for exercising admirable restraint.

    ps: i don't normally write like this. And i know you can sense it.


  82. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Dear anonymous(10:38am-10:48am),

    Yes, your right, its not as simple as that.

    The nature of racism in Malaysia , its roots, its causes and the psychology of it is not as simple as that- neither are the assumptions that its built upon

    The nature of the special privileges of the Malays and the justification for the social contract - morally, historically, legally, politically -are also not as simple as that

    The mix of the two above and the many folded ways of their relationship, is I gather, the areas where your grouses lie. Yes, it’s a very complex issue and trying to make sense of it and where necessary, to appropriate blame and solutions is gonna be very, very treacherous, if not near impossible.

    There’s no getting around is there? Its just not that simple is it? Actually, its very, very complex and very, very combustible isn’t, it?

    As such, it is our responsibility, nay!, our moral and civic duty as Malaysians, as responsible citizens and bloggers, to not make crass cheap racial potshots- because it adds to the problem, not the solution.

    Chivalry and good gentlemanly conduct is the order of the day!A prerequisite,if you will, if we are to have any hope of getting to the bottom of it instead of getting suck into a raging inferno

    Hence, more the reason why I stand by my previous comments- a comment space dedicated to celebrating OUR Nicol is not the proper medium for it

    Its as simple as that

    U have my e-mail. I won’t repeat this anymore- feel free to use it.

  83. Anonymous6:30 pm

    To anonymous 10:38-10:48,

    On a side topic but in relation to my previous comment

    Actually, such a topic, to do it justice, deserves a whole blog dedicated just for it. Don’t get me wrong I have no hesitation at all to make comments and explanations on it, even on this blog. But not under the heading “Datuk Nicole David?”-its just not proper..maybe under a different title.

    Also next time, please don’t make demands on me to convive you or anyone else to reconsider some of your assumptions, which in the first posting took the form of wild accusations and misrepresentations. Simple code of ethics demands that the burden of proof lies with the accuser, not the accused. It applies, in the courts, in the real world and it should also apply on a blog.

    Ps- I have no interest what so ever to pontificate with racist of what ever racial denomination. A racist by definition does not want a reason, they want an excuse. You, anonymous, on the other hand, as evident by your last posting, seems to be a very reasonable chap..So take me up my offer. You know where to reach me.

    And please do me one favour: change your nickname, after awhile, its bloody confusing to distinguish one anon from another-if you catch my drift

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Thanx for your time

  84. Anonymous1:55 pm

    had istimewa
    memang istimewa
    tak maksudnya
    insan insan lain
    negara kita tak istimewa

    yang pentingnya
    sentiasa berdiri
    sebagai insan istimewa
    kepada negara, dunia
    macam nicol david

  85. Anonymous9:44 pm

    Dear rocky,

    To anonymous(155pm),

    Bravo and bless you.Now, if only every anon can be as fair minded as you, then that would be even more special.Well done Nicol

  86. Anonymous1:07 am

    What is a Datukship really? What does it entail and what does it mean?
    I don't mean to sound ignorant I just really can't figure out why it's so important? I look at the current Datuks around and none of them seem particularly outstanding.
    And while we're on the subject, what does the Agong do for the nation? Cause I can't seem to figure that out either. I know we learnt it in Malaysian history back in school but I couldn't really retain any of that biased bile. And he gets a new palace? Meanwhile the education system is a joke? I don't get it and would love for someone to explain it to me.
    I'm out of touch because I've been abroad for a while but it seems like the country is run by.. oh wait, I can't say it cause I might be thrown in jail.
    As for Nicol David... she is spectacular.

  87. Anonymous1:25 pm

    So this is the controversial rocky's bru. You've a pretty good post here. I agree, Nicole David should be granted a Datukship as a sign of appreciation.

    DATUK NICOLE DAVID, the world's #1 squash player.

  88. Anonymous7:27 pm

    We're all proud of Nicole and we all think she well deserves an award. Although she hasnt received due recognition from the governement, there is no excuse for us to link religion and racial issues to this.

    We Malaysians are proud for Nicol's success as a Malaysian worldclass sports star.

    But Nicol should be embarrased with some of us here, being such a racist and negative bunch. She is a true Malaysian, not like some of us here, who would leave Malaysia just for not getting material things like land and a Ferrari or a dumb datukship.

    No wonder such success was bestowed upon her by God. It's because she deserves it- she remains humble and doesnt turn her back on anyone for a stupid datukship.

    People who make racial and religiosly linked comments, are the ones destroying this country. You are truly an enemy of Malaysia.

    Nicol plays so hard to put this country on the map for something great. And all it takes to tarnish its greatness is by having people like yourselves open your dirty mouths. She is proud to be a Malaysian alhtough she hasnt gotten her Datukship. And she will stick to this country unlike some of you who only want to receive without giving.

    Stop destroying Malaysia with filthy racial comments, it only reflects on what kind of person your are and how you think.

    By the way, a Datukship isn't a world class title. Go to England or Australia or Germany, no one cares what a bloddy Datukship is. Heck, they wouldnt even know how to pronounce it (Daretooksheeph???).

    The World No.1 squash player IS A WORLD CLASS TITLE, and that's what she's after. Enough said.

  89. Cut the crap on racism and the fuss about Nicol not wanting to be appreciated!!

    This is about how goverment appreciates a fellow citizen achieving world class title! Datukship doesnt qualify as an appreciation scheme simply because it's cash for honors and not contributions to nation!

    Btw, how was this nutcase made the NSC director in the first place? Is this how sports being run in Malaysia nowadays? Cant appreciate a world class achievement? Seems that Malaysian sports will sink lower than ever if nobody actually voices out their frustration.

    The only reason why Malaysians cant achieve their maximum potential is simply because of complacency. Get rid of the subsidies, replace them with meritocracy and proper systems to identify talents. Provide a fair playing field where everybody competes and we shall see who will cause riots at the end of the day! Are Malaysians ready for that challenge to compete internationally? I still think the answer is no at this point hence the NEP would alwiz be a Never Ending Policy.

  90. Anonymous3:04 pm

    i m not sure if nicol will be reading this but my family and i adore you. my dad has no concern for any other national player except you. he follows your achievements and is happy besides amazed how a young girl like you can achieve so much!!! good work. i m sure your parents are proud of you