Thursday, November 30, 2006

Group Editor Designate

Plagiarist goes on leave. Tomorrow, Dec 1, could be a turning point for the long-suffering NST. Brendan P, the former Straits Times Singapore operative, will start his month-long leave before his resignation (amid the plagiarism row) takes effect at the end of December.

Seasoned journalist Syed Nadzri Syed Harun will be the group editor designate from tomorrow and come January 1, he'll be the Group Editor.


  1. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Dear Rocky

    Knowing the plagiarist, Brendan P, and his immediate boss, Kalimullah, I am not sure that Brendan P (a.k.a Singaproe Operative) will really leave NST especially he was been well taken care of in NST with fat salary an perks. Further, Brendan P, the plagiarist, is the only Indian and SIngaproe operative, who was able to be the boss to many Melayu in an UMNO controlled company.

    Until the plagiarist finally leave NST then I will congratulate Syed Nadzri, who is an honest professional journaslist. I am concerned that Syed Nadzri may not fit into Kalimullah set up. Unless Syed Nadzri was prepared ot lie like what Kalimullah did in his famouse Juen 11 article concerning the meeting between Tun and ABB in Japan - just in case you have forgotten , Rocky.

    So sorry Syed Nadzri because I feel it is too premature to congratulate you because of the current administration in NST as well as government.

    My advice to Syed Nadzri, please "kow tow" to the Son-In-Law and you will defintely be the Group Editor of NST.

    Knowing Syed Nadzri he will not succumb to such character. So Syed Nadzri please keep up with your principles and be the Syed Nadzri that we know for many many years.

  2. Anonymous12:16 am

    Finally! And I say good ridddence!

    We aint gonna miss you, penipu, penghianat & bangsat!!

  3. Anonymous2:40 am

    Has anybody read Syed Nadzri's column? I suggest you guys read it before congratulating him or wishing NST luck. I think NST can get a better GE then Syed Nadzri. There are so many talents in NST or outside but they had to go for this guy. We can only expect NST's circulation to fall further. Lets see how this Malay boy is going to save the UMNO controlled company.

  4. Anonymous4:06 am

    Dear Syed,

    So, finally you have arrived at the seat which had your name on it two years ago. I know Syed you must be apprehensive, probably wondering if your seat of power has come with the power. I guess that’s an apprehension that a lot of us share. We all know too brother, that you are not known to be a “street fighter”. That may have been on account of the previous managements’ reluctance to draw you into the ring of fire. Perhaps it may also have been attributed to your reluctance to put on your gloves.

    But that Syed is history. Today, you begin that first day in your life as the crusader whom the multitudes, both in and out of the NST, are counting on to do what is right by both the newspaper and the NST loyalists. Brother, whether you like it or not, the proverbial sword (not the intimidating keris) has been thrust in your hands. Wield it, you must, but wield it firmly and wield it justly.

    Syed, if there is one thing that’s going for you in this present equation is that what the current situation needs is a leader who cares, who can be trusted, who is passionate, and who has no sinister ulterior motives, who is just, and just as importantly a man who can motivate his team. And you my friend have all these qualities.

    Over the last decade and a half, the NST had grown into a place where trust ceased to exist, and was replaced by a culture that encouraged back-stabbing, toadying, and fear of being outspoken. Why, the previous managements even had their “plants” or spies if you like, on the editorial floor. Syed, the trusted man that you are, can put back that trust into the NST we all once enjoyed in the 70s. For, we all know you can’t stand people who bad-mouth fellow colleagues just to get into the good books of the bosses.

    Brother, we believe in you. It’s now up to you to believe in yourself.

    Leave the keris at home my friend, and take the proverbial sword to work with you. May the Almighty guide your hand always.

    Your old friend,

    Lazarus Rokk

  5. Anonymous4:16 am

    The old saying said:

    Real journalist can't be plagiarist,
    Fake journalist are trained to be a plagiarist,
    Fake journalist are trained to be a liar,
    Spy are trained to be a liar,
    They are copy and paste journalist.

  6. Anonymous9:15 am

    steady syed....tahniah.

    the hitman

  7. Anonymous9:17 am

    anon who asked if anyone had read nadzri's coulmn. Of course many have. and methinks he's the best writer-group editor/group-editor in chief since a.kadir jasin. Has better style than kadir, in fact, except kadir has proven he has the gumption nadzri will, too, no doubt. a lot better than ahmad talib. Can't compare with pereira because nadzri does not plagiarize. and he does not lie in his column like kalimullah. dollah ahmad writes very well and was brave too, but had credibility prob. now,

  8. Anonymous9:18 am

    Congrats to Syed Nadzri. May true and professional journalism prevail...

  9. Anonymous9:22 am

    me forgot one person and that is hishammuddin aun, the current group editor in chief. he has a major credibility problem but is a mystery as far as writing in the english language is concerned. once my team of spies is able to decipher his column in berita harian, we may be able to translate it into english - with the greatest difficulty, me assures - and then we probably can tell where exactly he sleeps betweeb the Liar and the great Plagiarist. thank you for the music guys!

  10. Anonymous9:36 am

    Dear Syed,

    We know you are a good guy and honest journalist. We know you don't plagiarise and, most of all, don't lie through your teeth like your boss, Kalimullah.

    We know you are a man of integrity and very sincere. But we are worried that you may succumb to your liar boss's whims and fancies.

    We aslo know that you stand up for your subordinates and bit the bullets on their behalf without telling asking for recognition.

    We also know that you are a sincere person who cares for his friends of all races.

    I don't agree with Rokk, who is also a good firend of mine, that you should leave your "keris" at home. On the contrary you should bring in daily just in case you had to fight matters of principles like freedom of speech & expression and plagiarism.

    May God guides you all the way through and give you the courage to take on all the frauds in the NST.

    All the best, Sdr Nadzri. As Rokk put it, you have finally arrived and be your self and fight for your principles.

    Nevertheless, congratulation to you and wish you well in your new undertakings. Please don't forget to buy us a few ... at the Press Club, when you are free.

    Your Chinaman friend

  11. Anonymous10:08 am

    NSTP & Utusan Suspended @ 9.56am pending announcements

  12. Anonymous10:54 am

    As someone who's worked for Syed Nadzri before, I must say that he deserves the Group Editor seat. Syed is a good reporter/writer/editor and he's very nice and humble too. He's the kind of boss that you just don't want to disappoint.

    I know there are a lot of uncertainties in the NST right now, but I'm sure Syed can handle it.

    So, good luck, my dearest boss (yes.. you're still my favourite!). Don't give up so easily okay? I think NST needs more people like you.. people who truly care for the paper and are still passionate about journalism.

    I actually miss you giving me my assignments and I miss covering the Umno general assembly with you. Heheh. Oh well.. take care now.. and God bless!

    ps./ Dear anonymous who wrote at 2.40am - I happen to like Syed's column. In fact, it's one of those few columns that are actually worth reading (to me lah, at least). If you think you can write better, go ahead lah. Try writing a whole page for NST, once a week, four times a month. Oh. By the way, try managing the newsdesk while writing those articles. And when you write, also think about the consequences of your writing, okay.. how it will affect the racial harmony and political stability of the country (not to mention NST's head honchos breathing down your neck) and all that crap. That's what Syed Nadzri has to go through week after week. Now if you think you can handle all that, and still write good articles, maybe you should send your resume to NST and jadi the Group Editor instead. Well, that's just what I think lah.

    Anyway, have a good weekend, everyone! :)

    - arni
    (you can take the girl out of NST, but you can't take NST out of the girl!)

  13. Anonymous11:22 am

    Tahniah Syed Nazri. jangan kau ikut macam depa-depa yang ada kat NSTP tu. Depa tu dah tak boleh pakai, dah banyak kali test dah. confirm dah reput...reput segala.
    Singaporian dok kondem Dato'Ahmad A Talib. Dia tu memanglah pelek orangnya. Dia tak ada stamina dan siapa yang tak tahan dengan dia memang tak sesuai. AKJ pun tak layan sangat dia. Itu pasai dia tak jadi GEIC masa rejim Kalimullah. Dia pun play safe punya kaki. Itu pasal dia tak masuk dalam rejim Kali. Pada depa, dia tak boleh bantu punya lah. Singaporian juga kata pasal Hishamuddin Aun. Dia memanglah teruk. Untuk ceremonial bolehlah dia ke depan. Itu pasal banyak kali dapat tengok dia dalam surat khabar. Kalau gua, gua malu lah nak tunjuk muka kat khalayak. Masa kawan pergi rumah terbuka bekas wartawan Berita Harian masa Zainuddin Ayip datang tu, gua dengar depa dok peleceh tulisan Hishamuddin. Mungkin ini menjawab komen Sisngaporian tulah kut yang menyebabkan orang NST pening nak translate story dia.

  14. Sdr Rocky,

    Saya menyertai Sdr dan para pembahas lain mengalu-alukan Sdr Syed Nazri sebagai Pemangku Pengarang Kumpulan NSTSB mulai hari ini.

    Tiada pesanan terbuka buat beliau di sini. If it means anything at all, I stand by my SMS to him dated Nov. 2, 2006.

    Sdr Syed, doa restu buat Sdr.

    There's no room for you to fail!

    Terima kasih.

  15. sayonara brandan p.... kah, kah, kah

  16. Turning point? I think it will turn a full 360 degress and will remain where it is today. There is no way NST can level up with the Star, not that the Star is great but it has some capable people to run it.
    Even Kali was a nobody when he was in the Star.
    Now Kali will make sure Syed writes with one hand tied to his back. Kali will call the shots and one day Syed will call it quits. When one is in a cesspool, you can't remain clean. No, there is no turning point for NST.

  17. Anonymous1:14 pm

    syed, don't listen to all the advice concerning your keris. you don't need keris in the nst. what you need is fair play and justice. what you dont need is to pander to the whims and fancies of the powers that be. what you don't need is to play to the gallery and play the race card and of course waving a keris. right now, there are many toadies who are licking your balls based on the number of comments praising you in rocky's brew. remember also that nst has many group editors who have been executed, exiled. remember you could be just another statistic. in the meantime, be yourself. in the meantime, everyone will be watching you, including me.

  18. Anonymous1:36 pm

    The plague of the plagiarist of the ages

    LET’S establish this indictment first: Brendan Pereira is NOT a journalist. He was never sown, grown and nurtured by true blue, hardcore scribes who regard the printed word as sacred text second only to the holy books in veracity and truth. If he had, the NST’s reputation could have been salvaged and the newspaper may have even regained the greatness it once commanded.
    Instead, Pereira manipulated the NST with sickening rancour, turning it into a clumsy “hypodermic needle” that injected a mean dope into the country’s nervous system, introducing bouts of spasmodic cowardice that reversed what this country had long stood and fought for – independence of thought, free-spirited criticism, national pride, supreme confidence, global defence of bullied nations and not an iota of bullshit to Singapore.
    In a space of three depressing years with the NST as the unfortunate tool and in symmetry with the dubious tenure of that drowsily decrepit Prime Minister whom Pereira helped haloed and canonised to the point of mindlessness, Malaysia was subverted into a 21st century version of the Dark Ages. Independent thought is discouraged, criticisms neutered, pride and confidence battered, the defender’s badge of honour sapped and worst of all, eating our own bullshit as we completely sold out to Singapore.
    With Kalimullah Hassan’s scrappy manipulation, Pereira and the 4th floor cabal that backed him exploited what was essentially a simple-minded donsie, non-complex peasant of a Prime Minister and turned him into a symbol of feebleness and depravity, debilitating all the psychological strong-mindedness that Dr Mahathir Mohamad imbued in the 22 years he vision quested Malaysia and built a slew of world class infrastructure that came with the ingrained confidence of Malaysia Boleh.
    With the cabal’s and Pereira’s crisis-prone intervention, problems that were once solvable became ridiculously cancerous:
     a Prime Minister who has to meekly defend his record while sounding like a tired cliché;
     an Umno echo chamber of pseudo-macho aggression of brandishing a feminine kris but in reality fearing the lost of power, privileges and easy million-ringgit contracts as Malays in general mature, ready to drop the repulsive crutches of the NEP;
     violent crimes escalating with police seemingly powerless to end them; and,
     Newsweek (in its Nov 25 issue) branding Malaysia as “drifting into extremism” but really, falling for the scare-mongering tactics stemming from the bluster of a handful of callow fanatics.
    Pereira’s indictment cannot be deduced as an error, misjudgment or foolhardiness. Far from it! It is in fact the opposite: a malevolently cold and clinically deliberate execution of the devaluation of the Malaysian spirit. Pereira came into the NST with pre-mediated plans to induce political chaos and socio-economic uncertainty in Malaysia.
    For a while, Pereira succeeded while the powers that be – the Cabinet, Umno Youth, State Governments – were lulled into a foolish torpor that ended only after some Cabinet voices – fed up of the having to mimic the tiresome eloquent silence – had the courage to raise the Pereira plague into a national issue.
    Oh, Pereira’s blatant plagiarism of Mitch Albom’s piece as a Gatling gun to maliciously attack Dr Mahathir during the fasting month helped justify the call for his head though it was not instrumental to his resignation.
    Now about Pereira’s plagiaristic ways: Back in 2004 in the weeks that Pereira was brought into the NST, a senior editor voiced this presciently: “Why is the NST hiring a known plagiarist?”
    The concern of that senior editor, now no longer with the NST, remained unanswered but Pereira’s plagiaristic ways was the ultimate molestation of whatever credibility is left within the NST. Any other journalist who knowingly committed plagiarism would have been sacked in the time it takes to write another worthless piece. But that if it’s another journalist. I have not known any No. 1 editor to brazenly commit such a measly piece of plagiarism. So, that’s also a first in the NST and perhaps in the journalistic world.
    Why Pereira committed what he shamelessly committed has an easy explanation: Pereira is simply an intelligence operative of Singapore deployed on a mission to destabilise, deconstruct and demean all the good that Dr Mahathir had fathered, cradled, reared and unleashed. It wasn’t a complicated mission in as much as it was fortuitously given to Pereira through the convenient positioning of Kalimullah as chief executioner of the cabal’s media and corporate agenda.
    Pereira might not be just a common agent. I suspect that he may have been trained in the fine arts of psychological warfare, Singapore-Mossad style; from the time he was recruited by the Singapore Straits Times and throughout the years that he became a mini-hatchet man for the newspaper in his time as their Kuala Lumpur correspondent.
    He and a big list of character assassins that include Ravi Veloo are perhaps the only pseudo-journalists who lent their names in court affidavits to support the Lee Dynasty’s lawsuit to cripple their streetfighting opponents. I cannot imagine any other journalists of any nationality or ideologue doing what Pereira and Veloo did. But they did it and with that their careers as field officers blossomed.
    Pereira’s dastardly plagiarism exposed, it was despairingly exasperating to witness him strut on the NST news floor as if nothing had happened. But why should it surprise us? He is after all NOT a journalist, just a Singapore intelligence operative doing his job with the connivance and tacit approval of the cabal.
    That the NSTP CEO Syed Faisal Albar had to come to Pereira’s defence is obnoxious bravura: the sap merely lent his name to the pathetic statement so obviously crafted by Kalimullah and nodded along by Hishamuddin Aun in the most cowardly escape clause. Editors who do not come to the defence of their own are worse than beasts that kill their own kind.
    That being the case, the NST, perhaps in the months to come after Pereira is thoroughly purge from its system, must launch an audit into every single of his columns, rewrites or hatchet jobs to verify its authenticity and make the necessary amends or reparations to anyone or any institution fouled in such reports. That is the catharsis needed to revive the morale and moral standing of the newspaper, if it is at all possible. This would be the responsibility that Syed Nadzri would have to inherit and painfully carry out.
    That stated, the dandiprat Pereira’s three-year reign can now be dismissed as a lottery of abnormal mess, one that we dearly hope will never recur for as long as there is such a vocation called journalism.
    However, his resignation may still not spell the end for Brendan Pereira. The reports that NSTP will merge with Utusan Malaysia, in the hilarious “Nestum” merger, may be the next conveyance belt for Pereira to continue his destructive madness. The cover he will assume is still hazy but for as long as Kalimullah rules the NSTP with unshakeable impunity, Pereira the Plagiarist will enjoy “diplomatic immunity” the way rogues, assassins and murderers are shielded from the legal process.

  19. Anonymous2:07 pm

    NSTman, u definitely another mole planted by Kali and Brendan. U better start licking Syed's balls now, your'e old master has left the building. Be a good dog, sit and shush.

  20. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Once in a while, we hear refreshing stories about the NSTP group. And this one is definitely one of them.

    I believe the fall (demise?) of Brendan a/l Pereira into total abyss spells a new beginning for NST. I also firmly believe Syed Nadzri could bring back the glory days of NST.

    We have been missing top rate articles from NST. Syed Nadzri is definitely an excellent writer, but because of his non-partisan approach to NST's internal politics, his column has been unjustly pushed to a small corner.

    Compared to Kali's, Syed Nadzri's articles are 10 times better. His writings resemble those of top notch writers in the west. There
    is passion, drama and more importantly, a clear message to be delivered.

    I consider his writings to be even better than Datuk Kadir Jasin. The right choice of words used and grammatically correct sentences, plus the ability to conjure up images of despair and happiness are the traits of a good writer and editor.

    Cast the Kali and Hishamuddin Aun factor aside. Syed Nadzri can move mountains if given a chance. And I believe the unseen hands at the 4th Floor will have to admit later that Syed Nadzri is the best person to shoulder this herculean task.

    Melayu Kampung

    Peace Brother!

  21. Anonymous4:48 pm

    The glorious history & traditions of NST, came to an abrupt halt the day when it came under UMNO's control.Since then editors have always operated with one hand tied behind their backs, making sure their owners agenda is put forth. Editorial intergrity, journalistic ethics etc.; were put aside for UMNO's cause and wants. Many editors fell away, cos' operating in such stifled atmosphere didnt seem to suit them.some tried hard, but eventually fell off, cos trying to report the facts accurately, able to give just and fair opinions, just did not jive with Umno's agenda. Thus,even if we have the best of editors to helm NST, they will not be allowed the freedom to just do their job. Can Syed Nazri raise himself above Umno's political agenda,politicians demands,& yet run a respectable newspaper! i have my doubts!

  22. Rocky!

    To Syed Nazri: Do not be a moron thats all!

  23. Anonymous11:17 pm


    if you are a true NST-man, you would have been happy with Syed Nadzri heading the NST. You do not seem to be happy with the change at all. You would have preferred to see Brendan, the plagiarist, sitting up there to do all the non-sense for the 4th floor boys and SIL.

    You seemed to support Brenedan the plagiarist and Kalimulah the famous liar, who refused to apologise for his lies even after it was exposed by none other than the PM himself.

    When one talked about "keris" one thought about COURAGE and not vioolence like what you nstman have been thinking. You should officially join teh 4th floor and we are sure that SIL will take you with open arm.

    Please go tot he 4th floor quickly so that NST will be spared by all the frauds.

  24. Anonymous11:38 pm

    Gua tunggu itu CEO Syed Faisal cakap mau sue itu BBC correspondence yg tulis pasal NST olang punya plagiat bg pihak Brendan P.
    Itu Syed diarah berbuat demikian lo..

    Sampai sekalang tarak belita.
    Itu Kali dgn CEO talak butir ka mau sue itu BBC punya olang.Memang lu olang tarak butir nanti lu orang sue itu BBC tembelang kebangangan lu olang semua akan diketahui seluluh dunia lo..
    Dia ingat ini LKY punya negala ka mau sue foreign press.Itu LKY itu pun sue pakai court dia sendili sebab takut kala oo..

  25. Anonymous12:07 am

    I know one person who is an excellent writer and capable enough to be the Group Editor of NST or even Group Editor in Chief of NSTP one day. That person is Ashraf Abdullah. Well, he has left the NST for the corporate world. Wish he would come back cause we miss him in the newsroom. Well, I miss him.


  26. Anonymous12:43 am

    Aiya, no need to get so excited about BP 'going on leave'. He'll still be dropping in and out of NST this month, I'm sure...

  27. Anonymous5:50 am

    Dear Rocky,

    To my mind, the paralysis inflicting the NST, cannot be seen in insolation to the cartharsis that has envelope Umno and by extansion the goverment. Actually, what is happening to the NST is just an extansion of the problems steming from Umno.

    Currently, Umno is at odds with itself- It has to be loyal to the prseident, but the president is, as far as we can tell, unduly influence by individuals who are repulse by Umno.Umno's strugle is anathema to these Singapore operatives, it represants the opposite of everything they have been indoctrinated to believe in by the island republic.

    So as you can see,for Umno to be consistant to itself, while being consistant to its President, who is consistant in being inconsistant to what Umno stands for is...(any volunteers?)

    What makes it worse is the fact that its one of the worse kept public secrets, that too many people in Umno knows about this but for one reason or the other, pretends that it doesnt exist.But old habits die hard, and the usual way that Umno operates still has its own momentum and pull, which even its own President is not entirely free from. Umno right now is like a guy whose believes in god but is an atheist at the same time-its a political contradiction in terms.

    Now, trying to balance this two diametrically opposed extremes while at the same time pretending that it doesnt exist is simply not possible-it creates an impasse. and since its been going on for awhile, this impasse creates a national tension which manifest itself in all kind of myriad ways- a demorallised NST, an Umno unsure of its own soul and a stalling national economy which has been sending out mixed and inconsistant signals by its own managers.

    So i do not think its fair for us to expect Syed Nazri to solve the problems currently in the NST, because the root causes of those problems originate from somewhere else, in a place outside his jurusdiction.Until Umno sorts itself out,we should just be happy that at least their woudnt be a plagiarist making commentaries and passing it of as straight reporting anymore. Anything more would be a bonus.

    And just in case Umno doesnt sort itself out..well, a national regurgitation in the next elections is long overdue

  28. Anonymous7:58 am

    Tahniah Syed Nazri... walaupun saya rasa yang lebih layak dinaikkan pangkat adalah Zainol dan Sagir.

  29. Anonymous1:24 pm

    bandit - i miss writing like this

    A malay named Tertullion - hilarious take on umno's identity crisis. i din see it till now :D

    syed - congrats. n i enjoy your column, am not really placed to say if it is good or not :D

    UMNO - pls get your ACT together, Malaysia depends on you. most still want to enjoy their life and have institutions to be proud of.

  30. Anonymous10:54 am

    Did you write that the plagiarist will go on leave on Dec 1? What dope have you been smoking? The bloody plagiarist is still lording on the NST newsroom. Perhaps someone forgot to told him to scram. Or maybe Syed Smut pulled a fast one on all of us when he announced the plagiarist's resignation. The Plagiarist is still giving out instructions and sitting at the newsdesk as if he is chained to the chair. Syed Smut now joins the ranks of the liars, spinners and cheaters. What a scam! Now we hear that the plagiarist may go on leave only somewhere near X'mas. That's not fast enough. Many people are disheartened not so much by the guy not getting lost but by the deception that is going on. They have used the NST like a prostitute. How much more can the Grand Old Dame spread her legs for these bastards? Hoi, Umno Supreme Council members who clamoured for Brendan's head? wake up! You just been conned!

  31. How is it possible that he's still employed? How come no one has fired him? If this were a truly respectable publication, he would have been thrown out onto the street before he could clear out his desk.