Sunday, October 22, 2006


KJ and his Fourth Floor apparatus from Putrajaya have been busy planning BIG things for the economy, which will include inter-GLC mergers and acquisitions and putting the "right" people at key institutions like the EPF.

One of the plans is to make Kalimullah Hassan, the former Singapore Straits Times operative and now editorial adviser of the NSTP, the Chairman of the Permodalan Nasional Berhad.

If Dr M had his way at today's meeting with KJ's father-in-law, Kalimullah won't get anywhere near enough to smell the leather on Ahmad Sarji's power seat and the RM50 billion in funds that the PNB manages.

If not, everything else is possible, too. Expect them to quickly try, once again, to also have a new governor for Bank Negara.


  1. Anonymous3:31 am

    OMIGOD! it is getting worse and worse.
    What kind of country is this when a 30 yr-old who holds no position in government (u cannot consider his deputy umno youth chief as a govt position. besides, he wasnt elected to that post), but has the POWER to appoint people to key positions in GLCs. GLCs where the money is.
    WHat kind of government do we have?
    Oh yes, in this day and age in Malaysia, nepotism has been brought to a new level. and not a good one.
    NST and now PNB? Only the 4th floor boys would do something like that, wouldnt they? they do not have the interest of the country at heart.
    Well, it is a serious breach of public trust if Kalimulah is even considered. Heaven forbid.
    We fear for PNB. PNB must fear for itself.
    Our Prime Minister has allowed this abuse to go on for too long. too long.

  2. Anonymous3:37 am

    oooh... these wet-behind-the-ears boys think that the GLCs are candy jars..
    these are public funds we are talking about.
    i hope, brother, this is just a rumour, you know, wild speculations. It is so frightening to think that Kalimullah may be appointed to head PNB. It is just so wrong.
    after the NST, the PNB.
    and everyone is just going to sit back, nay, lie back and watch?

  3. Anonymous3:45 am

    HAHAHAAAA, so, after wrecking the NST and the Malay Mail, Kalimullah and his trusted slave are leaving.
    The crap and shit that Kalimullah has brought to the NST will not be easy to remove. He has inflicted so much damage to the paper.
    BUT first -- seeing is believing. Bro, we'll see the outcome of the meeting between Tun and AAB.
    But, assuming it is true-- well and good for the NST. however, i will not speak too soon. Remember the mediocre GEIC who wants to be a millionaire is, well, still the GEIC.
    So, after ruining the NST and the Malay Mail, Kalimullah will now do his thing at PNB. MATI LAH PNB.
    We all pray for PNB.

  4. Anonymous3:51 am

    jikalau benar kalimullah hassan akan di beri jawatan pengerusi PNB, ini bermakna kita akan mempunyai seorang "singapore operative" mengetuai sebuah institusi permodalan yang penting dalam negara ini.
    bukan kah ini anti-national? tidak kah ini merbahaya memandang latar belakang kalimullah hassan yang mencurigakan?
    begini kah kita membuat perlantikan yang sangat penting? seorang seperti khairy jamaludin di beri kuasa yang amat dahsyat.
    Ternyata ada sesuatu yang tidak betul dalam pentadbiran negara.

  5. Anonymous3:54 am





  6. Anonymous3:56 am

    habis lah PNB. if it's true,then it is madness. definitely the work of people who do not care about the country.

    what! do they think it is their piggy bank?


  7. Anonymous4:31 am

    rocky's bru ... of the plans is to make Kalimullah Hassan... the Chairman of the Permodalan Nasional Berhad


    Ya Allah, Ya Tuhan Kami, yang Maha Pengasih & Maha Penyayang, Yang menentukan segala2nya,

    di Malam yang mulia ini ku mohon kpd MU agar enkau selamatkan Negara yang dicintai ini dari dirompak dan dihancurkan oleh mereka yang tamak dan haloba.

    Amin Yaa Robbal 'Alaamin.

  8. Anonymous4:58 am

    I strongly believe that the Beruk Hitam is after something no good and try his best, to ruin the meeting between the PM YDP Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and the former PM, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Diabolical that he is, many believe he is highly capable to do so!

    Funny protocol and tradition based precedent set about the meeting that I recall, when Tun Dr Mahathir was the Prime Minister, he CALLED ON the former Prime Ministers Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra and Tun Hussein Onn. Today, the immediate former Prime Minister is the still the one calling on the sitting Prime Minister.

    Isn't that a mark of arrogance, by the current guy?

  9. Hey BigGuyDotCom

    Fancy seeing you here after I posted rockybru’s piece on the meeting at kmunet. Lol.

    Yet you sarcastically pointed out that I missed the sampan simply because I didn’t see the same info you had posted there earlier which got lost among other postings.

    You one bigguy…dot with one big ego!

    Sorry bro bru. Just couldn’t help it!

  10. Anonymous6:29 am

    Send him back to the star where he came from. He can bring along all his loyalist like Aun, Pereira, Manja and Syed Faizal. What?????Tamil Nesan or Malaysia Nanban!!!! I don't think Sammy Vellu allows it lah.

  11. Anonymous7:08 am

    whats up with mis-tey and the bigdotguy, bru? sounds like a proxy fight to me.

  12. Anonymous11:23 am

    who is this kalimullah besides being a journo/editor?(with all due respect to the journalism profession)?
    He's known as businessman wannabe. I think all of us want to be businessman but what he's doing is taking a shortcut and KJ is also dump enuf to be fooled by him.
    He should just be `buang' negeri somewhere!

  13. Anonymous11:27 am

    perompak, lanun. daylight robbery right under everybody's noses.....(if it is true that a certain pengkhianat will be appointed to a mighty big position in a mighty big financial institution).

  14. Anonymous11:35 am

    dying to know the outcome of the meeting.
    there are the evil players lurking just waiting for any moment to play dirty.

    unlike these evil players who are self-serving, greedy, insecure, scared of their own shadows and terrified of others' -- we hope and pray for the best.

    you know, if Pak lah has not been reduced to what he is now, we would all pray that he would continue to lead the country, bring it to greater heights yadayadayada.....unfortunately he has shown serious weakness in his character, poor judgement, severe lack in leadership qualities etc.

    and we know who should be blamed for this!!!!

  15. Anonymous11:40 am

    Kali briefly served the late Tun Ghafar as press sec. He never got the job with Ghafar because Special Branch never “cleared” him.
    Reason: They found him working for the Singaporean government and recommended that it will be a security risk/breach to the country if he worked for the no2 and accessed some of the most confidential files. Now KJ and the 4th floor boys are thinking of appointing him as PNB chairman? Are they mad!...Well, only when you got a PM that sleep all the time…Tidurlah lagi… Paklah....I hope Dr M will jolt him this afternoon and hopefully, he will get up from his slumber....

  16. Anonymous11:56 am

    who is this kalimullah? why has he got a hold on KJ even?
    is there a chronicles of Kalimullah (like KJ's) somewhere i can read about?

  17. Anonymous12:01 pm

    to anonymous who said that kalimulah hassan is known as a businessman wannabe ---
    you couldnt believe that khairy can be so dumb as to be fooled by him.

    i can't say for sure. First Khairy is certainly not dumb. very smart -- to achieve his ambition by marrying the PM's daughter. but when his greed consumes him, he becomes bodoh -- example:the ECM Libra- Avenue thing.
    anyway my point is,Khairy needs Kalimullah as much as Kalimullah needs him. Khairy has got the power vis-a-vis very weakened father-in-law to give Kalimullah powerful positions in a cash-rich GLC, and after that they know what to do-lah about scratching each other's back.

    Rocky bro -- i hear there is so much unrest, unhappiness in the GLCs among the key senior experienced professional executives -- the CEOs about the way Khairy and 4th floor hidung berhingus boys are messing up the GLCs.
    I think they all know what they can do with these boys but protecting them are Pak Lah (thru son-in-law) and Nor Mohamad Yakcop (also thru Khairy).

    the point is,you can be young and and brilliant -- thats ok, you can teach us a thing or two. maybe we oldies in the corporate sector are a bit outmoded (unlikely)...but hey, we are game for fresh ideas.
    And you may have an impressive academic record, but if you are young, green, raw,wet-behind-the-ears-in-the-nose-and-God-knows-where-else ..and you are in that powerful position courtesy of your good friend PM's SIL and pals, sorry brudder....koyak-lah GLCs.

    that is the scenario -- arrogant greenhorns who think their high-achieving university qualifications and their connection with KJ gives them the licence to interview very experienced and senior CEOs for CEO positions..

  18. Anonymous12:16 pm

    khairy and boys want to control everything, eh? PNB, and gasp....BANK NEGARA!?!

    Bro, i hope, for the country's sake, we are all WRONG about these greedy dangerous boys.

  19. Anonymous12:21 pm

    nashthebash, you remarked:"Oh yes, in this day and age in Malaysia, nepotism has been brought to a new level. and not a good one."

    allow me to indulge, if i may -- in this day and age in Malaysia, nepotism has neen brought to a VERY DANGEROUS level.
    I fear for our beloved country if the antics of the PM's son-in-law and his mates are allowed to persist unabated, unchecked.
    My word! It should cease immediately. They should be stopped.
    They are meddling with the country's affairs. It is without the people's blessing!

  20. Rocky!

    Certain issues are definitely beyond good manners!
    The nerve of this Khairy Jamaluddin to spin in the NST about how he misses his late mother-in-law, Datin Seri Endon Mahmood (may she rest in peace). Not quite half way down his column I almost fainted from anger. All of Khairy's lies that he stretch in his column today in the New Sunday Times, coincided with the fact that his wife Nori had filed for divorce with the case coming up mid-Nov, as told to me by a friend who can be trusted for his source.
    Only evil people can do, at all costs, whatever it takes to win sympathy! Pak Lah please listen to Tun M, about the danger of your son-in-law and his grand design that will include Kalimuullah and certain powerful people in the finance ministry who is not Dollah Badawi to control Malaysia!

    To incapsulate! Khairy Jamaluddin lied about his relationship w1th the late Endon in his column in the New Sunday Times while the late Endon's daughter is filing for divorce from Khairy, so ladies and gentlemen go figure!

    (Khairy is doing what Dollah Ahmad Kok Lanas did to brag about his relationship with the late Tun Abdul Razak, for there is no way you can verify his ramblings as Tun Razak is dead)

  21. Selamat Hari Raya, Rocky.

  22. Anonymous2:19 pm


    dah gilake budak budak tu!!

    Tan Sri Ahmad Sarji we look up at him.

    Kali we look down on you.



    Selamat Hari Raya to You and family Bro and all your Muslim vistors.

    Maaf ya sekiranya terkasar bahasa dalam penulisan saya.

    Dengan izin Bro,

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to you to Pasquale.

  23. Anonymous2:36 pm

    "I STARTED off being terrified of Mum. When I started dating my wife, her father was oblivious to the fact until Nori told him. " Khairy Jamaluddin, Out of Cage xxx

    Pasquale, looks like some things haven't changed: her father is STILL OBLIVIOUS of many facts regarding now son-in-law until some tells him. Either he is so unobservant or KJ is good at hiding things from him.

    Anyway, interesting piece of rumour in your comment about Nuri filing for divorce from KJ. That's good news for that Maya girl, of course, but I'll beleive it when it happens.

  24. Anonymous4:04 pm

    How to know the outcome of the meeting? Will it be reported? Will there be reporters to ask questions to TDM and Pak Lah? Or a joint statement issued by both?

    Ayoh, suspense lah.

  25. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Bru, nothing much we can do if Kalimullah goes to PNB. If its really happen, I will the first to withdraw all my money from Amanah Saham with all my family members.

  26. Anonymous4:38 pm

    This is madness, if it is true Kalimullah goes to PNB.

    Dont what to say...if it is true. Decisions made which make no sense at all.

    This country will go to ruins at the rate KJ & gang are robbing & looting the country.

  27. Anonymous4:39 pm

    to nstloyalist, either you are mad or insane. kali didnt destroy nst, somebody (i think you know who) did. so get your facts right.

  28. Anonymous4:42 pm

    haq said...

    Kali we look down on you.

    May I add:

    Kali we look down on you & if I were to bump into you I will spit at yr ugly face. Tiada maaf bagi mu, you traitor & a sell-out to your country!

  29. Anonymous6:17 pm

    God bless Malaysia if KJ and his cohoots have their way.

    What a horrible thought!

  30. Anonymous10:45 pm

    How blind could Pak Lah be if Kalimullah really gets
    appointed chairman of PNB. Not to say insensitive to the
    feelings of the Malays.

    It’s like putting a robber & a thief in charge of yr money.

    It is an act of betrayal to the trust the Malays put in the Govt as custodian to safeguard their investments.


  31. Anonymous12:28 am

    this afternoon, nst man wrote ...
    to nstloyalist, either you are mad or insane. kali didnt destroy nst, somebody (i think you know who) did. so get your facts right.
    nstman, i'm afraid you are the one insane. if you meant to say that somebody else could be more destructive than kali, you are mad. and, to quote pasquale, you are a moron, bodoh and bangang. and - no disrespect to the generally good nst journalists - you, nstman, you are still there because you'll survive nowhere else?

    now, who could have destroyed nst if it's not kali? dollah ahmad kok lanas? that guy may have been a jerk, but he was a decent group editor in chief, a good writer, and he has got the bolls. he defended his reporters, selfish as he was as a person.

    kadir jasin? he had more bolls than dkl and a thousand kalis, he is brave and he did not kowtow to any minister, with the exception of daim (ok, that was bad but compare that with kali who kowtows to everyone, inclkuding samy, all sabah politicians, and even minister wannabes like kj, zaki, vincent, kamal).

    look at the numbers, too, you nitwit. kadir's time it was 190k, dkl's era 160k and they did not even have to shrink the paper,
    if your mentor kali had not shrunk the paper, assuming that it was the right thing to do, nst would be doing, what, 90k? (bcos as a tabloid it is doing just 120k).

    what duck are you talking about, man?

  32. Anonymous1:15 am

    as a sign of protest, we should all withdraw our investments in PNB companies if Kalimullah Hassan is appointed chairman of PNB.

    I dread to think what he and his buddies would do once they get hold of cash-rich PNB.

    We cant stop the appointment. We sure as hell can send our message-- a strong message.

  33. Anonymous1:25 am

    kepada umno supporter,

    susah ya, nak percaya budak 30 tahun yang tak berpengalaman dan tiada kedudukan dalam kerajaan di beri kuasa untuk control segala2 nya.
    tapi ini kisah benar. ini semua punca Pak Lah lemah, mudah diperdayakan anak menantu.
    Dalam hal ni, Umno benarkan keadaan ini berterusan. Umno sekarang bukan macam Umno dulu, Perjuangan sekarang ialah perjuangan fulus, wang, kontrak.
    lihat lah bagaimana seorang seperti Khairy yang tidak berpengalaman -- hanya beliau menantu Perdana Menteri -- di beri kedudukan oleh Pemuda Umno.Pemuda Umno sekarang haprak.
    Maaf lah...Umno lupa bahawa penyokong Umno bukan sahaja terdiri daripada ahli2 Umno. Kita orang Melayu yang menyokong Umno, Kalau Umno sudah tidak pentingkan perjuangan orang Melayu, bermakna, Umno tidak lagi relevant kepada kami.

  34. Anonymous2:11 am

    the circulation figures speak for themselves. during kadir's time, it was about 115,000. during dollah's time about 128,000. now it is about 150,000. need i say more.

  35. Anonymous10:51 am


    say no more...

    150,000 for NST now..that is not correct. go check your circulation figures.

    Kali has ruined the NST.

  36. Anonymous3:08 pm

    ok...let me put it as simple as possible so that our sad little PM can understand.

    If i want to apply for a job, i would need to send in my resume, right?

    My potential employer would judge my capabilities by my past performance, right?

    and which performance of Kali qualifies him for PNB's chairmanship?

    If Kali can successfully bury NST, you can be sure your modal in the PNB will also follow suit.

    that person KALI cant even manage a chicken coop without driving it to bancrupcy!

    This one is on you, Pak Lah. You have no excuse to say "i dont know".