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  1. Anonymous10:08 am

    I wish all Malaysian Hindus a VERY HAPPY DEEPAVALI.


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  3. Anonymous10:17 am

    During this joyous "Festival of Lights," let us celebrate peace,love and hope.

    Let us celebrate life!

    To all Hindus,I wish you a very very happy deepavali

  4. Rocky!
    I will not lie to you!
    At last count I only have seven real Hindu-Malaysians friends that we can depend on each other, and only six Hindu-Malaysians that are really like family to me. One couple will look after my daughter when we have to go away away. We are a real family. Unfortunately that only adds up to only seven friends and six like family which make thirteen Hindu-Malaysians that I really know in this entire country caled Malaysia.

    The rest of the Hindus in this country are not really my brothers or sisters. They arejust my fellow Malaysians, for example like DAP Kulasegaran.Except for the thirteen that I realy know the rest are just my fellow Malaysians that, like me, are lucky enough to call this country ours, so lets us not DUCK it!

    I and my family wish very Merry Happy Deepavali to my special thirteen Hindu friends that I really know, and to the rest of Hindu-Malaysian! May God Bless Us Everyone (including ugly squinty Chinaman from across the straits!)

    Shalom Beit!

  5. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Brother Rocky, My wife and I wish you Happy Deepavali and selamat berpuasa dan berHari Raya.

    Thank you for your postings on the Deepavali confusion. We were afraid some of our friends woult be scared to celebrate with us bcos of the Takaful mail.

    You made sure that didn't happen. Thank you sir.

    Raji Jb.

  6. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Happy Deepavalli to all! I am sitting here trying not to think about the Deepavalli treats because I'm fasting. To feel in the spirit, am wearing my shalwar kameez. Tonight I have several Deepavalli open house invitations but can't go because I have to go to a Chinese wedding!! That's Malaysia, my beloved country.

    Happy holidays everybody, peace and love to all!

  7. Anonymous12:21 pm

    let me wish you a selamat hari raya, brother.

    you are a true malaysian.

    thank you for posting the takaful officer's reminder to its staff about deepavali wishes to hindus. That got The Star to follow up and cleared the air for us Malaysians.

    God Bless you and your struggle for a better Malaysia.

    rahul and famiy

  8. Rajendran and Rahul, I'd like to thank the Star for taking what I wrote seriously. They followed through and helped resolve the deepavali-Takaful issue instead of trying to demonize that guy from takaful. Like poster Arasu said the other day, we should embrace people like fauzi and make them understand. But what an ex Spore ST operative, who, after making the mistake of privately pooh-poohing the star for following up this blogger's lead, did was to demonize this small man Fauzi in his column!!

  9. Anonymous2:41 pm

    To all Malaysian,

    Happy Deepavali & Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin.

    Thank you Rocky for making this Deepavali a truly memorable one for peace loving Malaysian.

    May God bless us all !

  10. Anonymous2:57 pm

    that singapore operative in the NST who whack that Takaful guy did what he is so good at --- whacking the already-whacked...the easy targets. he and his master, Lord Kali, are able to do the easy things.
    also, isnt it nice to whack that takaful man...demonise him.

  11. Anonymous6:11 pm

    Wishing all my fellow Malaysian Hindus a Happy Deepavali and happy holidays to everyone!


  12. Anonymous6:25 pm

    THANKS, ROCKY, for embracing diversity and for respecting others.

    a discussion:

    the fatwa:
    even MOTHER'S DAY is wrong! ("Hari Ibu adalah satu contoh perayaan yang sangat digemari oleh masyarakat Malaysia yang disadur dari perayaan orang bukan Islam")

    a NON-hindu, NON-muslim

    ps. GREETINGS to BOTH hindus + muslims, HAPPY D-E-E-P-A-R-A-Y-A!!!!!


    One of these days, when the dates are just right, the planets are aligned precisely in the correct formation and the sun rises from the East, there will be the mother of all celebrations where we'll have ALL the festivities in one week.

    Imagine shopping complexes opened 24/7 and open houses in every single community.

    Only in Malaysia. Peace to all.

  14. Anonymous2:47 pm

    Looks like the Takaful's Deepavali issue made it into news abroad!

    Congrats, Pak Lah.

    Malaysia celebrates Diwali
    NDTV Correspondent

    Sunday, October 22, 2006 (Kuala Lumpur):

    Malaysia celebrated Diwali despite a recent controversy after a senior official called the Hindu holiday blasphemous.

    Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Saturday wished Hindu Malaysians "Happy Deepavali" seeking to end the controversy.

    Badawi said joint celebrations for Diwali and Eid were good for national unity in the multi-cultural country.

    Malaysia's 26 million population is 60 per cent Muslim Malay, 25 per cent Chinese and 10 per cent Indian, who are mainly Hindus and Christians.

    The government has carefully nurtured racial harmony between the three races since deadly riots in 1969, and the country is often hailed as a model of coexistence for other multi-cultural nations. (With wire inputs)

  15. Anonymous11:53 am

    One does wonder whether Mohd Fauzi and Pope Benedict were trained by the same teachers. Obviously their gift of PR is bloody marvelous, to say the least. Enough to make one want to call on all relatives and friends and their relatives and friend and troop to Takaful to buy more insurance so that Takaful may make more money and could give Mohd Fauzi a hefty raise so that he may be able to come up with similar intellectual insights so that he may continue to baffle us with his brilliance. On the other hand he may also continue dazzle his brothers in ISLAM with his bullshit.

    Tuan/puan warga kerja Takaful Malaysia yang dihormati,

    Marhaban Ramadhan, semoga kita semua mendapat manfaat dan keberkatan daripada bulan yang mulia ini.

    Sebagaimana yang tuan/puan sedia maklum bahawa selain dari perayaan
    AidilFitri yang akan disambut oleh umat Islam pada bulan ini, penganut agama hindu juga merayakan 3 perayaan mereka seperti yang disebut dalam
    subjek di atas.

    Sukacita saya ingin maklumkan bahawa kakitangan Takaful Malaysia perlu berhati-hati dengan ungkapan ucap selamat sempena perayaan tertentu yang selain daripada perayaan yang terdapat dalam Islam. Ucap selamat tersebut
    mestilah diteliti impilikasinya terutama yang melibatkan hukum dan

    Antaranya ialah ucap selamat Happy Durga Pooja atau Durga Pooja Greetings.

    Ia bermakna selamat menyambut hari kebesaran Dewi Durga. Sambutan ini
    adalah festival yang paling penting bagi orang-orang Hindu. Ia
    menandakan ketaatan dan kepatuhan kepada Dewi Durga yang dianggap sebagai Mother of the Universe. Ia disambut oleh oleh penganut agama Hindu pada hari-hari berikut:

    29 Sept 2006 - Durga Pooja - Saptami
    30 Sept 2006 - Durga Pooja - Mahastami
    01 Okt 2006 - Durga Pooja - Navami
    02 Okt 2006 - Dussehra - Vijaya Dasami

    Untuk makluman tuan/puan, Durga Pooja mengikut kepercayaan penganut
    agama hindu adalah tuhan dewi yang mempunyai tangan yang banyak dan bersilang yang biasanya kelihatan di kuil-kuil hindu.

    Antaranya lagi ialah ucap selamat Happy Deepavali atau lebih dikenali di Benua Kecil India dengan nama Happy Diwali. Deepavali atau Diwali menandakan kemenangan kebaikan mengatasi kejahatan. Ia berkaitan dengan
    agama hindu juga di mana mitosnya bagi penganut agama hindu di Malaysia ialah tuhan agama hindu yang bernama Krishna telah membunuh Narakasura. Lalu penganut agama hindu merayakan kemenangan ini dengan menyalakan lampu
    serta berpesta. Manakala mitos di Benua Kecil India pula ialah
    kemenangan Ramayana membunuh Ravana.

    Mengikut kepercayaan hindu, sempena perayaan deepavali mereka akan menerangi rumah mereka dengan cahaya kerana dewi Lakshmi iaitu dewi kekayaan akan berkunjung ke rumah yang diterangi cahaya dan akan memberkati keluarga terbabit. Oleh itu perayaan Lakshmi Pooja akan diadakan 2 hari sebelum deepavali untuk mendapatkan rezeki dan berkat yang berganda.

    Setelah meneliti ketiga-tiga perayaan tadi maka jelaslah ianya ada kaitan secara langsung dengan kepercayaan agama hindu. Seluruh kakitangan Malaysia adalah dilarang untuk mengucapkan ucap selamat kepada ketiga perayaan
    di atas dan lain-lain lagi yang sepertinya kerana ianya boleh menyebabkan berlakunya syirik. Budaya korporat Takaful Malaysia yang bersendikan Syariat tidak mengizinkan ianya berlaku sekalipun untuk pelanggan yang
    beragama hindu atau agama lain yang mana ucap selamat tadi membabitkan tuhan mereka. Ucapan Happy Durga Pooja, Happy Lakshmi Pooja dan Happy Deepavali seolah-olah mengucap selamat buat tuhan hindu yang bernama Durga, Laksmi dan Krishna. Dan ianya jelas bertentangan dengan akidah Islam.

    Allah berfirman dalam surah ali-'Imran ayat 18 yang bermaksud: "Allah telah bersaksi bahawa tiada tuhan selain Dia". Dalam surah Muhammad ayat 1 Allah
    berfirman yang bermaksud: "Maka ketahuilah bahawa tiada tuhan selain Allah".

    Bagi mereka yang telah terlanjur mengucap selamat kepada penganut hindu seperti ketiga-tiga greetings di atas maka hendaklah segera bertaubat dan tidak mengulanginya lagi pada masa-masa akan datang.

    Semoga usaha kita untuk mengamalkan Syariat sebagai budaya korporat Takaful Malaysia diberkati Allah dan mencapai kejayaan yang kita harapkan.

    Sekian untuk makluman. Terima kasih.

    i-CARE (integrity - Customer Focus, Accountability, Respect,
    Entrepreneurship) Strengthening the Organization Culture towards a World Class Organization


    Shariah Dept
    CEO's Office

    Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad (TAKAFUL MALAYSIA)
    Level 10, Main Block
    Dataran Kewangan Darul Takaful
    No.4, Jalan Sultan Sulaiman
    50000 Kuala Lumpur