Friday, October 27, 2006


Kali and Brendan. Why did Dr Mahathir implicate the two in his latest statement?

A. Because they are former Singapore Straits Times operatives who wrote affidavits for the PAP government?
B. Because one is a Singapore Permanent Resident who is turning the (Malaysian) government's mouthpiece into a joke?
C. Because the other is a published liar and uses the Umno-owned media conglomerate to serve his and his real political masters' interests?
D. Because these are very bad people?

Whatever Dr M's reason, do know this: the word "venom" had never been in Abdullah Badawi's vocabulary. No journalist or politician I spoke to remember the man formerly known as Mr Nice to have used "venom", let alone "doses of venom", for his adversaries.

Certainly, Malaysians did not expect the PM to have thought of using venom to describe one of the fathers of Malaysia.

Incidentally, Brendan has been known to prefer this V word in his commentaries on Umno and Dr M's leadership, even since his days as correspondent of the Singapore government's mouthpiece. Just some samples to get you to Google on:

"When Abdullah does speak ... his words are not likely to be steeped in venom." [8 June 2006]
"No one was spared his venom." [11 Dec 2005]
"Some of the most venomous attacks .. on (KJ)." [11 July 2004]
"He sounds bitter and makes no attempt to disguise his venom." [15 Dec 2000]


  1. Anonymous12:27 pm


    hahahah....Nice one!

    *Selamat Beropen House

  2. Anonymous12:48 pm


    You are THE real pain in Kali's and Brendan's rears. And by extension to the PM's well-formed behind. You really crew, figuratively speaking of course, their well stuffed rears.

    Until Kali dan Brendan "diturunkan" at the NSTP and Hisham appointed to be their supplicating "abdi", the venerable group was, for good or evil, run by professional editors -- late Lee Siew Yee, Samad Ismail, late Nordin Sopiee and A Kadir Jasin (as editors-in-chief).

    Dollah Kok Lanas, a Mahathir appointee, broke the chain of professional editors. He was a mixture of politician, businessman and provocateur. He nearly ruined the NSTP's reputation.

    When Pak Lah "datangkan" Kalli to the NSTP, he introduced a totally evil breed of pretenders. Kalli was neither an editor nor a genuine journalist. He dabbled in everything from propganda, business, intrigue and supplication.

    Remember his botched attempt to become Ghafar's Press Sec? His botched attempt to build an airport on a man-made island in Kedah with Sanusi's help? Remember his attempt to suck up to Mahathir by writing atricles condemning the foreign Press during the 1997/98 crisis published by the NST?

    Brendan is nothing more than LKY's beast of burden. LKY used him to sue the fledgling Singapore oppositions. Shameless mercenary he was and still is. In the NST he writes about openess of Pak Lah. In Spore he consorted with the LKY Dynasty to stiffle freedom and democracy.

    He was full of VENOM against the brave Singapore oppositionists. Now he is using the same VENOM to demonize Mahathir and Malaysian democrats.

    Does the PM care? He should. These very same people will turn against him when his power is gone. Now they are dedicating their vemon to kill Mahathir and keep Najib in check. In future they use the same venom to kill Pak Lah for the sake of their own survival.

    So Pak Lah be forewarned!

    Umno is dead, long live Umno!

  3. Anonymous12:55 pm

    Ular ada bermacam ular
    Ular sawa dan ular air
    Ular kapak kepala besar
    Ular bisa menyunsur akar.

    Yang mana satu Brandan dan Kalli
    Ular kapak atau tedung yang ditakuti?
    Atau ular air dalam sawah padi
    Kena racun serangga habis mati?

  4. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Tun had raised valid questions on the current situation related to Pak Lah's administration.

    It has been raised almost seven months ago and the Pak Lah had not answered in full transparency instead Pak Lah is getting very personal in his reaction now.

    All what we see to date are the bad scenarios painted by the mainstream medias about Tun our beloved statesman and a visionary leader.

    Kali and Brendan never rest to intimidate the Tun with their lies and deceptions (zionist model). These two fellas never even take the spirit of Aidil Fitri and Deepavali to even apologise to their readers on the lies they had wrote.

    What is more obvious now, it seems like there is a popularity contest between Tun and Paklah. Everyday the electronic media depict scene of who's open house draws more crowd.

    When Tun made a proper media statement, they twist it as though Tun is putting more fire power in his criticism. That statement is to prevent further spinning and when they can't find a way to spin it, they twist its intention.

    Today the youth leader spit the same tagline....kami sokong.....kami sokong.....kami sokong.....Pak Lah. For sure they have to sokong for their political and financial survival, who in their right mind would not if the wealth they created thus far generated from being an BNputras.

  5. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Byk sgt negative headlines about Dr M... media tolonglah redakan keadaan instead of mengapi2kan perasaan rakyat.

  6. Anonymous2:28 pm

    I think AAB kena charmed! - by SIL & gang.
    How else to explain his silly actions (as indicated by Raja Petra in Heads I win, Tails you lose in Malaysia Today)

  7. Anonymous3:08 pm

    That's it. The country's doomed. No FDI coming in, political instability on the rise, top university dropping in ranks, above-the-law councillors, stories blown-out-of-proportion by the media, and frivolous pursuits set to continue (like borrowing tech to send man to space).

    It seems like the top people are very concerned about popularity, 'support', and ultimately, votes. This explains the media-hype on taming the Rempits. They pledge support for the PM regardless of conscience, without questions (because simply, it "cannot be questioned").

    These people are playing it safe, saving their own asses before anything else.

    Meanwhile, the ordinary joes who choose to remain rather apolitical, continue to live each and everyday working hard in harmony. Trust me, I am one of them.

  8. Kita ingatkan power benar orang Melayu. Dari segi lagak ketuanannya, bukan main lagi. Tapi alih-alih kena tipu juga dengan penjual kain yang orang akan errr... pukul dulu kalau terjumpa serentak dengan ular tedung.

    Takkan Melayu hilang di dunia: kata-kata hikmah Hang Tuah yang bermaksud Melayu akan terus berada di dunia, tapi nasibnya entah siapa yang tahu.

    p/s. Hang Tuah hilang kemana ya?

  9. Kita ingatkan power benar orang Melayu. Dari segi lagak ketuanannya, bukan main lagi. Tapi alih-alih kena tipu juga dengan penjual kain yang orang akan errr... pukul dulu kalau terjumpa serentak dengan ular tedung.

    Takkan Melayu hilang di dunia: kata-kata hikmah Hang Tuah yang bermaksud Melayu akan terus berada di dunia, tapi nasibnya entah siapa yang tahu.

    p/s. Hang Tuah hilang kemana ya?

  10. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Dear Rocky and friends

    Fear not. ALL VENOM has its penawar or antidote, you just need to identify which speices of snake the VENOM comes from. For the VENOM spewing out from the likes of the despicable Singapore PAP operatives Brendan and Kali that Penawar comes in the form of our good doctor Dr Mahathir.

    We the common people are behind Dr Mahathir and we support 110% his right as a Malaysian who had served his country, religion and race with utmost distinction to criticise the current leadership when they veer from the right path.
    Afterall isn't it Pak Lah who talks about openness and transparency as one of his visions?

  11. I have seen it again and again. A good man but severely incompetent, or an efficient and effective man, but severely vindictive. I've seen it played out in office politics, and now we all see it live on stage in the Malaysian political drama.

    What would you have chosen?

  12. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Reading this article + all that have been hapening as of late makes me sick in the stomach. I can't think of a word that can describe the current crisis. Pak Lah is setting a precedence to the younger generations on what can be done to Ex-Leaders! What goes around comes around. "Bangsa Mengenang" no more.

  13. KH and BP can spin as much as they want but they have their achille's heel.


    This guy can't drive out of the parking lot on his own even if KH/BP put exit signs in bright neon lights at every turn.

    Just imagine -
    KH - Now what?
    BP - Well, we wait till he runs out of gas, I suppose.
    KH - Yeah, right. Then, we'll look like knights to the rescue.
    BP - Yes, boss. But there's a small problem.
    KH - And that is...
    BP - Have you noticed he's already snoozing again.
    KH - *#//!&%
    BP - *#//!&% (or ditto).

    Moral of the story - Even snakes need to replenish their venom.

  14. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Pak Lah is trying to gain sympathy from the people by saying how hurt he was by Tun's venomuos words. Well, do you really think that Tun was enjoying the unruly attacks lambasted at him by the mainstream media and the brown noses ministers!! Tun should feel worst than Pak Lah after what he has done for the country. I felt sick when Pak Lah gave excuses that he refused to get into an argument with Tun bla..bla..bla, whereas the fact that he chickened out because he knew where he stands when compared to Tun..yeah down there right underneath Tun's foot and yet he declared to the world that he did not want to confront Tun because he wanted to give Tun more time to speak. No wonder he loves Kali and Brendan so much because he is the spin master, better than both Kali and Brendan combined!!

  15. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Why does Pak Lah think he is above criticism? You are an elected leader, you just can't have everyone praising you and tugging their forelocks, shuffling in obeisance. We leave that to the Cabinet.

    If anything, it is Tun who has the most right to kutuk where he sees fit. Heck, if you spent 22 years building up a nation, and you see your chosen screwing it up big time, I'd be ballistic as well.

    By the way, I voted for the BN (as always), not for AAB per se. But fat hopes, BN in the next election. My vote goes to the Opposition.

    Lovely to see the Lat cartoon today of Pak Lah on the Good Ship Lollipop. Is it one of his son's 180 vessels? Or is it the SS Titanic?

    As for Pak Lah's rebuttal that Tun's sons got more than his, is that what we've descended to? "Your sons one bigger than mine?" Let's not forget Tun was in power 22 years. AAB only 3 and his family is busy kebas-ing all.

    The whole AAB junta seems to forget that the bulk of them were in Tun's govt. There is such a thing as collective responsibility for whatever Tun's decisions made then which they now kutuk. If anything, it only reflects on their characters. That they were willing to sit quietly, toady and goosestep as long as they were in power. Pussilanimous then, pussies now. It smacks of the Nazis' defence of "I vas only following orders."

    Was gobsmacked to read of the letter AAB wrote in aid of his brother-in-law. Shameful. This from someone who has put himself on a pedestal of clean hands. So far, all I can see are that his policies seem to benefit businesses run by his family, what with the batik, food production, transportation.

    In Tun's days, you couldn't watch the news or read that papers without the old man popping up everywhere touring factories, having foreign dignataries visit, trade missions etc. Now, hardly a mention. No wonder, our FDI is plunging.

    I pray for the old man. At 81, his mind, and tongue, is as sharp as ever. Shudder if anything happens to him before we get the Witless Wonder out of office.

  16. Anonymous9:20 pm

    Clark Gable Of Pulau Duyung signing , in Hari Raya Mood..

    Went to see beloved PD and visited the museum ...poverty all around with million dollar yachts coming to visit soon.

    How I wish to visit TDM and His Family for Hari Raya..anyway my belated Selamat hari Raya To TDM and Family.

    Dato'Idris Jusoh the MB made famous by his PD swindle ,had a close door meeting with UMNO youth and ungratefully announced to all that they should abandon TDM .He equate TDM to one Ibrahim The Frog Prince in standing...some members walked off disgusted....

    Melayu mudah lupa Tun

  17. Rocky! THis is for Nori with all respect!

    Nori! The whole UMNO member and stalwart will genuinely give your dad a solid support provided if he cut off Kalimullah and Brandon from his scheme of things and to do it for the sake of the country!
    The Malays will also endorse your husband Khairy Jamaluddin, or KJ, as he is fondly known, to be the next Malay leader to lead the country. KJ has the looks, the height and sound education, but provided if he publicly, in which ever way he wants to do it, renounced both Kalimulah and Brendan. He can do this by taking back all the Malay journalists who were forced to thake the VSS. Youd husband can start by taking back Rocky into the NST stable after he forced our the two most venomous people there! If both your dad and husband can do this the country will once again smile with happiness. Thank you and Selamat Hari Raya!

  18. Anonymous10:21 pm


    Kalau dah @#$%^& tu...@#$%^& jugak! Kalau zaman Melayu Melaka dulu..ular lagi baik dari dia orang ni!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  19. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Atex Generation

    Kadir Jasin professional editor? You gotta be kidding! And I think you are becos you mentioned him in the same breath with Lee Siew Yee and Samad.

  20. Anonymous12:07 am

    Hamminder Singh,

    At least the Mahathir disciple AKJ wrote in Malay and English. He also edited BH and worked for BT.

    Siew Yee and Nordin wrote in English only. Samad Ismail was great in both languages. They spent many years in the NST before they became editors.

    Kalli and Brendan are Maggi Mee editors. Can Kalli and Brendan write in Malay and Hisham in English?

    Siew Yee, Samad, Nordin and Kadir built the editorial membership of the NST. Kok Lanas and Kalli sacked them via VSS and outright sacking.

  21. Anonymous12:37 am


    Just bumped into some BH boys at a coffeeshop. These are makan gaji fellows. They usually don't say much. They take all the crap. But today they were very talkative. They were full of venom against Kalli and Hisham.

    It was never like this. These fellows accepted whoever that was put as their boss; Salim Kajai, Samad Said, Ahmad Sebi, Kadir Jasin, Nazri Abdullah, Yunus Said and Rejal Arbee.

    But they really hate Kalli and Hisham. They said they're lobbying Umno to remove Kalli and Hisham. They want BH to be out of NST.

    They may not succeed but at least they are talking. They have little respect for current NST/BH leadership.

  22. Anonymous1:23 am

    After reading your posting, now I understand 2 reasons why the PM said nothing during the meeting with Dr M.
    One, the conversation was being recorded.
    Two, PM had to regroup later with his spin-masters to see what best to say.

    Looks like his real test would be to have a live debate.Then we can see his calibre as a PM.

  23. Anonymous1:24 am

    After reading your posting, now I understand 2 reasons why the PM said nothing during the meeting with Dr M.
    One, the conversation was being recorded.
    Two, PM had to regroup later with his spin-masters to see what best to say.

    Looks like his real test would be to have a live debate.Then we can see his calibre as a PM.

  24. Anonymous3:14 am

    Bro Rocky

    TDM spoke for all Malaysians from all walks of life. I just wonder why Lim Kit Siang, the so-called Opposition Leader, was extremely quiet an doblivous about the allegations by TDM agaisnt the PM, Khairy,Kamaludin, Kalimulah & Brandon Periera (the two Singapore Operative.

    I owuld have thought that as teh Opposition Leader he would have jumped on the allegations by TDM and press for answers in Parliament. I am surprised with a vateran politican who cannot feel the pulse of the nation over TDM's allegations agaistn Khairy, Kamaludin, Kalimulah and Brendan Pereira. Of course, not forgeting the "Mr I Do Not Know" the PM.

    Perhaps it was not surprising why Kit Siang is keeping quiet. If he spoke up he and his son, Lim Guan Eng, will never got a full page interview in the NST again.

    The majority o fthe educated Malaysians knew about the excesses of Khairy, Kamaludin, Kalimulah and Brnadon Periera except Lim Kit Siang, who is the Opposition Leader, and his son, Lim Guan Eng, the Sec Gen of DAP.

    The PM is oblivous about the feelings of Malaysians and the Oppositon Leader is also oblivious about the corrupt practices / corruption by Khairy, Kalimulah and Kamaludin. Rocky, have you ever heard of Lim Kit Siang, who alwyas wants us to beleive he is the fighter agaisnt corruption and we know he is very selective in his target on corruption, deamnded setting up of a Royal Commission to investigate into the alelgations agaisnt Khairy, Kamludin and Kalimulah by TDM.

    Lim Kit Siang, please do not pretend anymore we do know you are playing balls with "Mr I don't know", Khairy, Kamaludin, and Kalimulah. You may get the favourable publicity in NST but the public is not stupid to believe you, Khairy, Kalimulah and Brnadon Periera.

  25. Anonymous7:14 am

    Good pickup. This is what good journalist are suppose to do. Its how great papers used to be built on.

    The question is does the PM truly understand what it means to have people like Brendan put words in his mouth? I have a sense he does not. The man is a bit slow..

    As a rule, I think a leader that has subordinate take things to a level I have not approved is something unwise. Its different from having them do my dirty work with implicit approval. This is taking things to level that is not in the leader's character. It gives the signal of weakness of leadership and generally these kinds of followers are unreliable. A mistake or a series of mistake and it is to the leader's disadvantage and giving excuse later is not really forgiven.

    Its one thing to be a boot-licker, its another to be a out-of-control one.

  26. Anonymous7:38 am

    old stone sub, also kadir jasin dealt with issues bravely. He was willing to get into the soup criticising the government and he did, too, more than a couple of occassions. He's old school, same school from which Pak Samad had his Phd while Kadir grad with honours. Kali and brendan are still kindergarten material. Sekolah makan we used to call it. Also, AKJ fought for his reporters and editors. Kali the two-headed cobra fight only for himself, write about himself, and drools over Dollah all the time.

  27. Anonymous7:49 am

    Kit has been comrpomised, I dare say. Look at NST's back issues, Bru, you'll find a piece Kali wrote, a glossary on his "friend" Kit. Singapore taught Kali that: write a good profile pieces about your someone you want to compromise and then move in on the subject. It's Intelligence 101 for Straits Times of Singapore operatives. So whenever Kali and Brendan write something exceptionally good about someone, be suspicious.

  28. Anonymous8:02 am

    Dingding! You're brilliant! The tape recorder! Now it's clear why El Silent couldn't say much! Now tell us, when do you think we'll get to hear the tapes?

  29. Anonymous8:16 am

    Kali's & Kit Siang's friendship went long way back when Kali was in the Star.

    Kit used to call up Kali (I know it ... I used to answer Kit's call & overhead their conversation) for information on Umno becuz Kali gave the impression he was closed to the Umno leaders then, which was bullshit!

    The person who had contacts with Umno & Pemuda Umno was actually Zainal Epi. When you talk abt contacts with Umno, Zainal was the man.

    Anyway, we used to feed kali with misinformation cuz we knew he'd passed them to the foreign corresponsents & whoever he thought would want them.

    And we'd gleefully laughed behind Kali's back.

    That's kali for you.

  30. Anonymous8:42 am

    Sdr Rocky,

    Just a thought about dealing with venomous snakes.

    The Malays have a saying: Ular dipukul biar mati, pemulu jangan patah, tanah jangan pecah.

    But looking at the way Umno is dealing (or not dealing) with the situation in the NSTP in the last three years, I am afraid "ular dipulul tak mati, pemalu patah dan tanah pecah."

    Worse still it gets bitten.

    Just a thought for Sunday brother.

  31. Anonymous9:49 am

    Sdr Rocky,

    It should be "pemalu" not "pemulu" in the earlier posting. Sorry.

    Coming as I did from a village, I am all too familiar with snakes.

    Even where I now live, we have cobras and the non-venomous ular daun -- tree snakes.

    That's because snakes have now urbanised and civilised (hadhari-ed). Or because we took their habitats away from them.

    So far, we had cobras entering our house three times. Only one was killed (by the guards). I shoo-ed (not shoot) the other two away.

    Actuall snakes, even the venomous ones, are not dangerous if we know how to handle them. Look at the snake charmers!

    My late grandma was bitten by a cobra and she suffered until she died. The snake was hiding in her rice jar.

    In Malaysia we have many varieties of snakes. The better known ones are king cobra (tedung sela), cobra (tedung), pit viper (ular kapak), ular sawa, ular katam tebu, ular punti, ular tikus, ular guni buruk, ular air and more.

    So snakes and venom are familiar to me. Venom can be turned to serum to treat snake bites.

    But according to myth, snakes can also charm humans. So beware! Don't look at a snake in the eye.

    Thank You.

  32. Anonymous10:53 am

    A Kadir Jasin said...

    ...But according to myth, snakes can also charm humans. So beware! Don't look at a snake in the eye.


    Unfortunately, it is a bit too late as our Prime Minister has already been charmed by the two in the person of kali_ular and his side-kick.

  33. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Apalah nak jadi dengan Pak Lah, dah lah bodoh sombong pulak tu. He is desperate to get the sympathy votes from Malaysian, dengan kata-kata "kecewa dengan Tun"and bla bla bla. The man cannot stand up and argue based on facts, hopeless dan akhirnya terpaksa guna sentimen. Kalau dia ada telur, jawablah kritikan Tun. He is definitely a moronic underachiever.

  34. Anonymous12:34 pm

    kit siang is not making noises because the whole sordid affair involving dr mahathir is about vendettas and personal agendas. kit siang is smarter than what you people think. the reason nst is giving him publicity is very simple ... he is one of the very politicians who still commands respect ... at least nst, the much maligned paper and the object of hate, venom, has at least got some balls left.

  35. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Nstman, it aint about nst having balls or not, because it has not. Otherwise it would criticise the M as well as Silent One. Its about kitsian having the balls or not. He used to suggest that he had them! That's all. Your defense of Nst is apt, given the name you've chosen for yrself. Your defence of kit siang and his relationship with your boss shows who the paper's real "imam", aside from lky, is.

  36. Anonymous1:00 pm

    Nstman, it aint about nst having balls or not, because it has not. Otherwise it would criticise the M as well as Silent One. Its about kitsian having the balls or not. He used to suggest that he had them! That's all. Your defense of Nst is apt, given the name you've chosen for yrself. Your defence of kit siang and his relationship with your boss shows who the paper's real "imam", aside from lky, is.

  37. Anonymous2:19 pm


    Tak semua melayu mudah lupa jasa-jasa Dr Mahathir, tak semua melayu macam kat Kubang Pasu. Our calls to sack Brendan Pereira and Kali from the NST will fall on deaf ears simply because I do believe that there is no single Malay journalist worth his salt yang tergamak untuk menulis such vicious diatribes against Dr Mahathir.So no choice lah and I think those two Singapore operatives were brought in by AAB for some unfathomable reason to just kick and taruk our grand old man and destroy his legacy.

    Remember how tame the NST and for that matter AAB and the rest of the cabinet were, during the time when the kiasu old man Lee spoke to the whole world about the "so called marginalisation of the Chinese in Malaysia and Indonesia". That to many concerned Malaysian is economic subversion and I dare say that's a lot more serious and we are not anymore talking about ular tedung venom here my friends this is more like arsenic or strychnine poison for the whole Malaysian nation.

    So far the aftermath of the Dr Mahathir-AAB meeting only saw Pembodek(Pembesar) Besar UMNO commenting on the form but not the substance of Dr Mahathir's agreement. You have the likes of the now irrelevant UMNO youth movement head saying he is sick and tired of Dr. Mahathir walhal we in UMNO are sick and tired of his leadership of UMNO Youth which has degenerated into nothing more than the government echo.

    PM AAB should not be lulled and be comfortable by the perceived support from the Pembodek Besar UMNO as they are like sharks hanging around you. The moment you bleed a little the feeding frenzy will start just like the feeding frenzy now happening to Dr Mahathir. I see much wisdom from teguran Dr Mahathir to AAB. PM AAB instead of following his spinmasters advise in trying to set up a who is more popular battle AAB or Dr Mahathir and trying to garner the public sympathy should carefully study what Dr Mahathir has told him in the meeting. AAB seems a good hearted and genuine person BUT I fear that his Prime Ministership of Malaysia will be only be remembered together with the excessive influence of his SIL and family and how we have kow towed to old man Lee's Singapore and lost our Malaysia Boleh attitude important to propel this great nation of ours forward.

  38. Anonymous6:27 pm

    Dear NSTman,
    At best LKS is a respectable 'professor of opposing'. He is the epitome of Malaysian Opposition Failure. All talks and no action. Even BN loves him at times like this. To me, the word 'Politician' describes a trully unsavoury character. Are you one of them who coined the statement 'I love to be a politician' for our PM. A whole appropriate praise would be 'I love to be a stateman'. The choice of word 'venom' is also childish and send a hidden subconscious message. When you use the word 'venom', majority do not look at the snake but the victim, to see if he can survive. It is again not a perception of strength for PM. I think NST would resign for screwing up the spin.

  39. Anonymous11:01 pm

    I think people who are criticizing the PM, Datuk Kalli and Mr Brendan Pereira are blinded by their anger and biasness.
    What is wrong with Pak Lah appointing his trusted allies to run the newspapers and TV stations?
    I think Datuk AKJ was appointed during Tun Dr M's time. Datuk Johan and Dato' Ahmad Nazri were appointed on the recommendation of Anwar Ibrahim.
    Before that there were Tan Sri Samad Ismail, Tan Sri Mazlan Nordin and Salim Kajai during Tun Razk's and Tun Hussain's eras.
    So what is so wrong with Pak Lah appointing Kalli, Brendan and Kamarulzaman to run NST and TV3?
    Kalli and Brendan had wide experience working for Straits Times , Singapore. Straits Times is a very successful paper and Singapore is a very successful country.
    Their experiences are good for NST and for Malaysian journalism.
    NST sales have risen since Kalli and Brendan were appointed by the PM to run the paper.
    I think PM critics are jealous of Kalli's and Brendan's success. They hate Pak Lah because he is incorruptible and therefore they cannot exploit him for their personal gains.

  40. Anonymous12:19 am

    nstman,a big majority of Malaysians are TDM on his criticisms of "Mr I don't know" adminsitration. Every Malaysians know of Khairy and "the fourth floor boys" are running the "Mr I do not know" administration. Every Malaysians also knows of Khairy excesses - using "Mr I do not know" for his personal benefit.

    Since Lim kit siang is so smart according to nstman, how could he be oblivious to the non-sense of Khairy, Kamaludin, Kalimulah and Brnadon Periera. nstman please look at NST's reocrds prior to Kalimulah, no opposition politician and/or his son have been accorded with a full page intereview in NST, the UMNO paper.

    Perhaps, nstman should also tell us why Lim Kit Siang did not question "Mr I Do not Know" in Parliament about the ECM Libra Scandal, how could Kalimulah acquired so much wealth in such a short time when Kalimulah was just a small time businessman, who was struggling to keep both end meet, prior to "Mr I Do Not Know" got into power.

    nstman please look at Lim Kit Siang's record, he prosecutes selectively. Please check the NST and Hansard and you will see that Lim Kit Siang, who is the so-called champion to fight corruption, has not spoken about Khairy, the God's gift to Malaysian politic, Kalimulah, the God's gift to Malaysian journalism - who was and may be still is the Singapore operative.

    Tun Mahathir, I must confess that I hated you before but now I am like million of Malaysians are with you all the way for you spoke for all Malaysians and you have also put the Parliamentary Opposition Leader, Lik Kit Siang, to shame.

    Tun, Malaysians know you too well and that you will stand up, even alone, to be counted. Malaysians solute you, a very patriotic Malaysian son. Malaysians are proud of you. Carry on Tun, you are not alone in your noble undertakings.

  41. Anonymous12:25 am

    pelayar internet, are you brendan pereira in disguise? By the way while you are at it, please also take a reality check; NST circulation has dropped down the drain among the mainstream newspaper. Brendan and Kalli are kindergarden kids if compared to the former NST giants that you've mentioned, the despicable duo are put by AAB handlers as daud eb succintly put it ''to taruk and kick our grand old man and destroy his legacy''.

    Pak Lah incorruptible? Well history will be the judge of that, I remember A wise man once mentioned that power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely.By the way pelayar internet don't you feel kind of curious that SCOMI owned by AAB son had grown by leaps and bounds in the last three years, and lately they even got to supply coal for TNB powerplants over other bidding contractors( Some say SCOMI owned 180 ships)

  42. Pelayar Internet;

    You have a point in saying there is nothing wrong in appointing successful people. You mentioned a host of names, none of which I am familiar with, so Iw on't comment on that. But I will comment on this;
    My household used to subsribe to NST. We have since stopped. For we felt that NST does not really carry stories with essence.
    Now I am even inclined to believe what I am reading. If one person condemns this Management in NST, then there could be malice. But a host? From what I understand the change that was effected was more like a clean up.
    But lets focus on facts.
    Fact:ACNielsen is a data collection agency, one that has provided countless data for industries across the Nation. ANd its findings were rejected by the NST Mnagement. It proceeded to appoint another company which now shows that NST Readership is actually the dropping! Please explain which part of this shows good sales. Unless if I have understood Newspapers wrongly, Sales would mean (Advertising space and Circulation) MalayMail has gone to the dogs!!
    So which part of being successful are you defending? I will have no qualms if the NST was actually run by IHT Management! . . .
    I don't wish to attack anyone here but it does seem that all points to the inefficiency of NST Management..imagine aGEIC not able to spot the 180,000 figure claim!