Friday, October 27, 2006


Click here for Dr M's two-page statement, "Why did I criticize the Prime Minister?".

He wrote of a current PM who cannot at all be commented upon, criticized or advised ("He is almost a saint who is free from any human weaknesses and wrongs"), of a climate of fear enveloping the nation, and the fact that the questions and issues he raised have not been answered. "What is being questioned is my right to comment and criticize. Attempts are made to disparage me so badly that I am made out to be of unsound mind."

Of the living, the Tun mentioned only two persons by their names in his statement. The two are Kalimullah Hassan and Brendan Pereira, former Singapore Straits Times operatives who now have control of the NST, once the mouthpiece of the (Malaysian) government and Umno.


  1. Anonymous7:35 am


    I met a man who is known to be close to both the PM and Dr Mahathir. He volunteered the view that the PM will not remove Kalli and Brendan despite the pressure from Dr Mahathir (and Umno).

  2. Anonymous8:14 am

    Pak Lah asyik sedih dan duka
    Pasai Dr Mahathir kritik dia
    Orang accident dia kata yang sama
    Tak habis-habis kecewa dan dukacita.

    Kalau macam tu kita pun boleh
    Dok cakap sampai mulut naik berbuih
    Tapi ekonomi negara siapa nak pulih
    Kalau Pak Lah asyih dok sedih.

    Pak Lah-Mahathir berhenti la kot
    Depa dok gaduh kita serabut perut
    Semakin hari semakin mengarut
    Ekonomi negara tambah kelam kabut.

    Kita pilih Najib atau Ku Li
    Bagi amaran jangan dok gaduh lagi
    Najib kita lantik Perdana Menteri
    Suruh Ku Li jaga hal ehwal parti.

    Dr Mahathir betui-betui pi bersara
    Baca buku buat ibadat tak terkira
    Pak Lah boleh jaga anak cucu dia
    Kita semua tak lagi pening kepala.

    Najib kenalah berani sikit
    Jangan main selamat setiap minit
    Kawal anak bini banyak-banyak sikit
    Agar kemudian hari tak jadi penyakit.

    Ku Li ni dia orang lama
    Pengalaman banyak tidak terkira
    Bagilah can kepada dia pula
    Mana tahu kita akan lebih bahagia.

    Mat Tunjang Ekspres minta ampun
    Di bulan Syawal kita berpantun
    Sebab Melayu bangsa bersopan santun
    Jangan buat perangai penyangak dan penyamun.

  3. Anonymous8:57 am

    Tun's is right when he said AAB & the others did not answer his questions. All they did was critize him of attacking the PM. If AAB answered, then all these would stop la. Bodoh. He's avoiding the Qs.

  4. Anonymous9:41 am

    Will the rakyat without the internet get to read this?

    Melayu oh Melayu, respect Tun M and listen to him!

  5. Anonymous9:51 am

    AAB is just like a kampung leader / penghulu (if they still exist!) he's not acting like a ceo. he seems more nyanyuk.

  6. Anonymous9:52 am


    I think so.

    Right now Pak Lah needs Kali & Brenden more than they need him.

    Who else gonna do the dirty job for Pak Lah if the Pengkhianat & his side-kick (Kali & Brenden) are gone?

  7. Anonymous9:57 am

    Pakcik Bru,

    One thing that we forget is that TDM is a qualified MD and anyone who study medicine can surely see an early sign of Alzheimer in Pak Lah.

    Come to think about it, Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive brain disorder that gradually destroys a person’s memory and ability to learn, reason, make judgments, communicate and carry out daily activities.

    As Alzheimer’s progresses, individuals may also experience changes in personality and behavior, such as anxiety, suspiciousness or agitation, as well as delusions or hallucinations.

    Sound familiar, isn't it.

  8. digelak dek Hsien Loong je la korang ni....

  9. Anonymous12:20 pm

    The whole problem with the PM is he has a very short attention span. Thus he cannot even pay attention to himself.
    Each time he denies something, it turns out to be a lie. That's because he could not remember what he said previously.
    He also does not know the difference between the two. So to him a ship is a ship. It does not matter if what kamal has (180 of them) are not bulk carriers for carrying coal.
    Pak Lah won't know. I was told he did know what "ground zero" was.
    An old friend of his told me that when he does not know to answer a question, he will say "don't bother, that issue is below/above you."
    I think he used the same excuse in the interview with the press in Kepala Batas.
    That 's what I read in the Bernama report.
    So Pelayar Internet could be corrcet after all. PM is a good imam material. All that he has to do is hafal a few short ayats.
    Inilah orang yang Dr Mahathir lantik untuk pimpin kita.
    Thank You Tun.

  10. Anonymous12:31 pm

    So is the PM going to 'explain' or not? At one minute he says he has done so, many times, and that the list went on and on. And even added 'what is there to explain further'.

    The next minute he says that he had hoped that TDM could have waited until he's given his explanation, before continuing the 'doses of venoms'.

    And on a question about a second meeting, AAB responded "We will see. Everything is possible, and everything is also impossible". What is 'everything is also impossible'?

    All in all AAB is losing his grip. He's avoiding questions and distributes power to his side-kicks. As a result, what happens at the lower level is sometimes beyond his knowledge. "Unaware", he says.

  11. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Anonymous said...
    AAB is just like a kampung leader / penghulu (if they still exist!) he's not acting like a ceo. he seems more nyanyuk.
    9:51 AM


    AAB is NOT like Kampong Leader aka Tok Kampong or Tok Penghulu. Those are more refine leaders.

    He could be the species of TOK BATIN. Among his ability is that he is able to read people mind, take notes & forget about it, produce on paper a `Full economy Recovery` plan, pretend of not knowing much about own son & in laws, predict the economy by counting the scales of dove birds, does not like development as most Tok Batin stays in thick jungles, blowpiping squirels and small mammals, etc.

    PS: Nice pantun Mat Tunjang.

    "Kalau macam tu kita pun boleh
    Dok cakap sampai mulut naik berbuih
    Tapi ekonomi negara siapa nak pulih
    Kalau Pak Lah asyih dok sedih"

    Jawapan balas JOHN LABI:

    Kalau Pak Lah asyik dok sedih,
    Rakyat jelata gundah gelisah
    Macam mana Pak Lah tak pedih
    Telog tembelang retak nak pecah.

    Telog tembelang retak nak pecah
    Tentu berbau seMalaya kampong
    Suruh jawab soalan dia pun susah
    Perut msuk angin menganga melopong

    Orang bagi soalan dia tak mau jawab
    Macam mana Tun tak dok senyap
    Dia ingat kita ni golongan bengap
    Bagi RM200 dok diam senyap2

    Bagi RM200 dok lah diam
    Cakap banyak aku boh kat dalam
    Hang tak settle rakyat yg memendam
    Nanti kami semua dok dizaman silam.

    Wahai bijak pandai mailah tolong
    Jangan dok menyorok pura2 sokong
    Nampak jalan, habaglah kat Pak Long
    Kita selesai cara sepakat sekompong

    Banyak soalan terbang tak hinggap
    Wawasan 2020 dengan jari boleh kira
    Ekonomi baik Tun akan dok senyap
    Bila semua elok,rakyat pun gembira.
    Sungai Damansara

  12. TDM signed off as a "Malaysian citizen and Commoner" in his statement.

    Discarding the "Tun" title looks like he's taking a swipe at royalty now.

    Speaking of which, has anybody heard of a pensioned or retired sultan in our midst? They never seem to retire but gets 'pensioned' from their very first day on Earth.

  13. Too much bush play here, why cant we all say things out loud and clearly to avoid confusion? God bless our country and keep it safe.

  14. Anonymous4:04 pm

    *** the untold story about the sultan of johore comment about tun mahathir ***


    JOHOR BAHARU, 24 Oct (Bernama) -- Sultan of Johor Sultan Iskandar al-Marhum Sultan Ismail was today reported to have publicly said that former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad should start to act like a pensioner and stop criticizing the government.
    The Sultan was said to have make the remarks in front of more than a hundred people after performing the Adilfitri prayers at the Sultan Abdul Bakar Mosque here.
    "Kalau sudah pencen, pencen sahajalah buat apa nak bising-bising lagi," said a source who repeated the quote to Bernama.
    Officials from the Menteri Besar office who were present at the morning prayers today also confirmed the royal statement.
    They said that Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman was also not likely to make any comment on it as it would be inapproite to make any comment on the royal statement.

    The audience at the mosque would have been much larger of several thousands people if the Sultan was to make his remarks earlier before the start of the prayers as many had left quickly after the prayer.

    The source told Bernama that the royal comment was also not likely to be a royal endorsement for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi whose administration was heavily critised by Dr Mahathir.
    The Sultan, the source said, had enjoyed a better relationship with the former Prime Minister who had ruled the country for 22 years than Abdullah.

    Despite being well known as a hot tempered person, the Sultan had always showed his concerns about the state administration as well as the welfare of the people.
    During the Umno 60th Anniversary celebration at Istana Johor in May this year, the Sultan even tried to patch things up between the two leaders by asking them to be photographed together with him in a group photo together with other Umno leaders.
    However that too did not happen in the photograph.

  15. Anonymous7:31 pm

    No body has posted anything positive about PM. Come on guys...surely he has some good points....can we have some charity in these postings. BeeKaye

  16. game master yang berumur 11 tahun,

    pakcik tak boleh nak siarkan posting game master yang terbaru. sebabnya, bapak game master tu dah tentu melompat kalau dia tahu nama dia disiarkan di rocky's bru. kalau dia sendiri izinkan pakcik berbuat demikian, oklah. tapi sebab dia seorang editor kanan, pakcik ingat tentu dia tak setuju.

    cuba game master mintak dia hubungi pakcik rocky. dia ada nombor talipon saya. ok?

  17. Anonymous7:45 pm

    The PM's name is Abdullah bin Ahmad. The Badawi is not in his birth certificate. Whether the Badawi appears on his i.c. that i'm not privy to. Anybody knows?

  18. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Pak Lah, our Prime Minister, is a loving husband to his late wife & a doting father who will do anything to protect his family, especially his son and son-in-law.

    There you are BeeKaye...a very positive quality of Pak Lah as a family man.

  19. Anonymous7:48 pm

    BeeKaye wrote:

    " No body has posted anything positive about PM. Come on guys...surely he has some good points....can we have some charity in these postings. BeeKaye

    7:31 PM"
    If you had anything good to say about the PM, you would have done so. Obviously, you only have venom for him with your sarcasm.

    Here's one good thing about Dollah: He's good to his son-in-law. Here's another good thing about the PM: He's good to his son. Ah, another good thing about him: he's good at being silent.

  20. Anonymous8:00 pm

    The PM's name is Abdullah bin Ahmad. The Badawi is not in his birth certificate. Whether the Badawi appears on his i.c. that i'm not privy to. Anybody knows?

    7:45 PM


    Way, way back in the early 70s when Pak Lah was in the Ministry of Youth & Sports, he was known as Abdullah Ahmad.

    Then Dollah Kok Lanas (Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad) was detained under ISA together with Pak Samad & Abdullah Majid in 1976.

    To distinguish himself from Dollah Kok Lanas or Abdullah Ahmad, our Pak Lah added the Badawi to his name.

    Henceforth he has been known as Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Later he shortened it to Abdullah Badawi.


  21. Anonymous8:39 pm


    I propose a 'KEMPEN MAKAN BUBUR' after Raya to the Cabinet.
    or Open house makan Bubur.
    It good for digestion particularly after all those highly cholestoral menu during Raya.

    As we are a 'Nation of Kempen' must participate in this 'Kempen drive',
    Why not add up another kempen list?

    Since segala-galanya mahal Raya ni,minyak balik Kampong punya expenses double compare to the previous 2,3 years.
    Thus,hoping we economise on the beras coz bubur does not consume too much beras bila dimasak.

    The saving from the purchase of rice will cover the expenses of petrol price to the Malaysian house hold.

    Wakie..wakie Mr.Minister.

  22. Anonymous10:13 pm


    hahaaa....and you could not even cite Pak Lah's good qualities..
    Shame on you.

  23. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Mr Bru,

    Like it or not, some of alleged measures on curtailment of press freedom and freedom of expression in this country were mostly employed during Tun's era. So, it seems to me that the letter is an attack on himself rather than PM.

    It's like, what goes around comes why complaining? At least we are spared from ops lallang, newspaper ban and political arrests under current PM. Journalists like Mr Bru can attest to that, right?

  24. Anonymous11:55 pm

    I couldnt agree with shar101 more. just to add a few more to his posting,what do these sultans know about running a country anyway? would they even bother if the economy plunges? they will still get their 5 figure allowances by just sitting on the throne. TUN speaks on behalf of rakyat, which is way more important to him than the viragos, the harleys, the hondas, the ducaties etc

  25. Anonymous1:34 am

    Saudara Rocky, para pembahas dan pelawat dihormati sekalian,

    Saya tidak percaya kepada konsep atau amalan pencen. Kalau ikut umur dan status gunatenaga, saya dah banyak tahun pencen wajib.

    Tapi setakat yang terdaya, saya kerja sikit-sikit. Saya terus bayar cukai kepada kerajaan dan saya terus carum kepada KWSP. Sedikit sebanyak ada jugalah kegunaan kepada ekonomi dan tidak menjadi beban kepada sesiapa.

    Saya tak tahulah dalam agama dan fahaman lain, tetapi dalam Islam, kalau tak silap saya, tak ada istilah pencen.

    Setahu saya, Allah Taalah mahu kita menyumbang untuk kebaikan sehingga ke akhir hayat kita. Malah berdosa, kalau tak salah saya, kalau kita tak buat apa-apa (kerana kita pencen) jika terjadi sesuatu yang buruk.

    Kepada Allah Taala, tidak sehari atau sesaat pun hayat manusia berupa sisa. Nyawa, hatta sesaat, sangat besar maknanya.

    Jadi, macam mana ada orang Islam yang cakap mengenai pencen dan sisa-sisa hidup, apatah lagi apabila seseorang itu, kerana kelahirannya, akan jadi raja sampai mati?

    Kenapa Tun Dr Mahathir, Tengku Razaleigh, saudara saudari dan saya dititahkan supaya pencen sedangkan yang bertitah itu, dari segi undang-undang, tidak pencen-pencen?

    Tidak ada sisa hidup atau pencen dalam Islam. Malah saat-saat terakhir hayat kita itulah yang paling bermakna.

    Dalam waktu itulah kita menasihatkan orang yang mewarisi kita dan pada saat terakhir itulah kita melafaskan syahadah kita yang penghabisan.

    Orang yang bercakap fasal pencen, fasal sisa-sisa hidup dan menyuruh orang lain duduk diam-diam sebanarnya membelakangkan perintah Allah.

    Terima Kasih.

  26. Anonymous2:14 am

    Assalamualaikum kawan dan teman
    Bukan Mat Tunjang Ekspres nak belawan
    Dengan John Labi orang budiman
    Cuma nak kongsi sikit pengalaman.

    Wahai John Labi orang damansara
    Marah kat Pak Lah tidak terkira
    Tapi yang saya dok tanya-tanya
    Pak Lah ni dia peduli ka?

    Saya pun dah lama dok pantun
    Bukanlah pasai taasub kepada Tun
    Tapi pasai ekonomi semakin turun
    Harga barang naik hutang bertimbun.

    Khairy dan Kalli (Muthu) depa oklah
    Harta rakyat depa beli murah
    Bila ditanya Pak Lah tak tau arah
    Dia kata benda macam tu dia tak kerah.

    Kamal pun lebih dari hebat
    Dapat kontrak merata tempat
    Bila kita tanya Pak Lah melompat
    Dia kata Kamal apa pun tak dapat.

    Macam ni lah Mat kata,
    Tun Mahathir dah bersara
    Tapi apa salah dia bersuara
    Kalau Pak Lah banyak buat tak kena?

    Mai kita suruh Ku Li masuk semula
    Dia ni orang veteran cucup mulia
    Tun pun kata tak salah sokong dia
    Kalau Najib asyik dok "yes sir".

    John Labi mailah kita pantun seloka
    Hibur hati yang duka lara
    Pak Lah dan Najib punya angkara
    Harga naik tapi gula tak ada.

    Siti Nurhaliza dah berumah tangga
    Aku ni frust tidak boleh cerita
    La ni dok teropong Maya Karin pula
    Hang tau ka, dia ni sapa punya?

    John Labi hang tolonglah siasat
    Pasai orang kata dia dah dipikat
    Kalau Mat Rempit aku boleh sekat
    Tapi kalau budak tu, aku tak larat.

    Mat Tunjang Ekspres.

  27. Anonymous2:16 am


    It's quite obvious that the Tun Mahathir-Pak Lah the PM feud is not likely going to go away just because the mainstream media keep banging on the former PM the way they are doing now. If you see the TV3 news a couple of nights ago, you, Bru, would be ashamed to have been a journalist at all. Imagine TV3 using an e mail as a source for its main story to show how bad Tun M is. Who wrote the e mail anyway? Someone was paid to send it? A staff of TV3 who sent it as instructed by his Boss? Disgusting really! What a shame for a TV station who claim to have such a big audience to have to stoop so low to get a story. That is perhaps why some TV3 journalists feel so embarassed about their work and station.

    Tun M mentioned Kali and Brendan in his statement. We all know that many Umno leaders agree with the Tun on this matter. Even Supreme Council members are known to have raised these names in their deliberations, and not without reasons. But events have shown that nothing will happen to them in so far as leading the NSTP. Little or no mention is made of GEIC Hishamuddin Aun because he's been discounted as an editor, or a journalist for that matter. Hishamuddin is a puppet who finds himself in a position to promote his private business, which is run by his wife with contracts from at least one ministry.

    That Kali and Brendan are very much in the NSTP set up is proof that the PM and the Umno Supreme Council value their contributions to the party and country more than the feedback (criticisms) raised by Tun Mahathir! As far as the PM and Umno top leaders are concerned, Kali and Brendan are more precious to them than Mahathir, a man who refused to live the life of a pensioner and ride quietly into the sunset. Unlike the Johor Sultan, Tun Mahathir doesn't keep crocodiles as pets and therefore have to keep his mind occupied with other matters.

    But ordinary Malaysians too are watching this feud, and want to know where and how this is going to end. If one is to rely on the mainstream media, then one can see quite clearly the spinning that Tun Mahathir often refers to. If one is to read the blogs, then one see where they are leaning to. With the mainstream media being what they are, they can colour their reports the way they see it, or the way their bosses tell them.

    But maybe Dato Zam, the former editor who is now Information Minister and the Editor in Chief of RTM Newsroom can help facilitate to end this debate once and for all. With Tun M and Pak Lah each saying that the other is wrong, and that they are right, maybe we should put them before a panel of interviewers and seek some definite answers. Let's put real journalists as the panel members. Since PM is comfortable with his buddy and journalist wanne-be Annuar Zaini, then he should be one of the panelists. Maybe get Dato Azman Ujang, a Mahathir-critic, to be another member. To complete the panel, lets rope in Dato A Kadir Jasin the Scribe and Ahirudin 'Rocky Bru' Attan.

    If you want to know why Dato Zam should facilitate this get together, the answer is simple. Dato Zam has a track record of getting feuding parties on to LIVE tv show! Remember Mawi and his one-time fiancee, INA? Dato Zam put them together on the same night that Datuk K married Datuk Siti!! I'm not sure if Dato Zam used our (taxpayers) money for that, but he sure claimed to have got more audience that night. In fact, he went on record to say that the majority of MPs watched his programme than Dato Farid's wedding show! There! Isn't that not strong enough? Dato Zam can once and for all be remembered as a TV show producer par excellence!

    Bru, let me digress a bit. But just to prove a point. When you wrote about Takaful making a ruling about the Muslims shouldn't be wishing Hindus Happy Diwali, the issue was picked by the mainstream media and seen to its natural conclusion. That's just to show that the mainstream media do monitor your blog (despite a firewall being put at the NSTP office)!! My point, and question, is - will the mainstream media pick up this suggestion that first appear on your blog, that Dato Zam, the guy who put Mawi and Ina on live prime-time TV, do the same between the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Private Citizen and Commoner?

    Can you use your good office to pass this suggestion to Dato Zam, Bru? tks

  28. Anonymous2:48 am

    whatever said and done, dr m is getting a taste of his own medicine. during his reign, dissent was unheard of among the people, except from the opposition which was also muted to a certain extent. so dr m, dont blame the people, you are the author of your own destiny. you chose badawi, you have to live with it, you cant do anything about it.

  29. Anonymous3:21 am

    Tun kata beliau pilih Paklah kerana pada ketika dia mengutarakan niat bersara, Paklah adalah timbalan PM. Kalau dia tak pilih Paklah, orang akan tanya beliau kenapa tak pilih Paklah. Orang akan kata Tun memang tak boleh ngam dengan semua timbalannya. So, dia pilih. Pilihan yang adil untuk semua.

    TDM bukan pilih Paklah kerana kemampuannya, tetapi kerana kedudukannya dalam UMNO dan kerajaan.

    Jadi kalau sekarang Paklah mungkir, khianat dan gagal, adalah tidak adil meletakkan beban pada Tun. Dan kalau Tun berasa bertanggungjawab untuk membetulkan keadaan, apa salahnya kita tolong dia. Bukankah dia melakukannya untuk kita semua, Nstman?

  30. Anonymous7:06 am


    With Permission.

    Raya's Open House Questionairs !!!! usual the 'Open House'is on air again.
    The 'Open House' trend catches up fast in past 20 years particular among the urban semi's and detached housing area.
    Guest or unexpected guest arrive in various style.Not to mention the icons host will be expecting tons of guest arriving at their door steps.Thus,you will find the extra allowances given to our YB's and to selected Senior Civil Servant to cater for such occassion.

    Shoulder rubbing,spinning,ear dropping and gossiping are common dominating factors to catch the current issues of the day, particularly if the resources comes from a prominent member.Rival and open house clashes are common.

    So and so open house extra special.showlah ....a Belly Dancer and an Ghazal Partylahperforming.
    Better than Mr.X house... so boring....Mr Y house got BBQ 'daging kuda you?
    Well....what ever it is in the sprit of Malaysian togetherness is an honorable intention.

    Beware folk you might be the unwelcome guest of honour on that particular day or most probably your presence would be the host worst nightmare of the year.
    Ethic are to be observe and show.

    Its the show of the year make sure you turn up decently dress and not with your season bermuda shorts and T-Shirt written 'I LOVE PHUKET' bought some 10 years ago but then if you purposely wanna be the 'clown of the day' than go my guest.
    Take my advise better dress in a sarong pelekat is better instead of a bermuda shorts and sleveless T-Shirt looking like you jes' completed a 300kg weight lifting from the gym!
    The very least you tutup aurat beb!

    Eating:hmmm.....don't wallop all might need an ENO later.

    What to talk,any warranted or unwarranted comment? or just be a dumbo,
    like Forrest Gump!
    Buat don't know aje !

    Host :Dah makan?
    Guest : Dah.
    Host : dah minum?
    Guest : Dah.
    Host : 'apa lagi baliklah?
    Guest : #%&#@()!!

    Unless your list of credential goodness me !!! shows you got impressive
    string of Oxford or Cambridge U or Harvard with a First,like our neighbour minister,then it is better to shut up !!!

    Believe me, those are the least known people shoving their accent in slight mieo....www..slang.What we call them "The Sloane Ranger."
    Those are the people who know nuts about other people misery.
    Take my advise.Let the devil does the talking!
    Unless you want to be known as the best orator of the day,by all means go ahead.

    To some hosts its Showwwww............time.
    Probably you are on a mission to fulfil your mum wishes to wed you off immediatedly after Raya,then this is a good spot to check up for the lastest available in the market.Cash and Carry Agreement !!
    Hmmmm......maka datok punyanya lawa kau!!!! tapi sopfisketot !!!

    However,intresting issues raises during the first Hari Raya
    The whole nation I suppose(only the concerned one) was dumb struck with our t.v's news at 8 pm on the main channel.
    I am not too sure whether I heard it correctly but after a while I ponder, how could those pre production cast 'tergamak' mengeluarkan berita sedemikian on the first day of shawal?
    (Kalau dah..... punya episod!)

    First day of shawal beb...!.
    God's forgive the sins of his slave on this particular day only if you are a believer.Tak masok akal betul !!

    Anyway,political antedotes and good pantun always comes in handy at Open Houses gathering.Bahasa Kiasan will determine your level of social standing,either you are highy look up as a mad scholar or just any lame Mamat,Samy Mucho or Ah Chong.

    So guys,for the first timer be prepared.You don't want to remembered as a 'Stoggers' don't you?.
    Look sharp and have the b***s to stick up your neck out in name of honor.
    Get a copy 'Adap for Idiots'Special Edition preparing for the big occasion.
    Is there such a book? or if you are highly powered 'think-tong-tank' answer the questionairs given as a check list on your current knowledge based on our present political senario,before you embark to any serious talk at any Open Houses gathering you wishes to attend.
    Least you know the level of your social standing among the crowd!!!

    Happy Raya's Open House To All.

    To all those siting for SPM/STPM examination 2006
    Pak Tuo wishes you all the best.
    Particularly my dearest Aimi.hmmmmm........


    No.1 for Pak Lah
    No.2.for Tun
    No.3.for Don't Know

    a. Excellent understanding and
    the abilityto quickly observe
    and grasp what he is told.
    1 2 3

    b. Possesses the power to recollect
    what he hears,reads, senses is not
    1 2 3

    c. Highly intellectual; can understand
    the direction of a group from which
    an idea is generated.
    1 2 3

    d. Eloquence, and ability to express
    what is inthe heart.
    1 2 3

    e. Passion for education and seeks its
    benefits for all citizens.
    1 2 3

    f. Must not tire easily and be
    exceedingly patient.
    1 2 3

    g. Not greedy for food and drink.
    1 2 3

    h. Efficient and effective in
    addressing the physical needs.
    1 2 3

    i. A lover of the truth and its supporters;
    a hater offalsehood and its supporters.
    1 2 3

    j. Quickly recognizes duplicitous people.
    1 2 3

    k. Extremely generous, above stinginess.
    1 2 3

    l. Worldly wealth must not be a factor;
    whether it is possessed or not should
    be of no concern.
    1 2 3

    m. Loves justice and freedom.
    1 2 3

    n. Rejects oppressors and oppression.
    1 2 3

    o. Firmly decides the course that will
    benefit society, despite intense opposition
    1 2 3

  31. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Some said that TDM should not talk so much when he retired. Doses of his own medicine? What if he is right? What if he is a Galileo persecuted for his convictions that Malaysians, especially the Malays, are going to suffer from the current affair of state? Is Malaysia really flat and when we sail farther, we would fall off the world? Are we the centre of the universe? I really hope TDM is not a Galileo because if he is, we are fools.

  32. nstman, you are wrong to say that Dr M can't do anything about it.

    Dr M is a controversial man, and the type of man that work best under stress and duress.

    He is a thinker that think first before acting, and surely for him to put a fight against PM and the whole kitchen cabinets, it must be a properly planned, thus why the PM and his henchmen busying like hell to ensure they remain in the corridor of power.

  33. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Anonymous said...

    Rocky Bru…
    With permission..
    dia orang ajak pantun la..

    Reply Pantun by John Labi
    Residence of
    Tepian Damansara River

    Mat Tunjang Express Rakyat.
    Selamat Hari Raya &
    Selamat Posa Nam.

    Wahai Mat Tunjang darah pendekar
    Anaconda Kali aim projek yg besar
    Tun hantag dua muka siaran akhbar
    Depa menari dr Bagan ke Alor Star

    Wisma Kailan orang tak ramai pi
    Ada stesyen bas tapi sunyi
    Bukan dengki bukannya iri hati
    Ekonomi meleset busines makin sepi.

    Kamal ada 180 bot
    Bila Tun tanya baru depa nak sebut
    Macam mana rakyat tak berserabut
    Semua soalan tulis dlm buku note.

    Maya Karin siang Pontianak malam
    Menantu minat tak berani nak salam
    Pak Lah kata hang dok lah diam2
    Kalau nikah aku boh kat dalam.

    Harga minyak naik rakyat yg susah
    Aiman kecik kata dia tak kisah
    Rakyat jelata yg tua resah gelisah
    Bila la nak settle ini masalah?

    Siti Nurhaliza dah berumah tangga
    Datuk K tersenyum setiap masa
    Cerita Maya Karin biarlah rahsia
    Siapa makan cabai dia akan terasa

    John Labi CSI pekan Penaga
    Orang Malaya semua nak dengar
    Tunggu silap langkah dia pasti kena
    Tangan cenkoi kena tampag ditelinga

    John Labi tak pandai berpantun
    Selalu surf internet baca story Tun
    Cerita PakLah mcm Doraemon Kartun
    Pentadbiran bagai paku dgn merton.

    Kereta banyak dah tak laku
    Berapa bulan lagi masuk tahun baru
    Dah tiga tahun rakyat dok menunggu
    Bila-lah ekonomi nak pulih maju?

    Subsidi minyak depa dah tarik
    Nak jalan jauh aku dah serik
    Duit lebih tu ada ka projek baik
    Kenapa tak guna utk ekonomi naik.

    RMK9 semua orang Malaya tahu
    Tapi gula naik harga tak menentu
    Tukar cara hidup depa yng beritahu
    Salin pelikat pun aku tak mampu.

    Tun Kata Melayu Mudah Lupa
    Pak Lah kata ini islam Hadari
    Rakyat semua nak tahu kenapa
    Jawab soalan ambil masa berhari.

    Nak tanya kabinet depa cuti raya
    Tak jawab awai Tun muka cuka
    Minta tolong Kali spin itu cerita
    Print berita depan NST punya muka.

    Semua media depa dok pulon
    Tak dak ruang Tun nak balun
    Panggil Rocky cerita disusun
    Taklah percaya depa cerita kartun.

    Sedap sunggoh dodoi Kulim
    Sedap lagi mee titi timboi
    Mesti Tun tak akan complaint
    Kalau ekonomi semua jalan sempoi.


    Maaf Zahir & Batin.

    John Labi
    Penduduk Mukim
    Tepian Sungai Damansara

  34. Anonymous5:39 pm

    A case of 2 melayu politicians fighting for wealth and power. Greed kills.


  35. Anonymous6:53 pm

    Betcha, when GE comes around most of you guys will vote BN becasue under PAS you wont get the chance to post on blogs. BeeKaye

  36. BeeKaye,

    How about voting for candidates from all BN component parties except for BN Umno candidates?

  37. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Good idea Shah101.But not all the non-umno bn chaps....there are still too many clowns amongst the component parties. You are picked (whether you are a railway gate guard or not) as long as you excel in apple-polishing the party bosses. However, if given the chance I would vote for only one UMNO guy, Zaid of Kota Baru...a 5 star professional who happens to own the biggest law firm in the country. He is my man. Maybe I go register in KB. Zaid is Minister material.Yes? BeeKaye