Thursday, October 26, 2006


Blogger midnite lily has accused the New Straits Times of blogger abuse. She said the tabloid's on-line executives have not paid their bloggers a single sen since the launch of its MoNSTer Blog project.

People at Balai Berita told me that while the bloggers involved are unhappy, they can continue to be unhappy because they can't do anything about it because the bloggers themselves had agreed to be paid by way of revenue-sharing with NST and Jaring.

It's just that the ads have not been coming in to this MoNSTer (yet). But I'm confident it will come, eventually.


  1. Anonymous1:40 pm

    bru, you sure you did not pay that midnight blogger to poke kali''s ribs, ah? ahaks!:))

    did you all see nthat jeff ooi has a stretched version of the same no-pay fstory. kesian, makan pasiaq lah diorang. looks like your old friend mack zul's baby, this monster, conceived with kali after that stup stunt on jeff, if you all remember, is so very slow to bring in the returns! thought he was a high flyer!?

    anyway let's hope for the best for those poor bloggers! maybe we can start a fundraising for them, if nst does not start one like the tsunami or lebanon fund!

  2. Oy, I got an article published in Life & Style section and was never paid for it. Aishah Ali was the editor at that time.


  3. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Well, these bloggers are lucky they get to blog for NST. They need NST more than NST needs them, you ask me. And oi think Miss Midnite Lily is consumed by green monster, pardon the pun, because she's not one of the monstercom bloggers!

  4. monsta beta: so if one is to go by with your argument, an employer does not need his employees? And the employee should be thankful for having a job?

    Go fcuk yourself la.

  5. Anonymous4:54 pm people complaining about pay issues..go talk to the stringers in NSTP ler..and ask them how long it takes to get their cheque...months beb.
    The reason they stay on...due to the passion..otherwise they could have blah a long time ago la.

    ps: some stringers write better then the staff writers...

  6. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Bru, I have no sympathy for these guys. Why blog with the NST in the first instance? Don't they read the fine print? This is NST man!
    If NST guys are crooked, their mercenary bloggers are SUCKERS for blogging for the NST.
    First they blog for money. Second they blog for money with the NST. They are doubly unscurupulous.
    Want to make money and become rich like Kalli don't become bloggers, become spinners.
    Tara otak punya orang!