Thursday, October 26, 2006


Is RM200 million really pittance, now? Ask Che Khalib Mohd Noh.

I was glad to know he isn't averse to doing a bit of PR interviews to calm nerves over a TNB Coal fiasco (following my reports in this blog), but his choice of words in this one with Bernama is so discomforting. As a stakeholder, I disagree with the TNB President/CEO saying that because TNB's coal investment in Indonesia is worth only RM200 million, it is therefore "not worth cracking and banging our heads against the wall"!

I'm not making this up. Go and read the Bernama interview with the TNB President and CEO here. For my previous postings on the issue, click here, here and here.


  1. Anonymous1:02 pm

    RM 200 million is not pittance.

    Stupid conclusion by someone at the helm to take care of duit rakyat.

    Spend the money for building 'new' (aka ADDITIONAL) vernacular primary schools in Malaysia and many children back home will have 'lighted up' thoughts.

    If this is what frugality means under the current administration, we may be setting up a 'New Economic Order' for many 3rd world countries to follow. (Malaysia Boleh?)

    So stupid indeed - RM 200 million is nothing, when it actually means a lot to the masses in our country.

    This is the problem of 'intelligent' folks (through connections, occupying lofty positions in the corporate world) who rely on script writers to do their texts on what to say, where to say and how to say.

    Strip them of these and they are worse than ordinary mortals who cannot speak up for society.

    With the scripts available, they scream at the top of their voice on Corporate Social Responsibilities, caring society etc etc.

    Expose the dalangs clearly - so that we know who their masters are.

    Thank you TNB for 'enlightening' us on the RM 200 million.

  2. TNB's net profit was RM1.28 billion last year November 2005.

    Whats the write off amount?

    If its RM200 million, that is 15.6% written-off from net profit.

    IF its US100 million, thats is RM360 million, that is 28%.

    CK better get his sense of numbers right.

    Aren't you trained to look at variation as big as 5% as big variation?

    Or he is lost in those many zeros.

  3. Anonymous7:31 pm

    the voice is right, this CK guy has just exposed himself to be quite a cool guy - too cool - because that's not HIS money that he will burn! such an attitude cannot augur well for TNB and if this is the kind of approach that the MoF is encouraging in the GLCs, we are dead ducks and looking at young, gung-ho Ceos who are more than happy to lose billions of tax-payers money.

    this is no can do. the TNB ceo must asked to clarify what he meant by his statement he made in the interview. if it is really nothing he's lose sleep over, Nor MohamaedYakcop had better take him out and put someone else more responsible to helm TNB. If this guy screws up, and he probably will one day, the who stock market - and the economy - will be affected. we are talking about one of the biggest capitalised companies in the country here!

  4. Anonymous7:56 pm

    Sdr Rocky,

    KPA no KPA, some GLC managers will continue to abuse their power, dishonour taxpayers' trust and mess up their organizations.

    That's because they are not putting their money where their mouths are.

    If Cik Khalib understands the meaning of trust, he would have told Bernama that every single sen that belongs to TNB matters.

    It does actually. Maybe not in Indonesia but in Malaysia. Try delaying the payment of your TNB bills and the same Cik Khalib, who said RM200 million was small, would sent somebody to cut off your supply.

    Cik Khalib is a nice chap. I know him. But a nice guy is not necessarily a good manager.

    Does it not sound familiar Bru?

    We do not need nice guys, we need capable leaders.

    Enough of this Nice Guy thing!

  5. RM200 million equals to 200 millionaires.

    RM200 million equals to 4,000 low cost houses @RM50,000. per house.

  6. Anonymous9:17 pm

    What is CK's KPI?

    Is RM200 million such a pittance that it will not show on the radar of his KPI?

  7. Anonymous3:51 am

    Well the write off is RM200 mill. Lets say his salary per year RM1 mil. So how many capable CEO TNB can hire to replace him.

    One more if it is true, let's say the balance of the coal reserve is 20 million tonne. So it's equal to USD20 million per dollar. Than translation or intangible lossess are RM72,000,000. Since TNB owned the mine, so it will cheaper. Let say, TNB can save USD5 dollar, so the amount will be RM360,000,000 (assump USD1=RM3.60). Well TNB should announce what is the intangible lossess in the future.