Saturday, September 23, 2006


Taking on LKY and KJ at one go. Lee Kuan Yew and Khairy Jamaluddin aren't related, of course. NOT that we know of, anyway. But they are both getting too big for their own good, according to Dr Mahathir.

LKY's remarks about Malaysia marginalising its Chinese shows how arrogant he has become, Dr M said HERE.

HERE [KJ and Patrick Badawi rule Terengganu] and HERE [My son had to beg Khairy], Dr M speaks of how dangerously powerful Pak Lah's son-in-law is making himself out to be. [all reports appeared in Malaysiakini]


  1. Anonymous5:46 pm

    I know Patrick Lim. He's actually a nice chap. He's a good friend of Mokhzani Mahathir. But he's closer to Kamal, the PM son. Patrick is half Malaysian and half Australian. His father was Chinese and mother Aussie. I think he's an Australian citizen and a Malaysian PR.
    He made it big in property development thanks to a swath of state forest given to him by Selangor Government during Mohamad Taib days.
    He's very close to the PM. Some people told me that he refers to Abdullah as "daddy". He's seen at Sri Perdana and PM's office very often.
    He is also a close associate of Kalimullah Hassan. I was told they were involved in the privatization of the Batu Gantung Race Course in Penang.
    The race course is being moved to Batu Kawan Estate in Seberang Prai. Batu Kawan belongs to Equine Capital. Equine Capital belongs to Patrick.
    Coincidentally, the Second Penang Bridge lands at Batu Kawan. That turns Patrick's project into a gold mine.
    Patrick, I was told, was given political and financial backing to promote the Monsoon Cup yatch race in Terengganu. Khairy is very influential with Terengganu MB, Idris Jusoh. People say Idris is scared of Khairy.

  2. Anonymous5:47 pm

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  3. Rocky!

    Not only Lee Kuan Yew is not smart he is also ugly, very ugly with that pathetic squint eyes and he definitely suffers from an acute case of a serious personality bypass! The thing is he thinks he is an Anglophile, but alas he is one ugly Chinese dude who speaks english with Chinese accent!

  4. indeed. KJ is extremely dangerous. He is too powerful and it seems that nobody can stop him.
    Only we, Malaysian can stop him. Unfortunately many people especially in the rural area don't have any idea how dangerous is this guy. Sympathy to Pak Lah will make this guy stronger.

  5. LKY and his Temasek goons got kicked out of India and Thailand.

    When will Malaysia do the same?

    That is, if AAB has the kahunas.
    Unless KJ's holding them for safe-keeping in case things get ugly (no relation to pasquale's defination of the same word).

    On a tangent, PL is a fine example of how wrong and stupid LKY can be.

  6. Anonymous8:40 pm

    i think Tun Dr M should not defend his son's business interest in the past.
    he can't. it was never right that his sons were involved in business with government contracts etc..
    he was never able to defend it. not then. not now.
    his children's involvement in business (with interest in government projects) was a MISTAKE.
    Tun should apologise for that mistake.
    That said. Kamal Abdullah and Khairy's interest in government contracts/projects is ALSO WRONG.


  7. Anonymous8:46 pm

    patrick lim is a nice decent guy. he happens to be a clever businessman, makes friends with the right people. well-connected.
    if i were a businessman, i'd do what he is doing.
    he happens to know the right people. whether his friendship with these people is sincere, is something else and not the issue here.
    he just happens to be a non-Malay/non-Muslim who has a good chunk of business (and land?) in Terengganu, a Malay/Musli heartland.
    That is not his fault.
    They like him.

    (Not his fault that among his friends is Kalimulah who happens to be a B......)


  8. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Patrick Lim rules Terengganu and Singapore (and now DAP) say we marginalise the Chinese?

    Khairy Jamaluddin aka Mat Tembelang befriends Patrick Lim and get rich in Terenggau, and then accuse Tsu Koon of marginalising the Malays in Penang, daddy-in-law's state (daddy-in-law selama ni tak tolong orang Melayu kat Penang ka, awat macam tu?!).

    KJ befriends David Chua (Kalimullah's "Baba") and whack Chinese leaders for not helping him?

    Idris Jusoh buat apa tu? Gemar sangat dengan Patrick ke atau Khairy? Nak jadi MB sepanjang hayat?

  9. Anonymous1:52 am

    I do not think that it is a coincident that the second bridge lands in Batu Kawan . Perhaps a 'planned coincident'.

  10. Anonymous2:36 am

    Betulkah Patrick ni turut hadir dalam mesyuarat Exco Terengganu? Apakah begitu kuat sekali pengaruhnya kerana the Khairy factor?
    Malangnya nasib Melayu tapi Lee Kuan Yew kata Melayu kuasai semua, China dipinggirkan.
    Lihat saja keadaan dan kedudukan rakyat China di sini? Kalau beginilah mereka dipinggirkan, Melayu juga mahu dipinggirkan supaya dapat membolot ekonomi negara.
    Tapi bagaimana pula dengan Melayu di Singapura? Apakah mereka tidak dipinggirkan oleh Harry Lee ini yang tidak fikir rakyatnya yang berketurunan Melayu boleh dipercayai akan taat setia kepada PAP?
    Begitu jelek sekali kedudukan Melayu di pulau itu, hingga Melayu pun mula abaikan budaya dan bahasa Melayu. Ini memang sengaja digalakkan oleh PAP. Hinggakan berlaku dimana Melayu pun tidak diakui Melayu tapi di kenalkan sebagai India dalam kad pengenalan. Muslihatnya ialah na tunjukan bahawa rakyat Singapura keturunan Melayu tidak seberapa. Jadi dengan itu mereka dengan mudah dapat terus dipinggirkan.
    Inilah nasib Melayu.


  11. Anonymous5:44 am

    I would advise young non-Bumi Biz man like Patrick Lim to be very careful. Do not sacrife his biz acumen by befriending and exploiting the wrong type of Bumis. If he has done something wrong in Terengganu, he better stop it and make it right. Terengganu could revert to Pas in the next general election.
    As for the Penang Melayu and Mamak, I think the Penang Umno has taken them up the garden path for decades.
    Just see how Yayasan Pulau Pinang is being screwed.
    It lost tons of money investing in the now defunct Malaysian Air Charter. That was during the 1st Abdullah tenure as state liaison chief.
    Then Anwar revived it and kicked out the Abdullah boys.
    Anwar got kicked out and Abdullah came back. Yayasan is still nowhere.
    Instead, those people who criminally bankrupted the foundation were put in high places by Abdullah when he became PM.
    And they got the gall to blame Koh Tsu Koon.

  12. Anonymous5:55 am

    23 September, 2006 19:59 PM

    Abdullah Minta Lee Kuan Yew Beri Penjelasan Isu Cina Malaysia

    SEPANG, 23 Sept (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi berkata beliau akan mengutus surat kepada Lee Kuan Yew bagi meminta penjelasan berhubung kenyataan yang dibuat oleh Menteri Mentor Singapura itu mengenai masyarakat Cina di Malaysia.

    Perdana Menteri berkata beliau ingin tahu sebab Lee membuat kenyataan sedemikian.


    Is that the best that our PM could do.

    What's there to explain?

    Mahu ke si Hairy Lee jawab?

    Entah2 dia buang surat Pak Lah dalam tong sampah.

  13. Anonymous6:19 am


    Abdullah Badawi is vulnerable PERIOD. He's so vulnerable that he can't stand up to Singapore and the USA.
    1. Singapore has all the secrets about him, his son-in-law and his ministers like Nazri Aziz. They did had their fun and game in Singapore under the full glare of the ISD spotlight.
    2. His movements and policies are being guided and monitored by Singapore agents in the NSTP, and passed on to ISD.
    3. Abdullah cannot stand up to the US because they're holding him by the balls over his son (Kamal) involvement in the illegal supply of nuclear plant parts.
    4. The US allowed him to detain and keep Kamal's business partner and friend, Sri Lankan Buhary Syed Abu Tahir under ISA. The US loves to have him in Guantanamo but that would expose Kamal further.
    5. If we racall, Abdullah initially denied that Tahir was involved. But when the US asked for Tahir, Abdullah arrested him under ISA.
    6. That why we are made to kowtow to LKY and GW Bush. It's all because our PM has been compromised.
    7. That's why our government is so meek over the issue of two Malaysian detainees of Guantanamo.

  14. Anonymous10:16 am

    Dr.M seems to be taking a racial approach in his opposition. I am sure the K(s) has many associates, but only a racist would highlight an association of a non-compliance race. I truly respect Dr.M, but like your title, fighting with a racial approach will be "Too Big For His Own Good'. Many who still support him belong to the compliance society, do not dissappoint them.

  15. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong signing in:

    I got my pen name when I know Pak Lah,Idris ,Khairy and Patrick Lim decided to have a go at Wang Ehsan pot of gold (money meant for the poor,Khairy,Patrick Lim certainly dont belong in the group of people that deserve this money).

    After denying PAS gov the money ,excuse needed to tap on the 5 year worth of royalty that is due to Terengganu people.

    Here come an astounding,earth shattering and paradigm-shifting idea from pea wee brain of Khairy on how to stimulate the Economy of Terengganu during monsoon season,specifically Pulau Duyong people so that they can earn more...more indeed ,much more later.

    His idea worked in reverse order,this i must elucidate:

    First,there is RM200 million that can be tapped on and siphone into my pocket.

    Secondly ,he needed to find a partner that just know how to expand the cost beyond the mind of 'working-for-the-poor' MB Deris.

    Thirdly present the idea to PM to stroke his ego to start something of international standing at par with formula one in Sepang.

    Fourth...the sting (its basically a conman basic sting) when MB and PM look at each other and nod with agreement in abusing RM200 million of wang Ehsan and still made everone of them look good(the worst is when all of us were clapping and amazed at, while all of this David Copperfireldish conwork in to make RM200 million dissappear in 4 days)

    How I wish Deris were humble enough to seek advise from Pak Ungku A Aziz ,who studied poverty in Kuala Kemaman ,another fisherman village,but that just a wish only meant for sincere people who wish to help the poor (by that would not help him financially )i can only ponder.Guess Khairy has a better idea to eradicate poverty from his vast experience and poor life exposure in London,America, Duta Height and his one night stay with poor fisherman family.
    For that he should forever be grateful to poor nelayan folk ,to allow him to skin them alive..grateful ,certainly he is not.(the wise Yoda would certainly say this to him)

    What benefit Pulau Duyong people get?
    1.They recived average quality houses with easy estimate worth about RM2 million for the whole neighbourhood.

    2.Three footstalls in Pulau Duyong made killings by selling coke at RM3 per bottle.

    3.Ferari boss for their neighbour.

    4. World class marina, no use to poor nelayan,but for them to gawk at.

    Come november they would be coming again probably for another RM200 million killing.

    I have my root in Pulau Duyong.Khairy ,Patrick Lim ,Deris and AAB were singing a cruel song dedicated to my people...'killing me softly'

  16. Anonymous11:58 pm

    If I am not mistaken, Patrick Lim is the son of Lim Ah Su who is reputed to be and was Malaysia's biggest illegal bookie. His many millions was legitimised via Equine. No guesses for why this name.

  17. Hi Rocky, the rising sun, shar101, anonymous, mr perai raa, sdr and sdri, it is indeed enligtening to read all these disclosures.
    The 'ra'ayat' have indeed been taken for a ride all these years since Merdeka.
    But why are we so 'impotent' when it comes to standing up to neo-Imperialist forces in the guise of "LKY and his Temasek goons"?
    And betrayal of Terengganu and Pulau Pinang by our very own 'Mr Nice/Clean Guy'?
    As to the question of who is actually being "systematically marginalised", I would like to invite fellow 'marhaen' to visit my blog on his warped ideology of sinicization of Singapore and the dispossession/displacement of Singapore Malays.
    It is indeed a tragedy when members of an ethnic group internalised, and perpetuated, false assumptions about their genetic, intellectual and cultural inferiority.

  18. Anonymous10:48 am

    /// pasquale said...

    Not only Lee Kuan Yew is not smart he is also ugly, very ugly with that pathetic squint eyes and he definitely suffers from an acute case of a serious personality bypass! The thing is he thinks he is an Anglophile, but alas he is one ugly Chinese dude who speaks english with Chinese accent! ///

    If there is a perfect example of ad hominen attack - this is it. Do you mean ugly people are unable to speak the truth? Your rabid rant speaks more about you than your intended target. You should go to a corner and such your thumb.