Friday, September 22, 2006


update 23 Sept datuk mahathir police singapore who rape .. (malaysia)?

Did someone tell us to wake up and smell the Web 2.0, that the image below was automatically generated?

See the new image (above). Their Web 2.0 must be reading the blogs!

Original posting 22 Sept:

So, Kali, Hisham and Brendan, you think this is funny?


  1. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Bro bru

    That is so DESPICABLE!

    How low can you go, Kali-you-ular? Kurang ajar. Tak ada breeding. Fikir tajuk tu lucu?

    But what do you expect coming from these three stooges.

    Biadap yang amat sangat. Paras yang paling terhina yang dilemparkan kepada Tun Dr Mahathir, seorang negarawan yang terbilang yang telah banyak menyumbang jasa kepada negara.

    Satu tajuk yang bukan sahaja menghina Tun tetapi juga Siti Nurhaliza.

    I hope the three of them will rot in hell.

  2. Anonymous6:04 pm


  3. Anonymous6:23 pm

    It's not a headline, it's a typographical representation of the most popular searches.

    JeffOoi's blog has a different set.

    So you can see what type of readers they have.

  4. Rocky!

    I saw it while looking for NST Online and I said to myself "this has gone to far" I hope these three will rot in jail under ISA or what, and to be given rotten nasi lemak every morning and to tell them everyday while they are detained that their wives are having an affair and their daughters became drug addicts and selling themselves to support their habits! We have to be cruel to evil people! There is no other way!

  5. Before anyone else gets overly cheesed off, the display is something like a Technorati or Swicki cloud - take x number of most popular searches, and display them in alphabetical order, BUT in different font sizes based on the number of search requests.

    These things are generated automatically.

    Chill, dudes... this is just a case of IT comedic coincidence...

  6. Anonymous6:58 pm

    I thought this is fake. I purposely go to nst site and search for it. I am surprise with what I see. This is very embarrassed.

    Saya amat kecewa atas "New straits Times". You represent Malaysia. You represent all of us. Malaysian

    Saya rasa sedih atas apa yang sedang berlaku di negara saya.

    "New straits Times".. you are not any other web site.. You are the prime News Paper in Malaysia.



  7. Anonymous7:12 pm

    Woi Kali, wot you trying to prove?

  8. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Way to overreact. Those are just typical web2.0-ish way to highlight popular search terms by increasing the size of the popular ones. And normally the highlighting is done automatically. No one's fault that a lot of people searched for "mahathir", "rape" and "siti nurhaliza". And the result is pretty funny. A more pertinent question would be why are people searching for "rape"? A lot of rape incidents lately?

  9. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Wat you doing?? Try to rock this country?

  10. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Dear Bro,
    Damn these people.Damn,damn,damn.
    If Malaysians do not speak up now against NST, then we deserve what we get.

  11. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Apa boleh buat orang Melayu telah menjual pemimpin mereka dengan harga RM200.

  12. Anonymous10:24 pm


    a newspaper got to be very responsible for everything that it prints but a search cloud is harmless lah. Not every bayang is sinister. Don't damage your internet cred with rubbish lah. Cos people will laugh at this.

  13. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Bro Bru,
    Like it or not TDM is an institution in Malaysia.
    Bila NST buat begini makna nya mereka bukan sahaja telah telah menghina TDM tetapi juga menghina rakyat Malaysia.
    But I don't hope much can be done to right this.
    YDP ia a Muslim and when NST insulted Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. ,an apology is deem sufficient. So when NST insulted TDM, what can we expect?
    And since they have insulted Nabi Muhammad S.A.W, everything else is fair game to them, isn't it.

    Mother, do not let your children be a politician or newspaper editor.

  14. anak jawa johor,
    love your comment but i am sorry i cannot let it pass. a friends kids read my blog .. dont want them 12 and 14-year olds to see those colourful language.
    thank you.

  15. Anonymous12:42 am

    see what walski69 said. and that's the truth. no malice or whatso ever intended.

    wake up and smell the web2.0

  16. Anonymous12:59 am

    These things are generated automatically.

    Chill, dudes... this is just a case of IT comedic coincidence...


    I don’t think so. It’s too much of a coincidence.

    I believe it was Manipulated.

    Jeff OOi di screen shot (link di bawah) ada buat penerangan.

    Vicious keyword search on NST Online

    Several Screenshots readers pointed me to the search engine that NST Online now employs.

    Using this type of search algorithm, the frequently searched keywords will appear in bigger font, sometimes bolder, than the less-searched ones. The search engine, being technology, presents the readers' bias and search tendencies automatically, and innocently.

    But the implication that appears on NST is, hilariously, quite disastrous.

    Read the detached words in bold, large fonts together and a pattern thus forms.

    Here's the evidence preserved in PDF. Some readers cried foul, invoking conspiracy theories because human interests can manipulate technology by setting the search algorithm to suit prescribed agenda.

    If you click on the keyword Siti Nurhaliza -- which appears in bold, large font on NST Online's search cloud -- it returns only ONE search result.

    Even a computer idiot would tell you that ONE returned search result, in regular keyword search methodology, doesn't denote a popular search criteria.

    In contrast, a relatively 'boring' word like environment returns 25 search results, but it appears in small print.

    Dubious, isn't it?

    Of all papers, why has it got to appear on a professed hate-Mahathir paper?


    Menurutnya, carian yang terbanyak, akan keluar dengan font yang besar secara otomatik, seperti yang dipaparkan. Bagaimanapun, menurutnya bila dicuba buat carian untuk Siti Nurhaliza, hanya satu entry sahaja yang keluar. Maknanya, paparan itu telah dimanipulasi oleh mereka. Dengan lain perkataan, lepas ni mereka tidak boleh mengatakan bahawa ini bukan mainan mereka.

    Ini adalah satu permainan kotor NST MENGHINA Tun Dr Mahathir.

  17. Anonymous1:39 am

    If you click on the keyword Siti Nurhaliza -- which appears in bold, large font on NST Online's search cloud -- it returns only ONE search result.

    Even a computer idiot would tell you that ONE returned search result, in regular keyword search methodology, doesn't denote a popular search criteria.

    In contrast, a relatively 'boring' word like environment returns 25 search results, but it appears in small print.
    ---end quote---

    Dude, the popularity of a search term does NOT depend on how many results it returns. It's how many times people searched for it. However many results a search gets you, if lots of people search for it, it's popular.

  18. Anonymous2:14 am

    I want to thank walski69, haris and a couple of anonymous fellows who gave their technical inputs on this. It's appreciated really. But in the newspaper/media business, such technical explanation will not necessarily go down well with readers. Not all readers believe the explanation, and not all readers get to see the explanation. At a time when the NST is increasingly being seen as a Tun M bashing tool, such technical items will and can be seen in a different light. Those who have turned away from reading the NST is not likely going to be persuaded to return to the newspaper. While the techy fellows see this as just another web 2.0 way of doing things, the fact is also true that the end result does seem to reflect the NST's view of its known attempts to belittle and demonise Tun M! The NST, as is now known, is the English-language voice of UMNO and everyone knows how the party is actively deconstructing Tun M the man and his legacy. Seen from this end, the highlights, while not deliberately done, or so it seems, lend credence to the Tun M bashing that seem to preoccupy the minds of the likes of Kali, Brendan, Hisham at Balai Berita Jalan Riong. If they had missed this item on the web page, someone would have pointed this out to them and they would probably be laughing till tears come out from their clouded eyes.

    Seen from another perspective, it shows that Mahathir is as popular as ever! Despite Abdullah Badawi making statements left, right and centre, the ordinary Malaysians are still very much interested in this man Mahathir. That's 3 years after he vacated his Sri Perdana office mind you! Which then explains why the spin doctors in Bangsar are trying their best to make Abdullah look good and Mahathir redundant. But as the web search shows, this is far from happening. And if you listen closely to what the media boys and girls are saying, they have concluded that covering the PM's assignment today is not only less challenging, but unexciting too. One of them said covering the PM is no longer a preferred assignment. "He doesn't inspire," one of them said.

    To be fair, Abdullah Badawi is certainly not Mahathir Mohamad, and any comparison should be discouraged. But as public figures, they just can't escape being measured head to toe, eye to eye.

    As for the NST, well, what can you say! They have seen better days.

  19. Anonymous2:45 am

    And these people are suppose to be our pioneers? These are supposed to be leaders, supposed to be making some differences.

    AS of for me, there's to much coincidence for this to be some technical anomalies. They have educated people monitoring the site, and plus, it's a perfect cover up isnt it? If anybody were to say anything, they can simply hide behind some "anomalies".

    It's an insult to Tun, to the veterans who fought for independance, fought for NST.

    It's an insult to us all.

  20. Anonymous4:07 am

    Itu namanya angkara HARAMJADAH!

  21. Anonymous7:25 am

    No, it's not funny. It's bad English. It should be "Mahathir rapes Siti Nurhaliza". Do you notice how bad NST English has become lately?
    I think those baboons running the NST hate Mahathir, but love to rape Siti. This is the product of a very sick mind and poor sense of humour. New Sick Times.

  22. Anonymous7:35 am

    Mahathir, Rape, Siti Nurhaliza.

    But where is Abdullah?

    Did he come after or before Anwar?

    Or he does not come at all!

    Romanino, If Shakespeare is alive today, his saying would sound something like this:

    It's not the fault of the big fat pigs, but of those who feed them garbage (like the new New Straits Times).

  23. Anonymous7:48 am

    I love Mahathir
    I adored Siti
    Of Abdullah, I am yet to see
    But for answer, please ask Kali.

    Of Mahathir, he will say evil
    Of Siti, Kali is quite empty
    Of Abdullah, he is full of sympathy
    For Abdullah put him in NST.

  24. Anonymous8:25 am

    Kalimullah, the sinister despicable moron that he is, would never accept the "computer glitch" explanation from sub-editors, editors or reports if a mistake was made in the newspaper.
    Perhaps it was because he never evolved with the newspaper industry. By the time he took over the NST, the newspaper industry had gone through a lot of technological progress and process. He was plain ignorant.

    So now, would he and his machais blame it on technology, "on the computer"?

    You tecchi guys can explain to us all you want -- the FACT is, the words that had come out of the web-search-whatever formed a not-so-nice pattern.
    so what should you do?

    All I can say is that the NST under Kalimulah has degenerated. so debase. so vile. the newspaper is as good as its chief. or as bad.

  25. Anonymous8:26 am

    hahaaa --- to all those who explained why MAHATHIR RAPE SITI NURHALIZA happened..


    (although I appreciate your explanation)


  26. Anonymous8:33 am

    it does not matter whether it was a mistake -- honest or otherwise. surely, someone (a relevant authority at the NST) should have noticed and acted to "fix it".

    I wonder what would happen if this had appeared ABDULLAH RAPE SITI NURHALIZA. Whoever in charge would be sacked, i am sure.

    i get the feeling that NST is enjoying this.

  27. Anonymous8:33 am


  28. Anonymous8:37 am

    why am i not surprised? even if it was "coincidental", the words forming in that way because of the popularity of the subjects -- surely, the NST should do something.
    can i hear kalimulah sniggering like a *$#%$#@#@??


  29. Anonymous8:39 am

    kalimullah, brendan and hishmudin,

    you know that the day will come when you will be suitably punished.
    retribution, man. you are evil and despicable.
    you are sinister.

  30. Anonymous8:39 am


    kerja dan perbuatan yang amat jahat.

  31. Anonymous8:45 am

    hello haris and walski69

    chill out? no problem... can do.

    but let me tell you this -- explain all you want, man. it would not remove the fact that there will be people who are not convinced.
    unintentional or not, NST does not need allegations that it was done deliberately.
    i'd like to see NST apologise for this "unintentional" naughty display.


  32. Anonymous8:49 am

    you dont do this kind of thing to anyone... and to the Tun? unforgivable.
    this is so so sad. NST has descended to the lowest of the low, the deepest of the deep.

  33. Anonymous9:04 am

    And now they have removed Siti, Nurhaliza and the whole thing is of small fonts...LOL...and you still think that's not deliberatly act...

    Tun M was at MMU yesterday, its a full house and he's as popular as ever.

  34. Rocky Bru!

    Headlines in the NST quoting former Prime Minister Mahathir who had key role in coup to bring down this goverment ingested with Singapore agents at the highest level of the country's decision makeing institution, who said:

    "Individuals who have no ethics and morals are bad people who are full of greed....But if they have acquired wealth through illegal or unethical means, they no longer deserve to be in this country."

    Tun Mahathir, a respected leader and has been a good adviser to the king of Malaysia believed to have played a vital role in the coup.


  35. Anonymous12:22 pm

    ClarkGable of Pulau Duyong:

    Claimed Innonence,computer glitch or whatever they wish, Brenden,Kalli has finally signed their death warrnt as far their carreer go in NST.For someone(Kali) who was barred due to security reason to be press sec to late Tun Ghaffar, everystep you made watched by thousands eyes.

    My bet if Abdullah,Rape,Siti Norhaliza were to appear both of you would come crawling to AAB like Thai Generals to King Of Thailand,with their head touching the ground.Extending AAB dislike towards TDM is understanable but AAB wouldnt stoop so low as both of you.If both of you were smiling gleefully before, thinking that no one would find it or things can be explained as computer glitch,you can wipe your smile now.

    Since it is so difficult for both to apologise ,more so to someone to whom you professed hatred like TDM,we will try to influence UMNO delegates to vote both of you out of NST...for me i shall stop buying NST as from today.Kali,Brenden,Enjoy,Sodomy,Screaming,Each other...could be a new search favourite.No apology, period.

  36. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Bro bru

    To quote pasquale's favourite word "morons".

    Yes, all the NST top guys are "morons".

    That means YOU Kali...and gang.

    You are so despicable, a low-lying scumbug, uncouth & have no breeding.

    Clear case of money cant buy you class.

    I know you read this blog.

    So I hope you enjoy reading all the shit that has been thrown at yr ugly face!

  37. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Thanks for placing this (yet another) low, cowardly, despicable attempt to ... what? to Tun Dr M. I can hardly believe when I read those (albeit few) comments that "it is just a coincidence". We are such a gullible lot! Of course, it is NOT a coincidence! To get back to the point, what did these Khairy-players think they will achieve? Smear Tun or Siti? (Lucky it was not Maya K). Take some political points off Tun? Look, Pak Lah is rapidly fading away, poor man cannot handle political pressure. No genuine comments from him, he gets embarassed by White House and he takes control of Malaysia while in Cuba. Listening to Malaysians (on the street, not in NST), it is geting impossible to find anyone approving of Pak Lah as a PM. NST guys will get their due sooner than later. Regards and salaams

  38. Anonymous2:55 pm

    jewel said...

    i'd like to see NST apologise for this "unintentional" naughty display.

    My dear jewel.

    Never, never in a thousand years
    Kali-ular, the baruah, & gang must have though it's all so funny.

    See, they have come up with another.

    Apologise? Apology is not in Kali's vocub.

    Arrogant bastards!!


  39. Anonymous5:16 pm

    The nasty "Mahathir, rape, siti nurhaliza" business can purely be a computer thing, as some foremers pointed out. A lot of things are computerised and digitized these days.

    We may not hold the NST in high regard. But to think that they would deliberately resort do such a dastardly act is beyond my comprehension.

    It they did, it speaks badly of the Prime Minister because he was solely responsible for appointing and protecting the present NSTP editorial leadership.

    For the first time in the history of the NSTP, the Editor-in-Chief (Abdullah Ahmad Kok Lanas) was formally removed by the PM and his successor (Kalimullah Hassan) appointed by the PM.

    Dato' Kali shamelessly used the NST/NSunT to announced to the readers that he was appointed by the PM.

    So what he and his handpicked lieutanants like Brendan Peraira and Hishamuddin Aun did that brought shame to the NSTP would directly implicate the PM.

    But the person who really did the raping was the PM himself. He raped his chances of enjoying Mahathir's huge following at home and abroad by forsaking Umno and the Cabinet in favour of advisers like Kali, Annuar Zaini, his son Kamal and his son-in-law Khairy.

    I pity Mahathir. But I pity Abdullah more. His lifelong political career is being destroyed by his self-serving corporate and political operators, including those from the Mahathir era.

    I pity Abdullah because he is being made to believe that Mahathir is his enemy. Mahathir is his critic but not his enemy. His enemy is his ungratefullness. He is nowhere without 22 years of Mahathir's tolerence and humanity. He stabbed Mahathir in 1987 and he is stabing him again now.

    Mahathir has nothing to lose. His time is over. But Abdullah has everything to lose. And he would if he continues to be ungrateful and continues to listen to his self-serving advisers.

  40. Anonymous5:28 pm



  41. Anonymous6:24 pm

    this is to HARIS, WALSKI69, JEFFERJABBA.

    Looks like the boys at NST have done a number on you guys by changing the TAG after this blog (and SCreenshots) belasah the previous one.

    Next time you guys want to defend anyone, let them know. especially if it is NST or Berita Harian. THose boys panik cepat.

    SO we can conclude that this TAG can be manually handled and edited, bukanlah automatik sampai tak boleh usik. kalau nak letak NORI RAPE MAYA KARIN pun boleh kan?

    itu saja nak cakap.

    - Jangan Marah -

  42. Kurang ajar!!!!
    TDM sangat dihormati diseluruh dunia. Malangnya di negara sendiri, TDM dihina tahap maximum...
    Terlalu kurang ajar......kena kasi ajar sama dia orang

  43. Anonymous7:43 pm

    GASP! Watch out, maybe the popular search terms will change again tomorrow!

  44. Anonymous1:07 am

    This is what i saw in news paper today's
    / .' `\
    ( / )
    / /`--.._ )
    ( )=- =) |
    ) \ . (_/
    ( \`=' /~
    ,--._)_/^`- ~\.__
    / ``-.
    / .
    / ) , / , . . :
    / / / ' ,' _ Y :
    / _Y-' ,._;\(*) | |
    / ,-' .-.` \_ /| |
    : ,`- `=.._ ~'-=. (
    | ,' | `-. ` |
    \__.' | `._ /
    | |`'--'
    | \
    / ) \
    / \
    J L
    [ . ,- |
    [ \_L/ |
    [ /( |
    | / | F
    | / | /

  45. Anonymous2:45 am

    Inilah dia apabila akhbar yang kononya mempunyai orang-orang Umno sebagai pemilik terbesar membenarkan ajen-ajen India dari Singapura - Kalli dan Brendan - di tambah dengan beberapa ramai lagi yang diimport kembali dari Hongkong (setelah FEER di tutup)seperti Nadarajah yang sikap anti Melayunya legendary dan newsdesknya juga dikuasai India dengan wartawan Melayu kanan semuanya kena pressure hingga ambil VSS.
    Tapi Umno biarkan saja perkara begini berlaku.
    Inilah dia nasib Melayu. Tapi Lee Kuan Yew kata Melayu bolot semua, Cina dipinggirkan.
    Dan Si Luncai terus terjun dengan labu-labunya. Biarkan! Biarkan!

  46. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Baguslah, mengumpatlah .. biar dapat banyak pahala.

  47. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Anonymous said...
    Baguslah, mengumpatlah

    Alo! sdr Anonymous,

    Mengumpat ertinya mengata orang (behind his/her back) secara berbisik2.

    Kami di sini cakap depan, tak sembunyi pun.


  48. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Hello Rocky
    Apa khabar? Selamat berpuasa!

  49. Anonymous7:56 am

    It doesn't take much to be a new editor isn't. All you have to do is be silly !

  50. Anonymous3:29 pm

    well...another one bites the dust i suppose.