Friday, September 15, 2006


Correction A poster pointed out to me that Para 3 of the original posting here is , that ECM-Libra shareholders were NOT entitled to free Pos Malaysia shares. See also comment in KMU.
Khairy was entitled to 12,
990,000 shares in Avenue International Capital Berhad (which later changed name to ECM Libra Avenue Bhd after the merger) for the 12,990,000 shares he had bought with Kali-money.
His shares of 12,990,000 shares in ECM Libra, underwent a capital reduction to 1,299,000 shares in ECM LIbra Sdn Bhd, which should be worth ONLY RM1,299,000.
I lose sleep over such errors. My sincere apologies to readers and bloggers. - Rocky

Original posting

Or how a son-in-law can make 5 million ringgit ...

First things first: Why has Khazanah Nasional been accumulating shares of Pos Malaysia for the last 3 months? It now has in excess of 30 per cent stake in Pos Malaysia, news that drove up its shares to a 7-year high of close to RM5.

[Khazanah will not say why, which is another good reason why there should be full disclosure and why an independent Audit should be brought in to look at Khazanah's books!]

Incidentally, ECM-Libra shareholders are entitled to 1 Pos Malaysia share for every 11 ECM shares. If you remember, Khairy Jamaluddin, the Prime Minister's son-in-law, bought 11 million shares with money borrowed from father-in-law's close aide Kalimullah Hassan (which means he could have been entitled to 1 million free Pos Malaysia shares at the time).

KJ later claimed he sold off all 11 million shares after the whole deal blew up in his face, Kalimullah's face and the PM's face.

Khairy said he lost RM200,000 as a result, remember?

Now, thanks to Khananah Nasional, the boy's 1 million Pos Malaysia shares, assuming he got them and has not disposed of them, would be worth close to $5 million!

And who do you think the chairman of Khazanah Nasional is?


  1. Rocky!
    I know the game! Pak Lah is suffering from incontinence havng to resort to using pampers, and happy pills and forever happy while son-in-law taking advantage of allowing the barbarian (S'pore)into the gate.

    We now know the re-purchasing of Pantai was a reverse psychology, make it as though we are concern of our assets being bought by the "enemies" when in actuality all of them are in cahoot to milk the treasury (our Treasury) of hard earned money purportedly to by back our "national asset" from being in the hand of foreign power. I want to know who in Khazanah is accountable for not taking over the offer to buy Pantai shares in the first place.
    The scam is very simple really, offer was made by Pantai majority shareholder to sell the majority share to Khazanah but Khazanah "declined" than someone told the porverbial PM that a mistake has been made and the rakyat is unhappy, and the proverbial PM was told by you know who, (give you a hint KJ) that mistake has been made and must be undone at all cost, yes cost, and money!
    The the majority share has to be bought back at a much higher cost from Singapore owned company, and the rest you morons, reading this, if you cannot figure this out then you all deserve to be one!
    And the same sting is being done to POS MALAYSIA! Wake up please you monkeys in the government and the party the country is being cut and slashed into pieces and what are we doing about it!

  2. Anonymous1:29 pm

    give the old man a break, rocky.

    maybe pak lah tak tahu his son-in(over-the)-law's business deals. and maybe pak lah tak tahu he is the chairman of Khazanah. and if so, maybe pak lah tak tahu that as chairman he should ambil tahu.

    we have seen him in action (tak tahu) before.

    i have a colleague like that. he is playing sudoku in the office.

  3. Anonymous3:16 pm

    "Now, thanks to Khananah Nasional, the boy's 1 million Pos Malaysia shares, assuming he got them and has not disposed of them, would be worth close to $5 million!"

    I presume it's not a typo.
    How true, it has become 'bernanah'.
    Undurlah Pak Lah.

    To Kubang Pasu and UMNO Baru, nampaknya hangpa semua menang sorak, kampung dah kena jual.

  4. Anonymous4:15 pm


    No1 son-in-law could still make that kind of money. I had not from the start believed that KJ lost a single sen from the deal. If any, it's all paper. Kali and his Chinese partners would not allow KJ to lose after using him to get all those questionable approvals.
    What is more worrisome is the way Khazanah is being used to salvage Government mistakes. A classic case in Pantai Holdings.
    I think there's a play in the purchase of Pos Malaysia shares. Something is amiss.
    The way Khazanah is being manipulated, I think there'll be no room left for genuine Bumi entrepreneurs.
    Bru, maybe you want to investigate the Penang Sewer Project. I was told somebody made RM200-250 million commission from the contract. The same old rent-seeker story. Who pays? Taxpayers.

  5. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Dont know if anyone of you know this oldie by the late 50s singer R.Azmi (if I am not mistaken).

    His song, "mana ku tahu ya, mana ku tahu...", should be Pak Lah's signature song.

  6. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Sakitnya hati.....
    Perhaps we deserve it cause we elect them and never question them.

  7. I wonder if KJ paid back the loan in full.

  8. Anonymous11:20 pm

    When asked by pressmen why his son is overseas, the great premier Badawi stunned everyone by saying "It's better there". Farmers to housewives are disgusted with what they have heard and they say "our children have no future in this country". Rocky if you and your buddies walk down the streets and mingle with the real people..not your starbucks kakis or your NPC gang..but real would know how much dissatisfaction and fear the average mamats and minahs are in at the moment. People are getting educated and bolder, mind you things will not be rosy from now on. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer. If the current govt claim they are doing things best for the public, they are wrong! It has never been better than any of the previous administrations. Period!

  9. Anonymous11:48 pm

    bro rocky

    You know I know who is Kalimullah. You also know that prior to "UndurLah" became PM, where was Kali and that he was not able to sustain a small sdn bhd let alone in control of a public listed company, which can take over Avenue, a goververnmetn owned company. This speak volume.

    Further,the small boy from Tingkat 4, KJ, was given loan by ECM Libra shareholder to buy the ECM shares also speaks volume.

    So kita tahu smaa tahu, sudah lah - janganlah terlampau tekan "UndurLah", Khanzanah chairman, to answer questions of the obvious. The UndurLah will tell you "saya tak tah sebab saya masih zzzz...". Kasih chance bro jangan lah tekan UndurLah.

    Menatu PM nad PM's son must be ble to make some money on the side. Only normal. But let campaign to get him to UndurLah becaue we have to save the country from these parasites.

  10. Anonymous1:43 am

    Apa kejadahnya nak jadi dengan barisan pemimpin kita? as the chinese say the head will rot first!
    What can we as the common people do? any suggestions?
    I won't be voting BN as i used to. I cry for my country.

  11. Anonymous3:25 am

    Khairi has this ambition to become PM before he's 40.

    I dread to even picture of what would be of Malaysia if his ambition become a reality.

    This guy is a real opportunist. When Anwar was DPM he courted his daughter and now he's the PM son-in-law

    Either step down Pak Lah or shut all doors for Khairi, remove all of Khairi's friends at level 4 and appointed heads of Government Controlled companies

  12. Anonymous4:19 am

    the public want answers. period. stop all the spinning. truth must out, as the late noordin sopiee insisted.

  13. Anonymous6:57 am


    how easy it is to fool the PM, it is frightening.
    history will be the judge / will judge, the incompetence, the ineptness of Malaysia's fifth Prime Minister.


  14. Anonymous7:13 am

    khairy wants to be PM before he is 40.
    Umno members must ask themselves whether they want this kind of leader. there is nothing wrong in having big dreams. in fact we all should dream big. there's nothing wrong in wanting to fasttrack one's political career, even one's financial status. but one must work hard for it.. there is no short cut. the trouble with KJ and his ilk is that they want all that including the billions of ringgit by the shortest time possible through the shortest way. if umno members think that's cool, then, people like KJ have found their place in UMNO. and if this is OK for malays and malaysians, then they will vote for people like him.
    NOW, if you love your country, it takes more than just dreaming to make sure the party that condones this kind of act and misdeeds does not rule.
    it is that simple.

  15. Anonymous7:14 am

    bull's eye bro.

    the new name of khazanah nasional is KHANANAH Nasional, as rocky bro puts it.

  16. Anonymous7:33 am


    yes. many many people know who kalimullah is... what a cabok reporter he was. his bukit belachan house (no intention to disparage here).
    BUT we also know how he got to be whewre he is today.
    his humble past is not a disadvantage. most millionnaires today come from very very humble past... yes, it is hard to believe when you look at their kids driving luxury cars, go to boarding schools abroad. well, if these millionaires worked hard for their money, for their station in life, then, well, who are we to say about how they should spend their money. And then , there are the orang Kaya Baru who got their millions the easy despicable way. The Kali way. well.....they are the ones we should look with contempt...never with envy or admiration.
    and we should never attempt to emulate.

    Ummi Khaldun

  17. Anonymous7:52 am


    Orang Lama

  18. Anonymous8:36 am

    first thing, brother. it is pure relief to read your blog where issues of public interest are debated. Unlike one I had the misfortune of having been told about. A certain M blog. Like the curious cat that I am, I opened it. After five minutes, I closed it. I regret ever opening it. The postings are well-written. But they are vicious. The comments posted are worse. That is cyberspace, I suppose. Freedom. Abuse. Irresponsibility. It comes in a package.
    I was later told that the blog is being hosted, operated by the Prime Minister's boys. How sad. One Vincent Lim was mentioned.
    Now, back to the serious business of Khazanah.
    I see this all as an elaborate "get-rich" scheme or scam.
    Does Khazanah exist now to enrich the Prime Minister's family and cronies?
    It does look that way.

  19. Anonymous8:44 am

    The Prime Minister may be chairman of Khazanah but, tell me, do you actually believe that he knows what's going on? or that he makes THE decisions?
    By now, it is so clear that decisions are made for him because he is not able to grasp, comperehend critical issues. Much less to make decisions on them.
    The culprit is, of course, KJ. No, no, this is not giving credit to KJ. It is not that he is a hell of a smooth operator. The fact is that it is not difficult to goreng Pak Lah. After all, he is so impressed by KJ's brilliance. And he'd believe anything KJ tells him.

  20. Rocky

    Do not lose sleep over it, bro.

    Pak Lah makes so much blunder and error and yet he can sleep even in public, meetings and functions.

    ....hmmm perhaps Rocky can replace PM?

    Hidup Rocky!!!

    The Anonymous Before Me

    It takes a mediocre to believe everything KJ said.

    I think KJ is a shield for Pak Lah to look clever. Unfortunately he ends up looking more ... not-so-clever.

  21. Anonymous11:04 am

    Yer forgiven bro, evrytime. Them I'll not forgive. Damn people don't even know how to say sorry. Y'know what? I'd like to ask you to withdraw yer apology. There's nothing you should be sorry for. -TMBP

  22. RockyBru,

    You are forgiven for this little mistake as nobody makes or loses real money.

    After all, there are bigger sins made by other people and never lost sleep over it, instead they slept on what they illfully gain.

    RockyBru rocks !!!!!!

  23. Anonymous3:01 pm

    At least u have the guts to apoligise, not like someone we all know.

    foriven bro..

  24. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Bravo Bru, you apologized for the mistake. The PM is yet to apologize for his.

  25. Anonymous9:31 pm

    saudara rocky

    sudah tentu saudara di ampunkan. your "sin" is NOTHING compared to the sins people we know who are milking the country and puppeteering our Prime Minister.
    Them, we do not forgive.
    But heck, one person has not apologised. Maybe when Pak Lah retires, eh?


  26. Anonymous11:30 pm


    Don't worry. U hv apologised n that easily can be accepted. Just get ur sleep. Some people bigger blunder also never want to apologise n can sleep also at functions.

  27. Anonymous1:03 am

    We have to excuse the PM. He loves his son, daughter and son-in-law too much.
    And I quote a famous saying by Oliver Barrett IV (the hero of the 1970 film Love Story): Love means never having to say you're sorry.
    So our transparent, accountable and open Hadhari Perdana Menteri will not say I am sorry.
    Don't you suckers, including Dr Mahathir, now feel sorry that you gave Pak Lah the biggest election victory in history in 2004?
    No wonder the PM and his SIL compared us to iblis and monkeys. That's because we are suckers.

  28. Anonymous1:24 am

    22 Reasons why PM will not and does not have to say he's sorry.
    1. I am the PM
    2. I have a different style
    3. I have the biggest mandate
    4. I was not involved
    5. Scomi does not do business in Malaysia
    6. Scomi does not get government contract
    7. Scomi does business in Malaysia, but I didn't know that
    8. Scomi does business with Petronas, TNB, KTM and so on, but I did not give those contracts
    9. Scomi won fair and square
    10. Scomi is a damned good company
    11. Kamal told me he Scomi did not do business in Malaysia
    12. I did not help Khairy. Hisham did
    13. I did not give ECM Libra shares to Khairy. Kali did.
    14. I did not know where he got the money from. You ask Kali.
    14. Small ECM bought big Avenue Asset cheaply. I was not involved.
    15. Yes I am Finance Minister. But I don't know a damned thing so I ask Md Noor Yaacop to do everything. show.
    16. No Malaysian company had fallen into foreign hands;
    17. Oh yes, Pantai did.
    18. I don't have to apologize bacause I have asked Khazanah to buy it back.
    19. I didn't sabotage Mahathir in Kubang Pasu. My Umno slaves did that for me.
    20. Why should I say sorry? I am the Perdana Menteri.
    21. Why worry? I am going to endorse Shahidan's proposal that I become PM sampai mati.
    22. I you don't believe me, ask Guna segaran from The Sun.

  29. Anonymous2:17 am

    Don't worry about it.

    To err is human, to forgive divine.

  30. Anonymous8:32 am


    Aaah. Kalimullah.Cant even run a Sdn Bhd. The one who lobbied his way to run the Cambodia Times, and then it went BUST. That's Kali for you. Only fools get conned by him. And Pak Lah thought he could run the NST? Kalimullah will go down in the history of the NST to be the one who sold off the NST and killed the Malay Mail.
    Nay, (he will go down in) the history of the country.


  31. Anonymous8:40 am

    hi rocky aka ahirudin

    i so enjoy your blog and the comments. they are so interesting and very very informative and educational.
    and your commentators are really really fun, sometimes funny (but serious). I like the fact that they all are true Malaysians and love the country.They sound so concerned about what's going on without being malicious and hateful.
    even when criticising Pak Lah. and Dr Mahathir.
    At least, that's my sense and feeling from reading the comments.
    you are doing a great job. i sense a great sense of responsibility on your part, even when you hit them (oh, you know who i mean) hard.
    oh by the way.. this is not to b.d.k you. Comes from my heart.
    i felt i had to send you this.

  32. Anonymous8:43 am

    rocky -- this is Sunday Sept 17.
    THE POPE said sorry... can you imagine.. THE PONTIFF apologised to Muslims.. Now that is a GREAT man. i suppose that goes without saying.
    So, Rocky..... you cannot expect some mere mortals to say sorry..
    they won't because:

    1. they are cowards
    2. they are stupid and stubborn
    3. they are fools
    4. they didnt know they said/did anything wrong.
    5. they are MORONS.(sigh... had to borrow Pasquale's)

    Have a nice Sunday...

  33. Anonymous8:51 am

    you are right. The PM loves his children and son-in-law that he is willing to look stupid for them.
    point taken -- he is a good father (and who isn't) and a lousy Prime Minister.

    man from paya terubong,
    a very good list. Bravo.i am so numbed now. if i could turn back the clock.......

  34. Anonymous9:50 am

    the worst thing is to be labelled a SPY.
    you can be greedy, you can make as much money as you want...but if you are selling off the country.. i think you should be condemned.
    you should be condemned for being paid by a foreign power to do their bidding.
    do you know what is the punishment for spying, for treason?