Saturday, September 16, 2006


16 Sept. On the road since eight in a "Rally for Humanitarian". There are over 100 cars, 30 bikes and some 500 Malaysians. We have just reached Pekan, home of our 2nd Prime Minister. The rally's organised by the National Press Club and Maxis, backed by more thab a dozen corporate sponsors, to mark the end of Merdeka month, raise funds for charity, and celebrate Malaysia Day.

So, how do you celebrate September 16?


  1. Sept 16...uh, on my pc since 9am!!! Now??? 9pm...wah...12 hours!!! enough, enough, I got to get to my books and do some reading..bye

  2. Anonymous10:54 pm

    "Makan Buah-buahan Tempatan" @ Kota Damansara, organised by FAMA and MBPJ.

  3. Anonymous1:10 am

    2nd prime minister?

    Not deputy prime minister?

  4. As a Sarawakian I must say with shame and head bowed low that I forgot about September 16.

    Happy Independence Day, Sarawak.

  5. Anonymous8:26 am


    2nd Prime Minister is the (current) deputy prime minister's father.

    2nd PM -- Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak.
    late father of our deputy Pm Datuk Seri Najib .

    But why Rocky Bru's reference to the late Tun Razak and not his son...well, only he can explain. perhaps, just a slip. it is not a mistake.

  6. Anonymous8:27 am

    Malaysia Day?
    Really. We have one?
    Must so low-key that we hardly remember.

    MAVERICK SM -- love that EYE

  7. Anonymous9:34 am


  8. Terima kasih kerana mengingatkan pelawat blog Sdr mengenai Hari Malaysia.

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    Izinkan saya memanjangkan kepada Sdr komen saya (dalam blog saya) mengenai cabaran dan cacian terkini Lee Kuan Yew terhadap negara kita dan Indonesia.

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    Lee Kuan Yew sudah membuka cakap. Sila baca Utusan Malaysia hari ini (16 September) muka 17. LKY dah kutuk dan perlekeh kita dan Indonesia.

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    Sebab itu, kata LKY, Singapura memerlukan sebuah kerajaan yang mempunyai keberanian dan kemahiran untuk berkata "tidak" kepada negara-negara jiran secara baik dan hormat.

    Kalau kita percaya cakap Kerajaan Malaysia tentang pembatalan Jambatan Tambah, kita terpaksa membuat kesimpulan bahawa Singapura telahpun berkata TIDAK kepada kita. Kerajaan kita bertindak balas dengan membatalkan projek yang sudahpun dimulakan.

    LKY juga menghina dan menuduh Malaysia dan Indonesia menganaktirikan rakyat keturunan Cina masing-masing.

    Reuters memetik LKY sebagai berkata:

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    "Namun yang menjadi permasalahan di sini ialah semakin rajin dan berjaya dalam bidang yang diceburi, masyarakat Cina dipinggirkan secara sistematik.

    "Indonesia dan Malaysia mahukan Singapura, dengan kata yang mudah, menjadi Masyarakat Cina seperti mereka -- sikap pak turut."

    Kita tunggu dan lihat apa reaksi para pemimpin kita terhadap campur tangan dan hasutan LKY ini, itupun jika mereka membaca laporan Utusan itu.

    LKY tidak pula menyebut mengenai lima peratus rakyat keturunan Cina Indonesia menguasai 90 peratus ekonomi negara itu dan 32 peratus rakyat keturunan Cina Malaysia menguasai lebih daripada 40 peratus kekayaan korporat negara ini.

    Apa kata pemimpin politik Cina Malaysia?

  9. I don't understand the objective of the whole event, using public fund and inconveniencing the public along the route.

  10. Anonymous2:10 pm

    I was wondering what happened to your Merdeka Day scam this year. I thought your removal as Malay Mail editor put an end to this silly exerise - driving around in the name of charity. Why not just ask your buddy - that maxis Ahmad to just give the cheque and take the kids to the shopping complex and buy them loads of stuff. To me this sounds like yet another excuse for your press club members and you to get drunk and enjoy. I must commend Care and Share for his or her posting. Yes truly wasting money in the name of charity.

  11. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Charlie, now you're being stupid and personal. You don't have to go to kuantan to drinklah. .More of us should do something good for malaysia day/merdeka like bro rocky and his buddy datuk ahmad and the press club. I took part in their merdeka day do last year, hundreds of orphans involved in the parties held by klia and one big hotel in putrajaya because of rocky's event. . charlie you talk cock!

  12. A KADIR JASIN said...

    ...Apa kata pemimpin politik Cina Malaysia?


    Membisu seribu kata.

  13. Anonymous7:44 am


    people like you -- and i think you know rocky, and probably hate his guts but shit scared of him -- and rocky probably knows you...are balless f...ers.
    yes, you talk cock, man. tell this to rocky to his face. But you got no balls, right?
    you do sound like a balless someone that i know.

  14. Anonymous7:45 am

    care and share

    public funds werent used. and you probably dont know many things.

  15. Anonymous10:24 am


    charlie used the word "scam". Pray tell us.
    Have you benefited financially from this rally? Have you taken any kind of kickbacks from this?
    are you benefitting in any way as those in the ECM-Libra-avenue-pantai scam have?
    are you selling off the country?

    thank you

  16. Anonymous10:25 am

    poor ignorant, vicious, spiteful nasty you.
    A scam? really. a merdeka scam? now a Malaysia Day "scam"?
    Yep. you make me sick.

  17. Anonymous10:54 am

    datuk kadir,

    LKY menanti sekian lama (22 tahun) untuk membuat cacian terhadap malaysia.
    kita memang tahu sikap dan pendirian LKY/kerajaan Singapura terhadap malaysia.
    Ini lah masa nya untuk beliau mengutuk, mempersendakan, memperkecilkan dan menghina Malaysia setelah tidak ada nya Tun Dr Mahathir sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia.
    Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi adalah pemimpin yang "disukai" oleh kerajaan Singapura.
    Adakah kerajaan Malaysia akan membantah? menyuara atau membalas sekeras2nya kata-kata/cacian LKY.
    Tunggu dan lihat.

  18. Anonymous11:02 am


    You know something, sir. LKY, or anyone else but ESPECIALLY LKY can belittle, humiliate Malaysia as much as they want. There will not be, even a whimper, from our side -- not Syed Hamid. Our Prime Minister? Fat chance. We are nothing now, sir. We can be used and abused, at anyone's fancy. you see,

  19. the Merdeka Day rally this year was bigger than last year, more meriah definitely as we managed to involve orphans not only in the city but also in two other states as well as the orang asli community in gombak.

    what datuk ahmad and his great team did before the rally was to ask for a wish list from the orphanages. based on these lists we raised the funds to try and purchase every item of the lists. some kids wanted books, some wanted computers. you can't meet every wish, of course, but i know of instances of maxis employees taking out their own wallets and purses to try and fullfil the kids' wishes. maxis and the sponsors also donated some cash to these orphanages.

    as for the participants, half of them were children, they also get to travel in a convoy and become tourists in their own country. how many of the 500 had visited the birthplace of tun abdul razak, our 2nd prime minister? how many had been to an orang asli kampung before this? it's like an excursion, charlie, if you've ever been included in one.

    my friend datuk ahmad has been involved with trying to make anak2 yatim a little happier long before he became the group editor of nst.

    the npc looks forward to working with him and maxis again for similar causes.

  20. Anonymous2:08 pm

    you sound like a machai regular.

    machai hater

  21. Anonymous2:09 pm

    thank you, rocky bru, for telling us what the rally is all about.
    shame on you, Charlie.


  22. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Anonymous said...
    you sound like a machai regular.


    I believe so. I think he is the same Charlie & a regular machai @#@@# who writes disparagingly abt rocky & who is mounting a campaign to oust bro rocky at the next NPC AGM.

  23. Public FUND yes. The many P O L I C E out-riders catered to he this event is public service, was it paid for or complimentary?

    I'm not against fun and pagendry to celeberate MERDEKA, but it must be meaningful.

    "Manliness consists not in bluff, bravado or lordliness. It consists in daring to do the right and facing consequences whether it is in matters social, political or other. It consists in deeds, not in words." - Gandhi

  24. Anonymous11:22 pm

    care and share,

    you are so petty. That was a charity rally. The police would not have approved such a rally if they thought that it was not for a good cause.
    What is your point? The use (or abuse) of public funds? you are making this point as a taxpayer,of course. I am a tax payer. So are the more than 500 drivers/passengers of the cars that particpated in the rally.
    If you are so concerned about abuse of public funds, why don't you say something about the approval to spend RM20m to upgrade Seri Perdana. THAT IS ABUSE OF TAXPAYERS' MONEY.
    Sure, you cant show your daring-do in deeds. Try with words, for a start.
    (And your quote by Gandhi was out of place.If you ask me, those people in the rally either had nothing better to do on a Saturday or they just wanted to be part of a charity do.)

  25. Anonymous11:25 pm

    dear care and share

    please change your "identity". you dont sound to me like a care and share person. And stop lying. You cannot believe in charity. You seem to find it hard to see anything meaningful in the rally. You're pathetic.
    You seem to be using this against Rocky, the national press club, Datuk Ahmad Talib or Maxis or all of these.
    I bet if it was some Machai do that only benefit machais, you'd applaud.
    Sheesh. give us a break.

  26. Anonymous12:22 am


    I took part in the Rally as I did last year. You fellas did a magnificent job. I enjoyed every part of it, including giving my little contribution to the charity houses. Charlie and his buddy Care n Share have their own opinion. That's ok! If they had taken part, they would have enjoyed it too. But they are too preoccupied with trying to belittle you that they missed the good intentions of the Rally. These guys would probably just sleep and let a day like that just slip by. These guys have nothing good to say. They should just suck up to their masters and enjoy the small change thrown at them for their expenses! Charity? Hah! They are just charitable only to themselves!

  27. Anonymous7:00 am

    i don't like to be petty.
    but i must say, i couldnt agree with you more, Kawan.
    charlie and care& share are entitled to their miserable opinion. i think they had to say their piece, just for "Rocky's Bru" record. I don't want to be petty. Because I'd be just like Charlie and Care & Share.

  28. Anonymous7:04 am

    care and share:

    your Gandhi"s quote: "Manliness consists not in bluff, bravado or lordliness. It consists in daring to do the right and facing consequences whether it is in matters social, political or other. It consists in deeds, not in words."

    I think you should direct this to Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

  29. Anonymous9:47 am


    pity kalimulah. he had to find some quiet moments at sea of Bali.
    he had to get away from you and your bru. far far away.
    poor Kali. He had to escape. The truth hurts.

    sri herdawati