Monday, September 25, 2006


Najib speaks out, again! First, he lashed out at LKY for the disparaging remarks about Malaysian Chinese. Today, the DPM did it again by responding to Johor Umno's angry calls for a review of relations with Singapore and for the government to cancel projects that prosper Singapore more than Malaysia.

Najib said while the government can't cancel all investments from Singapore, it must ensure that any investment from overseas does not undermine national interest in strategic sectors.

The statement is buried deep in this article but Bernama has the story, nonetheless.


  1. very insightful and newsy blog.

    hmmm, time to buy singapore last?

  2. Rocky!

    It takes a coup in another country for us to open our eyes to the fact that Singapore is becoming too "imperialistic" to our liking.
    LKY tried to use Takhsin Shinatwatra's Chinese ethnic blood to talk him into belittling the King of Thailand. Imagine a small kiasu state trying to take on a very ancient Kingdom lke Thailand, and LKY's gall to make use of another unpatriotic Chinese-Thai, like he is using another Malaysian-Thai Surin a.k.a K.K. Lau to manipulate Takhsin into selling the soul of Thailand, its communication system! And now this squinty ugly Chinaman from Singapore is trying to take over the Malay Kingdom, but he can now just try for all of his chicanery in the Peninsular is slowly being exposed, from Kali, to Brendan Pereira, to Khairy and to Rajan Moses! We are now speaking out so watch your back!

  3. Anonymous10:23 am

    ClarkGable of Batu Rakit:

    Am not a racist person but Pasquale comment in highlighting LKY statement of accusing Malaysia and Indonesia in marginalising Chinese as a broad attack towards Thai King for approving coup is worth looking into.

    LKY has certainly has agall of necrotic necture, but attacking Thailand's Revered King to show his support to 'marginalised' Thaksin Shinatwatra has make him a new hero and spokeperson for all marginalised Chinese tycoon in SEA!!

    After taking AAB administration in his pocket(Kalli,Brenden,Moses and Khairy were all the pawns needed!!) and thumbnosed Indonesia,he just need to sit eye to eye level to the Thai King as well,he is the revered one you see.(Zam,am truly amazed with your top newfound utmost intelligence statesman!!)
    No wonder Segenting Kra canal was in the news and subsequently downgraded by Thaksin,Thaksin was answering to his master call.

    Lim Kit Siang is thinking that he is worthy of taking over the role once this LKY retired for good when his senses faculties expired ,well LKS start your bidding,and make your voice be the Clarion call for all marginalised chinese in SEA!!

    Thai were very accomodative to the Chinese in Thailand, yet you cant find SRJK(C) in Thailand,LKS should start with that as a new leader(by the way Indonesia,Australia,UK has no SRJK(C) too)...and he refused to admit that Malaysia dont marginalised Chinese.

    In my humble opinion, it sound like Chinese like to stay,learn(dont have to speak local dialect if they can.. you see this in Penang,Kepong,Jinjang and many Chinatown all over the world) and do business among themselves ,excluding the locals from any business investment(handphone business in Malaysia for example...any Indian,malay or any Sabah or Sarawak natives,Orang Asli booth that you see)but blamethe locals as marginalising them when one tycoon got their head pinned down.
    There must be a limit for any tycoons to wring dry the wealth of the land ,leave some for the poor be it chinese,Indian natives or otherwise .Taksin had succesfully convince the poor to support him ,but when it come to personal wealth,tax meant for everyone especially the poor were conveniently sidelined.LKY happen to be the spokeperson or the champion for all the tycoons of chinese origins in SEA disguised as saviour for all all chinese in SEA.His motive is for Singapore survival and not for the betterment of the whole population of SEA.

    And the leaders of similar nature were aplenty in our midst....The Malaysian chinese picked LKY as their leader and LKS seem to be leading the Malaysian chapter and the rest of MCA and Gerakan leaders suddenly feel that this is their call too,but they must be reminded that besides chinese they owed to to the rest of Malaysian too.We certainly dont need anyone to teach us how to run our domestic push and pull ,hope they are mature enough.
    Food for thoughts for everyone.

  4. Anonymous1:43 pm

    I think I am justified to say Penang's Gerakkan should REVIEW its relations with UMNO because of Khairy Jamaluddin's "disparaging remarks".

    Walk the talk lah. Else, talk kok oni.

  5. taiko,

    you have a point. but umno has distanced itself from the boy's remarks. umno youth is also not behind him on this. hisham has gone on record several times afer kj's disparaging remarks to denounce the use of racial slurs by any politician. kj, like kuan yew, should apologise for his statement. gerakan should review its relationship with him (maybe tsu koon should take back all the projects given to his friends?).

  6. Anonymous3:50 pm

    taiko, taiko, taiko.

    You inadvertently upgraded KJ's puny status to that of a mentor minister with your request.

    And we all thought KJ is already getting too big for his own good.

  7. Anonymous5:14 pm

    rocky - distancing themselves from the comment?? and when other members of BN makes any comment even remotely sensitive, UMNO jumps all over them. Surely they could have done more to denounce KJ's racist comments. And when you 'accept' that sort of behaviour, you are condoning it.