Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Extradition. Wisma Putra's Syed Hamid Albar should ask his US friends to extradite our 2 Malaysians who have been detained at Guantanamo Bay for alleged terrorist activities.

Instead of asking Washington to ensure that the Malaysians' human rights is not violated, the Abdullah administration should demand that they are sent back here to be fairly dealt with. [Washington would have done the same].

Human rights does not exist in Guantanamo Bay, and Syed Hamid knows that.

Bernama's Salmy Hashim has the latest on the Malaysians. Please read HERE.


  1. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Hey Bru, Who are these Malalysians? We should be told, and I think our PM should issue a statement a.s.a.p. I don't think we should leave this to the Foreign Minister. I agree, PM should tell Bush to extradite the Malaysians! And I think we should issue a travel alert to all Malaysians travelling to the US -- they may be detained not because of they are terrorists but because they are Malaysians!

  2. Neither SHA nor AAB has the 'kahunas' to ask the U.S.

    We are only allowed to share intelligence.

    Btw where's Hambali?

  3. Anonymous6:25 am

    Do you think that the US would extradicate the 2 Malaysians that were held at Guantanama? It will be a big fat NO!I believe Pak Lah could not do anything if the US did not grant the request for extradiction.Furthermore,these two are terrorists and it's really disgusting to bring them back to our country.

  4. Anonymous8:12 am


    aint gonna happen, man.
    whatever statement will be lame and tame.
    we're trying to please Singapore, man. do you think we would dare to tell bush to send back the Malaysians?
    dream on, brother.

  5. Anonymous8:14 am

    if the Tun were the PM, he would issue a very strong statement. yes. he would certainly tell the US to send back the two malaysians OR ELSE!!!!
    Unfortunately, my friend, this is an adminsitration under AAB.

  6. ns-sin,

    The travel alert should warn Malay/Muslim males between 15 and 55 years of age. Non-Malay/non-Muslim males from Malaysia need not worry because they are excluded from this racial profiling.

    I used to have one of those US visas that allowed me multiple entries for and indefinite period because I was employed by a company that the Americans loved to deal with.

    I worked for 18 months in Surabaya, Indonesia, been to Mekkah and Madinah 3 times and had 4 years of military training at the Royal Military College. With all that and the fact that I am a 50 year old Malay/Muslim male from Malaysia, I would never now qualify for a visa to enter the US and neither do I want to do so for as long as Bush and the Republicans are in power.

    A friend who was a CEO of a company in KL refused an invitation to visit an installation in the US and dropped the company from the tender because there were equally good alternatives from Europe.

    My Korean associates once asked why, if many Malaysians do not like the US, is our flag similar to theirs.

    I told them that the US immediately after WW2 and upto the early 70's was a much kinder and humane nation. Personally, I think we should change our flag.

  7. Anonymous9:53 am

    why on earth are u guys behind the terrorists?

  8. Anonymous11:14 am

    Msia cannot extradite those 2 bcoz :
    1-our Kamunting Resort if 'fullhouse'.

    2-We don't have balls.

    3-if we take them back the world media attention will be on us. That is a big NO to SHA and AAB. They have enuf headache with DrM

    4-By not taking them back it will appear that we are also waging war against terrorist(the Uncle SAM's way).So lets allow the world sherrif to do whatever it deem suitable.

    5-we will take them back IF they are proven not guilty by the world sherrif. And we'll make a lot of noise then bcoz Uncle SAM detained our citizens without proof or trial

    6- Finally bcoz Msia BOLEH! not to take them back

  9. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Keep our country and environment clean. Leave those two terrorists at Gitmo. We are safer that way. Any sympathisers of those two can find passage and be a solace to them, by enlisting as counselors and advise them not to taint these shores with their dirty soles (souls?)They have disqualified as Malaysians. We do not do dirty things for warped minds who urge suicide but stay behind to watch.Unfortunately we not made of sterner stuff....we even give discount for follies commited and now we are asking PM to bring these two scums back. People, what is happening to us...have our grey matter descended down to those two little bags between our two supports?

  10. Anonymous1:47 pm

    ..."the abdullah administration should demand that they be sent back here to be fairly dealt with....." Thats a mouthful, or wishful thinking. As I recall in Malaysia, everything can come to a compromise...depending which factors we close one eye.As a patriot, I do not want these to infest Kemp Kamunting.

  11. Anonymous12:48 am

    i am sorry i have to disagree with you. i think under america's (bush's) war on terror, there have been many violations of human rights.
    you maybe right...these two malaysians maybe scums. and they may not be. just because america says they are terrorists does not automatically mean they are. you and i know thatunder america's war on terror, not all US intellgence report are accurate/reliable/, rather ESPECIALLY under these circumstances, we all should doubt its reports.
    You have tried the 2 malaysians, and you have pronounced them guilty.

  12. Anonymous8:19 am


    waaah...u have just acted as jury, judge and executioner!
    bought the US propoganda so easily, aah?
    whatever it is, they are innocent until proven guilty. or didnt you know that?
    there are so many things we have to determine first-- not least, to establish certain "facts"...
    if it is true that they are malaysians, then, we should attempt to get them back here. after all the "alleged" crime was not committed in american soil. and their detention is under the US war on terror -- a war that is unacceptable to us.
    why, zorro... u dont think our justice system is good?
    remember, we have wide experience in dealing with terrorism. we have convicted people of this crime.

  13. Anonymous11:15 am

    yo jollo, you baik bukak itu topeng. the zorro mask is restricting your ability to see and think properly! a

    i agree with anakmalaysia and anonymous, these two malaysians (if they are malaysians, have not been found guilty). they could be your malay neighbour's sons or relatives, man. they could be my cousins or my nephews or their friends. they could be innocent.

    HOW MANY have the american authorities arrested who turned out to be innocent? SInce sept 11, ALL except a handful!!

    if they are malaysians, they are ours and we have a responsibility over them. tanggungjawab kita ialah untuk memastikan yang mereka mendapat pengadilan. we have dealt with many terrorists in the last two decades.. the US is still trying to understand what terrorism is. and so far they have failed miserably .. terrorism to them equals islam.

    kalau kerajaan tidak berani angkat muka dengan kuasa besar seperi amerika dlam hal ini, lebih baik kita minta rakyat malaysia - yang beragama islam - supaya jangan ke amerika.

    ini termasuk umat islam HADHARI seperti abdullah badawi dan ahli keluarga serta kabinet nya.

    by the way, zorro is a legend who, like robin hood, helps the poor and the underdogs against the bullies, the wealthy, and the corrupt. kalau you mau pakai itu topeng zorro, make sure you don't come out defending the american propaganda.

  14. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Gentlemen, accept whatever u have posted. I am no uncle sam lover. I am an avowed Freedom for Palestine. My point is: if we have enough proof that they had terrorist links, they disqualify as Malaysians and I dont need them here. Zorro sometimes shoot and then aim. Peace then.