Monday, September 04, 2006


How far will Umno go to try and stop its former president of 22 years from being chosen by the Kubang Pasu division as a delegate to the party's general assembly?

All the way, it seems. They are/have:
1. Blackballing the Perdana Leadership Foundation. Varsities are being told to cancel events planned at the PDF, government officers are barred from holding dialogues with Dr M, funds are not to be channelled to the Foundation
2. Sending top Umno leaders to campaign against Dr M at Kubang Pasu. Radzi (party sec-gen seems to be there all the time)
3. Sabotaging the ex-PM's events by organising quickie concerts at places where he was supposed to officiate or meet the people, such as in Johol last week
4. Ordered Umno youth members to cancel Jasamu dikenang event
5.Told senior government officers to call off dialogues and training sessions with Dr M

The party's divisions throughout the country pick their delegates to the assembly this Saturday (Sept 9). Dr M received the highest nominations from his division but party leaders and workers are busy talking to Kubang Pasu members not to choose him.

"They seem to be going all out," Dr M said. "Even government officers are being told not to support me. They say people should not pick me as their delegate (to the assembly) as it would lower my glorious position as former president and prime minister."

But they are doing it NOT out of love for him, he told a press conference at the Perdana Leadership Foundation today. "They want to shut me up.. there must be something frightening that they think I would be saying (at the general assembly)".

Asked if perhaps his successor Abdullah didn't know the attempts by the party to shut his ex boss, Dr M said he was told that the effort to block his way to the assembly "was the decision of the Umno Supreme Council" (which is chaired by the party president).


  1. Anonymous9:24 pm vote from me.

  2. Anonymous9:47 pm

    rocky, mahathir is getting a taste of his own medicine. when he was in power, dissent was frowned upon, unofficially of course. it's simple as that. when you are no longer in power nobody wants to go near you. when you are in power, sycophants crowd round you. rocky, when you were the rising star in the nst, you were never short of admirers. now it's different. that's life, brudder.

  3. Anonymous9:47 pm

    Sdr Rocky, did the Tun not also say that delegates to the Kubang Pasu divisional assembly are being told "not to elect Tun Dr Mahathir in order to spare him the insult of being a mere delegate to the General Assembly?"

    I think his opponents will do everything within their power, which is considerable, to sabotage and frustrate his chances of being elected one of the seven ordinary delagates.

    But if they can do this to Dr Mahathir now, they can do the same to any ex-leader in the future.

    Thank You.

  4. Rocky!

    Never thought I will see the day, but wse may be witnessing the downfall of Umno. By not allowing Dr M to participate in a democratic process as practised by this premier Malay party, Malays will be disunited, yes thy will run amok by not subscribing to Umno, thus spell the end of Umno's relevancy. Sadly, the present Umno under the present leadership is also running amok by not using their head to deal with serious problem affecting Melayu. Umno will become irrelevant like the once glorious Kuomintang Party of Taiwan, simply because the party has gone beserk and party members became drunk with power that nothing long term really matters. But, all is not lost, yet! Umno members, be rational let Dr M speak and we will judge for ourselves whether what he will be saying is relevant and important to the survival of the Malay race, and Malaysians as a whole and Umno specifically toward 2020, otherwise by not allowing Dr M to speak at a party forum, prove once and for all Malays are indeed MORONS of the highest degree, because we will never know why a former PM of 22 years is unhappy about! I speak with no malice intended!


  5. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Tuan Rocky, saya rasa nstman ni seorang yang pendendam. Dia ni macam terperangkap dalam penjara masa. Dia tidak boleh pendang ke depan. Dia dimakan oleh perasaan dendam kepada Dr Mahathir.
    Bagi saya, lebih afdzal mengambil maklum cerita seorang pencuri mengenai rancangan jenayah seorang pencuri lain, daripada mendengar tok guru, tok iman, tok bilal dan tok siak bercakap mengenai pencuri.
    Apa guna dengar cakap tok imam kalau terbukti dia tidak tahu apa-apa atau lebih dahsyat bercakap dusta!
    Kita boleh ajar Dr Mahathir. Kita boleh bagi dia rasa ubat pahit ciptaan dia sendiri. Tapi janganlah kerana seronok tengok Dr Mahathir dipersenda, kita lupa akan tindak tanduk tok iman yang menyebabkan kampung halaman kita tergadai.

  6. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Pak Lah, a classic case of "Peter Principle". A supervisor is a supervisor. If you promote him to a manager post, his incompetence will be as evident as a sore thumb.He is a supervisor and has not the making of a manager, or a leader. Period.

  7. dear nstman,

    so are you saying that such *undemocratic* piece of disallowing dr m to talk should be the way in which our *democratic* nation/party/system should condone ?

    so in that case, what makes the current *supreme* council more *democratic* than Tun's time ?

    there's a saying - let not a kettle call the pot black - it should also applied vice versa...

  8. Anonymous12:15 am


    What is happening to Malaysia and the so-called 'Melayu Glokal"? Like Tun M used to say "Cuba cabut KLCC, KLIA, Sepang, Menara KL etc..tengok apa yang tinggal?? Since when we are thought to be "kurang ajar" and I can still remember Tun M's poet on Melayu Lupa Diri.

    Well, I fully agree with my Greatest Sifu when he wrote this "We can call to close all Govt. linked companies, even schools & universities if you want but the question is "what have we left?". Since we dont operate well with MAS, Tenaga, Telekoms, Proton and even banking, we might as well ask Singapore Airlines, Vodafone, Citibank etc to take over and ask our Thailand and Indon friends to plant rubber & palm oil and completely take over building our homes. Even better why not hire China to represent us in badminton? Let us just play "BUY AND SELL ASSETS? bro.

    Is this the new Malays and Malaysia we want? Take a hard look at ourselves. Please please Malaysians Open your eyes and ears.

  9. Anonymous12:30 am

    tun dr m can also look at addressing the business community -not just address the issue from the umno/political parties.

    more seminars, conferences, dialogues, talks by him locally should do it.

    publish a book - explain all the why, who, what, where, when and how. distribute it at major book stores. have it even translated and distributed for free to the poor in targeted areas.

    tun dr m's own blog/website where he writes and publishes for all to see his comments/views/etc. allows him to interact with the it savvy rakyat.

    buat kenduri cum ceramah at kampungs and selected preferably heavilly populated areas...

    etc etc

    what's the point of being elected to the umno general assembly when we all know that even if he gets a chance to speak, the dewan will either be emptied or people will react adversely against him. those who sit in the dewan have sworn loyalty to the current administration so what can you expect.

  10. Anonymous12:37 am

    All I want to say is that if the whole Umno machinery is trying their collective best to stop Tun M from being elected as a G7 delegate to Umno's annual assembly, then there must be some real fear among them. It looks that all the power within Umno is being channelled to stop Tun M from being made a delegate. Does look like a lot of resources are being put to stop the former PM from participating in the assembly. And not enough with that, efforts are being made to restrict his engagement with the rakyat. BOO!

    It is a simple case of "berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah."

  11. Anonymous12:54 am

    madah pujangga,

    saya setuju dengan sdra/i. sebahagian kita seronok melihat Dr. M dipersenda dengan bermacam2 sendaan. Tapi jangan kita lupa bahawa selama ini Dr. M berulang kali menegaskan bahawa beliau tidak penting sama sekali. Yang penting ialah apa yang beliau perkatakan. Saya tidak fikir sama sekali bahawa apa yang dikatakan oleh Dr M adalah untuk dirinya sendiri tetapi beliau tidak tergamak sama sekali untuk hanya mendiamkan diri melihat negara ini dimusnahkan ketika beliau masih hidup di dunia ini !!!!

  12. Anonymous7:15 am

    Why? Why not allow Dr M to speak?What has the present leadership got to be afraid of? Unless of course, there is really something to be afraid of? Has Dr M got points he wants to raise? Let us all hear it out! Let the rakyat decide...

  13. Anonymous10:22 am

    "Sabotaging the ex-PM's events by organising quickie concerts at places where he was supposed to officiate or meet the people, such as in Johor last week." writes rockybru.

    Is that what the current leadership of UMNO thinks the Malays will opt for concert rather than to hear what TM has to say?

    This is just pure insult for the pursuit of Towering Malays.

  14. Anonymous11:06 am

    If it will lower Tun M's dignity to be a mere delegate, then do the right thing: invite him and give him a special slot to speak. That would show what a confident UMNO/government this is.

  15. Anonymous11:27 am

    Yes Frankie. Even UMNO has a low opinion of Malays and taking advantage of it.

    Kepimpinan UMNO adalah kepimpinan BACUL.

  16. Is there some form of immunity from legal action if a delegate decide to expose 'official' information or secrets during the UMNO GA? Something similar to MP previleges in parliament.

    Much has been said and questioned by TDM during the past few months but I think there is more to this delegate issue than the exposes revealed thus far.

    Whether it is inappropriate or insulting for TDM to attend as a mere division delegate due to his past/present status, TDM would eat humble pie if he feels 'perjuangan belum selesai'. He may be tasting his own medicine but he does it with relative gusto.

    On the other hand, we have AAB given the premiership on a silver platter who is still in snooze mode after more than 3 years at the helm. Gives a new meaning to "eyes wide shut".

  17. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Tidak semestinya bila seseorang berkata Dr M is getting a taste of is own medicine seseorang itu pendendam terhadap Dr M.
    Bagi saya orang itu tidak lupa dgn apa yg Dr M pernah buat kepada musuh politik beliau dulu. Apa yg di buat oleh PM sekarang pernah di buat oleh Dr M dulu.

    Kalau sekarang Scomi dan menantu di persoalkan, dulu pun pernah anak2 Dr M di persoalkan. Bezanya kes2 perihal anak Dr M (dan juga tahun lalu kes2 Scomi dan menantu PM) di timbulkan oleh opposition. Bila sesuatu di timbulkan oleh pembangkang tiada siapa yg ambil peduli malah di katakan menimbulkan fitnah.

    Sekarang bila perkara yg hampir sama di perkatakan oleh Dr M, baru orang ramai membuka mata dan berminat mengambil tahu.

    Kita menyokong apa yg di pertikaikan oleh Dr M sekarang tetapi kita juga harus mengambil kira mengapa ia di timbulkan. Untuk rakyat jelata? Kerana desakan kroni atau sahabat2 lama yg banyak menyokong beliau ketika berkuasa dahulu( yg kini mungkin out of favour oleh PM)? Kerana anak2 yg dulu selesa kini agak sukar bernafas?

    Namun saya berbaik sangka terhadap Dr M dalam hal ini.Mungkin beliau ingin memperbaiki 'kesilapan2' dahulu.Mungkin!Mungkin!Mungkin!

    Ular bila menyalin kulit tidak hilang bisanya.

  18. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Having 22 years of absolute power, the Malay children born on the day he took over as PM in 1981 was 22 years old when he left office in 2003. Those who were aged 22 years would be 44 years old, and in their prime. Malays between the age of 25 and 45 have enjoyed all the "good governance" and have been prepared to face life without crutches. They are surely capable of taking care of their children. Malays are strong after 22 years of Mahathir's efforts. So whether he is still in power or not is not important because Malays have risen high, afterall his purpose of acquiring power was for Malays and not for himself.

    Having spoken for 22 years where and when he wanted, on any topic he wanted, based on his own logic and standard of right and wrong, there is strictly no need for him to add 5 minutes of wisdom to UMNO Assembly.

    He is trying to show that he can be elected with overwhelming majority in Kubang Pasu. That results would be transposed to show that he would be elected to UMNO presidency had he stood. As the former president, UMNO leaders had to invite him. He could easily be given time to speak, as a guest, and give whatever advices he had to offer. However, that process would only grant him the opportunity to speak in UMNO GA but not the sensational news that he would gain in taking part in UMNO election and consequently generate sll kinfs of speculations. That speculations would cause in-fighting among UMNO members, and would offer opportunists the convenience to fish in murky water. That is Mahathir's vengeance against the sitting president of UMNO.

  19. Anonymous2:38 pm

    I'm 35. Tun M is the only PM I know all throughout my growing years.
    When I see him at his open house for raya every year i still almost call him PM. I refer him as PM to his daughter. My friends and I find it strange to think / consider AAB is the PM. It feels not right. Weird. I don't agree with all that he did before but then AAB doesnt come across as being the smarter than Tun now. So, who do you think I prefer.

  20. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Sdr Rocky,

    Looking at the current scenerio, something has gone very wrong with the current BN administration. It seems like the the leader has lost his authority and command over his subordinate. It is so democratic within the UMNO themselves that the ministers have free hand to do whatever they wish to do. It reminds me of the Wild Wild West of the past where everybody invent their own rules and claim their own territory. Lawlessness now rule the land when monkeys in the Parliament starts playing with their own individual hobbies.

    I wonder who is the Prime Minister of Malaysia now? It seems everybody now can make their own rules without any consultation to the Chief. Even his Son-In-Law takes this advantage to play his race cards.

    After Tun Dr. M hand over his office, this country is totally in a mess.

    - NewsObserver

  21. Anonymous3:24 pm

    we use the terms "current leadership", "present administration", to mean the leadership and administration of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
    We have the perception that strategies and operations are decided by his underlings.. the Ks, the 4th floor boys et al. We assume that our PM does not know many things, including the campaign against Dr Mahathir.That could be true. It could also be true that he is very well aware of this and everything.
    Whichever it is, it exposes AAB as a very weak leader.

  22. Anonymous3:28 pm

    "Leadership is the ability to get men to do what they don't want to do and like it."

    "The truly great man is he who would master no one, and who would be mastered by none". -- Kahlil Gibran

  23. Anonymous3:54 pm

    SHAME to Pak Lah & all MKT members. You all are nothing but cowards for using the party machinery to ensure that TDM will not be a delegate to the party GA in November .

    Just find it hard to understand why Pak Lah & his so-called supporters wont allow Dr Mahathir to speak?

    Mengapa takut sangat?

    Masa Team B lawan Dr Mahathir pada tahun 1987, Tengku Razaleigh. Radhzi and gang pi merata negeri kempen against TDM. Tun tidak sekat atau haling depa pun.

    There must be a lot of truth in what TDM has said about the current administration. If not why give directive preventing Dr Mahathir from speaking at both Umno & non-party events/forums?

    Pak Lah you have shown yourself to be a dishonorable person – you dont honour yr word. Lebih dari itu, you have lied to the rakyat abt yr son's involvement in business,among others.

    Cakap tak serupa bikin. You & all MKT members are a bunch of spineless ingrates and hypocrites.


  24. Hani

    If Pak Lah is not a compulsive liar, then he is an intellectually challenged person ... no two way about it.

    Man I dread and regret to have given him much honour and benefit of the doubt, even though he was beginning to show his prowse or lack of it within the first 60 days.

    For those whose opinion of Tun is clouded by allegations of the past, I pity them for they are thinking out of self vengence.

    For those with clear minds and concern of the present and future state of the nation, Tun is the best bet to be that voice to mend the wrong.

  25. Anonymous6:10 am


    I really feel that the leadership now is kind of childish. fighting over small stuff. take a seat and discuss then "bombing" one another and stopping one another. one more, have respect to the elders and our ex-PM please! Even though he's not the PM now, we still have to respect him. Ok??