Saturday, August 05, 2006


Pro-Zionist or Anti-OIC? From this press statement issued by its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Government of Singapore may be either, or both.

Whichever way, Khairy Jamaluddin ought to add Singapore to his so-called Schindler's list.

Lifted from AsiaOne:

Singapore Government Press Release

Aug 4 , 2006

In response to media queries on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's comment that "the main solution [to the Israel-Hezbollah conflict] is for the elimination of the Zionist regime", the MFA Spokesman said:

"We are utterly appalled by the statement. The situation in Lebanon is very grave. The urgent immediate need is to secure humanitarian relief for the civilian casualties. Such irresponsible and provocative statements are obviously intended only to further inflame the conflict and not address either the immediate humanitarian needs or the longer term goal of a durable solution that will address the security concerns of all parties."


  1. this comment was left under the original majulah singapura part 5 posting ... -rocky

    shar101 has left a new comment on your post "MAJULAH SINGAPURA PART 5":

    Did I read correctly somewhere that Bush did not want a 'fake' peace?

    Didn't he realise a 'real' war was ongoing in Lebanon.

    As for KJ's Schindler's list, will this be tabulated and printed in another booklet for distribution during his upcoming 'truth' visits? Might be helpful to divert attention away from his 'disclosures'.

  2. Anonymous12:47 pm


    SINGAPORE -- Singapore and Johor People Liberation Front (JPLF) fought bloody ground battles and exchanged fierce air and missile strikes Friday — including bombing raids that severed Johor's last major supply link with
    Malacca and the outside world, and the guerrillas' deepest rocket attack inside Singapore to date.

    Loud explosions resounded in Johore Baru's suburbs early Saturday as Singapore warplanes renewed their onslaught, local media said. Singapore helicopters, meanwhile, attacked suspected JPLF positions in the southern city of Kota Tinggi, though JPLF's TV station claimed that fighters repelled helicopter-borne troops who tried to land, killing one soldier. Singapore declined to comment.

    After days of desultory diplomacy, Washington said it was near agreement with France on a U.N. cease-fire resolution, possibly by early next week. But Singapore and JPLF showed no signs of holding their fire.

    Singapore aircraft on a mission Friday to destroy weapons caches hit a refrigerated warehouse where farm workers were loading fruit, killing at least 28 near the Johor-Malacca border. And three JPLF rockets landed near Toa Payoh, 20 miles south of the Singapore-Johor border; 188 rockets rained on other towns, killing three Singaporean Malays.

    Given the determination of both JPLF and Singapore to look victorious when the conflict finally ends, the worst of the fighting may still lie ahead with the militant Sunni guerrilla fighters perhaps making good on their threat to rocket the Lion City and Singapore and Singapore launching an all-out ground offensive, pushing northward to the Muar River.

    Singapore military officials said Friday they completed the first phase of the offensive, securing a 4-mile buffer zone in south Malacca, though pockets of JPLF resistance remained.

    Meanwhile in Putrakurangjaya, the Prime Minister of the country formerly known as Malaysia, Tun Tan Sri Datuk Seri Khohory Jamahori, denied that his country was involved in supporting JPLF.

    "How can they say that. Singapore is our bestest friend," he told the national news agency, Tak Bernama.

    (PS. Best read in conjunction with AP report on Yahoo).

  3. Bro, whats happening to you blog ? Have they got to your blog too?this probe and detain thingy.This morning there was only 2 lines to read and nothing else.
    Enlighten me !

  4. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Laporan UM 5 Ogos berjudul “Khairy nafi kahwin Maya Karin” memetik Naib Ketua Pemuda Umno, Encik Khairy Jamaluddin, antara lain berkata:
    “Tak berani serang Perdana Menteri serang menantu. Sebab itu ahli-ahli Pemuda perlu tengok fakta sebelum hendak mempercayai cerita-cerita yang datang dari pelbagai sumber sekarang.
    “Tanya pemimpin kita, hantar SMS (khidmat pesanan ringkas) kepada saya pun tak apa untuk pastikan sesuatu berita.
    “Bukan senang untuk membina keyakinan tetapi untuk meruntuhkan sangat mudah.”
    Bagi memudahkan orang ramai menghubungi Encik Khairy untuk mendapatkan penjelasan terus dari beliau melalui SMS, berikut adalah nombor telefon bimbit beliau: 012 221 44 44.

  5. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Bro, following your story of Richard Blum and his Newbridge which how has effective control og Pantai Holdings and 2 important Government concessions, and their links to right-wing Jewish lobby in the US, on 28 July, Pantai Holdings disclosed to Bursa Malaysia that GSIC, Kiasuland Investment arm bought 25 million shares in Pantai Holdings on 28 July. If I am not wrong this is substantial as it amounts to almost 5% of Pantai paid-up.

    Coincidence? Or fellow brothers working together? As TDM said, Kiasuland is the sister mirror of Israel in the South-east Asia.

    Bro, see how despite all these furor under your Majulah Singapura, Kiasuland continues to thumb their noses at us while at the same time walking over Bolehland. Now, officially, Kiasuland also wants a stake or indirect control over Bolehland Concessions and the secrets that goes with it, working hand in hand with Richard Blum and his beloved wife Diane in support of right wing Jewish lobby?

    KJ, don't forget this in your list. I am going to puke!