Saturday, August 26, 2006


Oxbridge needs your advice:

Should Khairy Jamaluddin bow to the MCA Youth's demand that he say sorry for his allegedly racist remarks that hurt the Chinese the other day?

Or should the famous son-in-law be hard-headed and act like a Mat Rempit and tell the MCA Youth to go wheelie its own bike (or go fly kite)?

I hope KJ does not plan to seek counsel from his editorial-cum-financial adviser Kalimullah Hassan because he'll be very confused if he does.

I say that because Kalimullah has been inconsistent in the apology department: 1/ He apologised to NST readers for carrying a cartoon strip in the newspaper seen as belittling the issue of the offensive Prophet Mohamad carricatures (though some would argue about the sincerity of the apology) but 2/ he has refused till today to say sorry to Dr Mahathir and NST readers for passages of untruth in a June 11 column in the New Sunday Times.

An MCA Youth insider told me the movement does not think the boy will apologise but it wanted to put it on the record that the demand for an apology has been made. Politics is about scoring points when you can.


  1. Anonymous9:59 pm

    Actually, the more important question is: When will the boy become a man?

  2. Anonymous11:14 pm

    I think all this a sandiwara to divert attention that Pak Lah is facing.

    So in Bolehland, the most effective diversion is racial politics.

    The whole bunch of MCAs are useless anyway. So they have to do some wayang with the smart Oxfordian.

    And Melayu Mudah Lupa. Hopefully this will reduce the heat from Tun and continues with Cemerlang, Terbilang and now "K" Leadership

  3. Anonymous6:52 am

    I don't think so as I understand he had the solid backing of Hishamuddin and also his father-in-law.His intergrity is at stake if he apologises and MCA would chicken out finally when Pak Lah intervenes asking MCA to shut-up.Just wait and see!!

  4. Anonymous7:52 pm

    it's not whether he should apologise, it's he MUST apologise. there is no place for ppl like that in Malaysia imo.

  5. Anonymous11:59 am

    No sir, he wont...apologise.

    Monday, August 28, 2006
    ‘It never crossed my mind to apologise’

    New Straits Times

    Deputy Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin yesterday said he would not apologise for his remarks on Umno and Barisan Nasional, which offended certain parties.

    He said the statement was made to unite and strengthen Umno and BN component parties.

    "It has never crossed my mind to apologise to those who are hurt by what I said in Kedah last week. For me, if we truly fight for our race, one should not apologise.

    "I have no intention of offending any BN component party. We are always sensitive to other people’s feelings but we have a role to protect the dignity of the Malays," he said at the Selayang Umno Youth delegates’ meeting here yesterday.

    Khairy said this in response to calls from several MCA Youth and Wanita delegates asking him to apologise for his alleged remarks that the Chinese would capitalise on a weak Umno.

    Later, Khairy reiterated his statement was to remind the Malays to safeguard Umno so that it would remain strong.

    He said if Umno were weak, certain quarters would capitalise on this and it would weaken BN, too.

    "I want to see a strong Umno and a strong BN but it has been misunderstood and taken out of context. It has led to an unhealthy polemic, thus I decline to comment further."

    Khairy said he had explained the issue to MCA deputy Youth chief Ling Hee Leong.


  6. Anonymous6:11 pm

    Sorry is the hardest word

    Khairy is a liar. First he said he was misinterpreted.

    Now he says he won’t apologise.

    “…we are upholding our religious dignity and pride. So why should I apologise?"

    So said the SIL, who now no longer claims he was misinterpreted.

  7. Anonymous7:04 pm

    khairy talking about Malay dignity? Hasn't he auctioned it off?
    I would be committing an unforgivable act of betrayal if i leave it to him to protect the dignity of my race...nay, my country.

  8. Anonymous8:35 pm

    Saya sangat sedih dengan apa yang sedang berlaku sekarang. Tingkah laku Naib Ketua Pemuda Umno perlu dipersoalkan kewajarnya. Barisan pelapis beginikah yang kita mahu jadi pemimpin kita? Mahu bersilat untuk tunjuk diri pendekar tapi pendek-ar ada la...
    Boy... kalau nak bersilat pun carilah gelanggang yang betul. Jadi lah mat cemerlang yang memang betul-betul cemerlang.
    Mohon maaf? tak perlu lah tapi bila nak bersilat nak tunjuk hebat tu tengok-tengoklah dulu sapa lawan. Jangan nak hentam kromo je cipta buah pelik-pelik. Ambik cara mat cemerlang cakap --dengan izin-- Lu ingat lu sapa beb?

    Penyokong UMNO tapi tak gila kuasa. wa ampu sana wa ampu sini.

  9. Anonymous1:11 am

    You cannot win the hearts of people by making this kind of controversial (read stupid) statements. I hope the UMNO putras wont fall for this kids trick. Dont let this budak tak kering hingus take you guys for a ride. Walking backwards is definately not stylish.

  10. Anonymous3:18 pm

    alamak budak masih berhingus tu nak cakap pasal nusa dan bangsa. pasal maruah bangsa. belum masak, beb. masih mentah, beb. tak ada kredibiliti daaah.
    sanggup kah kita serah kan masa depan kita kepada budak seperti khairy?

  11. Rocky!

    Okay here's a humdinger! I have to agree with KJ on this! Why should he apologise for saying things that everyone, or at least the Malays in the know, is aware that could happens or already happened. Once this land was called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, like the Communist Republic of China, or Deutcheland Democratic Republic (DDR) or North and South Korea, India, Republic of Pakistan, USA to name a few examples. Rocky since when we the Malays have to be dictated by MCA, Gerakan or MIC. Rocky ini rumah Melayu yang pada asal nya diduduki oleh orang Bangsa Melayu, kemudian oleh kerna kebaikan akhlak Melayu telah membenarkan orang China, India dan lain lain bermastautin dan menduduki rumah Melayu ini. Maka mereka duduk lah beramai ramai dan mereka menjadi penduduk Malaysia yang berbangsa China, India dan lain lain.
    My point is the Chinese especially has never really been totally assimilated into the Malay culture, they, unlike Chinese in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, they cant even speak proper Bahasa Melayu, just look at LIm Keng Yaik, Samy Vellu, with the exception of a few. KJ is saying that unassimilated Chinese will take advantage of weak Umno ( read Malays)so KJ speak up as we are indeed tuan rumah sejak bila kita kerna minta kebenaran bangsa lain untuk bercakap. You should stick with you decision not to apologise and I am sure your rating will go up. Another thing KJ if you want my total support you have to also renounce Kalimullah Hassan as your soul mate for his soul is definitely not Malay (read Melayu)so young man if you can do all these you hinggus will go kering immediately! And you may even have a future after all!

    Hidup Melayu (trust me we need this)

  12. Anonymous9:07 pm

    After reading the previous posting, i'm at lost that there are still some so outdated persons in this land.
    Please check, who are the real indeginous pple in this land... aren't we are all from other place????? How many Chinese Malaysian who are not born in Malaysia?? I can say that almost all Chinese Malaysian are 2nd or 3rd generation Malaysian and do the person who post the comment know, how many Malays whose father is an Indonesian?
    It is true that some Chinese and Indian can't really speak proper Malay but there are loads that can speak fluently!
    If you thik, mono society will fit Malaysia, think twice! Hust that a peek in the Arab world... same skin, same religion but different sect are enough to make pple kill the others!
    Good Luck to you guys in Malaysia! as I'm sick and tired of all these rubbish and moved to a better place where pple look at you as A HUMAN and not what is the color of your skin!

  13. To anonymous!

    Should Australia be given back to the Aborigines I dont think so! Should North America be given back to the Indians I dont think so! Should the island of Formosa be given back to the indigeneous Malay tribe not a chance they are now the orang asli of Taiwan, like singer Ah Mei, she is of a Malay descent! Should the real mantle of power in South Africa be given back to the Blacks I think not! So Malays were orang pendatang but they took over the country lock stock and barrel from the original inhabitants, should we give back the country to the orang asli, no man over my dead body! Thats Real Politik!

    Happy Merdeka Day!