Thursday, August 03, 2006


Last Sunday, the PM announced the Johor South Corridor, his RM15 billion vision.

Yesterday, he said the Cabinet agreed to 1/ award UEM the 2nd Penang bridge project, 2/ invite selected companies to bid for the Penang monorail project, and 3/ study the YTL-proposed KL-Singapore bullet train project.

Combined price tag of the three mega projects: another cool RM15 billion, give or take a couple of billion RM.

And it's only Thursday!

p.s. Scomi is also keen on the Penang monorail project, according to Bernama.


  1. rancangan memakmurkan singapura

  2. Anonymous6:30 am

    Have you read mSTAR Online?

  3. anon, which article or articles in the mSTAR online referred?

    amlg, hadiah untuk harijadi singapura yang ke 41 tanggal 9 ogos.

  4. Anonymous10:07 am

    That's good for the economy. It's high time we give it a boost. We need to create job, demand for construction material and spread the wealth.
    But we are seeing the names of the same companies, GLCs and mega conglomerates.
    I hope Pak Lah will ensure that they do not monopolize sub-contracting works by setting up subsidiaries.
    As he has repeatedly promised, we should look forward to trasparent tender and award system. Was there a tender for 2nd Penang Bridge? And who will be involved in the limited bid and tender for Penang monorail?
    Since he had cancelled the MMC (Bumiputera) double-tracking project, he should explain why he is considering an identical proposal by YTL Corp (Chinese).
    I think Syed Mokhtar is spending as much or even more money supporting charitable causes, including Penyayang, Halal Hub and Force of Nature, compared to Francis Yeoh of YTL.
    Bru, you must do some research. You were economic reporter like me once. Jangan dengar cakap orang dan buat komen rambang saja.

  5. Anonymous10:17 am

    Saudara Rocky!

    Nama saya Rusdi Mustapha saya berasal dari Seri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan. Cuma mahu meluahkan perasaan bahawa dalam rancangan Malaysia Ke9 ini saya harap rakyat, suku sakat saya di kampung, dariu Seri Menanti hingga ke Senaling dapat menikmati bekalan air yang tidak terputus putus, terutama sekali apa bila di waktu cuti sekolah dan Hari Raya. Memang betul Jembatan Kedua, Bullet Train dan Selatan Johor Coridor mungkin memberi faedah tetapi jangan lah biar kan orang orang kampung suku sakat saya senantiasa bersumpah laanat kepada kerajaan di waktu Hari Raya atau di hari biasa bila bekalan air tidak ada, terima kasih, saya harap utusan saya ini tidak melanggar undang undang negara yang boleh laman saperti saudara ini di tutup, hari pengakhiran saya siasat bahawa negara kita ini di kuasa oleh system parliamentry demokrasi di mana rakyat yang memilih kerajaan dan perdana menteri dan lain lan!

    Terima Kasih

    Rusdi Mustapha

  6. Whooa..Rocky !!! looks like the word 'million' is small change to Malaysians these days or is our ringgit getting to be on par with our 'adik-beradik' neighbour,Indonesia ? It is totally mind-boggling, these amounts of money, I mean.
    More power to the 'people-elected'
    Minister,with all that tax-paying citizens money to dabble and roll-in !!
    Do we have that kind of money? Do we have to 'borrow' from the World Bank ? Do we also see a few/lot more price hikes in our essential commodities,like petrol, fish,sugar,onions,chicken or rice, just so we can 'save-face'and claim to adhere to the 'Malaysia Boleh'tagline???? I saw on the TV that the proposed 2nd. bridge in Penang, seems to be longer then the current one.Why? Are we going for the world record again? Maybe they should just build a bridge from Penang straight to Aceh in Indonesia!!Then we will be definately be mentioned in the Book of Records.Thats what it is all about....right? plus 'bulging' some pockets and bank balances in the process !
    Sure must be good to be a Minister !
    God have pity on my beloved country !!

  7. We should give the Government the benefit of doubt. If the projects are implemented properly it would benefit us all.

  8. Sir,
    download revelation by the person who spray Tun at KB airport. Its now on

  9. Dear exBT Reporter... Since he had cancelled the MMC (Bumiputera) double-tracking project, he should explain why he is considering an identical proposal by YTL Corp (Chinese)....

    er, excuse me - YTL is NOT a Chinese company lah - do your homework please.

  10. Anonymous5:39 pm

    As soon as the government let go of the MYR, those who were NOT politically correct has been predicting this coming. The comments on this blogs goes to show that most commentators don't even know ECON 101.

    Fiscal spending under inflationary condition is no different than printing money. The government is still keeping price control in terms of oil prices, energy prices, utilities prices, even sugar prices and YET still increasing spending without increase in investments especially foreign investments?

    Those who say this is good, should stand up and be counted and made to pay increase in the prices of fuel, utilities, healthcare, etc. in a year or two..

  11. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Sdr Rusdi Mustapha, selamat datang ke blog kawan kita ini dengan menggunakan nama sdr yang sebenar. More should do so.

    Dua perkara. Pertama saya menyertai sdr memohon agar rakyat desa dan orang biasa tidak dilupakan dan tidak dipinggirkan.

    Saya kerap balik kampung sekarang sebab ayah ibu kurang sihat. Setiap kali balik, bekalan eletrik terputus tak henti-henti. Terpaksa hadiahkan orang tua emergecy light yang menyala secara automatik bila elektrik mati.

    Orang kampung marah. Ini kampung suku sakat PM macam Tanah Merah, Bukit Raya, Tobiar, Guar Kepayang dan Kubur Panjang. Mereka kata, Pak Lah janji bila harga elektrik naik, TNB ada duit untuk perbaiki bekalan kepada orang kampung.

    Secondly, think what can happen if all of us who are ex-NST reporters blog regularly using our own name? I think our collective foolishness can bring some good to web journalism.

    Thank You.

  12. Bro, which would bother you more - the cost of the projects or that you're not likely to get any of that money?

    Before you write me off as some funny bugger; I'd just like to point out that most Malaysians tend to gripe because of the second reason, and not so much because of the first.

    Just sharing my own observations.

  13. Anonymous11:52 pm

    kroni2u, YTL bukan syarikat Cina. Tolong cari pengerusi, MD dan pengarah Melayu dalam senarai ini? Ada, tapi bawah-bawah. Kalau tak tahu tanya, jangan jadi bangang macam orang gomen.

    Executive Chairman
    Y Bhg Tan Sri Dato' Seri (Dr) Yeoh Tiong Lay
    PSM, SPMS, KMN, PPN, PJK, Hon D Eng (Heriot-Watt), Chartered Builder, FCIOB, FAIB, FFB, FBIM, FSEIT, FBGAM, FMID

    Managing Director
    Y Bhg Tan Sri (Dr) Francis Yeoh Sock Ping

    Deputy Managing Director
    Y Bhg Dato' Yeoh Seok Kian
    DSSA, B Sc (Hons) Bldg, MCIOB, FFB

    Y Bhg Dato' (Dr) Yahya bin Ismail
    DPMJ, DPMC, KMN, PPT, PJK, Bachelor of Veterinary Science

    Y Bhg Mej Jen (B) Dato' Haron bin Mohd Taib

    Y Bhg Dato' Yeoh Soo Min

    Y Bhg Dato' Yeoh Seok Hong
    DSPN, JP, BE (Hons) Civil & Structural Engineer, FFB

    Y Bhg Dato' Micheal Yeoh Sock Siong
    DIMP, BE (Hons) Civil & Structural Engineer, FFB

    Yeoh Soo Keng
    B Sc (Hons) Civil Engineer

    Y Bhg Dato' Mark Yeoh Seok Kah
    DSSA LLB (Hons) King's College London
    Barrister-At-Law (Gray's Inn)

    Syed Abdullah bin Syed Abd Kadir
    B Sc (Engineering Production), B Com (Economics)

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  14. Anonymous3:31 am

    rocky, it looks like the blog scene is dominated by the nst and its present and former journalists. wow, it shows the power of a sick and dying organisation. but sadly, the nst's influence is not translated into circulation and commercialisation. the only consolation is that nst's influence is disproportionate to its readership and circulation.

  15. Anonymous7:19 am


    "YTL is NOT a Chinese company lah". Then what is? Of course the CEO is a born-again Christian. Since you have done your homework so share with us.

  16. Anonymous7:33 am


    "Bro, which would bother you more - the cost of the projects or that you're not likely to get any of that money?"

    Although you may direct your question to the owner of this blog, pardon me for also answering by asking you yet another question, i.e "Do you think many of us - blog commentators that is - would be given a contract for such major project? Do you think many of us - blog commentators that is - are 1st class contractors? Do you think many of us - blog commentators that is - capable of undertaking such project?"

    I know for sure that I am not one. I know for sure that I am press people. I know for sure that I am not able to undertake the project if I were to be given one.

    But why do I choose to put my two cents worth of comment in blogs like this blog?

    Sebab dah meluat, bosan dan kecewa dengan tindak-tanduk kerajaan di bawah kepemimpinan Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi, Tigerjoe.

    Dia kata "bekerjalah dengan saya, bukan untuk saya". Betullah tu, "bekerja dengan saya" maksudnya ikut dan bersetuju sajalah dengan apa yang saya kata dan perintah, "bukan untuk saya" pulak sebab dia dah ada spin doktor dan anggota kabinet (kecuali seorang dua) yang sama-sama dot dot dot.

    Sorry Pak Lah, not that we dont love you but we love Malaysia more...

  17. Anonymous1:33 pm

    nstman, if you're a serving nst man, then you're Hisham's, Kali's and Brendan's worse nightmare -- a mole and a spy.
    I like the dying bid. Do you know that a star out there in the blue yonder shines brighter before it blows up?
    Don't believe NST's and BH's political stories anymore. Journalists are cut off from party scene. Only Kali and Hisham have access to the pols. Thay why they made Kamarul in charge of news. The fellow does not know a single pol. Knowledge is power. So power to Kali and Hisham. But what happens when you give bunga to the kera?
    You have kera kena belacan.


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