Monday, August 21, 2006


The Prime Minister's son-in-law has made the [the wrong kind of] front page headlines of the major Chinese-language newspapers, it seems.

Blogger SKTHEW has a posting on this.


  1. Rocky and Malaysians!
    Listen to this very carefully. The days for jingoism and jingoistic politics are over. There is no split in Umno as said by Deputy Prime Minister Najib. He said the party is unshakeable and united, and trust me it is true!
    Then come this young upstart KJ whose raison d'etre is to become PM at age 40 at all cost (about RM900 millions). Well, he can dream on. He is the one who is backstabbing Umno by making contradictory statement contradicting the DPM Najib, and he went backstabbing his FIL by cursing at Condoleeza Rice while FIL was hosting her.
    The truth is there is no internal split in Umno, just respect for the office of the Prime Minister, as all of us and politicians do. Even if there is split in the party I believe Malaysian Chinese is not that an opportunistic lot to make demands. Remember when the real Umno was de-registered? It was MCA, under Ling Liong Sik, that was entrusted and to act as guardian to the the pillars of the country's stability. The power was given back to the new Umno without fuss or fanfare, you know what Khairy the country is still intact, for Malaysians do abide to social order, which what makes this country ticks. On a small note can you Khairy, at least, tell us about your family background before and if we do decide to make you our supreme leader? I may still go back to Cyprus but I will die for this country!

  2. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Bru, don't you think this Ofxord chap reads TROUBLE?

  3. Anonymous2:50 pm

    this kj said in the sun that he will clarify his statement with ling hee leong, the mca youth no 2. why? i think he should write a letter, put it in black and white so that he can't claim to to be misquoted or misunderstood or miswhatever.

    also, this boy said what he was talking about had been said by others before. "... he said the matter was not a new issue. The speech was meant to bolster Umno and not to tear the fabric of goodwill upheld by the BN component parties ..."

    Bull-dozer the shithole, man! this son-in-law takes us for fools? if the subject was an old subject, how could a clever boy like him say it so wrong as to rile all the top mca leaders? what, they not clever or what?

    pasquale, your point on mca playing guardian for umno lama/baru really put things in perspective. if you are not already, they should appoint you as umno's pr man. god knows khairy needs the best to repair the damage now.

    and mufti, you took the words out of my mouth. wag the dog. now, they've really whacked the dog!

    and i think chua soi lek got it right. "..(Khairy) does not understand the BN spirit".

  4. Anonymous4:08 pm

    This guy is too scary for words. He came in on such a cloud, a white knight whom people thought would add value to Umno, temper the Youth wing, make it less race-cented and more knowledge based.

    Instead in so short a time, he has become as jingoistic as the rest. It calls into question his entire moral standing, that he is prepared to play to the gallery to be popular and gain support. It is such a cheap way of going to the top and I don't think we should let jackals like this their way.

    I felt very, very uncomfortable with the way Tun Mahathir attcked his successor but I am grateful to him for opening a debate on the dangerous characters like Khairy and Kalimulah swarming around our Prime Minister. Tun Mahathir opened our eyes to these hypocrites and manipulators.

    Take Kalimullah - those articles he used to write in his paper, so full of empathy for the common man, the simple things in life, the road we have travelled. You would think he is a good, humble and upright man. Instead, he has turned out to be a fake, a masquerader, someone out to make riches for himself at the expense of the rakyat. And the lies that he has been exposed for telling his readers.

    And now Khairy, showing his true colours. Suhaimi Baba should use him in her next vampire movie. He is a first class actor who is primed for blood sucker role. Move aside Maya Karin!

  5. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Bru, KJ and all of us may want to ponder on this.

    Monday, August 21, 2006
    Malaysia and its discontents

    William Pesek Jr.
    Bloomberg News

    Journalists in Asia have missed Mahathir Mohamad. The region has been pretty colorless - leader-wise, that is - since Malaysia's firebrand prime minister stepped down in 2003. His successor, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, is the anti-Mahathir: press-shy, affable, soft-spoken and diplomatic. Asia in general features a paucity of larger-than-life, charismatic leaders who speak their minds and, at times, dare to take on the global elites. Blandness often pervades the halls of power from Seoul to Singapore and from Beijing to New Delhi.

    So you'll excuse us journalists for rejoicing at Mahathir's return to the spotlight. Yet many Malaysians are less than thrilled. Ditto for investors monitoring Asia's No.10 economy.

    Mahathir, 80, has returned with a passion to criticize his handpicked successor, and it's tantalizing this nation of 27 million people. Mahathir's gripe: Abdullah is reversing some of his decisions, including a massive project to build a bridge to neighboring Singapore.

    "I gave him time," Mahathir said this month. "I didn't say anything for two years. I was quiet. I observed his promises. I had high expectations. I expected his view to be different from me, but I don't see the government doing what it promises to do."

    The former prime minister's impolitic comments may prompt investors to avoid one of Asia's more underappreciated economies. In recent years, most of the surprises in Asian markets came not from reports on growth or inflation, but politics. Asia has seen all too many market-shaking spats, scandals, disputed elections and impeachment efforts.

    And so Mahathir's rebukes of the prime minister are unsettling Malaysia's markets, too. "It seems now to be having some effect on a domestic economy which is already slowing," Gerald Ambrose, managing director of Aberdeen Asset Management's Malaysian business, said in an interview in Kuala Lumpur.

    Record oil prices are weighing on Malaysia's $131 billion economy, slamming consumer and business confidence. Add to that a slowing U.S. economy and concern about the nation's ability to compete with Asia's upstarts. Malaysia could be too affluent to outperform China; too underdeveloped to join the ranks of Japan or South Korea. It also has a public relations weakness.

    That became clear in interviews with investors in the United States and Europe over the last couple of months. There was, of course, huge interest in China and India. Yet in cities like London, New York and Stockholm, I found great interest in economies such as Thailand and Taiwan. In Chicago, Paris and Lisbon, folks wanted to talk about Korea, Singapore and Vietnam. In Brussels, San Francisco and Washington, it was Indonesia and Japan.

    Oddly, Malaysia didn't come up unless I mentioned it first. Given its rich resources, technology industries and unique status as a moderate, predominantly Muslim nation, you'd think Malaysia would be a bigger blip on investors' radar screens. It's not, and politics bear some of the blame.

    In his 22 years in power, Mahathir morphed a tropical backwater into an Asian tiger. While it doesn't excuse him for bizarrely blaming Jews for Malaysia's troubles in the late 1990s, Mahathir had his economic successes. Yet Malaysia has been too slow to boost entrepreneurship and move beyond manufacturing and resource-based industries.

    Whether it's wounded pride, an attempt to look out for associates hoping to profit from his megaprojects, or anger at the release from prison of his former rival, Anwar Ibrahim, Mahathir is back with a vengeance.

    Mahathir has a point on at least one thing: Abdullah can be painfully indecisive. Many Malaysians are disappointed by how timidly Abdullah has attacked corruption and policies giving preferential treatment to the ethnic Malay majority. Abdullah should also go further to convince Malaysians that his family hasn't benefited from government contracts, as Mahathir has alleged.

    Many of Mahathir's other protests are weak, at best, relating to megaprojects that seem more about pride than necessity. If the former prime minister is upset that Abdullah is unilaterally scrapping his initiatives, he has himself to blame. It was Mahathir who masterminded the centralization of power that Abdullah wields. In Malaysia, for example, one man acts as both prime minister and finance minister. It's an awkward arrangement that should be reconsidered.

    Even if Mahathir's concerns are legitimate - and one certainly meets businesspeople who share them - he needs to learn to bite his tongue for the good of Malaysia's economy.

    "It might be difficult to swallow at first, but for the sake of keeping his dignity intact and sparing us unnecessary embarrassment, he should disabuse himself quickly of any notion he might continue to harbor about his indispensability to the Malaysian body politic," Tunku Abdul Aziz, a former head of Transparency International Malaysia, wrote in the New Straits Times on Wednesday. Mahathir must learn to "eat humble pie once out of office," he said.

    Mahathir is anything but a spent power. He still has charisma to spare, and retains a clear vision of where Malaysia should be in 2010, 2020 and beyond.

    Yet along with tarnishing his legacy, his tirades could unnerve investors and dent the government's credibility abroad.

    Fair or not, Malaysia still has a lot of work to do on its public relations. The economy deserves more attention from international investors than it receives. It won't get much - at least not the kind it wants - with its present and former leaders trading barbs.

  6. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Encik Rocky Bru, ask Soi Lek about KJ and Pantai Holdings. Had it not been for the ECM Libra fiasco, KJ would have bought back Fomema and Pantai Medivest with Umno/Khazanah money. Soi Lek was treated like office boy. Keep it up, otherwise Treasury will do another magic on us taxpayers. The same Treasury that sold Fomema and Pantai Medivest to Parkway.

  7. Anonymous12:16 am

    KJ is just trying to play to the UMNO Youth audience. Just like how Hishamudin raised a keris in last year's UMNO general assembly. The poor rural folks will buy this as they wont understand the complexity of ECM Libra deal and how other deals are done. He should stop these kind of cheap tricks and tackle bigger issues. What say you bru? Kasilah budak tu sikit tips, tell him where to start. Why not start a topic and invite yr readers to give some ideas, KJ sudah kering idea.

  8. Anonymous12:20 am

    KJ said he was misunderstood. Pak Lah said don't doubt his good intentions. So let's sing this song for them.

    Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
    ~ Joe Cocker

    Baby, do you understand me now,
    Sometimes I feel a little mad.
    But, don't you know that no one alive
    Can always be an angel.
    When things go wrong I feel real bad.

    I'm just a soul whose intentions are good,
    Oh lord, please don't let me be misunderstood.

    Baby, sometimes I'm so carefree,
    With a joy that's hard to hide.
    And sometimes it seems that,
    All I have to do is worry
    And then you're bound
    To see my other side.

    I'm just a soul whose intentions are good,
    Oh lord, please don't let me be misunderstood.

    Life has its problems,
    And I get my share,
    And that's one thing I never mean to do,

    Oh, oh, oh, baby - don't you know I'm human.
    I have thoughts like any other one.
    Sometimes I find myself, lord, regretting,
    Some foolish thing - some little simple thing I've done.

  9. hotline-minder, heard the version done by eric burdon (lead singer/songwriter for the Animals, the Sixties pop group). same song different dance. SSDD. like same shit different day.

  10. Anonymous9:56 am

    This Oxford fella is more of a threat to his father in law than Tun M!

  11. checking - has this budak belum kering hingus wave the keris around yet? this is part of the rite of passage for an umno youth leader.

    it's funny how "This is the same racist who so proudly proclaimed that he sold his ECM Libra-Avenue shares to a bumi company despite being offered a higher price by a non-Malay party"'s usual business partners are chinese. ecm libra has 2 chinese partners, myteam was done with jason lo.

    erhm... speaks volumes doesn't it?

  12. Anonymous5:56 am

    I think KJ is an opportunist. His influence in UMNO's youth is in tatters esp. after Mahathir's blasting of his interfering in Pah Lah's administration.This fast riding UMNO's kid on the block is in deep shit and his followers are now realising that he was playing wayang kulit with them. So this so-called Oxford's graduate has to come out with this racist's statement to divert the attention away from the Malays as what all UMNO's youth was doing all the while.I believe his influence in UMNO is numbered and it is better for him to vacate his post now or else it would humilate PaK Lah and make his administration a laughing stock for his so-called clean image.

  13. Anonymous8:09 am

    What is most disturbing even after this incident is how KJ reacted. He did not formally approach MCA/MCA Youth organization but rather reached for another unproven nepotist upstart like Ling Hee Liong which we all know is easily manipulated and lacks no legs to stand of his own.

    KJ believes in working in the shadows, manipulating people. He believes its Machiavellian like his real hero Dr. M. ironically. KJ and Dr. M is too sides of the same coins and a poorer version of it given his education and privilleges.

  14. True trappings of a "BULLSHIT ARTIST", this young upstart of a SIL !Forgot the 'friendly loan' from a non-malay to buy ECM shares ? Ungrateful meh ???
    And also known as an "investment banker" in his column ? How come so bad judgement in sale & purchase so as to loose RM 200,00.00 huhh... ??? What has he been writing all along ?
    But can 'pull wool' over the poor petanis' and kampung folks lah !

  15. Anonymous10:15 am

    No doubt KJ example had been most fortunate and privilaged few whom took advantage of the NEP policy....but resulted with a waste (as the rests of bad government and GLC investments) on the so called "elevating Malays".

    What happened to the knowledge gained and not transfer positively for the good of the nation's advancement?
    why so myopic... and i do not ( and cannot) blame Oxford for not teaching you well as your action is beyond the natural commandments.
    I do believe that's from your heart.

  16. Anonymous10:53 am

    obviously, Oxbridge has taught him nothing. Education and being supremely literate do not take away the greed and hunger for money and power in a man.
    KJ may have had a very good education. He is literate. Indeed yes. But like any other very educated person who is inexperienced politically, he has tripped many times.
    The boy is simply so green, so wet behind the ears. So, what do you expect ? He does not understand the political struggle in the country. He does not know how hard political leaders had to work to have what Malaysians are enjoying — what he is enjoying.
    For as along as we have this kind of ascension to power — be it in Umno, MCA, Gerakan or MIC, we will have this kind of political clowns.
    In KJ’s case, he is not just an embarrassment to his father-in-law, who happens to be the country’s supreme leader, but also the Malays, and Malaysians.

  17. Anonymous4:08 pm

    This monkey do not deserve a place in our country.Just keep him in the zoo because this monkey is full of "kurap".Be careful because it'll infect others that are too extreme in following his footsteps. Pls bring the general election forward and see whether BN will win overwhelming again.

  18. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Dear all,
    Just a note to say, that an oxbridge education is just that - an education. It does not in any way insulate an individual from behaving like an idiot! Just like getting 9A1's in SPM is no guarantee of anything other than a familiarity with the subjects taught in form 4 and 5.
    If someone is behaving stupidly, or irresponsibly or calculatively (or as is usually the case, a mixture of all three) its usually despite his or her education, rather than because of it!
    And to all those who thought that the rise of SIL would bring about positive changes in UMNO - pls how can anyone come to that conclusion is beyond me. The way in which KJ's story has been spun and is unravelling from the beginning until the present can only lead any sane person to one conclusion - if some of us were distressed by the kinds of political manouevering during the previous administration, we ought to be on our knees weeping by what has taken place these past three years.

  19. Anonymous1:57 pm

    /// obviously, Oxbridge has taught him nothing. ///

    yo, Anonymous - please don't drag Cambridge into this. KJ is from Oxford. I am from Cambridge - so don't tar me with the same brush.

  20. Anonymous2:55 pm

    sorry cantab,

    my apologies to you -- Cambridge graduate. But for so long I have used Oxbridge as a portmanteau name for the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. I thought it was acceptable. I am not a graduate of either of these two oldest universities in the United Kingdom and the English-speaking world. (My alma mater is a not-so-drab university in Massachussetts, USA).
    I am aware that the name "Oxbridge" is not as old as both Oxford and Cambridge which were founded more than seven centuries ago.
    (I believe the first instance "Oxbridge" was used was in
    So, again, my apologies. I will, the next time, say "Oxford". If I may, I was not the only one to use "Oxbridge" to refer to His Lord and Mighty KJ's university education.

    Cheerio then.

  21. Anonymous3:06 pm

    andeande lumut,

    i agree with you totally, man. i was told that KJ and the other Ks (with the exception of Kalimulah who is not a graduate -- he until form five only i think) believe it is their God given right, as graduates of Oxford (not Cambridge, I suppose after reading Cantab's comment) to rule the country.
    These kids have to learn all about politics from scratch. It makes me wonder what they learnt in OXFORD. Oh, I know --- "how to be powerful in Malaysia" or "how to be powerful in Malaysia and make a mess of the country".

  22. Anonymous9:01 am

    Apologies accepted.

    And since you are from Massachussetts, you may be aware of its connection with Cambridge. Cambridge, Massachussetts, part of the New England, takes its name from Cambridge of course. My alma mater is Emmanuel College and guess who was also from Emmanuel College? A certain John Harvard (hope the name rings a bell) who went on over to found the eponymous university. Hence the name Harvard University, Cambridde, New England.