Monday, August 21, 2006


MIGHT vs MITE. Nexnews, which publishes major titles such as the Edge and the Sun, and which aspires to be a big regional name, this afternoon takes on Jeff Ooi, a blogger, over a shooting that never took place.

It's a test also of what the Complaints Bureau of the Communications and Multimedia Content Forum is made of.

The "hearing" is at 3pm today at Phileo Damansara, a stone's throw away from the office of Nexnews editorial supremo Ho Kay Tat, a former reporter of the Singapore Business Times.


  1. Rocky!

    This will be the ultimate litmus test on whether this country is run by sublime foreign intervention or just by a group of people. I will say "david" will be found not guilty and "goliath" will be told not to flaunt its perceived freedom of expression that only applies to the highly-connected big guns like Nexus News and those beholden to someone or some countries for their survival only. If media sentinel, be it the mainstream newspapers and the internet, wants to be fair in its execution of mandate given, we are still waiting for the apology made by Kalimullah whose newspapers was responsible in lying to the people by saying it was "Dr M who wanted to see Abdullah Badawi" in Japan, when it was the other way around. Well media sentinel do your job!

  2. Anonymous11:13 am

    pasquale, i'm with you. but what are the chances? mr jeff ooi will be walking into the lion's lair. isn't philleo damansara owned by tong, the owner of nexnews/sun/edge?

  3. Guys, especially NT-SIN, don't worry there are people watching, we are watching, just tell Jeff Ooi to bring his own bottled water and don't eat anything while facing this lopsided tribunal, I will be ANXIOUSLY waiting for the outcome of this deliberation! Cheers!

  4. Anonymous11:42 am

    jeff, u hear that or not? ta-pau your own teh tarik or mineral water, ok. pls decline their kueh-mueh, but do it politely!

  5. In this world of spinning and deceit are the norms, the MIGHT just can't leave a blogging "SHOOTING" star in peace.

    Not even if he "SHOT" himself to stardom.

  6. Anonymous1:03 pm

    jeff, it's time somebody taught you a lesson. you are too arrogant. but let it be known that i have no liking for the sun which i believe is a mosquito paper.

  7. Anonymous1:32 pm

    jeff ooi has taken on kalimulah, ananda krishnan and now probably the biggest adversary of them all - ho kay tatt, a man who never backs down from a fight. jeff has a fight in his hands. kay tatt is a man who is willing to go anywhere for a bruising battle, unlike kali, who has a softer side. so folks, get ready for a no-holds barred slugfest.

  8. Anonymous2:26 pm

    Good luck jeff. Guna, apa guna cakap banyak berani tapi kena gempar sudah kecut perut!

  9. Anonymous4:00 pm


    ho kay tat never backs down from a fight. what fight has he ever fought, if you dont mind me asking?!

    and kalimoolah hassan has a soft side? wowlan! you know him that well, ah?

  10. Anonymous10:32 pm

    Ho Kay Tat a fighter? Dont write nonsense

  11. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Ho Kay Tat a fighter? Dont write nonsense. I have known this chappie for a long while and my description of him is a "softie" in the world of journalism.

    He can bark orders, but he barks when Kali whispers into his ears.

    People like Guna and Nades are the ones who make him look strong. Its their comments/articles that give Kay Tat a "strong" feel.

    He just okays their pieces, they arent his ideas.

    In any case, I dotn think this is a David-Goliath duel. Jeff Ooi's product is probably stronger than the Sun.

    In all honesty, I think Jeff Ooi has a larger readership than the Sun.