Tuesday, August 08, 2006


August 9 .. It's Singapore's National Day.

And the takeover of Pantai Hospital is complete. On Aug 4, the Goverment of Singapore Investment Corp (GIC) bought over 25 million shares in our biggest healthcare company (in terms of market cap). That's more than 5 per cent.

Parkway Holdings, a Singapore company, already has more than 31 per cent.

And the PM, in his 40-minute sitcom last night, pooh-poohed talk of neo-colonialism. "Apa salahnya ..," Abdullah said. "The important thing is we don't lose control of our companies. There is no Malaysian company which is controlled by a foreign company."

The chairman of GIC is none other than Lee Kuan Yew.


  1. Anonymous12:21 am

    "Apa salahnya..."

    Apa salahnya,
    Pak Lah dengar cakap rakyat pula.

    Apa salahnya,
    Pak Lah kurang bercakap, banyakkan "action",

    Apa salahnya,
    Pak Lah stop sekejap dengar cakap Kalimullah,

    Apa salahnya,
    Pak Lah, kami bersuara.

    Apa salahnya,
    Pak Lah, terima nasihat kami.

    Apa salahnya,
    Apa salahnya,
    Apa salahnya...

  2. Anonymous12:33 am

    For the PM to say that..well, it confirms he is not hands-on and does not have facts in the grasp of his hand, which means others are calling the shots. This also means that the two govt privatisation contracts like Fomema and Medivest are now feeding foreign mouths.

  3. Anonymous12:42 am

    My PM either lied to me or he really didn't know what was going on.

    It's a sinful thing to hope, I know, but I hope my PM was lying.

    Somehow that's easier to accept. I don't want to believe that my PM does not know anything.

  4. Anonymous1:05 am

    After all these media spin including the TV3 interview, it only summed that that our Pak Lah is not competent and not hands-on. And ALL the advisers are taking full advantage. I guess this is what Tun M is complaining of the 4th Floor boys.

    Wonder whether he knows what is controlling and what is minority shareholdings.

    Dear Bru, since you are business journalist, please lah, give this PM an intensive course so that what he speak make sense and make him look good and not make a fool out of himself.

    This revelation that the Singaporean (now including the Lee family) increasing effective shareholding of Malaysian concessions is really interesting. Wonder how is he going to defend himself. Maybe Pak Sharir can help him:)

  5. wawancara dengan TV3 hanya membuktikan Pak Lah tidak membaca dan hanya bergantung kepada satu sumber taklimat berita sahaja.

    Ini menyebabkan beliau tidak memahami apa yang berlaku di bawah hidung beliau.

  6. Anonymous5:13 am

    Pak Lah tak baca pepa. Kalu baca dia tak paham. Kalu paham dia tak cakap betui. Dalam sorat habar penuh berita Scomi dapat kontrak Kerajaan -- Pertonas, Keratapi Tanah Melayu dan lain-lain. Scomi seniri yang bagi tau Bursa Malaysia dapat kontrek Petronas RM1.5 bilion, KTM RM43 juta dan TNB tak berapa puluh juta pulak.
    Awat Anuuar Zaini tak tulung pebetui? Ni dia pun munafik sama. Orang lain kali pebetui lah. Ni la bila buat hap pas sik interview dengan memba-memba yang bukan pemberita. Nak cuba semunyi, nak cuba tunjuk tera.
    Apa ni dia kata tak ada kompani kita yang Singapura dak beli? Dia tak baca. Dia tak faham. Dia lup atau dia dusta?
    Bila sesorang beli lebih 30 peratus sesbuah kompani dan dia urus kompani tu, jadi hak dialah. Takkan tu pun Perdana Menteri kita tak tau? Annuar Zaini pasai apa dok buat bangang saja? Tulung la pebetui.
    Ni lah bila tak ambik tau apa nak memantu buat. kalau anak memantu pun tak ambik berat, macam mana kami?
    Annuar Zaini dan Kamarulzaman TV3 mintak buat satu lagi interview.

  7. Anonymous5:29 am

    Sdr Rocky, just in case our leaders have forgotten about the sale of Pantai Holdings to Singapore.

    From a foreign news report on the Internet:

    "On September 14, 2005, Singapore's Parkway Holdings Ltd has acquired a 31 per cent stake in Pantai Holdings Bhd for RM312 million (US$82.8 million) to emerge as the largest shareholder of the leading private healthcare service provider in Malaysia. Analysts said the move by Parkway, South-east Asia's largest healthcare provider, may spark consolidation in private hospitals in Malaysia. On Tuesday, Parkway purchased 89.7 million shares, for a 22.5 per cent stake, from Pantai's chief executive officer Datuk Lim Tong Yong for RM2.45 each at a 50 per cent premium to Pantai's closing price of RM1.63 on Monday, it said in a statement on Tuesday. Parkway bought an additional 35 million shares, or an 8.8 per cent stake, in the open market for RM1.70 each. The company also purchased 24.3 million warrants from Datuk Lim for RM1.33 apiece, bringing the total to RM311.6 million. Parkway, which is 26 per cent owned by US private equity fund Newbridge Capital, said there will be potential operational synergies with its existing two Malaysian hospitals and other hospitals in the region. With the deal, Parkway would control Pantai's seven hospitals and about 1,000 beds."

    Needless to say that the two major contributors to Pantai's revenue are the privatised Fomema and Medivest hospital services.

    Saudara, siapa mudah lupa? Pastinya bukan rakyat jelata.

    Terima Kasih.

  8. i still dun get it ... apa salahnya?

  9. Anonymous10:02 am

    Knowing this PM is Kelam, Kabut and Kabur (3K), no wonder the Singaporeans are in full steam taking advantage of the situation. On one hand can't blame them for a country with no hinterland.

    Added advantage by the mainstream media which is controlled by agents of Singapore. Commoners are blinded. That's why many people don't understand the issue.

  10. I'm bleeding inside because i know Pak Lah is a nice guy.

    Where are the whiz kids? What sort of crap are they shovelling. The interview just gave a very bad impression on our PM.

    Pak Lah looks lost. Avoiding issues, not convincing, and sometimes irrelevant.

    Just give me time... if I take the field in a football game, and after 10 minutes, I am judged for my performance, how can that be? You have to wait for me to warm up, to pick up the tempo and to move around.

    Ya..but if player if he had been letting in goals in the 10 minutes either buck up or the coach will be considering sending in somebody from the bench. (May God help us if that the case, because I do not see any supersub warming up -- just a mediocre out of MyTeam)

    And TDM is the striker that had been scoring the goals.....

  11. Anonymous10:41 am

    For those who have not been able to access Malaysia-today.net, you might want to access it by the backdoor. Go to http://anonymouse.org/anonwww.html and enter www.malaysia-today.net.

    I wonder what is going on?

  12. I'm bleeding for our PM. I know he is a nice guy.

    But,where are the whiz kids? They are not doing their job in improving AAB's image and credibility. It's like AAB is lost, avoiding issues, contradicting and irrelevant.

    Just give me time... if I take the field in a football game, and after 10 minutes, I am judged for my performance, how can that be? You have to wait for me to warm up, to pick up the tempo and to move around.

    Ya.. but if the player let in goals in the first 10 minutes, something have to be done. Buck up or somebody from the bench will take over. (but this also i fear because i do not see any supersub warming up and ready -- even the players from MyTeam).

    The opposing team has a lethal striker -- TDM.

  13. Rocky Hi!

    My name is "I wish I could tell you" and I am a proud Malaysia. For now I will have to hide behind anonymity to write this.I will be accounted for one day for my action since I love this country for what it stands for. I have always been one of those silent majority who who always watch on the sideline and believe the country will take care of it self under the UMNO led leadership of the National Front Goverment of Malaysia. But in the recent past I have witnessed unhappiness expressed by many Malaysians over the direction of the country and who is running it and what are the intention of the people given the mandate to manage the country. The insinuation that Singapore is meddling into our affairs with the help of the "so-called Singapore sympathisers" within the system is very serious, and it is like someting out of John La Carre spy novels. I always scoffed it off as just pure fantasy. However the unhappiness is for real, such as being expressed by many ex-NST friends, be they Malays or otherwise, by some UMNO people that I have interacted with. Many have told me that NST has become S'pore's mouth piece and I said "lightened up man how can that be possible".
    Well today, on Wednesday August 9th, 2006,n page 33 the News Focus page of the Asean page, I have drawn my own conclusion without being influenced by anyone that NST is indeed that Republic mouthpiece.
    Under the headline "Singapore's secret weapon" I see a very veiled threat by the republic that no one sould mess around with it. Like Israel telling the whole Arabs world that it could, it has already many times, attack without impunity on any Arab countries it deems a threat.
    Singapore has said in this article printed by Malaysia's national paper the NST that "Southeast-Asia's most economically advanced nation (S'pore) has not disputed the moniker (in reference of this country by BJ Habibie who said Singapore is a)little red dot on the map but made it clear that any aggrtesor will pay a heavy price" .
    Now NST, seriously there is no need for "you" to drum up S'pore's jingoistic propaganda on our national paper, owned by UMNO and will always to get away with it. My question is why is that no one from the government take serious look at what this national paper has been printing lately since it has been taken over by Datuk Kalimulah Hassan and Brendan Pereira. I do know that these people are very close to Singapore (yes one day I will testify against nthem if I am asked to). But please explain to me why are we allowing the propaganda of Singapore "military invincibility" to be published by my national paper. Thank you and I will not apologise for my nationalistic thought since certain issues are indeed beyond good manners, I am afraid for any breach of sanctity of our country's dignity I have to voice my concern, thank you.

    Thank you!

  14. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Palestin and other Arab countries are already down on their knees.

    Reasons a. their own fault (fighting among themselves) b. Israel

    Malaysia maybe going down on its knees.

    Possible reasons: a. our own fault (fighting among ourselves) b. Singapore (Israel's protege in Asia).

    Malaysians have as much brain as Singaporeans. But our mentor (adviser) maybe braindead.

  15. Rockybru,

    First, ex bt reporter gave us the rundown of Singapore's arsenal. Then, pasquale restated the hijacking of NST, a vital fourth estate component in our democracy.

    Consider another subtle development that I feel is also happening. Is AAB's administration losing the special relationship we have with Indonesia? Or am I being paranoid?

  16. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Salam sejahtera...

    Ingat tak dulu? Singapura milik orang Melayu... tapi hilang di tangan orang asing.

    Sekarang.... Takkan sejarah berulang kembali? Malaysia pun nak kena telan orang asing jugak ke? Gerun saya nak memikirkan.

    Miss Iris Edward