Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Or so says Shaziman Abu Mansor, the deputy minister for Energy, Water and Communications.

Refer page 16 of theSTAR today, where Shaziman effectively defined two types of bloggers:
1/ Wild Wild Web blogger.
"Wild Wild Web are bloggers who hide and shoot but are afraid to come out in the open for confrontation," he said.

2/ Gentleman and Responsible blogger.
"If they are truly gentlemen and responsible (for what they blogged), they should show themselves."

I do not "hide and shoot" and I am not "afraid to come out in the open" (although I think 'discussion' is more apt than 'confrontation'). I show myself so I am a gentleman and a responsible blogger, right?

Well, so are these guys:

AKJ aka The Scribe
MalaysiaToday's Raja Petra
SKTHEW of MageP's Lab
Kamaluddin's Blog
Ron the Gerbang Ruhanie
James Wong of Freedom in Solidarity
Fathi Aris Omar of Patah Balek
TV Smith
Syed Imran of Kuda Ranggi
Khalid Jaafar and, of course,
Screenshots' Jeff Ooi

Thanks, deputy minister.
Now, if you could do all of us gentlemen and responsible bloggers a favour and tell your Contents Forum's honorary secretary about us, starting with Jeff Ooi.


  1. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Sdra Rocky

    The deputy minister maybe was refering to people like me and many other bloggers who do not host any blogsite but participate in discussion. To YB Shaziman don't act like the Malay saying "marah nyamuk, kelambu dibakar". Be we are Wild wild web bloggers or gentleman and responsible bloggers what is more important is not to know who we are but what we say. If we say rubbish, just throw them into the rubbishbin. If there are some constructive ideas pick it up, improve it and use it to make Malaysia a better place to live for all Malaysians. We are patriotic Malaysian too. If this only country is attacked by our enemy (we don't have enemy anyway) we are willing to fight to the last drop of our blood for Malaysia. The Malay saying again "kalau takut dilambong ombak, jangan berumah di tepi pantai," Politicians are elected by the people. We know you are not perfect person but we still elect you but not allowing you to do anything as you like. What we did was to put you on the right track when you go off the track a bit. After all what we have said as wild-wild web bloggers, rest assured that we will still be behind you as long as you do the right things. After all you guys always said every five year, the rakyat will judge us (politicians)

    Thank you.

  2. Anonymous8:31 am

    gentleman or not -- you guys got balls to say what you want to say -- and be damned.
    more than i can say for those "anonymous" bloggers who post vicious things.
    go, man go.

  3. Anonymous8:37 am

    that goes without saying, bro. Oftentimes, looks are so deceiving. With your long hair, 6foot 3, big frame, one would think you're tough and rough..possibly kaki pukul. Okay, maybe you are tough. But we know you are not rough. May be in your younger silat days, you could hv been a kaki pukul, who knows. But the Rocky that we know is a gentle man.

  4. Anonymous8:43 am

    apa yang telah di perkatakan oleh timbalan menteri memang benar.
    bloggers yang BerNama adalah kumpulan bloggers yang gentleman dan bertanggungjawab dan BERANI.
    Mereka berani menghadapi maki hamun, herdikan, caci cerca.
    bukan itu sahaja, seperti datuk a kadir jasin berkata --- orang bukan takut dengan blogs yang maki hamun, tetapi perdebatan yang rasional dan bertanggung jawab. Dan berasas itu, memang benar bahawa bloggers yang BerNama lah yang di takuti oleh orang2 yang tertentu.

  5. Anonymous8:46 am

    HAH, we know who the wild wild web bloggers. I wouldnt say they are wild. They are cowards. Can I say it here the name of the COWARD of the COUNTY?
    Oh well... everybody knows.

  6. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Come home coward of the country....not county lah anakmalaysia.

  7. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Saudara Rocky,

    Saya setuju dengan apa yang di bincangkan disini. Saudara and bloggers lain ada telur, bukan macam bloggers lain...tak ada telur langsung. Kalau saudara perhatikan, ada blogsite yang bangkitkan isu wartawan...its a free for all site...semua kena belasah. Apabila name blogger and telephone rumahnya telah di siarkan di ruangan comment, the blogsite master telah editkan detail beliau. Tambah pulak site beliau sekarang tidak lagi menerima comment at realtime. Konon-kononnya mesti di approved terlebih dahulu oleh blogmasternya. Inilah kita katakan website yg tak ada telur. Cerita orang lain dibelasah saja ...cerita sendiri bila diungkitkan, beliau mahu edit terlebih dahulu...mana ada crediabilitylah....sudahlah machai...

  8. Alamak, Rocky. I'm now in the "Not a Gentleman" category lah kalau macam ni.
    But, I feel whatever I rant about on my blogsite make sense...more sense than most of our so-called elected leaders have to say.

  9. Bro Rocky,

    Alamak, I fall in the "Not A Gentleman Blogger" category la macam ni.
    But I'd like to think that what I rant about make sense ... more than what I could say about our so-called elected leaders.

  10. wetbenang,
    shaziman hasn't the credibility (yet) to call bloggers names or to accuse them of anything.

    i agree with you & anon (who said that shaziman was referring to people like him and many other bloggers who do not host any blogsite but participate in discussion}. shaziman and his colleagues in government and party should be grateful with the fact that bloggers are providing feedback and honest views about matters that shaziman himself will not be free to discuss.

    if they are clever by half, shaziman and his colleagues will use the wealth of views in these blogs to make a lot of things that affect our daily lives bettere.

    but, first, he must be willing to go surf the net, read the blogs and even participate in some of them to gauge the credibility of these blogs and the bloggers who take part in the discussions.

  11. Anonymous5:05 pm

    sorry, zorro

    i left out the R. Thank God it was not the O that I left out.
    Then, Rocky bro wouldn't publish my comment and I would have to APOLOGISE to him.

  12. Anonymous5:10 pm

    YOU DE MAN, Mr Rocky sir.