Saturday, August 19, 2006


IT'S NOT A JOKE ANYMORE. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Prime Minister no 5, is Bapa K-ekonomi. [And the K is not for Khairy Jamaluddin (the Malay calls his father-in-law "father") or Kamaluddin the son.]

Malaysia's four prime ministers before AAB were bestowed titles that best describe their greatest contributions to this proud nation. The Tunku is Bapa Kemerdekaan (Father of Independence), Tun Razak Bapa Pembangunan (Development), Tun Hussein Bapa Perpaduan (Unity), and Tun Dr Mahathir Bapa Kemodenan (Modernisation).

Bernama posted the story last night around dinner.

Abdullah Named As "Father Of Knowledge Economy"
KULIM, Aug 18 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was today given the title of "Bapa Ekonomi Ilmu" (Father of Knowledge Economy).
Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Datuk Seri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis said the title was deserved because of the Prime Minister's strong commitment to develop the k-economy as the means to upgrade the socio-economic status of the people.
He said this at the launch of MSC Malaysia Cybercity @ Kulim High Technology Park here by Abdullah.
Jamaluddin said the Prime Minister was concerned that the implementation of the information and communications technology national agenda should benefit all Malaysians.
"He does not want the policy to create another form of poverty -- the digital information knowledge poverty -- and widen the digital divide between the rich and poor and between urban and rural residents," he said.


  1. Anonymous1:57 pm

    La, dok K (knowledge) macam mana pulak ni? Pantai Holdings dah jadi hak milik Singapura pun dia tak tau. Kawan baik dia Annuar Zaini pun tak bagi tau. Kalu dia tau, dia dok main sadin saja, biar Pak Lah jadi Bapa K-Ekonomi. K tu untuk keliru atau kelam-kabut.
    Benda-benda K itu, K ini ni benda zaman Mahathir. Orang tua tu la yang perkenai lebuh raya multi-media, ICT dan macam-macam lagi. Pak Lah ni bagi la gelaran lain lah. Macam Bapa Ketelusan ka? K juga. Atau Bapa Kebertanggungjawaban. K juga atau Bapa Keterbukaan. K juga.
    Ni yang kita tau Pak Lah dok nak kawai internet, nak pantau blog dan macam-macam lagi. Pak Lah layar Internet ka? Baca blog ka?
    Yang dok bagi gelaran ini pun lawak. Jangan la bagi benda yang Pak Lah tak ada dolat. Dok tak dok, budak-budak buat lawak. K untuk Khairy, K untuk Kamal, K untuk Kali, K untuk kereta api laju YTL, K untuk kawan-kawan, K untuk kelakar.
    Kalu nak bagi pun tunggu la sat dulu. Baru sangat ni. Kalu nak jack pun cari la cara lain. Ni nampak hap pas sik sangat.

  2. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Yeah, Paklah sure is entitle to be honoured in any possible way. Afterall he is the prime monster of this half past six government...

  3. Bapa K-Ekonomi? Tepat sekali. Sebab K pun yang pegang ekonomi sekarang.

  4. Anonymous5:44 pm

    I think it's too early to bestow on him a title such as this. He needs to prove himself more. He certainly doesn't appear to be championing the k-economy, to my knowledge!

  5. Anonymous7:31 pm

    Does he know what k-economy means in the first place.

    This is an embarrasment to all malaysians.
    TDM,, help us.

  6. Anonymous8:16 pm


    sila layari blog ni menarik ditulis oleh seorang wartawan, x-bernama.

  7. Normally, the Bapa title thing was given when PM leave office. Is JJ trying to hint to Pak Lah to leave office?

  8. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Bapak K?
    K = Kemelut
    K = Kehancuran
    K = Kroni
    K = Kelentong
    K = Ketandusan

  9. Anonymous9:00 pm

    ‘Forged signatures’ in Support Pak Lah petition
    Tony Thien
    Aug 19, 06 1:30pm

    About two-thirds of the 2,050 signatures in the pledge of support for Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi purportedly from an Umno division in Sabah are not genuine, claimed a party member turned whistleblower.

    “Only 650 members signed up,” said Abdul Mutalib Mohd Dawi, one of the Umno members involved in the signature campaign in the ruling party’s Silam division, told malaysiakini.

    The ‘Support Pak Lah’ petition originally targeted a total of 5,000 signatures and was initiated by the division's controversial acting head, Samsu Baharun Abdul Rahman.

    When only a few hundred signatures were collected, the organisers of the petition allegedly decided to try other means.

    “The rest of the signatures were the work of phantom hands who filled the forms in secret sessions over two nights,” said Mutalib.

    He said the majority of Umno members had refused to sign the petition not because they were against Abdullah, but were dissatisfied with Samsu's leadership at the division

    Samsu, who is member of parliament for Silam and Ministry of Entrepreneurial Development and Co-operatives parliamentary secretary, was earlier found guilty of money politics by the Umno disciplinary committee.

    However, he was later cleared by the party’s appeal committee and was appointed acting head of Silam division.

    Mutalib alleged that the final petition included the names of 100 deceased persons and 250 people who had defected to the opposition Parti Keadilan Rakyat recently.

    “The signature list was based on the Umno computer sheet for 2004,” he added.

    ACA report lodged

    The division's acting head, according to Mutalib, originally planned to collect 5,000 signatures and compiled them in three books. But after three months of collecting signatures, only 650 Umno members had inked the petition.

    “Only one book, containing 2,050 signatures, was presented to Pak Lah on his return from Australia in July (photo),” Mutalib said.

    Mutalib said he decided to tell the truth because he did not want the prime minister to be “bluffed and cheated”.

    However, he made it clear that just like other Umno divisions in Sabah, most if not all, Silam Umno members were fully behind the Umno president.

    Meanwhile, a Silam Umno divisional committee member Rapaan Rabeka told malaysiakini he had lodged a report to the Anti-Corruption Agency in Kota Kinabalu on Thursday against Samsu for alleged corrupt practices and abuse of power relating to the distribution of aid to flood victims in a village in Lahad Datu a few months ago.

    Rapaan said he only knew about the alleged incident a month ago and decided to lodge a report to the ACA. The agency had told him that the matter would also be referred to Chief Minister Musa Aman when conducting the probe.

    Send your comments on the above issue to us at Your email may be published in Malaysiakini. Please keep your comments brief, and do let us know if you wish to remain anonymous.

  10. Anonymous10:42 pm

    What a joke man!

    If anybody that can claim this title should be Mahathir albeit his brainchild of MSC and k-economy are in a sad state of affair.

    If AAB must get some title of " Father of something something " , perhaps 'Father of Agriculture ' would be less laughable !!!!!!

  11. Anonymous1:25 am

    Funny, I always thought PM Abdullah was 'Bapa Kesloganan' or the 'Father of Slogans" based on his style of governance- Issuing of flowery, feel-good, somewhat vague statements and phrases without following it up with any concrete action. "Work with me, not for me", "Little Napoleons", sound familiar anyone?

    You can't a run a country by just issuing slogans and hope that the problems go away on their own! PM, we are still waiting for you to 'turun padang', to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty fixing our beloved Malaysia!

    By the way I was not the first to coin this phrase. Do a search on google to find out where this first turned up. :P

  12. Anonymous2:54 am


    What's all the fuss about the PM being given the title? He's known for his push in the development of human capital (bina insan). That means the PM is anxious to help Malaysians become better, more informed, more knowledgeable workers. This is most necessary as we take on the world. In two years time, Malaysia will play host to the World ICT Congress. This is very important and reflect's the PM's commitment to ICT. The Science Minister Dato Jamaludin Jarjis, the cigar-loving minister, gave the title to PM and we don't know whether he did that out of genuine belief or part of his apple-polishing skills! In the Cabinet, Dato JJ is fond of kissing the hand of the PM, making him the only minister to show his respect and affection of the PM in this manner. Dato JJ didn't kiss the hand of Tun Mahathir when he was PM but he did shower gifts to former PM. People still talk about the time when Dato JJ gave a horse to Tun M as a present.

    The present PM may not want the title be bestowed to him because we all know that he's not one to hunt for titles. An imam like him is not concerned about title.

    As for bloggers, you fellas should't be too hasty in your comments. My reading is simple - if Pak Lah is known as the Father of K Economy, it also means that he's the patron of all Msian bloggers! You can't disagree with me! It is under his administration that bloggers thrive! Syabas!

  13. K-economy also stands for:

    * Kidnap-economy (tu yg depa kata ular lidi telan naga tu... tak ingat pulak di mana, pelupa saya ni. Tapi bukan di sini la)

    * Kangaroo-economy (ready made pocket. Ni di Australia tempat berubat resdung. Kesian bomo2 resdung Kepala Batas)

    * Kickback-economy (bukan di Malaysia la, Malaysia sedang hebat memerangi rasuah)

    * Kabilah-economy (ni di negara-negara Pak Arab nuu...)

    * Kinfolk-economy (di Malaysia tender terbuka, mana ada nepotisme)

    * Kowtow-economy (bukan saya kata, Tun Det yg kata)

    * Kaput-economy (Malaysia ok, 6% growth being projected!)

    * Kamikaze-economy (ni di Jepun...)

    * Kwantung Economy (ni di China...)

  14. Alamak... terlalu awal la... amende ni... kelawakan yang melampau batas. kepala batas. HAAHHAHA.

  15. Anonymous10:42 am

    I think he wants the title fast.. for his time is running out as fast! Actually, I like the title "Bapa K". I can interpret it in so many different meaning...!


  16. Anonymous11:10 am

    baru 10 minit warm up di padang sudah diberi gelaran K.

    semakin banyak lawak didendangkan oleh parti UMNO sekarang ni.

  17. Anonymous2:26 pm

    Saudara Rocky,

    Ekonomi yang berasaskan maklumat (knowledge) adalah pemangkin kepada ekonomi moden. Yang penting bukanblah slogan, label dan gelaran tetapi kefahaman mengenai inti pati ekonomi moden yang digerakkan oleh pelbagai model, teori dan pendekatan.

    Tidak kurang pula adalah tipu helah, pengintipan dan penyusupan.

    Dengan izin, saya ingin menyebut kembali perbincangan mengenai hal ini dengan Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dua bulan selepas beliau mengambil alih tampuk pemerintahan negara pada tahun 2003.

    Kami berbincang tentang perlunya Malaysia mempunyai Economic Intelligence Capacity yang tinggi untuk membolehkan kita bersaing di dalam pasaran modal (capital), barangan (merchandise) dan perkhidmatan (services) antarabangsa. PM mengakui pentingnya hal ini.

    Saya rasa aspek "K" atau knowledge ini menjadi sangat kritikal sekarang dengan adanya tekanan supaya kita merundingkan Perjanjian Perdagangan Bebas (Free Trade Agreement) dengan negara-negara maju.

    Saya bimbang di sinilah jerangkap samar ekonomi sedang dipasang oleh negara-negara maju untuk "menguasi" ekonomi negara-negara membanganun melalui proses diplomasi, rundingan dan operasi pasaran.

    Terima Kasih.

  18. Rocky!

    I see you have been selective in not posting other peoples comments on other peoples comments, I wish you are not that selective.
    Anyway, I am sure the late three prime ministers and Tun Mahathir are very sad to note that on this Merdeka Day I do not see any Malaysian flag being flown in the wind on Malaysian vehicles as previously seen. As for Bapak K well K will always stand for Khairy, Kalimullah and Kamaluddin.
    Rocky! Did you also know that the government wants the National Anthem to sung in three languages. Well I think it is a bad idea since Bahasa Melayu is the official language of this country and everyone has to learn how to sing it in that language, Bush also told the Hispanic community to go back to Mexico if they want the Star Spangled Banner to be sung in Spanish! Imagine "Deutchland Uber Alles" sung in Turkish, Spanish or French!? I think I need to go back to Cyprus.

    Cheers! To all the Morons in the country!

  19. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Kata org tua2, resmi padi, lagi berisi lagi tunduk. Tapi insan manusia ini acapkali lupa bila ditampuk kuasa. Bila dipentas, bercakap tu, ada 'GAH' bagaikan kuasanya melangit. Beringatlah kita, Allah bisa menentukan, kita hanya merancang.Orang2 Melayu khususnya ahli UMNO, selalunya menolak Pemimpin mrk yang bongkak... jadi kenapa Pemimpin kita skrg, bercakap bagaikan Kuat Bunyi Dari Suara'. Kenapa agaknya, ya? Sama2lah kita renung dan selidiki secara mendalam. Gamaknya mereka ini menggeruni ketakutan dalaman, jadi dgn berbunyi lebih kuat dari suara, maka akan hilanglah kegusaran didalam hati.

    Kalaulah bunyi2an suara ini, kita jwb dengan mengosongkan kerusi2 dalam majlis perasmian UMNO, apakah yang kita semua boleh bayangkan, bakal terjadi? Aku & Anda, pasti tahu! Tetapi mereka,..tepuk dada tanya selera.

    Sesungguhnya, Pemikiran kita yang Suci & Hati kita yang Bersih, pasti tidak akan menerima benda yang SALAH/TIDAK BENAR. Itulah ajaran IBUBAPA kita. Dari aku mempercayai pemimpin2 spt. ini, lebih baik aku tidak menggadaikan keyakinan dan kepercayaan ajaran IBUBAPA aku.

    Kirim salam sama itu Orang sana.

  20. Anonymous7:28 pm

    i am happy for our Prime Minister for having been given the Father of K-Economy title.
    Let us be happy for him.
    Let us hope that he will live up to this title.
    It is important he lives up to it. That he fulfills it. Otherwise, it is meaningless. Otherwise it is a mockery.
    It is not an insignificant "gelaran" because it is one bestowed on our Prime Minister.
    So,let us pray that Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will prove to Malaysians that he is BAPA K-EKONOMI.

  21. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Before we go on with this gelaran business, can anyone tell me whether this is a NATIONAL TITLE agreed upon, say by the Cabinet or other authoritative body comprising prominant ICT specialists?
    Or is this one of those titles of convenient conceived by one person whose authority and motive are suspect?
    The way it's being presented, it appears to me that this not a national title and was not bestowed by an accredited body. It appears to be the work of one man, who, according to many of your commentators, is prone to hand-kissing and apple-polishing.
    You should ask the PM if he accepts the title. I think as we become more developed and progressive we should strive for real quality and not mere labeling.
    If we allow one hand-kissing person to bestow a title on our Prime Minister, the time will soon come when people will laugh at the bearer. We do not want that to happen.
    May I, therefore, humbly suggest that we stop this practice and the Prime Minister not accept it.

  22. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Jed, I don't think Pujangga was being racist. He was stating fact. There never was a non-Chinese editor in The Star.
    On the other hand, there were (and are) many non-Malay editors, including editors-in-chief, in the NSTP group.
    I think it's unfair to expect the NSTP to be a Malay-dominated organization all the time as it's similarly unfair to think that only a chinese can become The Star editor.
    The multi-racial nature of the NSTP had enriched me. I worked under Malays editors and I worked under Chine and Indian editors.

  23. Anonymous11:19 pm

    From Malaysiakini: “Khairy Jamaluddin is no stranger to criticisms but this time the Umno Youth deputy chief has come under heavy fire from leaders of MCA and Gerakan – both component parties of the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition.
    ”On Friday, at the opening of the Jerlun Umno Youth division delegates’ conference in Kedah, Khairy had warned party members that Chinese Malaysians would exploit the current spat within the ruling party to advance their community’s interests.
    “The internal split within Umno will weaken the party’s position and this will pave way for the Chinese Malaysians to make various demands to benefit their community,” Khairy was quoted as saying by Chinese newspaper Sin Chew Daily.
    But who did KJ befriend in ECM Libra if not it's non-Malay shareholders and senior manager?
    Who’s Ong Beng Seng? Who is Francis Yeoh? Who is Vincent Tan? Who is Ananda Krishnan? Who is Patrick Lim? Who is Tony Fernandez?
    Are they not the people who gave him a one leg up in business via ECM Libra?
    See, even an Oxford man is not above racism and is not aversed to sowing the seed of fear for political gains.

  24. The titles of Bapak this and that to all Prime Ministers Malaysia is bestowed after the end of their Primeirship.

    Is JJ trying to tell him, the time is near ... and for face saving, we'll just allow him to gloat ... he did it his way.

  25. Anonymous5:21 am

    Father of K-Economy? That's hilarious. The man admitted himself that he's been on the field for 10 minutes and has not even warmed up! And here we have an arse-licker already choosing him as 'Player of the Game'.

  26. Anonymous10:58 am

    whoa Jed,
    now now now...who is the racist here? when you call another a racist, you had better look at yourself first.

    And Pujangga --- dont simply make generalised statements--lah.

    but i suppose, this is cyberspace. to each his/her own.
    you will always offend some people. not everyone will agree with you.

    just like i dont agree with jed that brendan is talented. though i agree with him that he is very very hardworking. and for the money he is paid, i'd be living in the NST!

    Oh hell---what do i care?i am just a very talented malaysian, like many other malaysians, who spend a little bit of my time going through blogs like Rocky's Bru.

    May the FORCES be with y'all.

  27. Way to go Pujangga! I do not want to generalise but I get this uneasy feeling that the real racists in our country are our politicians and some very young Malaysians (KJ and Jed are about the same age).


    I grew up in a mining kongsi in Batu Gajah, Perak among Indian, Chinese and Malay neighbours and I recently celebrated my 50th birthday.

    I studied in English medium schools, the true melting pot that taught us, inter alia, racial and religious tolerance and how to have fun together.

    Sadly these schools are now gone and our children are put in their respective racial cocoons until they enter the universities.

    All this while we wonder why, in spite of the national open houses, national service, programs to made students exchange notes and what have you, race relations are at their lowest and getting worse.

    I started working in the early days of the NEP and I can trade NEP horror stories with you anytime. The racism I had to face in an audit firm and later a manufacturing company in P.J was unbelievable.

    All this because I was a Malay who thought that academic qualifications and a willingness to work hard was enough to get started in one's career in one's own country among one's own countrymen.

    I was called "quota-filler", "window-dressing" and one Chinese junior clerk with a Grade 3 M.C.E had the cheek to tell me, who had a Grade 1 M.C.E, a Full H.S.C and doing my I.C.M.A (now C.I.M.A) exams that I would not have got the job if I were not a Malay.

    My eldest son is doing his Part 3 A.C.C.A exams while working and my 2nd son recently graduated from Universiti Teknologi Petronas and you know what? He got 3 job offers 1 week after his final exams and the offers are still coming (local graduate lah, kurang laku tapi ok lah). He now works for a small Chinese-owned software company with a 50-50 split of Malay and Chinese staff.

    And you know what else Jed? Both were not on scholarships. I am not a rich man and my children's S.P.M results were above average and both are very active in school. They qualified for scholarships but, you may find it hard to believe, it is much tougher for Malays students to get scholarships now.

    There are many Malays as there Chinese and Indians and Others who quietly put their children through college, start their own businesses and contribute to making this a better nation.

    The last thing we need are people who hijack matters of national and common interest and twist them into racial issues.

    I felt extremely insulted by your comments and was about to sent a personal e-mail to you until I read pujangga's response. Working hard and studying hard are not peculiar to non-Bumis and not all Malays are here for a free ride.

    We Malays do not have a monopoly on bigotry and discrimination. Insisting on command of Mandarin and other Chinese dialects in job advertisements is blatant racism too.

    You are of course entitled to your opinions but please be sentive to the sensivities of others.

  28. quote:
    We Malays do not have a monopoly on bigotry and discrimination. Insisting on command of Mandarin and other Chinese dialects in job advertisements is blatant racism too.

    With all respect, some jobs do require ppl who speak chinese/cantonese/hokkien and I don't really see that as racist, rather, economic realities.

  29. bapak K, Bapak mertua 'K'?

    Back to our discussion on Bapak K,Bapak mertua kepada K, hasn't he got nuthing to do with the cross multiracial issues nowadays?

    adakah K org melayu itu sendiri sudah kukuh hingga dia layak mendapat gelaran itu?sedarkah Bapak K, bhw melayu itu sendiri kurang nya kualiti dibandingkan dgn kuantitinya?