Tuesday, August 01, 2006


And I really thought it was your VISION, this Johor Super Corridor.

But Twofaces told us this isn't so, told us to go check here. We checked and, yep, according to Wikipidea ...:

Thank you, Twofaces, for correcting us. And Pasquale, Trust, Kaliyuga & Herman!


  1. Anonymous2:19 am

    This is a very cursory comparison of the Gateway and the SJER. While the Gateway is a transport infrastructure project the SJER is an economic development project with tourism, education, and logistics components.

    Whether the project is a Pak Lah idea, is a separate question. However, Wikipedia does not provide the desired evidence.

  2. Anonymous8:56 am

    Uh huh :)

  3. Perhaps, the desired evidence is contained in today's NST editorial which mentioned "Since the South Johore is no greenfield site..".

    By all means, develop the corridor which is not only good for Johoreans but Malaysia too.

    It's the political spin that makes me dizzy.

  4. Anonymous11:39 am

    KUDOS for PAK LAH,

    This MEGA project will benefit Johoreans and Malaysians, mega mega mega.
    Ok lah. So Pak Lah tersasul Rather, he did not rtell us everything.
    KJ, you are right. It doesn't matter if it is Pak Lah's idea or not. But, er, er it sure looks like it isnt his idea.
    (Not good to make claim like that. You will lose credibility. And you will have to agree that credibility is integral in a leader/leadership).
    Also, that thing about wikipedia -- dont know what the heck you are getting at.
    ANYWAY, I am digressing... --- let's hope WE will all benefit from this mega mega mega project.

  5. Anonymous3:51 pm


    forgive Pak Lah. Dont blame him for that. Either he never said that (but it was included in the copy) or he was made to say that.
    You must understand that he has the worst ever team of advisers/spinners. Yeah yeah, some of them have mega degrees. Yeah yeah, so do many other Malaysians. But surely that does not make you good at strategising for and advising Pak Lah. No need to belabour this point because those Ks, B, Z and V have proven that they are soooo baaad. Goodness, They have so effortlessly destroyed the man's credibility. And they dont even know it. Worse part...they think they are good.

  6. Anonymous3:56 pm

    It's a classic case of lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama.

  7. Anonymous8:25 am

    I find that lately Pak Lah is prone to saying lines that are uncharacteristicly bad e.g. newspaper don't have to compete with internet and now this. Me think he is getting bad PR advise. He needs a single official PM spokesperson to control his public statments. Otherwise looks worst and worst each time he says things like these. People think he is just a stooge manipulated by his obviously mediocre handlers.

  8. Anonymous1:44 am

    Anonymous said........ "Otherwise looks worst and worst each time he says things like these. People think he is just a stooge manipulated by his obviously mediocre handlers...."

    Well!!! i personally think he is a stooge and he is being manipulated by his handlers who are mediocre, isn't it obvious??? ..... GOD HELP US!!!

  9. Anonymous11:58 pm

    apa yang hang merepek ni, depa mengarut, hang pun percaya. tau tak apa bezanya SJER dan SIG? Hang pernah pi JB or Johor tak?