Friday, July 21, 2006


The messengers of Abdullah the PM have barred grassroot members from asking questions in all future sessions to inform Umno cadres about the PM-xPM's spat, according to Cuit-Sikit!

The messengers don't want a repeat of the Nikko Hotel incident where they were crucified and burnt alive (but not boo-ed, AMLG maitains).

No questions = No dissent?


Ask no questions and you'll be told no lies?


  1. Anonymous12:33 pm

    what a joke...this is the outcome of incapable leaders showing their true colors. they are getting deeper and deeper in their own "mess" and pray...when will it end...

  2. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Sdr Rocky. I am an Umno member. I have been since 1982. I signed up because I was impressed with the budding Mahathir-Anwar team. Anwar bowled me over. He let me down. But that's politics. I stick with the party. I continued to believe in Mahathir. I remain an Umno member because I believe in the party. I had my reservations on Pak Lah. A nice man does not always make a good leader.
    But I stay because I believe in collective leadership. I have been let down again. There's no collectively leadership. Everybody is pretending. Now I am happy that Umno members and grassroot leaders are taking charge again.
    They have so far been successful. The "no question" briefing sessions to answer Dr Mahathir show how effective they have become. Ask a few difficult question and the likes of Shahrir and his diciple Khalid Nordin high-tail. A on-way monologue marks the end of Umno's hierarchical leadership of the party. Umno members will eaither attent these sessions and push their will or they will just stay away. I will stay away. I have never heard anything good coming out of Shahrir's mouth anyway. He is not Umno, he's himself. This man caused Tun Razak considerable headache with his "I know all" attitude.
    Good luck my party!

  3. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Abang Rocky,


    Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah. Orang yang melakukan kebenaran tidak gentar kepada kritikan dan tohmahan. Hanya orang yang bersalah saja yang kecut perut.


    Sebab kalau mereka tidak bersalah, mengapa takut berhadapan dengan rakyat terbanyak? Mengapa bimbang disoal bertubi-tubi?


    Apakah maknanya majlis penerangan kalau tidak boleh bersoal-jawab. Bukankah penerangan itu maksudnya untuk menjelaskan sesuatu perkara. Jadi kalau orang tidak faham kenalah bertanya dan diberi penjelasan. Kalau macam tu sebut saja MAJLIS MONOLOG!

    Sebentar tadi Pak Lah kata menantu dia, Khairy Jamaluddin bukan penasihat beliau. Pak Lah buat keputusan sendiri. BOLEH PERCAYA KA?

    Saya nak juga bertanya, siapa pemimpin Pemuda yang dikatakan kerap ke Jakarta untuk bertemu seseorang?

    Dato' Hishamuddin Aun,

    I am ashamed to read one of the news item in your paper. It may be small but big enough to catch my attention and those who knew you and the person being quoted in the news. It is on a new magazine which will be launch soon. And the magazine belongs to your wife! Ah, how lucky Datin Norlinda is for having a husband who is the Group Editor of a newspaper and who is not ashamed to use such story in his own paper...But then again, if his boss can do that to his many companies, why shouldnt he? Guru kencing berdiri, anak murid kencing berlari.

  4. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Bru, PM is breaking his elegent silence. Musa Hitam must be disappointed. PM is not breaking his silence to answer Mahathir or to defend us, not directly at least, but in directly he is defending his son-in-law and nominated deputy Umno Youth chief.
    He said KJ is not his adviser. Who says he is? We are saying he is influential and has great influence on his father-in-law.
    He does not have to be an appointed, paid vizier to have influence on Pak Lah and his government.
    In fact because he not an officially appointed vizier that he is extraordinarily influential and powerful. No adviser of the PM marries his daughter. KJ does. No adviser of the PM lives in Seri Perdana with him. KJ does. No adviser of the PM can bully ministers like Hishammuddin, syed hamid and nazri aziz and makes demand on businessmen. But KJ can. Can you imagine the brave Nazri is afraid of KJ?
    But at the end of it all Bru, we are the suckers. Our hard-earned tax dollars (RM15 million in all) is used to renovate Seri Perdana so that KJ can live like a king.
    So PM tells us KJ is not his adviser? We're not born yesterday.
    PM should defend his government and the people against Mahathir and not forever be guilty of having KJ asa his beloved son-in-law.
    KJ can be gone. But what about unemployment, rising inflation, rising crime rate, directionless Bursa Malaysia, falling international rating and fire sale of our national assets?
    Address these and KJ means nothing
    to us.

  5. Pak Lah kata tiada masalah dengan Tun mahathir, tapi dengar khabar Pemuda UMNO Selangor akan tangguhkan program mengenang jasa bersama Tun mahathir

    ada masalah ka tarak?

  6. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    I share and support the views of budak kampong. I spent my teen years witnessing how Tun came into power and read Malay Dilemma after the ban was lifted while reading Sejarah Tingkatan 2 side by side.

    True to what budak kampong said, some will try to push their will while some will stay away. I will stay away for now and watch in a distance on how things are coming up then.

    Lets see how Tun teach them a lesson of History to these young greedy people and let them be exposed once and for all....

  7. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Bru, don't you think that Bank Negara should declassify all documents relating to its RM30-billion forex osses?

    This happened when BN tried to defend the Ringgit when Soros took a bet on the Pound and won during the period 1992-94. That was when Anwar Ibrahim was Finance Minister.

    At then exchange rates of Rm2.50 to a USD, it was a whopping UD$12 billion.

    I think our paper, the Business Times, reported that Anwar told the Parliament they were paper losses.

    Don't you also think that 2nd Finance Minister, who is Anwar's friend, should come clean by explaining his role in the fiasco as Forex Chief of BN at that time?

    That was the time when BN changed the accounting of its reserves from book value favoured by the conservative late Tun Ismail Ali to current value to show that the losses had not affected its reserves.

  8. Anonymous8:49 pm

    Alamak Bru,
    We have never been a society that encourages dissent. You as the Editor of the so-called the paper that cares were also guilty of protecting your political patrons. Please la, bru. This is a fact of life. Had Najib been the PM, you would be flying high and Rusdi Mustapha would be spending most of his time in your office.
    No doubt you have your reasons in putting a blemish on Pak Lah and Gang but I suggest sometimes u look in the mirror la...
    To asalnya budak kampong, I'm also an umno member, my late Grandpa menubuhkan satu cawangan Umno di Johor. My late father menubuhkan satu cawangan di Selangor. I grew up very much in an Umno environment.
    I can share your disappointment. But the society has become too materialistic and either we join'em or continue to grumble until Kingdom come because we missed the boat. In the meantime we shall enjoy or criticise Rocky's brewed cocktail, because he encourages dissent now that he is in blogsphere. If he was still in the mainstream media industry, he would have been gagged all the way mannnnn...

  9. Anonymous1:27 am

    dear kakibodek...i am not defending rocky--i don't think he is gagged. this is really about us malaysians being worried about our present times (so bleak) and future (morose-if the present team stil there), it is genuine concern for our self respect and our international presence as well as our economy which is now monopolized and "dicaturkan" by the non remunerated vizier. It is time that our views be heard and if this can only be heard at this channel so be it.Why don't you continue with your things and we here continue with ours.
    salut, belle

  10. Anonymous2:16 am

    Bru Bro,

    Apa ni kecoh2? Gua baca itu komen, gua terus meluat lah! Gua mau muntah!

    Lu tau ka siapa yang ajar kita semua mau dissent? Bukan lu! Gua tengok itu Menteri macam Khalid Nordin sama itu Nazri botak yang banyak dissent! Mereka punya dissent gua banyak bengang! Diorang punya dissent sudah campur biadap tau? Sudah campur kurang ajar!

    Hello, ini pemimpin Umno yang tak kasi orang soal banyak2 sebab diorang tak confident. Gua bilang sama lu, mereka semua tak cukup ilmu! Tak tau macam mana mau jawab soalan! Lu tengok itu Syed Hamid, kalau international media tanya dia question, dia mesti panic punya! Dia mesti kecut! Kalau local media tanya, dia banyak berani. Apa fasal? Fasal kalau local media tanya soalan keras, dia talipon editor complaint!

    Brader, gua tau semua ni! Kalau
    Umno bilang jangan soal, members sure akan soal lagi. Maybe dalam perhimpunan agung parti, lagi banyak keras dia punya pukulan. At this rate, gua tak heran kalau Umno stop having Press conference and just issue press release. Or better still, get Brendan to prepare the statement and issue through Bernama. Tak susah Brader!

    Dissent tak semestinya negatif! Apa salahnya dengar pandangan lain? Dissent can also be feedback yang genuine. Sudah lah Brader, kalau macam ni cara Umno nak menang hati rakyat, sorilah! Gua rela duduk main jauh2 dan undi parti lain!

  11. Anonymous10:46 am

    dear kakibodek,

    true, every newspaper has its own little agenda. True, every newspaper has its own political master/masters. We cannot and will not apologise. That is the reality. But, a newspaper, in spite of these constraints (if you want to call it that), tries to deliver the news et etc yadayada...blahblah. It is tougher to operate with many constraints. But we push the limit. At least we know we did.
    Perhaps, kakibodek. You may not know this. Rocky is possibly the bravest editors we have had. If you have worked with him, you would know. Sure, some people may not like his guts.
    Let me relate to you some incidents. Why I am telling you, because you made certain remarks about Rocky and his protection of his political masters.

    FACT: (sorry-lah, just borrowing the latest style in journalism) when his "political masters" warned him against negative stories about a Singtel/Time Engineering merger (when Rocky was BT editor), he stood his ground. He stuck to his guns. I believe the then Finance Minister issued him a warning, and called him anti-Malaysia or anti-national. I was told that the minister (Daim) very openly said so. Rocky was, of course, informed about it. I dont know wht his response was, but the "negative" stories on Singtel never stopped.

    FACT: Rocky, when he was Malay Mail editor was "advised" by Pak Lah (then Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister) not to carry anymore stories about an author of a book on what happens when (if) Singapore launches an attack on Malaysia (South Johor). I believe Pak Lah called him to see him to tell him not to carry anymore stories. Rocky was told that such stories would cause problems to our relations with Singapore.

    FACT: He was summoned to the PM's office after the Malay Mail carried stories about Ong Ka Ting and Jacky Chan (a Chinese businessmn said to have some underground connections.) It was no less than Dr Mahathir who wanted talk to him, to share with him his views why the Malay Mail stories were unfair to Ong (a Cabinet Minister). I believe Dr Mahathir called for Rocky after previous attempts on behalf of Ong to the Malay Mail were futile.

    Kakibodek, you have a right to your own opinion. Of course.

    But you are wrong when you said that if it were Najib who was the PM, Rocky would have been flying high. Funny, I am reminded of what someone mischeiveously said in "Screenshots", when Kali was coming into NST -- that Rocky would be group editor because they are buddies.

    Rocky was in the running for the group editor's post.
    The only other person in the running was Rose Ismail. But I believe Rocky's professional experience as an editor and journalist far exceeded Rose's.

    But, NST is such a fertile ground of political intrigue from outside. The landscape changed.
    So even if Najib were to be PM, there was no guarantee of anyone being appointed as anything.

  12. to abu azam isman:

    Okay, to your (and other commenters')accusations against Khairy Jamaludin's influence on the PM, that Khairy and also PM's son are using the PM's position to advance their business interests.

    TO such allegations about the PM's family being involved in business, I would rebut with: "Is this something new in UMNO politics?"

    I am not saying I support or condone their activities, but re-state what is a fact of UMNO politics -- otherwise, how do you explain away similar actions involving one of Mahathir's sons buying controlling interests amounting to billions in MISC (Malaysian International Shipping Corp) at one time, also Pantai Holdings? About the subsequent action to use Petronas to bail out MISC following the 1997/98 financial crisis. I indeed make an educated guess that this was one of the key issues that then DPM Anwar Ibrahim resisted against his boss' insistence to bail out the son that led to Anwar's subsequent downfall -- of course, Anwar's being in favour of IMF (International Monetary Fund) measures to tackle the financial crisis did not help.

    At about the same time, remember one MCA minister's son was approved by banks in facilities up to RM1.2billion (he did not deny the press reports which touted him then as a role model for Malaysian youths, becoming athe youngest biollionaire at age 27 in Malaysia; the current suit by several RHB units against the Rahid Hussein Bank founder and five of his asociates for some RM500 in alleged irregularities and negligence has bearing in this case.
    What I am highlighting here is that UMNO, MCA and MIC and to a lessr extent, the junior component parties wityhin the 15-member BN, are all helping themselves in business, directly or via proxies. IS THIS SOMETHING NEW -- that the press has to keep harping of Khairy Jamaludin getting RM10million bank facilities to buy shares of ECM-Libra, and then using his influence, with enhanced force of Kalimullah Hassan, in bringing about the merger of ECM Libra with Avenue .....

    From Tajudin Ramli's case, we see that any individual in the good books of the incumbent UMNO chief (also the PM), could be assisted in obtaining RM1.8billion to buy controlling interests in MAS; so what else is new?

  13. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Questions and lies... what an appropriate title.
    Truth is what the spin-doctors, the little Carl Roves of Malaya, want us to believe. The biggest lie becomes the truth if the people believe it.
    Take the so-called Sports excellence centre in the UK. From nowhere it becomes a big news. Some Ministers said it has been agreed, some said it's at the discussion stage and there those who said they are not aware of such a plan?
    Bru, you are a reporter like me. I ask you how can they be so precise about the cost of the project if it has not been adopted by the Cabinet?
    What if I put it to you that the contract has been awarded to a-two ringgit company linked to the son of a deceased prominant Johor Umno member, who was once an MP? The father I mean.
    This gentleman was deeply involved in a recent financial sector takeover and merger exercise in which ECM Libra was an adviser.
    The same gentleman is closely associated with a prominant Singapore financier who is not unfamiliar to the ECM Libra heavyweights.
    But I am told that the project may not take off or may be delayed because the English local council in which it is to be located had refused permission.
    You want to know more Bru? You have to locate me and bring along a 1954 French vintage.. nothing less.
    Incidentally, your bloggers have gotten pretty close to identifying the big man who held his "happening" 52nd birthday in Singapore.
    To be fair, it wasn't Rafidah, Najib, Syed Hamid or Shahrizat.
    Happy snooping Bru!

  14. Anonymous3:24 pm


    it has never been ok then and is not ok now.
    When Dr Mahathir's sons were involved in business then, nobody said it was ok. We all harped at it then. Weall agreed with Anwar when he criticised Dr Mahathiron this. The local press reported it to some extent. But the foreign press never let the world forget it. But the foreign press now sure is tame about Khairy's position now.
    It is not ok for khairy to be using his father-in-law's position to make his billions. Or to rise in politics. If this was true, shame on him.
    If we are all ok with it, nothing will ever change.
    Shame on Khairy, graduate of an Ivy League British institution. Son of a diplomat, he must have been exposed to liberal thinking. He should be able to know what's bad and what's good.
    Tony Blair is having hell because of Cherie's shenanigans. If he had a Khairy in his household, he would have been forced to step down a long time ago.
    Khairy is well-educated. It shows that education has nothing to do with ambition. But then again, perhaps it does.

  15. mustang:

    I agree with you 100% brudder, IT's NEVER OKAY These politicians-corporates helping themselves. MY Q was: So what else is new about UMNO politics/politicians? (SO I'M SUGGESTING NEGARAKU NEEDS REFORMS!)

    Sorry, with ref to Rashid Hussain Bank's case, it's RM500million... can't be RM500, or there is no case; my slip!

  16. Anonymous8:49 pm

    I agree with you. We questioned and questioned until his (Mahathir’s) eldest son, Mirzan, got so offended that he sold all his listed investments.
    We asked these questions even when Mahathir and his government did not talk about transperency and openess.
    That was Anwar's reformasi-IMF stuff.
    But Anwar hid many things from us by sweet-talking us into looking the other way and believing in his high-flown ideas and ideals. Like the present government, Anwar had his media spin-doctors too. Now he tried to deny culpability for the Bank Negara’s RM30-billion forex losses.
    He was Finance Minister when the crisis erupted in the 1992-94 period following George Soros’ famous bet on the British Pound. Bank Negara engaged in feverish forex trading activities to defend the Ringgit, but failed.
    It’s recalled that following the crisis of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism of September 1992, when the Bank of England was forced to abandon efforts to stabilize the pound sterling, Soros, then a little-known financial figure, emerged from the shadows to boast that he had personally made over $1 billion speculating against the British pound.
    Anwar was Finance Minister from 1991 to 1998. Now he blames the Bank Negara forex losses on Mahathir and Daim. He did nothing to change the government instead built his own pack of cronies.
    I think people like us must question the activities of Abdullah’s children, son-in-law and other family members and family members of other powerful Ministers, Menteris Besar, Chief Ministers and GLC heads.
    I know for sure that some family members and cronies are so powerful and influential that they literally run ministries, departments and GLCs.
    Watch out for development at EPF! Datuk Azlan Zainol may not have his term extended. Watch out who is going to be the new chief and who is going to be making the selection. PM said Khairy is not his adviser! Remember, EPF is a gold mine. Who controls EPF, controls the gold mine.
    Bru, we are talking about RM240.3 billion worth of assets, mostly cash (2004)!
    With EPF having been identified as a key financier of 9th Malaysia Plan, I am sure a lot of people want to have a bite at the cake. And what better way than to “appoint” your own CEO to take over from Azlan?
    Could this be another Oxbridge-Ethos play? Bru, we’ll keep track of this one --- like we used to do in the old BT days okay?
    Selamatkan Malaysia.

  17. Ibu Dara!

    I think you meant the Page 5 article in Berita Harian yesterday (Friday), the piece to announce that a quiz related to Mawi was being extended.

    I have no idea if the Datin mentioned in the article is Hishamuddin-the-GEIC's wife. If it was, you certainly had a reason to be ashamed.

    Journalists are always warned about conflicts of interest as such a conclict could erode his or her professional integrity.

    If an editor has a financial stake in a building in Bangsar which is a subject of the residents' protest, for example, he would throw journalistic ethics out of his fifth floor window and protect his and his business partners' interests in the building.

    That was what happened not too long ago, in Bangsar. One day, I'll let you in the whole story, Godwilling.

    And there were other instances ...

  18. Anonymous9:03 am

    rockybru said...

    ...That was what happened not too long ago, in Bangsar. One day, I'll let you in the whole story, Godwilling.


    Why not tell us now, bradder.

    It's be good to know in the interest of the public.

  19. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Dear Nstloyalist,

    Thanks for the insight. I guess I'm wrong about rocky.

  20. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Hi Budak padang rengas,

    the sports academy in London has piqued my interest.
    I read in the sun that among those who have been pushing the idea ahead are the dpm, sports minister, muralee menon former ceo of paya indah wetlands and philip chan?
    Why not reveal now Budak Padang Rengas. But don't behave like your MP, ah...