Monday, July 17, 2006


Even Vladimir Putin has the b.lls to question Israel's real motives for starting latest Middle East crisis; it would have been easier for the Russian president to suck up to Bush and America.

Italy and France - the two World Cup finalists - also don't buy Israel's excuse; they suspect there's more than just retaliation for the kidnap of two soldiers.

Unfortunately, nothing from the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) so far. Malaysia, too, is not living up to its "small country, big balls" reputation, to borrow from Bandit.

But now that PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is back, NAM, OIC and Malaysia will expect to find their voice back.


  1. Anonymous9:25 am

    An interesting piece in the Guardian over the weekend.
    Link: here

  2. Anonymous11:16 am

    Dulu M'sia aktif dlm NAM dan OIC nak kasik badan-badan ini kredibiliti dan menunjukkan kpd masyarakat antarabangsa NAM dan OIC ni relevan.

    Sad to say though, Malaysia hari ini nampak dah hilang taring. Sikit punya lama ambik masa kalau nak bersuara pun. Orang pun dah tak hirau. Orang ambik syarat jer.

    Apa tidaknya dalam negara inipun sesuka hati Islam dan Kemelayuan dilanyak, dipersoal, diperlekeh tanpa segan silu lagi. Perlembagaan, polisi, conventions, Hadhari, dia orang tak peduli lagi. Tengoklah IFC tu dan its far-reaching consequences ke atas dolat atau tidaknya Melayu/ Islam di negara ini. Sedangkan orang Melayu / Islam bukan macam Zionis, mereka tak usik pun ugama-ugama lain dan bangsa-bangsa lain di negara ini. Malah mereka jemput pulak mailah duk sekali, jadi kerajaan, buat duit dsbnya.

    Betulke ada kerajaan dalam kerajaan di Malaysia la ni? Kalau betul, lagi sulitlah PM nak menentukan pendirian negara.

    Lagu tu brilliant sungguhlah Malaysia tanah air ku!!!

  3. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Even Johor Umno Youth has been making statements about the Mideast crisis. But all we get is elegant silence from our vacation-minded PM. Is it because he is afraid of upsetting the US? Or is because Condoleeza Rice is dues to visit our shores and he wants the visit to be be all sweet and kissy?

    He is really Mr Nice Guy la! Sigh!

  4. Anonymous3:05 pm

    It is very upsetting that Malaysia Govt has lost its fangs and is so tight lipped to even comment on Israel's invasion. Kenapa takut kpd US, takut kpd Singapore, takut kpd Israel?

    Knock knock is there anyone there in Putrajaya?

  5. Anonymous3:55 pm


    Elegant Silence Lah!

  6. Anonymous4:23 pm

    let's put things in perspective. the united states of america is a satellite state of israel. israel calls the shots. israel is not bothered about public opinion except for the US. and public opinion in the US is solidly behind israel. NAM and OIC? my advice to them, don't bother to comment because their comments don't make any difference. NAM and OIC are a joke. period

  7. Anonymous5:11 pm

    dont be such a defeatist. nam and oic is a joke u say? well they are a joke only if the chairman is a joke.

    remember the time when dr m was the chairman? u are a journalist i presume. don't you remember the time when reps from the foreign wire services clamouring for a few snappy retorts from the man when something happened in the world?

    have you ever wondered why things are so different now???

  8. Anonymous7:11 pm

    If you choose for OIC or/and NAM to be tikus, then they will be.
    Shame on you MR NSTMAN for holding such belief that the OIC and NAM are useless.
    You are perhaps right -- that they are useless --- if they are made to be so.
    Perhaps it is not the organisation. Nay, it is not the country but who who leads it. Tun Mahathir certainly held a strong OIC voice. A strong Malaysia voice.
    Do you not remember Bosnia? Are you trivialising Malaysia's role. We may not be big country but we had a big voice so much so we were able to galvanise support. Remember how Malaysia did that? History remembers that, even if you do not.
    And Palestine. We have always been strong in our voice against Israel aggression towards the Palestinians.
    But, hey, Mr NSTSMAN this is a free countryand you are entitled to your opinion.

  9. Anonymous1:07 am

    Sorry Bru Bro,

    I skipped the papers in the last couple of days. Did I miss anything? Are you saying Malaysia, NAM and OIC have not uttered a word regarding the Israeli attack on Lebanon? Or maybe I reword that - that Malaysia, NAM and OIC have made scathing comments but not reported by the local media? What's new Bro? Cat ran loose in Wisma Putra and got somebody's tongue? Sinus means you lose your voice?
    Aw..don't tell me we got so much problems at home we can no longer comment let alone stand straight against all the terror unleased by the American umpteenth state? Woh woh! Wait a minute! Maybe we ought to make a call to down south and see if it's legal to make a statement!

    Sorry lah Bro! I just couldn't suppressed my smirk after reading this piece I'm sending you. It's a joke, we're a joke..

  10. Anonymous4:56 am

    It is such a shame we as a nation have hardly condemned Israel's invasion on Lebanon. To me it already is a declaration of war on Lebanon and perhaps soon on Syria. And what was Israel's reason, what... 2 of their soldiers were kidnapped? And so that justified bombing the country's airport, bridges, apartment homes and highways? And what has our Chairman of OIC has to say...I dont believe I have heard a mutter yet. It is so embarassing because we had such a big voice during the GOM's tenure as the Chairman. It looks like AAB is joining the league of those many other Arab leaders who only cares about their own lineage and their "patrons"

  11. Anonymous5:51 am

    Chua Lee Hoong from ST, Singapore's most prominent political commentator, is very
    open about the fact that she is a former ISD "analyst".

    "It was on the [staffroom] noticeboard when I joined," she beams.

    But her colleague in Jakarta, Susan Sim, is in a quandary and for once it's
    not the arcane politics of arguably the ST's most sensitive foreign posting
    that's got Jakarta-based Sim perplexed.

    I asked Sim if it's true she's also ex-intelligence, as her editor-in-chief
    Cheong maintains. But she seems deeply miffed, even mystified at the notion.

    Now I'm mystified. If intelligence services such as the ISD are Singapore's
    "most valuable assets", as Lee Kuan Yew once described it, how could that
    constitute a slur in Singapore? Surely as a good Singaporean, she'd have a
    stronger case if I said she wasn't an ex-spook if she actually was? I ask
    her to clear it up by confirming or denying. I get no response.

    But Chua is not coy. "I'm not ashamed about [being ex-ISD]."

    Chua is a classic example of the system working for Singaporeans, and
    Singaporeans paying it back. The Government sent her to Oxford University
    for a degree in politics, philosophy and economics. Her pro-government
    columns are perceived by analysts as insights into official thinking. "Is
    the ST a government mouthpiece?" she asks, then answers herself: "Yes . . .
    and no".

    #Her education background and are little bit like our so called 'out of cage'.You judge..

  12. Anonymous12:27 pm

    people in Malaysia dont really bother abt the world..they just couldnt care.. even the foreign wires and agencies' correspondents dont bother to get comments abt the Mideast crisis from our dear PM - the chairman of NAM and OIC (atas nama jer) - saw these journalists covered Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk K's PC yesterday.. i guess our ministers including our FOREIGN Minister tak sabar-sabar nak attend the grand wedding of the year...