Saturday, July 15, 2006


shar101, a poster on this blog, tells us to go here somewhere in Singapore where we'll find the 4 letters the Malaysian Government under Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has kindly "declassified" and posted in Bernama a few hours ago.

You'll find those 4 letters there, and MORE. A LOT more.

Check out what Multimid has and by now I think you are able to decide who you can believe.


  1. Anonymous3:25 pm

    not to detract from the topic of this forum but instead of prolonging the debate about the current and former administration, can the current administration perhaps stop and address the escalating israeli-palestinian-lebanese conflict?
    are we not an influential body in the OIC and NAM?
    there's a war escalating in the middle east and here we are devoting all our efforts and the pages of the newspapers towards discussing whether or nor we should build a bridge to singapore, and declassifying classified letters etc?
    come on malaysia - we are greater than this.

  2. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Talk abt the Middle East crisis? You gotta be kidding. He hehe!

    In the midst of the country facing a crisis Pak Lah did a Bush thing & cabut to Australia for two weeks leaving his half past six Ministers to take care of the country.

    And what has he to say on his return? Happy that Najib took care of the country in his absence & talked abt the 9th Malaysia plan.

    Asyik2 the 9th Malaysia Plan. Tak de modal lain.

    Quote:”…Speaking to the crowd, the Prime Minister said that he would announce details of projects and implementation mechanisms of the 9th Malaysia Plan on Tuesday.

    Abdullah also said he was happy that the Cabinet functioned well under the able leadership of Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak during his absence.

    He said the government would continue its struggle for the people and to develop the nation by 2020.

    On his health, Abdullah said he was in good shape and that he had his voice back, after a minor sinus surgery during his leave in Australia. – BERNAMA…”

  3. Anonymous6:08 pm

    dont think it was the Cabinet running the country. It was the NST. Not that I want to credit the NST. But, sure looks like that.

  4. Anonymous2:17 am

    The Najib reply on behalf of the elegantly silent PM is a case of trying to hide the rotting carcass of an elephand with a piece of tissue paper. How can a man once so promising can become for dull?
    Can someone close to Dr Mahathir advise him not to honour the Najib's expose with a reply? It's not even worth humouring.
    Come on, I am a journalist. We had made elephant's carcasses disappeared before. Or at least we reduced the stink.
    This is the problem when you have amateurs spinning the top. They got dizzy looking the the spinning top.
    Tengku Sharifuddin, I pity you man!

  5. Anonymous2:22 am

    Daripada seorang Melayu kepada Melayu-Melayu yang hendak melenyapkan Mahathir, saya bekalkan sebuah pantun seloka nenek moyang kita:-

    Pergi memburu di padang datar
    dapat rusa belang kaji
    kalau berguru kepalang ajar
    Ibarat bunga kembang tak jadi.

  6. So let's look at another viewpoint:

    Confusing, ain't it.
    Nope, just what I need for my morning coffee.

  7. Anonymous2:01 pm

    KJ said....

    ".....When defining moments come along, by all means define that moment. Don’t live life as a spectator. But beware how you define it. Zizou defined his moment with an act of tragic destruction. And avoid trying to define the moment so much and without any thought that in the end, it defines you. Costello tragically assured his own destruction...."

    -Out of the Cage-

    Wondering if TDM already defined his momment..