Thursday, June 22, 2006


Bandit has left an open letter entitled for Dr Mahathir in response to my recent posting (Good Judge, Poor Judge). A teaser glimpse, especially for you Kaliyuga. Peace. Make Love Not War.

Dear Dr M,

"Oh, the slyness. As promised, Kali resigned as NSTP GEIC, only to surreptitiously and suddenly assume the deputy chairmanship. Nobody saw that coming. And a little later, a hastily conceived Editorial Adviser's title, thus extending his power to not just controlling the NSTP but also his influence over friendly rivals in the Malaysian media. Very soon, Kali may well become the NSTP chairman if Rocky's earlier speculation hatches into a disturbing reality. With that kind of comprehensive control in Kali's hands, I'm afraid that you are virtually on your own ..."


  1. Anonymous1:16 pm

    no, i don't think so. Tun Dr Mahathir is never alone. He has his courage as his companion. his wisdom as his guide.
    I've seen characters like kali, brendan and Hisham crawled the newsroom before -- men and women so full of self-importance that they crumbled under the weight of their own bloated, decaying ego.
    kali will be gone soon enough. mark my word. even as we talk, he's thinking of ways of not attending the June 27 AGM of NSTP to defend his "story of metamorphosis" -- sounds like mati, bungkus, habis.
    see you there bru.

  2. Rocky!

    This is how I see it.

    In the past any backstabbing, double dealing, or double crossing, or any other Umno chicanery remains with the inter-party problem. What I mean is it is Umno leaders vis-a-vis other Umno leaders but with out outside inteferences. Today, Dr. M may just be alone because the "machineries" today that he may be depending for his voice and grouses to be heard, be it the national newspapers, political parties (Umno and non-Umno parties, NGOs, the Special Branch, or even the Military Intelligence) are all in the hands of foreign interest, I have no doubt in my mind that this is the case. Let me just say it, NSTP is now an extension of Singapore political propaganda machine. The DAP is still an extension of the PAP with S'pore money pouring in DAP coffers everymonth as we speak. So don't be shocked if Dr. M may just be alone and he cannot fight the might of foreign domination from his posh office at Perdana Leadership Foundation because that place is also heavily planted with listening devices.
    My only advice for the Malays (reads Morons) is to prepare for them to be dominated and be a second class citizens with a very low sperm count so that they will not propogate as the Morons in Singapore. Sorry, Rocky I know you also have a strong S'pore connection, not an attack on you. But reality is sometimes harsh! Well! Happy Hannukah and Shalom!

  3. Rocky!

    Datuk Aziz Shamsuddin said there is no tiff between Dr M and Pak Lah, I am inclined to believe it. He said there might be a third hidden hands trying to manipulate the situation.

    Let see. Dr M's politial secretary Malaysians found out was a KGB paid agent. One wonders what damaged has been done. The late Chancellor Willy Brandt of West Germany then had an East German spy working as his aide. MI5 of Grfeat Britain was infilterated by KGB agents. Well, you knew what was coming! It is also safe to assume our highest office can just be manipulated by Singapore (I could have said foreing country but wont be specific) yes Singapore. If you allow me I will write a short story about a rookie reporter in Johore who was recruited by Singapore Intelligence to be where he is now it is a stuff for a great movie, what do you think let me know via your blogspot! Cheers!

  4. Pascuale! Please do tell us the story about the JB reporter. I think I know who the reporter is but can you please NOT name him. Just use an initial, like K, or nickname, like KL Ali. Or something like that.
    Shoot, man! (I think you are that, you don't write like a woman does).

  5. Anonymous5:01 pm


    The great thing about legacy is that it is not judged within months, or two years plus to be exact, as in the case of some people are trying to do in de-constructing Tun M’s legacy. It will be put in perspective over decades if not centuries.

    For example, Tunku’s legacy in securing independence, and giving birth to a nation, is secure. No one can take that away from him, regardless of the effort by revisionists.

    Now the axis of complicity, the triumvirate of Kali-Brendan-Hisham, who are seeking a tryst with destiny as the men behind the present adminsitration, may try to deconstruct the legacy of Tun with the help of open mouthed, drooling, unprincipled, opportunistic and spineless cabinet members, and politicians who behave like wound up hand clapping monkeys found on the pavements at Petaling Street. Isn’t that sweet?

    Question: Syed “I will tell all” Hamid, was he the one with Ku Li, Musa, Pak Lah, Shahrir, etc plotting the end of Mahathir in 1987? Was he the Cabinet minister who cried to Dr M when left out of Cabinet? What about Rais and Radzi, leaders of opposition parties now back in the fold? Well Radzi, the sec-gen of S46 (RIP), whose mission at one time was to bury Umno, now the sec-gen of Umno? These are some legacies to live down.

    Whether you like him or not, Tun’s legacy is all around us. Some are good, and some are bad. And we are not talking about the monuments – twin towers, putrajaya, highways, etc or conversely, money politics, lack of press freedom, etc. When we talk about the man, his legacy is changing the people’s mindset. He told us there is nothing that we cannot do.

    He told us to look beyond our coconut shell and explore the world for ideas and opportunities. He took on the mullahs – not kali – and told them to stuff it. He dragged the country screaming and kicking in our sarongs into the 21st century when we could have ended up like others who were ahead of us in the 1960s and 1970s, but are still struggling to make sense of what is happening.

    Tun opened us up to possibilities. I think a lot of people take for granted that what we have here is manna from heaven. His no censorship of the internet, as part of the MSC package, was heaven for his detractors during the Anwar case. Media companies like Malaysiakini can jump on their moral high horse, but they exist because of Tun.

    Question: Who was the Home Minister during all those raids on Malaysiakini?

    Managing the country, and specifically its economy, requires an ability to look at the big picture – the dynamics of domestic and international events – as well to micromanage the details. To take a leaf from the poster at Bill Clinton’s war room when he was challenging George Bush the elder - It’s the economy, stupid. We want to know what’s been done about the economy. One of Tun M’s legacy is that he was always thinking about the economy.

    The legacy of Tun M will be decided by the scales of time. And I bet, it will tip in his favour. All those who are trying to tarnish it should look back and see how the administration of Tun M had made it possible for them to be where they are. There is no such thing as a self-made man. Everyone owes someone, even Tun M. Ministers and politicians owe it to the voters, that’s you, me and all of us, Bru.


    "You don't need a weatherman, to tell which way the wind blows"

  6. Anonymous4:37 am

    Bro, fans of Liverpool will tell you that Tun M "never walks alone." You are talking about a man who stood against all odds, all alone, against rogue forex traders, the Int Monetary Fund and the traditionalists to go into history of an unprecedented kind. Tun M is at his best when he seems to be alone. It may look as if Ministers who were in his Cabinet may have deserted him. But we all know that the same people have talked bad about their present boss behind his back. Some of them did that to the Tun too, but not in a demeaning tone as they do of their current chief.

    Man, the landscape looks as if the Tun is alone against a machinery marshalled by selfish individuals whose intentions are less than nationalistic and noble. The pg one editorial of the Utusan Malaysia on June 21 could have triggered the view that the Tun is alone and unaided, defenceless and hapless even. Nothing can be further from the truth really. The mainstream media may give the impression that the Tun is alone. But the manner in which they spin in trying to create that impression belies their fear and respect of the man.

    Bro, I do believe that Bandit wants to provoke the Tun supporters into breaking their silence and to say their piece.Bro, you and I know that the Tun is never alone.

  7. Anonymous9:44 am

    Spinmeister said: "Now the axis of complicity, the triumvirate of Kali-Brendan-Hisham, who are seeking a tryst with destiny as the men behind the present adminsitration, may try to deconstruct the legacy of Tun with the help of open mouthed, drooling, unprincipled, opportunistic and spineless cabinet members, and politicians who behave like wound up hand clapping monkeys found on the pavements at Petaling Street".

    My comment: I agree with you. Only Hisham seem to me is still trying be play safe. If he really believe in his course, he must back Kali-Brendan. We want to see Hisham state his position to strongly support Pak Lah, not sitting in the middle. If he don't do that, we can verify now that he is a coward editor.


  8. Anonymous4:02 pm

    bru, did you read joceline tan's star piece? poor girl, she's tormented. let her be. just want to say this. she is right.

    you are angry with pak lah. you meet him and he leads you up the garden path. he reads a few doa and your anger's gone. that the msg of her story.

    but this is not about anger. it is also not about love. it's about leadership and welfare of the people. pak lah is nice. but a nice man raising oil prices, electricity tariffs and assessment rates are not being nice to the people.

    nice pak lah who appointed nasty people to "aniaya" and victimize people cannot be very nice. what are we talking about here? Mr Prime Minister or Mr Nice? Mahathir can be very nasty. but he was a great PM. good if we have a nice PM. But nice PM that causes us hardship is not nice at all.

    so joceline, please don't get emotional! you're not kali, brendan or hisham. you are better than all the 3 combined. please tell the truth!