Friday, June 23, 2006


So, why did the Malaysian Government allow the USS Ronald Reagan, the world's largest aircraft carrier, to dock at Port Klang early this month?

Professor Francis A. Boyle said this should not have been allowed. The NST had this paragraph quoting Boyle at the end of a short piece from yesterday's Global Perdana Peace Forum in Kuala Lumpur:

Later at a Press conference, Professor Boyle said the stopover by the world's largest aircraft carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan, which docked at Westport, Klang, early this month should not have been allowed. "That ship was on its way to the Gulf to participate in outright aggression of war crimes either against Iraq or Iran or both."

The question was: So what is your view of the Malaysian government allowing the killer carrier to use Klang for the stopover?

(For the record, the STAR asked that question during the Press conference to Dr Mahathir. Boyle answered, instead when it became obvious that Dr M was reluctant to respond. An aide speculated that it may have been that Dr M did not want his response to be construed as another "scathing attack" on the Abdullah Administration. The Star, mysteriously, omitted Boyle's remarks or any reference to the killer carrier having even been in Klang).


  1. Rocky:

    IF only Parti Rakyat Malaysia (Dr Syed Husin Ali, where art thou?) was alive, there would have been a protest at Port Klang harbourside against the US aircraft carrier...yes, killer indeed, but what does the present Foreign Minister know about International Relations? He had to practise Elegant Silence after jest one bark from ex_Boss and ex-PM! Hehehe...a blogsworld "canned" laffer, just in case Rocky is not wella initiated!:)

  2. Anonymous4:54 am

    its better allied with US than Singapore. Between KJ and Kali or Anwar, i will choose Anwar - no matter about bisexsual behaviour :)

  3. Anonymous8:00 pm

    There was a statement by Parti KeAdilan Rakyat on this killing machine. In the english section. They found out after it had left the docks. Surprise, surprise, no one carried it.