Thursday, June 22, 2006


Quotes from the Perdana Global Peace Forum in Kuala Lumpur:(

Killer Vessel at Port Klang War preparations against Iran are already under way. USS Ronald Reagan, the largest and most advanced aicraft carrier in the world, recently docked in Westport, Klang, en-route to the Persian Gulf to join two other aircraft carrier groups - the largest US Battle Group deployed in recent times.

From mosques to morgues Today in Iraq there are daily queues of women and children in front of mosques and morgues to identify mutilated bodies; to recover the bodies of their husbands, brothers or sons who had most likely been killed. Often they would find decomposing corpses which were unrecognisable. Over 6,000 corpses were found in the past five months: 1,068 in January, 1,110 in February, 1,294 in March, 1,155 in April and 1,375 in May. Most of these corpses had gunshot wounds, while others had marks of burns, electrocution and holes made by electric drills, conclusive evidence of torture. Each time I come across such reports and pictures it tears my heart out. It may be that Iraqis are killing Iraqis but it is the invasion and war by the Americans and the British which unleashed their savagery. But let us remember that often it is the work of British and American soldiers.

For nothing Americans and Brits are also victims of war. At the last count 2,500 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq. Thousands more have been injured, many "seriously". The survivors will live with their physical and mental disabilities for life. What have their sacrifices been for? For nothing. So many lives wasted, so many disabled only to earn the hatred of millions. Neither Iraq nor Afghanistan nor Iran will belong to America or Britain. Because of Bush and Blair, American and British life will always be in danger, insecure. The sacrifices are for nothing. The longer it lasts the more lives will be wasted for nothing. Bush and Blair will run no risk. They will be guarded by thousands of security personnel. It is the ordinary man who will pay the price of this folly. We sympathise with Cindy Sheehan and the American and British mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters who will lose their loved ones for nothing.

War Criminal Bush, War Criminal Blair Bush and Blair and any leader, present or future, who wage wars must not and should not be addressed by any honorific. We should simply call them "War Criminal Bush", "War Criminal Blair" as casually as they would label the targets of their wars of aggression.

all quotes are taken, with permission, from the speech by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
at the Public Forum, Perdana Global Peace Forum Special Session
at Dewan Tun Ismail, PWTC, Kuala Lumpur
22 June 2006


  1. Anonymous1:04 pm

    ..........and our rudderless government welcomed these killer machines and accorded the ex-murderers and murderes-to-be on board VIP treatment.
    now our bumbling MITI and FM negotiators are being pressured to endorse the purchase of US-made toys for the RMAF. toys because US warplanes sold to us are stripped of tactical weapon that could harm Singapore.
    Ask our clueless Defence Minister if our F18 Hornets are armed.

  2. Anonymous6:27 pm

    i have no comment, save perhaps for your last line, which says all quotes taken with permission. from who? from old man himself? or ur drinking buddy working in the Perdana Foundation?

  3. Anonymous11:58 am

    Dr M counters US spin by re-affirming Iraqi tragedy
    AFTER studying the quotes Rocky repurposed from Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s speech at the Perdana Global Peace Forum, I felt Dr M did not add any new information that we didn’t already know about the US-UK collusion to invade Iraq although the tone was just as scorching.
    So what was Dr M’s intention in repeating a familiarly searing spiel very critical of the US and the UK?
    It is reaffirmation, especially when the Dubya spinmeisters are driving overtime debunking Europe’s accusation that the US is the biggest enemy to world peace.
    Dr M’s reaffirmation of the facts is just as important as the people who worked hard to expose the Abu Ghraib torture scandals and to shine a spotlight on the Iraqis’ quandary and also on conscientious Americans and Britons who oppose the war, infuriated with the incorrigible lies Dubya, Cheney, Rumsfeld and gang massaged as “policy.”
    The reaffirmation makes simple a most difficult task for most anti-war activism – do not let this tragedy diminish as a historical footnote and do not allow the US’ stench of greed for oil and continued world domination masked with the fragrance of false righteousness, which is what they are doing riding on the overtones of 9-11.
    As a global elder statesman and arguably the most credible, if not adamant, critic of the US and UK’s foul Iraqi forays this side of the eastern board, Dr M’s debunking of the invasion helps keep the world at par with what’s true and what’s spin, a near impossible mission when you think that the bulk of the US media army are in cahoots, deliberately or unwittingly, with Dubya’s ill-conceived agenda.
    Put what the US media is publishing against the local media’s input, it’s galling that the Perdana Global Peace Forum merits only cursory glances even if the upshot is critical. It’s the outcome of Dr M’s face-off with Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, or rather, his underlings who can’t stand Dr M overshadowing the Prime Minister on the world stage. Dr M can’t help it – it doesn’t take a genius to overshadow Abdullah.
    You could read from Dr M’s quotes that his passages are engagingly simple but stamps repeatedly on hard truths, a hallmark of his brusque candidness and proclivity for easy sentences to make his point, unlike his successor and failed pretenders, who has the propensity to ramble or deliver overwrought speeches.
    In these tenuous times when Dr M himself is the wobbly Kelantanese gasing that must be spin incessantly, it’s refreshing that he has his focus sharp on vital issues that bolster humanitarian endeavours rather than political machinations although politics is ingrained in his DNA.
    Rather than confine himself to fighting the people who are persevering to deconstruct his greatest works as a Malaysian, Dr M has turn to global issues that helps raise Malaysia’s profile again in the international stage when Abdullah has struggled even to muster a whimper of admiration.

  4. Many things I don't agree with Tun Dr Mahathir, BUT one thing I can't accuse him is being inconsistent and hypocritical. You can't say that of 100% of the Cabinet ministers who served him (Dr Mahathir) now inherited as baggae by Pak Lah. Hence we are between the devil and the deep blue sea, and an American warship passes by with fanfare -- making the present Admin look like Film Flam ala Bollywood, still dancing around coconut trees and singing P Ramlee songs...

    How to get out of this quagmire (Pretty Conundrum some may say!)? The PM need to THROW OUT all the ministers inherited from ex-PM to start "afresh". If need to, induct some bloggers lah who make so much noise via the Senate to "test" if they can "deliver". Minister of Propaganda ZAM says Dr M had been testing PM (through 'trials') so what's wrong with putting some Bloggers through such a test eh? *RockyBru, would that be a "compromise" about the present wooden Kabinet? (*sspringing from your comment at my place a few days back...).PEACE!