Saturday, June 24, 2006


"...Joceline, you're not KALI, BRENDAN or HISHAM. you are BETTER than all the 3 combined. please tell the truth!" - Old Dog

You can tell that visitor Old Dog was not quite happy after reading Joceline Tan's latest piece in The Star. I attach the offending piece at the end of Old Dog's wisdom:

Old Dog: bru, did you read joceline tan's star piece? poor girl, she's tormented. let her be. just want to say this. she is right. you get angry with pak lah. you meet him and he leads you up the garden path. he reads a few doa and your anger's gone. that the msg of her story. but this is not about anger. it is also not about love. it's about leadership and welfare of the people. pak lah is nice. but a nice man raising oil prices, electricity tariffs and assessment rates is not being nice to the people. nice pak lah who appointed nasty people to "aniaya" and victimize people cannot be very nice. what are we talking about here? Mr Prime Minister or Mr Nice? Mahathir can be very nasty. but he was a great PM. good if we have a nice PM. But nice PM that causes us hardship is not nice at all. So joceline, please don't get emotional! you're not kali, brendan or hisham. you are better than all the 3 combined. please tell the truth!

Columnists > Joceline Tan Sunday June 18, 2006
Funny, familiar, forgotten feelings
A troubled horizon looms ahead for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad even as the government prepares to answer in full his queries on issues that have made him such an angry man of late, writes JOCELINE TAN.
Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad arrived in grand style, stepping out of a gleaming black Mercedes onto the red carpet at a hotel in Petaling Jaya.
He was the VIP guest at a Universiti Utara Malaysia dialogue and as the former Premier shook hands with the long line of undergraduates, he caught sight of reporters who had turned up for the event.
The press was hot on his heels again but he merely raised an eyebrow and continued his way down the red carpet, looking rather suave in his dark suit worn over an open-necked maroon shirt.
He smiled ever so charmingly all the way into the hall, with former First Lady Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali by his side.
And as he sat on stage with one leg elegantly crossed over the other, he seemed oblivious to the political storm he had whipped up the past week.
So much has happened that it is hard to believe that it has been little more than a week since Dr Mahathir blasted his way into the headlines with what many thought was a below the belt remark that Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had not been his first choice of successor.
Said an Umno Youth politician: “It was as though Mount Merapi had erupted on this side of the strait.”
For many politicians, it has been one of those long weeks in politics.
“Actually, it has been a very troubling week. It's not been good for anyone,” said a political aide to a minister.
Things have toned down a little since the Prime Minister said that the government would answer all the queries raised by Dr Mahathir.
The administration is now busy preparing the explanation to four key questions: the cancellation of the second bridge in Johor, the issuance of APs (particularly to two individuals who do not sell cars), the sale of MV Agusta Motors and the non-renewal of the contract of Proton Holdings CEO Tan Sri Tengku Mahaleel Tengku Ariff.
Abdullah revealed this to Umno MPs and senators at a closed-door meeting in Putrajaya earlier this week.
The answers will be thorough and detailed and certain documents may even be declassified. All this will take some time to prepare but when ready, they will be made public rather than directly to Dr Mahathir.
(On Friday, Proton set the ball rolling by responding direct to Dr Mahathir on the last two issues from the company's perspective.)
The Prime Minister's meeting with the Umno members of the two houses of Parliament went remarkably well.
Abdullah’s earthy, non-showy style has always worked well at this sort of smaller meetings.
Datuk Alwi Che Ahmad, the Ketereh MP from Kelantan, had gone in feeling rather combative, telling his colleagues with typical Kelantan-style gungho that he was going to ask the Prime Minister some difficult questions.
But he said Abdullah spoke with such sincerity that he was swayed.
“I felt he really spoke from his heart ... no sign of anger or frustration, there was so much patience, like a good Muslim. By the time he finished, my heart felt so soft. I believe he really wants the government to explain the issues,” said Alwi.
Abdullah did not stoke the fires nor did he use the occasion to lobby his MPs and senators for support.
In fact, he told them that he did not even know what his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was going to say until he read it in the papers although Najib had telephoned from India to tell him that he was making a statement.
“I did not ask him what he would say but told him, thank you very much,” he told his audience.
He also told them that as long as his deputy was with him, “it's going to be fine.”
“I'm not going to pretend that I am not Pak Lah's man. I like his style. At meetings he listens and allows people to talk. So I'm not surprised he has decided to be open by allowing these questions to be answered,” said Terengganu Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh.
But the question being asked now is whether the government revelations will satisfy Dr Mahathir.
“Tun is a clinical, methodological and thorough man. The answers must satisfy him even if they are directed at the rakyat and even if it will implicate his administration, so be it,” said the above political aide.
In fact, many wonder whether the revelations may also damage Dr Mahathir and those around him.
Every administration has its skeletons, and the Mahathir administration because of its 22-year duration probably has more than its share of scandalous bones.
Will people fall on their own swords? And will the revelations, as they say, open up a can of worms?
“I’m quite sure the answers will hurt a number of people because I heard that nothing will be held back,” said an Umno Senator.
Dr Mahathir has a lot to worry about if Putrajaya goes by the book.
The levers of power are now being pulled by the incumbent even if what Dr Mahathir is saying finds credence among people whether inside or outside Umno,
According to an analyst, people are pleased to see these issues being debated and argued. They see it as part of the process towards a more open way of doing things in the government.
“Dr Mahathir thinks he is protecting his legacy. But on closer scrutiny, many aspects of his legacy are double-edged and he may be the one most damaged. My gut feeling is that Dr Mahathir may come off far less statesmanlike. That’s the problem of throwing yourself back into the fray again,” said the analyst.
Others think the spillover may also affect those in the portfolios handling the issues concerned.
“I’m sure there are people having mental cold sweats,” said the analyst.
As it is, bits and pieces of the previous administration’s record on the judiciary have been played out in the mainstream media.
The retrial of Sukma Darmawan Sasmitaat Madja is yet another point of worry. The Court of Appeal has ordered a new trial of Sukma over charges of sodomy with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
Sukma, the adopted brother of Anwar, was recharged in the Sessions Court on Thursday.
He has grown older, his boyish sweetness, or what the Malays call “jambu”, has given way to more manly good looks and it is possible that he dreads the retrial as much as some Malaysians, even if it may clear his name.
The first trial cleaved national politics and shook up Umno. Will the new trial dredge up all those funny, familiar, forgotten feelings?
Some of Dr Mahathir's most damaging allegations against his former deputy are bound to be called into question again.
There is now a lull before yet another storm, but Johor Baru MP Datuk Shahrir Samad insisted there is no crisis.
“These are interesting times but there is no crisis. The fear of a crisis developing is there because crises were a trademark of Dr Mahathir but this time, there has been no breakdown in authority or splits in the party,” said Shahrir, noted for his record of standing up to Dr Mahathir even at the height of the latter’s power.
Despite all the conspiracies flying about, what Dr Mahathir is doing is not about grabbing power or making a comeback.
But he is used to having his way and he is smoking like an active volcano over what he sees as a reversal of the policies of his time.
But problems loom in the horizon for the former Premier.
The trouble is that Dr Mahathir’s world was also for a long time the world of many who are still part of the present administration.
Can his world collapse without damaging some of them as well?


  1. Okay Rocky!

    Let me tell you this much about western media and newspapers such as the Washngton Post, New York Times or from the Der Speigel or even the Stern magazine, to bne used as examples.

    This is what I learned when I attended a special course in journalism somewhere in North America years ago.

    In New York, every spring, bodies or rather still frozen bodies of the homeless will be quietly retreived by the city morgue. Taken, identify some times with names, and most of the time just John Does. These bodies will be cremated if not clamed. But the cardinal rule is , never splash it in any of the manistream media. Why? The authority knows it is a perennial problem the system had to face with the homeless, but are working on how to reduce the problem quietly, so why bother the rest with such news.

    One media expert there said, if I still remember this well, he said: "You know what is the point of disseminating depressing news to the rest of the poplulation of New York, we know it is a problem but we are dealing with it on the quiet side."

    He said New York is far from perfect and it is a problem. The last time I check, the city of New York is making a lot of provision to accomodate the homeless, job placement agencies find work forthese unfortunate.

    The point is and another cardinal rule in journalisam is the "absence of malice" wshen writing. In this country such thing so not exist if editors are workng for the interest of foreign government and for certian eth nic minority.

    In this country, however, the national newsapers such as the NST and the Star have practiced what the New York media expert coined as "sublimial reportng" with intentional "political, social and economic" purposes.

    From now on if Malaysians care to make a point to check what NST (especially) is printing it is as though almost all Malaysians are serial rapists, kilers and very few really good and constructive upbeat articles being written about anything else, as fare as I am concerned.

    Well, if we have people who do not have Malaysians ( reads the Malays) interests at heart, naturally these kinds of subliminal writing will be rampant now and in future.

    Here are few samples of sublimnal writing and reporting. Malays love Akademi Fantasia, Malays have been portrayed as country bumkins, and they do not know having unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy, oblivious to the rest of the world and only concern about when Siti Nurhaliza is gettng married, or whether the first wife of a Malay businessman is a valid wife that renders the front page picture story. While Chinese are portrayed as sophisticated violin playing, theatre lovers and intelectually artsy-fartsy types. In other words they are a sophisticated lot.

    Back to Jocelyn, her columns have always been one of sublime and wicked. Always trying to make politicians look great but if read between the lines she was mocking them. In reality she wrote the same style when Dr M was in power, as she does now on Pak Lah and I am sure she has already compiled articles on Najib fready to be dished out. In fact if the Malays, read Morons, have that brain power all of the non-Malay columnists such as Brendan (the alphabet-soup columnist)are very subliminal in their articles. They sure know how to put down the Malay regime that they loathe, very subtley and sibliminal.

    (However, I do enjoy reading Johan Jaafar rambling, very intellectal(not because he is a Malay mind you). Want to know why he survive? There is nothing wrong with him and the "enemies within the NST" seriously are not all that stupid to find fault in him. Jeffooi I also like him, unlike Jocelyn, he is very Malaysian his writing is with the absence of malice. Well, Jocelyn you might want to strive on that, there might just be hope for you, otherwise you will be just another Chinese writer)

    Back to Jocelyn again, reads the Star, well what do you expect she will always be happy with the fact that her next column will always be as subliminaly as anti Malay as she wants and the Morons in Umno will have no idea that they are being equated to being bumkins and idiots!

    Meanwhile I just realise that my rambling can also be dangerous. Dang!@# this cyber world. But on a good note Malays can utilise the cyberworld to promote their idiotic idiosyncrasy then disappear from the face of the earth, or show them you are smart.

    BP is still down!

  2. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Rocky, apa pasal setiap kali U tulis je, nama Kali-Brendan-Hisham mesti ada punya. Kali dan Brendan I fahamlah. Tapi, U nak marah kat Hisham buat apa. Dia tulis pun pasal orang amateur, cerita penglipur lara je.
    Siapa juga yang pernah berada di situ, sebagai GEIC, kita kena faham tugas dan peranan kita, bukan untuk ceremonial dan bergambar terima tajaan saja. Tugas tu beri pada CEO sajalah. GEIC yang ada power tak perlu datang meeting dengan editor dan kemudian mengangguk-angguk setuju apa yang sudah diputuskan oleh editor. Kalau ada apa-apa, panggil siapa berkenaan saja. Sama ada semua orang perasan atau tidak, kami selalu gelak bila bercerita pada bos-bos. GEIC juga kena tengok column yang ditulis oleh siapa juga. Kuasa GEIC lebih besar dari semua orang yang tulis dalam surat kbabar U tu. Kalau tak check, apa-apa berlaku, GEIC yang bertanggungjawab mutlak. Kalau GEIC tak tengok column langsung, maknaya dia adalah GEIC pak turut sajalah. GEIC ada kuasa nak tahan column siapa saja, walau pun menteri, tau tak? Ini kan pula kalau sekadar editor atau timbalan pengerusi yang tidak ada kuasa eksekutif. Saya cakap ni umum tak ada kena mengena dengan yang hidup atau yang mati.
    Lagi satu, perkara yang setiap GEIC di NSTP mesti ada ialah sifat nasionalisme atau partiotisme. Ingat, kalau ada power tapi tak tau nak guna sebaliknya dipergunakan oleh orang lain, lebih baiklah tanam jagung. Harap semua GEIC yang masih ada dan GEIC akan datang, faham betul-betul.


  3. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Bru, thank you. You honour me. Joceline Tan is not alone. Many more good journalists are in dilemma. They have conscience. But they have to follow order. They have to write what's fit to publish. That means no rocking the boat. Star belongs to MCA. MCA does not want to rock the boat.

    Some people are too harsh on the Malays. Not all Malays are morons. Not all Chinese, Indians and the rest are brilliant. There are moronic Chinese and Indians too. There are poor Malays, Chinese and Indians.

    A nice PM can make us feel good. He smiles at you and shake your hands. But a nice MP who does not bring nice things is not very nice.

    MCA knows things are not all as good as the Govt claims. Chinese are traders. They know when times a good . They know when times are bad. I don't think times are good now. Ask your Chinese trader friends.

    So what's the point talking about nice. Or about openess. We can be nice. We can be open. But we must also be effective.

    So, Joceline please don't get too sentimental. You're no longer in the NST. You are in the Star. So, please do the right thing.Good luck to you.
    And to all Malaysians.

  4. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is a tragic character. Rubbish, you'll say. How could a rock-solid man like him be tragic? Because, behind that granite face, lurks a bleeding heart.

    Otherwise how do we explain the following:

    1. The presence some of the most unsavory, kniving, hypoctrical characters in his cabinet?;

    2. How could he repeatedly be sabotaged and stabbed in the back by his successor and would be successors?;

    3. How could he take back all the back stabbers, bridge burners, opportunisists and merceneries into Umno and some into his cabinet?;

    4. How could he be repeatedly treated like a mangy dog, a pariah and outcast by his own party;

    5. Tragic that a leader who had done do much for the country and the world has to seek the company of the opposition in his twilight years;

    6. And when he's being subjected to insult, the very same people who are destroying his lagacy are making tons of money riding on his legacy. Look at how kali and khairy are making millions consulting and placing shares for all the Ananda companies. Anada, YTL and their hoards will not be where they today if not for Tun Mahathir's policies and programmes); and

    7. It tragic that these people are now not only kowtowing to young khairy and hosting his father-in-law at their Spanish hacienda, their luxury yatchs in the Adriatic and their Fantasy Island resorts, and IGNORING Tun Dr Mahathir.

    Tun, I love you.

  5. Jangan marah Joycelin. Dia man berani lagi lepas kena maki dengan KJ sebab tanya adakah betul Hanif (AP King) ada hubungan sedara dengan KJ.

    hahaha bukan setakat JT, habih ngan Wong sulong pun kena maki.

  6. Anonymous12:39 am

    Syabas Gred B sebab berani tegur u punya GEIC. Oops, Datuk GEIC. Gelaran Datuk di kalangan pengarang-pengarang sekarang pun dah jadi macam anugerah artis. Kalau Siti Nurhaliza catat nama dalam malaysian world book of records sebagai artis yang menerima paling banyak anugerah, pengarang-pengarang kita pun apa hebatnya mengumpul pingat yang bergelar Datuk lagi. Ada pengarang sampai dua tiga pingat, ada pengarang yang baru jadi pengarang dah digelar Datuk. Apa kes?
    Tapi masalahnya Gred B, GEIC u baca ke blog rockybru ni? Dan kalau dia baca, dia faham ke? Sebab kalau dia faham tentu dia terasa dan kalau dia terasa tentu dia akan menyimpan azam untuk melakukan sesuatu.
    You are right that a leader must not only have vision and mission but also passion... towards his job and his people. GEIC pun gitu jugaklah, bukan nak jaga periuk nasi sendiri saja. Kalau kita mengaku seorang Islam dan sebagai seorang Islam kita percaya kepada Qada' dan Qadar, maka kita akan lebih yakin kepada apa yang kita buat. Tak payahlah takut akan apa bentuk tindakan yang akan dilakukan orang terhadap kita.
    Saya tengok Berita Harian sekarang dah macam tak tentu hala. Tak ada vision. Tak ada perjuangan. Tak ada semangat. Pengarang-pengarang yang ada betul-betul macam kerbau ditarik hidung; bos kata tulis itu, tulis; pergi sambut dan bagi hadiah kat Mawi; pergi rai Tiara Jacquelina; ramai-ramai turun padang kat pesta artis di Pahang. Ada tak ada pengarang yang profesional ialah Manja Ismail...oops Datuk Manja! Itu pun kabarnya dia menyesal terima pelantikan sebagai Pengarang Kumpulan Berita Harian sebab rupa-rupanya secara kontrak! Tapi sebenarnya kalau dia tak setuju, dia boleh pulangkan saja surat pelantikan tu. But maybe also because he is being profesional that he just live with it.
    Selepas berakhir era Datuk Kadir dah tak nampak lagi perjuangan dan semangat dalam Berita Harian. Sebelum itu pun dah berkurangan sebenarnya bila Datuk Nazri mula berjinak-jinak dengan dunia korporat.
    Sebab itu bila ada blogger gelar Melayu kumpulan moron, saya dapati tak ada sesiapa pun dalam Berita Harian yang jawab. Sebabnya? Majoriti wartawan dan pengarang Berita Harian adalah Melayu dan Melayu itu memang mudah dikhayalkan. Tidak hairanlah Harian Metro sekarang jadi akhbar Melayu nombor 1 di Malaysia! Orang Melayu memang suka baca kisah artis, kisah hidup bermadu, kisah lemah tenaga batin, kisah penyakit misteri...

    Peminat Yunus Said

  7. Anonymous2:16 am

    joceline tan knows where her bread is buttered. by the way, my opintion of her is very plain - she bullshits a lot, a lot of pretence in her writing.

  8. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Ha ha ha...Peminat Yunus Said. Yunus is a good man. Ada intelek, ada prinsip. Yang kurang boleh jadi perjuangan. He was a fine teacher to young journalists in BHSB.

    Saya bersama dia buat seketika. Orang macam Manja, Mustapha Omar, Zam Zam, Seri Intan dan banyak lagi harus berterima kasih kepada Yunus.

    Bila tiba waktu mengundurkan diri, demi prinsip dan harga diri dia mengundurkan diri. Dia tidak mahu menjadi pengkhianat dan pembelot. Dia letak jawatan yang sangat berkuasa di TV3.

    Tapi ramai anak buahnya jadi hipokrit, pembelot, talam dua muka dan kembiri atas nama "profesionalisme".

    BH dulu adalah akhbar perjuangan -- perjuangan politik, perjuangan bahasa, perjuang hak kaum majoriti dan perjuangan budaya. Itu kerana BH dipimpin oleh pengarang yang komited dan dihormati, dari zaman Samad Ismail kepada A Samad Said, Ahmad Sebi dan Kadir Jasin. Nazri Abdullah pun ada perjuangan sehinggalah dinodai kekayaan korporat dan kuasa politik di zaman Anwar Ibrahim.

    Selepas itu, maaf cakap, semua pengarang BHSB adalah "yes man", saya yang mengikut perintah. Maka mereka boleh terima perintah a nobody macam Dato' Kalimullah Hassan Masheerul Hassan. Zian Johari sepatutnya diangkat menjadi GE, BHSB. Untuk jawatan GEIC, wajib seorang wartawan kanan Melayu yang benar-benar dwi-bahasa, yang boleh menulis perkara-perkara serius dalam bahasa Melayu dan Inggeris dengan yakin. Bukan tulis mengenai anak bini dan kawan-kawan.

    Peminat Yunus Said hanya boleh bernostalgia atau jangan membazir wang beli BH. Zaman gemilang BH sudah lama berlalu. Sekarang masthead pun macam BH Singapura!

  9. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Orang Lama BHSB,

    Terima kasih kerana respons kepada pandangan saya. Untuk makluman, saya memang dah lama pun tak baca BH walaupun pernah kerja dengan akhbar BH. Bukankah bernostalgia itu sesuatu yang sihat kerana ia mengingatkan kita kepada kesilapan/kejayaan masa lalu sambil mengenangkan masa depan. Bernostalgia tidak sama dengan berkhayal sebab bernostalgia akan sentiasa meletakkan diri kita berpijak di bumi nyata. Kalau pemimpin yang sudah senang dan berpengaruh/berkuasa sentiasa ingat/bernostalgia akan kehidupan zaman susahnya tentu dia tidak menjadi bongkak! Saya bernostalgia sebab mahu mengingatkan wartawan dan pengarang Berita Harian sekarang betapa kita dulu fokus kepada tugas sebab pemimpin/pengarang kita ada wawasan, ada perjuangan, ada falsafah. Sekarang bahasa BH pun caca merba, berterabur. Maklumlah dipimpin pemimpin muda yang belum banyak menempuh cabaran macam Dtk A Samad Ismail, Samad Said, Ahmad Sebi dan Kadir Jasin.
    Datuk Manja profesional bukan demi tugas tapi demi periuk nasi... Datuk Hisham hebat sebagai wartawan sukan saja, itu pun belumlah boleh dikategorikan sebagai seorang yang tajam fikiran. Sepatutnya dia jadi pengarang sukan saja. Tapi yalah dah rezeki dia... Malangnya, dia tak tau manfaatkan rezeki yang Allah bagi. Siapa peduli tentang anak dan bini pengarang sebab apabila seseorang itu dilantik menjadi pengarang, anak dan bininya harus faham bebanan tugas dan tanggungjawab yang dipikul. Tak jumpa bapa, yang seorang pengarang, berminggu-minggu bukan cerita luar biasa yang memerlukan simpati ramai.
    Ya, Yunus Said adalah guru kepada ramai wartawan khususnya yang baru hendak naik termasuk saya. I have high respect for him although at times I have disagreement with him.

    Peminat Yunus Said

  10. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Yaaaah...Datuk Hishamuddin Aun, masa yang ditunggu-tunggu sudah tiba.... sekarang masa U tunjuk kemampuan sebab Kalimullah dah pun tak mau tulis column dia konon nak tumpu soal family dan kolej pendidikan (lihat column akhir dia dalam New Sunday Times, hari ini). Hilang satu bala besar U. Pastikan dia tak ganggu hal ehwal editorial lagi. kalau boleh U minta dia letak jawatan sebagai timbalan pengerusi dan penasihat editorial NSTP. U kena control semua. Kami memang mengharapkan U untuk jadi GEIC yang berketerampilan, tulis dengan kritikal, idea yang orang lain tak fikir, bernas dan elok-elok belaka lah. Tapi, janganlah tulis standard reporter tulis macam sekarang ni. Kami naik malulah pulak. Jangan lagi bagi Kali tentukan berita apa nak pakai, berita apa tak boleh pakai, pakai cerita itu tiga para saja, bagi besar berita itu sebab kita nak hentak balik, rencana ini tak boleh pakai sebab tak sebulu dengan dia dsb. Sekarang kau sendiri kena buat keputusan. Tapi kalau Kali masih berpengaruh dan suruh itu dan ini, kau pula lah buat keputusan jangan datang opis lagi.


  11. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Orang lama BH kata Zian Johari patut jadi GE. Tapi malangnya dia berhenti sebab dapat VSS. Memang dia dapat VSS sebab Datuk Hishamuddin Aun tak suka pada dia. Kalau dia tunggu pun, dia tak dapat jawatan tu, percayalah. Zian pun dah tau. Andai kata Zian jadi GE, maka Datuk Manja tidak dapatlah jawatan itu. Memang rezeki ada di mana-mana. Kalau Zian jadi GE pun susah juga sebab dia pun dari meja sukan. Dia tak pernah tulis perkara serius pun. Datuk Hishamamuddin ulang beberapa kali kat kawan-kawan dia pasal benda tu, macamlah dia tulis bagus sangat. Zian juga langsung tidak berminat soal ekonomi dan politik. Doa lebih pada cerita-cerita macam yang ada kat Harian Metro tulah. IQ dia pun tak tinggi kebih kurang macam GEIC sekarang ni juga. Susah kalau Zian jadi GE...pasti banyak masalah. Saya tahulah sebab pernah kerja bawah dia di Harian Metro, Masa tu gred C. Saya rasa Datuk Manja dah pilihan yang terpaksa dah. Orang lain semua dah tak ada pun. Rezeki tu memang rezeki dia. Ada rezeki, boleh naik lagi.


  12. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Bru, I told you, Nstp IS NEVER Kali's number one agenda! Nstp is only his stepping stone, his casual sleeping partner. His real agenda was hidden. But Kali being Kali, after a few beers, even PM's secret phone calls became lead column in the NST. That's why his type is very well-liked by Singapore and western embassies. They talk man! They spill Abdullah's beans, nuts, balls and all.

    Now he bids to his dwindling readers -- fools like us -- another sad, pathetic farewell. He said he would move on to do "more important things". There you go Bru; Nst and Nstp are never important to Kali. They're stepping stones for for, for KJ, Brendan, Moses, Nadarajah, rehman rashid and other fellow interlopers, spies and wayfarers. For Ecm Libra, Ekowood, Scomi, Symphony House, Astro, Maxis, Binariang, AirAsia, YTL and Naza, to name a few.

    Never in its 161-year history that the once iconic nst has been so thoroughly raped and sodomise. The ultimate damnation must go to Pak Lah for putting these corporate/editorial rapists and sodomites in the Nst. The damage is done! In their zeal to deconstruct Mahathir, they destroyed a good paper. Even the dark days of Kok Lanas and the sacking of Anwar Ibrahim, the Nst was never so badly rubbished by its editors and its ultimate shareholders.

    But I won't take Kali's words at face value. His words defy any value and measure. He could be bidding this round of farewell because he is afraid that mad man like you will rubbish him at Tuesday's AGM of the company. I does not surprise me if he reports sick on that day or he will write another "last column" to say he couldn't attend the AGM because his wife or daughter wants him by her side.

    Bru, thank you for blogging regularly!

  13. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Sdr Rockybru, no mainstream newspapers published reports on Dr Mahathir's public lecture on Saturday because they received instruction from Kamil Khalid. TV3 showed picture only.

  14. I have been buying and reading the Malay Mail for more than 20 years - subscribing the Sunday Mail to be sent to my house by the newspaper man every Sunday.

    So I was utterly disappointed with the *new* Malay Mail which I think is totally CRAP with NO journalistic value or even newsworthy to command my attention and readership.

    I have told my newspaperman to stop my subscription to Sunday Mail and I have stopped buying AND reading the Malay Mail. And guess what, he told me that I am not the only one (who is stopping the subscription).

    I read blogs now. Better still, it's free.

  15. Aiyaah, Jocelyn, I used to love reading yr articles whn you were with the NST before you disappeared & joined the Singapore Straits Times.

    Now you are back here with the Star.

    But sorrylah, I dont think much of yr writing now. Yr articles are very predicatable especially when write on Umno big shots.

    You only ampu, angkat & bodek. That piece you wrote on Rosmah was nauseating.

    Why are you spreading yrself so thinly?

    I know you nak cari makan...and maybe you have been instructed to write this piece discrediting Dr M.

    But in doing so, you havent achieved much, except to discredit yourself as a journalist.

  16. Anonymous1:36 am

    kalygulla, you have once again made sweeping and irresponsible statments about nst. either you have an agenda or you are insane. my advice to you = go and see a psychiatrist. rockybru and i will pay for your treatment.

  17. Anonymous10:25 am


    The Sun carried the story today.

    According to Jeff Ooi of Screenshots,The Star did publish an article on the forum but cowardly retracted soon after.

    A Screenshots reader noticed Star Online carrying the story briefly but it seemed to have been erased.

    The story, "Mahathir brings up same issues in renewed cricism of Govt", is still searchable on its 365-day archive index.

    However, if you hit on the original URL -- -- you will now get a "Story file not found" error message.

    Looks like there is a lot of truth in what Dato Kadir said - the blackout order in the mainstream media came from an official from the No. 1 Office in Putrajaya, who carries the initials of KK.

    Hmmm. I guess Press Freedom and Transparency under the current administration Only means Freedom to whack Tun Dr M!

    - ma' sweetlady

  18. Anonymous4:40 am

    I heared over the grapevine that even Joceline got her news adultered ... by elements of KKK (Khairy-Kalimullah-now Kamal Khalid)

  19. Rocky!

    Kalimullah Hassan told Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) research team on the state of well being of the Malaysian economy that what happens in Malaysia betwen Dr M attacking the Prime Minister is just routine, this has happened before in Umno.
    He said in the past he has witnessed many back stabbng between Dr M and other Umno politicians, and other Umno politicians and other Umno politicans, and what had happened to Malaysian politics from Perlis to Sabah is normal and nothing to worry about, yes this is true.
    But the difference today is Malaysian politics, Malaysian system, Malaysian value system, Malaysian fabric of society, Malaysian sovereignty and territorial integrity are seriously being on the verge of being taken over completely by foreign agents and moles that have penetrated high up in this country's decision making office, the Prime Minister Office. Dr M is trying to tell all Malaysians and Malays (read Morons) that he is just making that dreaded clarion call to warn the people we are seriously under the complete infuence of Singapore domination if we dont put a stop to it. What Kali said in his Tuesday column is again to confused the Morons. I have said once Rocky, this time around the fight is not that same inter-party and inter-Umno crap anymore. THis is to serous for Moron like Nazri Aziz to understand. Umno must rise to the ocassion as saviour of the Malays, or pejuang bangsa. Otherwise Morons it will be in future for you all!

    P.S. All it takes is for a Singapore agent, or mole in the PM department, to whisper to the PM ears that it is about time Malaysia should have diplomatic ties with Israel and it wil be done!

  20. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Come on Rocky! You're made of better stuff. I logged on to your blog expecting interesting and intelligent observations from you but its getting to be too much of an EX-NST-Employee-with-a-grudge thing. Not that I'm a fan of NST's but you were there once and you toed/had to toe the line like everyone else. So dont start preaching to Joceline and others who are still there. And do stop championing Ex Editors,Ex PM(they had their turns at running the show and they werent ALL right or good decisions) and emphasising references to "former Singapore Straits Times"journalist etc etc. Above all, stop sounding like a sour grape. Enough already!Just be more objective,please for the sake of credibility.You know you should.