Monday, May 29, 2006


Did anyone read Harian Metro's backpage lead? In red and in bold, it says: "TAHNIAH MYTEAM".

Someone in there is trying extra hard to play ball and stay on the right side.

I mean, MyTeam lost. Despite the millions invested in the MyTeam project, the shameless hype and unprecedented publicity, and the presence of the PM to give his support and blessings, and the opponents playing with 9 men towards the end, they lost. And it's OK to lose. Really. I put my money on them and I lost too, and it's OK.

But what's NOT that OK is how the match has been editorialised, how bitter the newspaper sounded over MyTeam's defeat.

The reporter wrote (he did not quote anyone so it must be his own assessment of the match):

"Berdasarkan aksi 90 minit, jelas memperlihatkan rendahnya mutu pemain skuad negara. Terlalu memalukan. Aspek teknikal mengecewakan dan daya berfikir tumpul. Jutaan RM yang dibelanjakan tidak berbaloi dengan apa yang dihidangkan di atas padang. Itupun pegawai kanan FAM baru-baru ini mempertikaikan geran Majlis Sukan Negara bernilai RM3.5 juta terlalu sedikit .."

Either way, you lose FAM. And if those under-20 national players were "paying for the sins of their predecessors" (read Vijesh Rai's commentary "MyTeam not so shabby" in NST today), they are not forgiven for winning last night's game.

So who do I say TAHNIAH to for today's backpage play-up, Datuk Manja or Datuk Hisham?


  1. Anonymous5:08 pm

    we should let rokk do a post-mortem.

  2. MYTEAM's keeper was crap. On top of it, I can’t believe I wasted 45 mins of my life watching the silly game (thank GOD the Monaco GP was on the other channel!). It only reiterated the fact that Malaysian soccer will remain in doldrums as you can’t even see them stringing a good move. Luckily I stayed at home! JOKE! Would’ve been more fun watching grass grow!

  3. Dear anonymous (get a nickname, for heaven's sake),

    I asked ROKK to do a post-mortem but he's now packing his bags, leaving for the airport to Berlin in an hour. Fortunately, he still kept an SMS he sent KJ this morning and we agreed that it's what he would have written, in a nutshell. I reproduce that SMS here:

    ""Morning KJ, trust u had a good night, (sic) I loved the hype and drama, and it had all the trappings of an electrically-charged football match. But my friend sad to say it did nothing for malaysian football standards. While I wasnt expecting a fluid game or even a shape given the time period and a makeshift coach, i was looking out for individual strength and superiority. I m sorry to say this but your players were outclassed. I would rather level with u as a football purist than to mislead u with stuff that suck-up artists are known for. Cheers and have a nice day.""

  4. Anonymous11:20 pm

    woo hoo - rocky and rokk in cyberspace? How exciting! I was flippin between F1 and the Myteam match on telly too. With the recent hype i was expecting sparks to fly from their behinds or something and er, that sure as hell didnt happen. will await rokk's post-mortem, though id actually rather hear about his germany adventures. eesh eesh some people are so so so lucky

  5. Wasnt MyTeam just a reality TV project if truth be told?

    How the Malaysia under 20 team played them was a necessity, agreed upon by the powers that be.

    Unlike good reality TV shows that last an hour..this one was a painful 90 minutes and more.

    Personally, I though MyTeam was hopeless.

  6. Anonymous11:55 pm

    sorry, bruddder, i had to use anonymous for reasons you and i know. i apologise. any way, brudder, i appreciate you for providing a blog where people, especially journalists, can share their views. cheers brudder. in the meantime, keep up the good work. i appreciate it.

  7. Anonymous12:06 am

    Bru, i told you. Mytean is a money scam. Black money, grey money whatever. It's about money. Halal forum, about money. Batik about money. Force of nature, about money.

    With that kind of sponsorship or, shall we say, scared shit, kj can buy metro editors. metro reporters, a dime a piece. Which glc and corporate dares say no to kj, nori and kamal? One sucker gave RM5 million for force of nature and tens of millions to kali's nst.

    This is blackmail bru. Not like you, collecting money for poor patients. this is big time scam man, millions in the name of charity.

    this is not about bola or halal food, batik, songket or tsunami victims. this is about making money and making names.

    wake up man. we are being led up the garden path. forget metro. who's hisham and manja? they're just tools. the real power resides in seri perdana.

  8. I did not see the game(And I didn't miss anything for sure!)but all that hype and hooha thats been going on,on the telly and all that'No Nonsence'stance by that Shabby (or is it now 'Shall-be'!!)AND not to mention all that $$$$$ proves only one thing "Juara kampongs we are and that we shall be."

    Those appointed to train,manage and 'thought they could' mould the players(and I'm talking about both the teams!)have to be pros.Do we have them ?Then the players themselves. Did they actually qualify by the strength of their creditials or by some other means everyone is so familair with, in the Malaysian sports arena!!

    Maybe first we should learn to laugh at ourselves !That would make loosing and winning(IF ANY) so much more fun.Goodnight Bro!

  9. Adakah adil untuk akhbar-akhbar pro KJ mengutuk skuad kebangsaan bawah 20 tahun sedangkan mereka telah melayakan diri secara merit ke Pusingan Akhir Piala Asia bawah 20 tahun?

  10. Anonymous1:17 pm

    hello mr Rocky, you said shameless hype and publicity for the MYteam.
    What do you call the sensless and zero news value publicity you gave the National Press Club (and might I add YOURSELF) in the old Malay Mail.
    Come on laaa....surely you can do better than this. Why stoop so low after what the NST has done for you.

  11. Anonymous1:21 pm

    I am impressed with your blog. I think you should go one better and start giving it to Kali. After all you have the charisma to take on that slimmy pathan.But before that, cerminkan lah diri dulu sebelum lanyak pathan tu brudder. Kan you hancurkan BT dan MM.
    Thanniah pada u lah brudder. Hebatnya you. Kita orang Melayu boleh kan.

  12. Anonymous1:24 pm

    Congrats. This is a long way from poison pen letters. You have taken that quantum leap. By the way are you still in the NPC. Is it true there is a power struggle to replace you with a real journalist.

  13. Anonymous1:25 pm

    rokk tu hebat. Entah apa pasal dia org hantam dia keluar

  14. Anonymous8:36 pm

    I'm not much for this myteam bull. Can't you guys see this megalomaniac KJ? Myteam not Ourteam. It's all about him. Myteam, my ethos, my halal forum, my political career, my Ecm Libra, my father-in-law. But you can't expects those kali slaves in the nst, mm, bh and metro to say otherwise. kali and kj are brothers-in-business.

    Read Malay papers. I agree with proofreader Myteam is about big money, about politics and power. Utusan said KJ is eyeing FAM job. This guy is bad man. He's Freudian with super ego. He's dangerous, period!

  15. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Bru, Polis was emboldened by pemuda umno, including PM's son-in-law KJ, and BN goons in the parliament, in their opposition against PM. PM should proceed to form IPCMC or resign. He is presiding over a police state. Myteam is a diversion. Damned Mahathir for always choosing wrong successor. Served him right. Now they treat him like pariah. Who says Melayu berbudi bahasa?

  16. Anonymous1:33 am

    Bru, notice the differing views offered by Malay Mail and Harian Metro on the MyTeam performance?
    Malay Mail said majority of the fans lost the plot. They perhaps missed the point that all the boos directed at the national team were a manifestation of years and years of frustration towards FA of Malaysia.
    Harian Metro remains a typical malay paper la. They bodek to keep Seri perdana happy. But curiously Malay Mail, a sister paper of NST, BH and HM sang a different tune so much so KJ decided to sock it back to em by resorting to name-calling in his "Out of the Cage" column. He really vented his anger at critics he labelled as idiots, pea-brained political opportunists. And I never thought a respected media establishment like NST could allow UP YOURS to be published.
    And Bru, I have to agree with melayuasli, you ought to look at yourself in the mirror. You contributed to the decline of MM for picking the "right" people for crucial posts.
    For Proofreader, TM gave RM5.6million to MyTeam for three months, FAM gets RM8.5 million for 12 months.
    MyTeam wants direct entry to M-League but apparently shot down by FAM with blessings from the Sultan of Pahang.

  17. Anonymous7:41 pm

    saya baru jumpa blog ini. saya tak kenal siapa dia rocky. saya bukan dari dunia media massa. saya pun tak berapa pandai bahawa inggeris. jadi saya komen dalam bahasa melayu.tentang metro sokong, puji dan puja myteam saya tak hairan. Sekarang ni di kampung dan pekan kecil pun orang cakap pasal khairi jamaluddin. ada member saya kata, pak mentua ada kuasa, menantu ada gaya. tapi dari cakap-cakap, dia pun nampaknya kaya.
    ada cakap-cakap dalam umno yang kata kj ni (bukan kj siti nurhaliza) tak berjiwa melayu. ada kata dia kata agenda melayu dah mati.
    tapi dia pandai.dia tahu macam mana nak ambil hati orang melayu. dia guna sukan. orang melayu suka sukan dan hiburan. agenda melalyu tak penting kepada kj tapi undi melayu penting. inilah cara penjajah inggeris yang kj belajar dari england untuk jajah orang melayu.
    orang melayu pula makin jahil. tak suka membaca dan sukakan hiburan dan sukan saja. sebab itulah jualan surat khabar sensasi macan metro laku. apa nak jadi dengan orang melayu saya tak tahu. tapi kalau orang melayu susah, orang bangsa lain tak senang lama. orang melayu baik tapi kalau dia mengamuk, keluarga sendiri dia bunuh.
    tuan rocky, saya harap tuan boleh siar buah fikiran saya walaupun dalam bahasa melayu. terima kasih. wassalam.

  18. Anonymous7:29 pm

    bro, i'm not a football fan, so my view over that particular game might be misinformed. but all i can say, baik la tengok budak sekolah main bola kat padang sekolah sebab tau dah budak2 mesti gaduh kat dalam padang mcm ref tak wujud.
    when i voice out the fact myteam and MU academy shared the chicken egg dalam stadium yang boleh tempatkan berpuluh ribu orang tapi yang tengok depa main tak sampai tiga bas sekolah kot, orang kata tak adil cakap macam tu sebab team tu baru la ditubuhkan, kira ok la sebab main ngan MU academy banding kita yang pandai cakap je ni. tapi entahla, kenapa orang malaysia suka sangat berbangga dan tepuk dada dengan kejayaan yang orang lain dah buat banyak kali.

  19. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Nor Mohd Yakcop the Indian mamak has been extended his senatorship by Pak Lah. More tenders for some people?
    Heard RM200 million data entry of our Income Tax form was given to his Indian mamak cronies. Got any more info on this? Such a big contract bro, sure you can dig one. Some more government dept.