Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Blue skies, indeed. Like most Malaysians, I hope the RM7m profit posted by Malaysia Airlines is a sign of better times in store not just for the carrier but also for the economy in general.

I was a late flyer but my first was with the national carrier, in 1986, and in the two decades as a frequent flyer very few airlines have come close to Malaysia Airlines in terms of service. And then came the hard times. I was there at the Business Times frontlines when the airline, then under Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman, faced its first crisis after the union strike of the 70s. Since then it never did get out of its "Bay of Bengal". Looking back, you cannot help but admit that the carrier had done better under the bereaucrats than it has since the so-called entrepreneurs and corporate whizz-kids took over.

I hear that Airod, the country's premier aircraft MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) company, is also flying into another patch. Sources said Airod has been "Sold" to a company linked to a emerging transport monster.

This giant company has already a powerful grip on major road and rail projects in the country.


  1. Yes..good news for MAS but Idris Jala was honest enough to say that the next quarter will be bad as it is traditionally bad for MAS.

    We need people to call a spade a spade and not give us window dressing only.

  2. Anonymous9:16 am

    bru, you're not blogging enough man! update more often. we want to debate man!

  3. Wah..RM7million aahh?? cukup nak bayar all law suits ah ?
    For a long time MAS(Mana Ada System ) has been bitching about anything and everything.Now we know why very few airlines can come close to the services provided by MAS.Even if we are going under... remember 'Gaya Mesti Ada.'Maybe all tenders of 'Service Providers and Suppliers'have to be reviewed for discrepiencies..hopefully then we may even save RM70million !!Just a suggestionlah!!!!!Bro this new Airod 'owner' got any 'closed can of worms' meh???

  4. Anonymous4:03 pm

    Bru, this is not malay mail. Stop speaking in riddles. Who's this "emerging transport monster"? Name names man.

    By the way did you read the Utusan today? PM (Pak Mertua) supporting menantu's MyTeam. He turned sports commentator to endorse Myteam. KJ is PM's team so KJ's team is PM's team.

    Bru, your wise words on emerging dynasty please.

  5. Anonymous8:41 am

    Bru, nstp down some more man. RM1.87. Kali and his team, including the eunuch grandson of the lion of umno and his yaya board should resign. the general is losing his teeth and his conscience. they fail their kpi. but someone told me, in the case of nstp, kpi stands for "kali punya ini".

  6. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Why dont your write about nstp's share. Its going down and down lah brother. NSTP's staffs grumbling lah brother. Tell what are the functions of the CEO and GEIC. Why they did'nt do anything about it.

  7. Anonymous7:48 am

    Bru, it doesn't surprise me if one of Prime Minister's children, son/daughter-in-law, cronies, ball lickers and favorite corporations took over Airod or any other GLCs, or are given plump contracts. Have you seen major projects being tendered out? I don't. But many major projects have been started since Abdullah's era.

    Bru, do you know who's the contractor for the RM15-million renovation of Seri Perdana? Some say the price has escalated beyond RM30 million. Mega renovation man.

    People around PM are deconstructing the economy. They are rewriting the rules. ECM Libra-Avenue Capital merger in a classic case of what I want I get, as long "I" stands for KJ and KMH aka kali.

    Myteam not our team. My money not our money. Myteam not the national team. Tell you Bru, these people are hijacking the PM and the country. Mind your behind. They may claim it too.

    Mas shows profit by sacking 6,000 people. Bank Islam shows profit by writing off debts and proton too by booking in huge debts by prematurely selling mv agusta. We are paying for KJ's inspired KPI for the GLC. These people are dangerous and damned Umno does not even know it. Long live Umno.