Wednesday, June 02, 2021

The good DG, too?

KL, 2 June 2021: It was a given: sooner or later, some blogger was going to write about Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah (born Yew Ming Seong) and link him to the purported Malaysian 'vaccine cartel'. And sure enough, SteadyAku47, a Malaysian blogger Down Under, has come forth with Is Tan Sri Dr. Noor Hisham part of the cartel? To be fair to the blogger, he isn't accusing the DG of Health of any wrong doing (well, not yet, at least). Read his comments:

In my experience with the govt, companies under which the govt has shares the govt will place their people as directors who are supposed to protect the govt’s interest in the company. These are usually the Secretary General (KSU) of the company or a relevant Director General. Many ministries have companies under their purview, like Finance, Housing, Defence, etc that have KSUs as a director in the company. It is written in the Act governing their existence. So if Protect health is a govt company it is not wrong for the KSU of Health and the DG of Health to be appointed a Director. Study the relevant Act to ascertain this.

Still,  the question he posts in his blog post heading still begs an answer. There have been horrifying gossips about the DG's involvement and interest in this billion-ringgit procurement of vaccines by the Government of Malaysia. Understandably so, I suppose: the people are fed-up, suspicious, angry with the entire Administration, from Rina Harun to Tajudin Rahman (no hyperlinks needed) to Azmin Ali and dear KJ

The MACC should do the DG - and us, and this Administration - a favour by opening an investigation paper into the talk of this so-called 'cartel'. In the name of protecting the good name of those good people implicated. In the name of finding out the truth. It can do so without having to wait for a police report to be filed. Unless it has to wait for someone up there to give the instruction ...

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