Thursday, May 06, 2021

Now all MPs and Aduns can balik kampung

6 May 2021: Nothing shocks us anymore where the government SOPs related to the MCO are concerned. We didn't even raise our eyebrows when they had initially left out Kuala Lumpur for the MCO 3.0. Allowing bazaars to open and Parliament to close. We the rakyat are so used to the confusion, the stupidity, the incompetence of this government in dealing with Covid-19. Unexpected part of the new norm, if you like. 

So when those politicians go out of their way to give a free travel pass for all MPs and Aduns during this latest MCO, we are not shocked at all. It just reaffirms what we have known already: these politicians think so very highly of themselves, they think they are so important to us and the country that they MUST be allowed to travel freely in the name of carrying out their duties. 

""For official matters" lah sangat," was one of the kids' response to the latest SOP that allows all Parliamentarians to travel everywhere, anywhere at a time when Parliament itself has been suspended since the start of the year!

Actually, all this special SOP for MPs and Aduns does is to make it legal for them to balik kampung for Hari Raya next week while we all stay put where we are. That way, we don't get to feel dengki.

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