Saturday, January 23, 2021

No the Darurat: 114 MPs write to the King

How will the King respond?

OPPOSITION Leader Anwar Ibrahim said 114-115 Members of Parliament have sent letters to the King appealing him to end the Emergency Order.  Read it HERE

What does that mean? 

It means 114-115 MPs are clearly against PM Muhyiddin Yasin. For wrongly advising the King on the state of the pandemic in the country,  resulting in the proclamation of the so-called political “Darurat”. 

We need to understand and remember that those letters are NOT against the King. 

As Shafie Afdal the PM-wannabe and Warisan chief said in a long-winded way in No plans to challenge Emergency declaration in court, appeal letter sent to King :

“Our letter is only an appeal, we are not pressuring. We agree with the Agong's decision, we are just giving our views on the legal issues pertaining to the laws ... But we feel there is no need for an Emergency at this time."

The letters to the King sent by the 114-115 MPs, which may or may not include the eight Warisan MPs, do not mean that Anwar Ibrahim, the Opposition leader, has the majority support of Parliament, either. 

They only mean that PM Muhyiddin NO longer has that support of the majority in Parliament. When A Prime Minister no longer commands the support of the majority of MPs, he must offer to step down. The King will have no choice but to agree to his resignation even if he wishes that Muhyiddin could stay on. 

Because of the Darurat that he had wanted so much since October last year, Muhyiddin can’t now call for a general election. There’s only one other option left: leave it to the Agong’s discretion - the same budi-bicara that made Muhyiddin PM last March - to decide who should be the next PM. 

p.s. In the meantime, despite the Darurat, we broke another record for Covid-19 infections today. 4,275 new cases. 


  1. 114 is nothing compared to the 30 million rakyat who want the darurat. If those 114 disagree they are welcome to migrate to other countries. To those stupid MPs do not think your are still the people's representatives, Nay. You are still holding those office thaks to the Covid19 pandemic which prevents GE15 to be held to kick all of you out.

  2. Anonymous12:48 pm

    The King then must find out who have the most MP backing. If Muhiyuddin still have the highest, he till is the legitimate PM, only he will have problem to pass anything in Parliaments as he does not have at least half of MP backing him.

    The problem with this is, the backing of MP change everyday. Today and tomorrow said different thing.

    Today one MP decide to abandon Muhiyuddin, but did not say he will support who. This still means Muhiyuddin have the majority.

    Similar to election, in a three way fight, not all candidate got the majority vote, but the highest vote. There are more opposition vote compare to winner vote.

    Does this mean the MP lost the majority and must resign?

  3. Anonymous12:50 pm

    No need Parliament, just call all MP first to declare who they one to be next PM. And stick with it at least 24 month. If not, we will have very unstable government and lost the confidence of every stakeholder.