Thursday, January 07, 2021

Hell hath no fury like Annuar Musa scorned

TTDI, Jan 7: After his removal from BN as its powerful secretary-general, Annuar Musa has been spewing all kinds of verbal toxins at his own party and, especially, at Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. Which is kind of sad because the Ketereh MP has jsut exposed himself as just another political ingrate in the long list of ingrates. 

Even an Umno outsider knows it was Zahid who brought Annuar back from the political cold to test his mettle against Tok Mat Hassan for the Umno deputy president post during the party's elections in 2018. As it turned out, Annuar was nowhere near Tok Mat's level but, still, Zahid gave him a post after his defeat, made him politically relevant again, and later even consented to his becoming a Cabinet minister in the present Muhyiddin administration.

Annuar Musa's journey from the cold to becoming the 'spokesman' for Muhyiddin's Bersatu (instead of his own party and president) was rather unexpected, at first. But in his own words. Annuar has always fancied himself "a Mahathir man" and said it proudly to all and sundry even after the former Umno president and Prime Minister had burnt the bridges. As FT Minister, I rank him higher than his predecessor Khalid Samad but that's not a benchmark anyone should be too proud of. 

I tweeted a couple of days ago that I was not surprised they had removed Annuar. One day about a month ago, the hugely popular Tok Mat had come into Zahid's room at PWTC, the party's headquarters, and blurted out, unfortunately in front of two senior journalists and a big blogger known to both men:

 "You should have sacked him already."

This was after Annuar had made yet another disparaging statement about Umno, as if he wasn't part of the party at all! But Zahid didn't sack him then. They continued to give Annuar enough rope for him to hang himself.


  1. I think what is the best thing to do is MT UMNO to sack Zahid Hamidi and let Tok Mat to run it from there on.. I think Dato you can agree with me on this.. UMNO need a fresh start and until Zahid is no more there, people perception towards UMNO would not change.. Right Dato?

  2. Yes enough rope to tie and hang him forever .

  3. sigh...
    tak habis habis lah ni semua.]