Sunday, October 18, 2020

Pejuang wants Mahathir as PM for the third time, "only till GE15", replacing Muhyiddin

"To save Malaysia", of course .. what did you think?

Puchong, 18 Oct: It's not from the comics section, I assure you. Malaysiakini reported it in English (Pejuang nominates Dr M for third stint as PM until GE15) and in Malay (Pejuang Cadang Dr M jadi PM sementara tunggu PRU15) under "News/Berita". The comments those articles solicited, though, OMG. Those Malaysiakini readers - Inggeris & Melayu - went ballistic at the idea. You can tell they were the same people who supported the Old Man at GE14. My advice to them: don't be too hard on yourselves, guys; we all make mistakes.

I agree with one of the commenters, though, the police should subject Mahathir's political secretary Abu Bakar Yahya, the person who made the proposal, to a urine test. So that everybody knows he didn't make the proposal under any kind of influence, if you know what I mean. 

And while the police are at it, they may want to call in Dr Mahathir for his statement in 2018 that there were 7 million foreigners in Malaysia

Why should he be called for making such a statement, you ask? Well, Anwar Ibrahim allegedly claimed that there were 6.7 million foreigners in the country and he was called in for questioning by PDRM the other day. Read Cops confirm 6 probes against Anwar, including sodomy

‘Precious’ Malaysians reason for migrant worker influx, Dr M says

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