Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Is #muhyiddinOUT merely a hashtag campaign by the "pro-Anwar Ibrahim" group, or a sign that the people are genuinely fed-up?

Updated 21/10: n his latest commentary, The Vibes' columnist P. Gunasegaram reckons that if the PM and his government had taken the right measures, the recent spike in Covid-19 cases could well have been prevented. "While millions of us are diligently trying to follow all the MCO standards so that Covid-19 can be checked and rolled back, the favoured sons and daughters can do what they like. No double standards? Abah, you kid of course."

"Sorry "abah", it looks like by your own wilful neglect you have put your flock into very grave and serious danger."

Read Guna's 'Abah", rotan yourself first!

Original article:

Puchong,  7 Oct 20: I'm not into any of these trending stuff but, all the same, it bugs me that PM Muhyiddin Yasin is taking a beating on popular social media after his latest special public broadcast on Covid-19. Abang Din (oops, sorry, still can't call TSMY "Abah" because that's for my late father) had always scored for his handling of the C-19 in the past but not this time. 
The people are, obviously, fed up. The Covid19 cases have hit historic highs these past few days and the politicians are not taking any of the blame.  Instead, they are blaming everybody else except themselves. Who wanted the snap election in Sabah? The people or Shafie Afdal? The people are fed up not with Muhyiddin but with the blatant disregard shown by some of the Prime Minister's Cabinet ministers to the Government's own SOP for dealing with the coronavirus. 
Abang Din should have used his 'rotan' to beat the sense out of these politicians, not threaten to use it against the people.


  1. xnakdedak12:43 pm


    The most hilarious thing is the "cut & paste", "spontaneous" konon PN cybertrooper defence of Ah Bah, (he's Ah Jib part 2, as far as GLC appointments are concerned.)

    Check it out:

    Kih kih kih. Cytro nih all kena rotan kaw kaw, kot.

    "Who wanted the snap election in Sabah? The people or Shafie Afdal?"


    The answer lies in the de facto DPM's office, lah. (Who? No comment.)

    If you cut the cage bars so that the fox can escape and bring you some chickens, don't be surprised if the chicken farmer fights back. And Shafie's party total of 29 seats is well above any single party in the contrived (and soon to be dead) alliance that's in temporary charge of Sabah.

    Best thing is to avoid politics, avoid politicians even more, santai kat rumah, and ponder the strange recent performances of Liverpool and Man Utd - both proving that lasting power is elusive.....

  2. Anwar must be spending millions recruiting these cybertroopres to burn midnight candles just to meet the target of the #mahyuddinout. PKR must have learnt it from DAP's RBA.

  3. anaksihamid.blogspot.com10:30 am

    By the way, did everyone or anyone wore their masks and maintained the SOP during the launch of the Vibes at Kota Kinabalu?
    Another case of the pots calling the kettle black.


    Pots calling the kettle black